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Display your confident and colorful side with the Peacock emoji! This emoji depicts a male peacock, a bird with big green feathers, a blue body, and a tail shaped like a fan. It is most commonly seen standing on its legs, with feathers outspread. This position gives them a proud and confident vibe.

As for meanings, the symbol is used to describe peacocks in general, but can also refer to any gender, and any species of bird. The Peacock emoji is also used to describe things or people that are bold, extravagant, and beautiful. From time to time, this bird emoji is occasionally used to symbolize a proud and confident individual, as well.

If you see someone who dresses in a certain way to attract attention, use the Peacock emoji to describe or allude to such a person. While doing so, feel free to include the Feather emoji to further compare how the person is just like a peacock flaunting their feathers.

You can also use the Peacock emoji to comment on a post you think is too flashy and dramatic. Considering how people are so quick to react online, the peacock is probably one of the most used animal emoji today!

๐Ÿฆš Peacock is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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peacock emoji

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Peacock Emoji History

Peacock Emoji is created in the year 2018.

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