๐Ÿ”ต Bluer Than Blue: Ultimate List Of Blue Emojis ๐Ÿ”ต

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Nov 29, 2022

What’s your favorite emoji color? You know, the color you want every emoji to appear in. Do you love blue emojis, or is pink more your thing? This appears to be a simple question. Maybe even a conversation starter if you’re looking to start a new friendship.

girl holding a stick with colored sheets of paper

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But one’s response to this seemingly “simple” question may reveal more than you think. Got an answer? Great. Now think about why it is your favorite color.

Perhaps the color red evokes memories of your childhood, such as the color of your childhood home or your first car, so when you see a red emoji, you pick that one first. Whatever your reason may be, this color says a lot about you.

If your favorite color is blue, you are not alone. From its global appeal to its classic look, blue is beloved by many. If you like this color, you’re probably more in tune with the universe. People who like the color blue tend to be more spiritual, which connects them with more powerful, deeper presences. These individuals are gifted in the arts. They are highly imaginative and enjoy expressing themselves creatively.


Blue Emojis

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Since lovers of the color blue are natural-born artists, blue emojis are THE perfect symbol to spark up social media posts, online chats, and emails. You don’t need to look much further in order to do that.

Dive into our collection in whatever way you want, and rediscover symbols you’ve never seen or might have forgotten about!

Disclaimer: The following emojis may appear in different colors according to your devices, as we source through different platforms to bring the most extensive collection of blue emojis.


Blue Smiley & Emotion Emojis

For our first blue emojis category, let’s dive right into the OG emojis, hearts, and smileys!

Blue Heart

Blue Heart, Blue Heart emoji, Apple version of the Blue Heart emoji

A blue heart represents loyalty, trust, and peace. Furthermore, the blue color of the heart suggests that it is a cold heart. If a friend has been hitting on you and you want to tell other people about it, the 💙 Blue Heart emoji is the symbol you can use to express your feelings.

Cold Face

Cold Face, Apple version of the Cold Face emoji, blue emojis

One of the best blue emojis to use in Winter. Entirely covered in blue, the 🥶 Cold Face emoji shows an icy-blue face with gritted teeth and icicles or snowflakes frozen onto its face from extreme cold. Conveys feeling so cold, you’re turning blue and covered with frost.

Fearful Face

Fearful face, Apple version of the Fearful face emoji, blue emojis

The 😨 Fearful Face emoji shows a face with raised eyebrows, mouth open in a small frown and a pale blue forehead. Netizens use it to show fear or sudden shock. Some platforms show a more wide-eyed, shocked expression.

Anxious Face With Sweat

Anxious Face With Sweat emoji, Apple version of the Anxious Face With Sweat emoji, blue emojis

Another fan fave in our blue emojis list, the 😰 Anxious Face with Sweat emoji shows a picture of a face with eyebrows furrowed, mouth open in a small frown, a single bead of sweat dripping down from its pale blue forehead. Intended to show breaking into a cold sweat when feeling fearful, anxious or concerned.


ZZZ emoji, Apple version of the ZZZ emoji, blue emojis

A truly relatable entry in our blue emojis list, especially if you are in a boring lecture or watching a movie with a very slow plot. The 💤 ZZZ emoji is an emoticon showing three Zs arranged close together, used to represent sleeping, dozing off, tiredness or boredom.


dizzy symbol, windows version

The 💫 Dizzy emoji is a colored illustration of one or more yellow stars with circular motion lines to show the movement of swirling in a circle. You usually see it in cartoons when a character is dizzy or “seeing stars”.


Blue People & Body Emojis

Another popular emoji category! People emojis help users describe their hobbies, job, and even upcoming life events.

Person Playing Water Polo

Person Playing Water Polo, blue emojis, Google version of Person Playing Water Polo

Addicted to water polo? The 🤽‍♂️ Person Playing Water Polo emoji is perfect for you! It shows a person standing in the middle of the water, ready to throw a ball. Commonly used to refer to a person playing water polo, a competitive team sport played in the pool with two teams of 7 players each.

If you choose to be more gender-specific, 🤽‍♀️ Woman Playing Water Polo and 🤽‍♂️ Man Playing Water Polo versions are available.

Person Swimming

person swimming, google version

Talk about how much you love swimming! This cute, little 🏊‍♂️ Person Swimming emoji depicts a swimmer in a pool, ocean, or any other type or shape of water. In the previous iOS versions, no goggles are on the swimmer, but in the latest version, the swimmer is already wearing goggles.

