face with rolling eyes 🙄

Someone crack a lame joke, or did something so stupid you don’t want to waste a single word reacting to it? Share the Face With Rolling Eyes emoji – once you do that, you won’t have to say anything else! The eye rolls will do all the talking. 

What does 🙄 emoji mean? Like an in person eye roll, the eye roll emoji is generally used to express moderate disgust, disapproval, frustration, or boredom. If it could talk, it would probably say, “Ugh,” or “Yeah, whatever,” or a combination of the two. 

Often called the Eye Roll emoji or Rolling Eyes emoji because of the eyes rolling upwards, this emoji wears an expression you’ll be able to tell a mile away. You’ve probably had eyes rolled at you once or twice in your life, too. You should remember though, which gender is doing the eye rolling. What does a 🙄 mean from a guy? It just means he is being playful. While the 🙄 meaning from a girl is more negative. When she does it, you bet she is hella annoyed!

Design-wise, the Face With Rolling Eyes emoji is made up of a yellow face, with a small, closed mouth that is either flat or frowning, and large, white eyes that roll upwards. An eye roll emoji GIF looks roughly the same. 

On a separate note, from time to time, it is mixed up with the Eyes emoji, (also called the Two Eyes emoji), due to the similarity in their eyes. For some strange reason, some users even mistake the emoticon for the popular Eyes On You emoji, which shows a smiley pointing with two fingers. 

Meanwhile, other netizens when they’re in search of something and getting annoyed by it, will combine the Face With Rolling Eyes emoji along with a couple of looking emoji, like the Magnifying Glass emoji

How To Use Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji On Different Platforms 

The Face With Rolling Eyes emoji is most likely one of the oldest emojis you can use on devices these days, which makes it easily recognizable. Many people may already be familiar with the face with rolling eyes symbol, but if you want to know how to type this emoji on different devices, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This emoji is one of the OGs, hands down. The Face With Rolling Eyes was introduced to the public in 2015 as part of a highly anticipated batch of new emoji released by the Unicode Consortium. Because it was designed so early, naturally, it debuted on Android and iOS emoji keyboards ahead of most of the other emojis. 

Unsurprisingly, that’s where you’ll still be able to find them! Today, the majority of Android devices have pre-installed emojis, and the Face With Rolling Eyes emoji is part of that batch. To get to it on Android, you need to first press the smiley icon on the Android’s emoji keyboard. When you’re done, swipe left or right to look for the emoji you want, and just tap on it to add it to a conversation. 

Similarly, if you want to insert the emoji on iOS, Apple’s devices also come with an emoji keyboard that lets you insert emoticons and smileys on social media platforms. Just press the smiley at the bottom left of your device’s keyboard and emojis, neatly divided into categories, will immediately appear. Once the iPhone eye emoji you’re looking for catches your eye, tap on it and it will instantly be included in your online conversation or social media post. 

In the latest iOS 13.4 update, the specific eye roll emoji iPhone icon we’ve come to love took on another form, by turning into a Memoji ! The Eye-Roll Memoji showed a woman wearing a bonnet, doing a sassy eye-roll.

If you want to spice up your emails a bit, you’ll be happy to know that the Rolling Eyes emoji is included in Microsoft Outlook’s standard emoji menu, a regular feature built into its platform. To access it, just as you write a new email, click the smiling face icon beside the letter A button. Once you’re done, on the right of Outlook, look for an “Expressions” sidebar. There, you’ll see many emojis, including the eye roll emoji outlook version. Tap on it to add to your email, and it will instantly be added!

🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 8.0 which was introduced in 2015.

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This Face With Rolling Eyes Is Also Known As:

eye roll emoji

looking up emoji

roll eyes emoji

eyeroll emoji

eyes looking up emoji

duh emoji

emoji eyes rolling

rolling eyes

rolling eyes emoji

Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji On Different Platforms

Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji History

Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji is created in the year 2015.

Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji Unicode Data