mosquito 🦟

Reveal how fascinated you are by mosquitos, enhance all your mosquito related posts with the Mosquito emoji. This emoji shows a full dark brown body of a mosquito divided into three rounded parts. On the mosquito’s back are a pair of translucent wings, and three, hairy legs are on either side of its body.

Use the mosquito emoji to talk about mosquitos, and other insects, too, such as wasps or fleas. Since an actual, official flea emoji, or wasp emoji hasn’t been designed yet, the mosquito emoji is your bet.

In addition, this emoji may also be used to refer to people and/or animals possessing mosquito-like traits, like the ability to produce endless buzzing near a sleeping ear, the ability to suck blood, etc.

For instance, if someone is going to bed at a time when you aren’t even half as sleepy as they are and you want to bug them until they agree to stay up with you, send the mosquito emoji as a way of haunting their ears each time they try to sleep.

On the other hand, If you’re the one being “bugged,” since a bug spray emoji is not available, send a different container, and the Angry Face emoji to express your displeasure.

On a wider scale, you may also use the emoji to enhance posts and/or discussions about camping, even the great outdoors. While sharing informative content about Malaria and other similar, infectious diseases spread by insects, use the mosquito emoji in the caption.

🦟 Mosquito is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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Mosquito Emoji History

Mosquito Emoji is created in the year 2018.

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