Person Rowing

person rowing boat emoji, twitter version

Row, row your way into many fun discussions with the 🚣 Person Rowing emoji! This emoji depicts a person sailing in a small rowboat designed for no more than two people. You’ll spot it in conversations related to active sports, water sports, and boats in general. Of course, you will see it in rowing topics, too, both professional athletes and casual rowers use this.


Genie, Google version of the Genie, blue emojis

This 🧞‍♂️ Genie emoji shows the face of a genie, a supernatural creature capable of granting wishes when summoned. Some platforms show a genie coming out of a lamp.

Police Officer

police officer emoji, google version

This 👮‍♂️ Police Officer emoji shows a police officer wearing a blue hat with a gold badge or shield in the middle. It comes in different skin variants and gender variants. Under skin variants are five skin tone options, 👮🏻 Light Skin Tone Police Officer, 👮🏼 Medium Light Skin Tone Police Officer, 👮🏽 Medium Skin Tone Police Officer, 👮🏾 Medium-Dark Skin Tone Police Officer, and 👮🏿 Dark Skin Tone Police Officer.


Blue Science And Nature Emojis

Share your love for science and nature, get people completely and utterly enthralled with both worlds by sharing these emojis.


whale emoji, samsung version

The 🐋 Whale emoji shows a colored illustration of a whale, a big marine mammal with a big mouth and a white underside. The whale faces left and has a long tail. This is a relatively more real-life depiction of the whale, as compared to the 🐳 Spouting Whale emoji seen next.

Spouting Whale

spouting whale emoji, samsung version

The 🐳 Spouting Whale emoji generally shows a light blue whale with a white underside, round body, and upright tail. The whale spouts water from a hole in its head. In terms of meaning, the whale can be used in any context related to the sea, ocean, water, underwater animals, and so on.


dolphin emoji, google version

Talk about why dolphins are undeniably awesome! The 🐬Dolphin emoji shows a dolphin leaping into the air. It is light blue in color and has a white belly. Dolphins are small-toothed Cetaceans, these are a type of marine mammal that descended from land mammals. The symbol commonly appears in topics related to sea life and nature.


Fish emoji, Apple version of the Fish emoji, blue emojis,

The 🐟 Fish emoji shows a cute caricature of a blue fish with a white belly, fins, and prominent gills. It can be used to represent a variety of fish. You’ll see it in topics related to nature and sea life, cooking, fishing, and food.


peacock emoji, windows version

The 🦚 Peacock emoji shows a blue bird with big green feathers, a blue body, and a tail shaped like a fan. It is most commonly seen standing on its legs with feathers outspread.


Samsung's Bird, Bird emoji

The 🐦 Bird emoji shows a picture of a bird, facing left. A bird is a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate distinguished by the presence of feathers, wings, and a beak, as well as the ability to fly. Different platforms show a variety of bird designs, with Apple displaying only a grayish bird head.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube emoji, Apple version of the Ice Cube emoji, blue emojis

The 🧊 Ice Cube emoji shows a picture of a blue cube of ice or frozen water. It can be used to refer to ice or cold weather in general. Some use it in a metaphorical manner to discuss something cool or chill.


Droplet emoji, Apple version of the Droplet emoji, blue emojis

The 💧 Droplet emoji is a small, single, drop of water. Commonly blue in color, this emoji is frequently used to represent perspiration or tears, as well as a light drizzle or rain.

Sweat Droplets

sweat droplets emoji, Apple version of the Sweat Droplets emoji, blue emojis

This 💦 Sweat Droplets emoji shows two or three light blue sweat droplets splashing down to the right. You’ll see it in conversations related to sweat, sweating, or as the effect of strenuous physical activity.

However, sometimes it is used in a sexual context to describe the liquid products of an orgasm, most commonly known as “cum.”

Water Wave

water wave emoji, samsung version

Ride the wave! The 🌊 Water Wave emoji depicts a blue wave, beginning on the right side of the screen. Wave curls to the left and up, ending with white bubbles. This emoji is frequently associated with any water-related activity like swimming or surfing or talking about bodies of water like the ocean or the sea.


Snowflake, Snow, Winter, White Christmas, Snowstorm

Get cozy with snowflakes! The ❄️ Snowflake emoji shows an icy blue snowflake, a one-of-a-kind, feathery ice crystal with six intricate symmetrical branches. It can be used for a wide range of content related to winter, cold climates, and winter activities like skiing.


comet emoji, windows version

Marvel at the comets! The ☄️ Comet emoji shows a blue and white comet, a ball of frozen gases, rock, and dust the size of a small town. Most comets revolve around the sun. Generally portrayed as an icy-blue comet streaking downwards in the night sky. Apple and Samsung platforms depict the comet emoji in orange instead of blue.

Shooting Star

shooting star emoji, windows version

Make a wish on a shooting star! The 🌠 Shooting Star emoji is a blue and yellow representation of a shooting star, a piece of space debris that burns as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. Netizens share it in topics about astronomical stars or other space-related content. Some use it for decorative use, to add a bit of artistic flair to their posts.


Cyclone emoji, Apple version of the Cyclone emoji

Beware of the cyclone! The 🌀 Cyclone emoji is a picture of a blue and white picture of a cyclone, a powerful circular storm that forms over warm tropical oceans, distinguished by low atmospheric pressure, heavy rain, and high wind.

Wind Face

wind face emoji, facebook version

For all those days when it’s windy! Share the 🌬️ Wind Face emoji to talk about it. It’s a picture of a face of a woman, blowing wind to the right. This symbol refers to the wind, clouds, or fog. Some people use this to describe windy or cloudy weather. The wind face emoji commonly appears in white or blue.


microbe emoji, windows version

The 🦠 Microbe emoji, otherwise known as the 🦠 Bacteria emoji, is an image of a one-celled microscopic organism that thrives in diverse environments. Some bacteria can cause diseases in humans, plants, and animals. In the emoji world, people use the bacteria emoji as a symbol for viruses, germs, and bacteria.


Style Up With Blue Emojis

Feel empowered with your bold, blue fashion choices!

a couple in a denim jacket jumping against a blue background

Photo from Adobe Stock

Running Shirt

Show off your running pride! The 🎽 Running Shirt emoji is a picture of a light, sleeveless blue tee with a sash. You’ll see this symbol in conversations and posts about running, jogging, marathons, etc.


t shirt emoji

Keep it cool and casual in this simple, round-necked tee. The👕 T-Shirt emoji shows a simple t-shirt that can be worn by either men or women.

Most platforms show a round-necked shirt in one color. The T-Shirt emoji, like all other clothing-related emojis, is most commonly used in its literal sense — that is, as an illustration of the piece of clothing it represents or in the context of one’s appearance or favorite style.

Pair of Jeans

jeans emoji

You can’t have a blue emoji style section, without featuring jeans! Whether you like blue or not, chances are, you have one or two favorite pairs of jeans in your closet.

Everyone loves wearing jeans because they’re so affordable and fit true to size in all the right places. Its’ digital counterpart, the 👖 Jeans emoji, is just as popular. This emoji features a pair of blue denim jeans that can be worn by either a woman or a man. Sometimes this emoji is used alone, but it can also be paired with other clothing emojis to show off a certain style.


dress emoji

Feel totally girly with the 👗 Dress emoji! This emoji shows a sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a belt. Its blue color gives it a corporate edge, making it the perfect ensemble to wear when you need to talk business but have fun at the same time.

Emoji lovers usually insert the dress emoji in discussions about style, fashion, shopping, and beauty. It also represents dressing up for a variety of important occasions.

Swim Brief

briefs emoji

Get real about briefs, one of the most private but also most important items in menswear. Even if very few people see them, briefs are important because they are worn every day, all day, right next to the skin.

That said, why not make conversations about briefs and other types of underwear more vivid and comfortable with the 🩲 Swim Brief emoji. This emoji shows a pair of stylish briefs. It can be used to symbolize a pair of men’s underwear or a pair of swim briefs, worn by men for water activities or at the beach. The color of the briefs varies per platform.

Billed Cap

billed cap emoji

In a boyish mood? Or simply rooting for your favorite baseball team? Put your fave baseball cap on, snap a photo of yourself, and put the 🧢 Cap emoji right beside it! This emoji will definitely elevate your cute factor. And wearing a cap is always a good idea. Like your favorite pair of jeans, the baseball cap is a timeless classic that is unlikely to be replaced.

The 🧢 Billed Cap emoji shows a blue baseball cap with a front-facing bill. Online, expect to see this emoji in conversations about sporting events, parks, or fairs.

Gem Stone

gem stone emoji, apple version

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Especially when they are the rarest diamond in the world, a blue diamond. The 💎 Gem Stone emoji is a picture of a blue diamond, with a border.

Commonly used for various jewelry-related content, such as during an engagement or marriage. May convey a variety of literal and figurative senses of beauty, wealth, sophistication, preciousness, and glimmer.

Diamond With A Dot

Diamond With A Dot emoji, diamond emoji

The 💠 Diamond With A Dot emoji, especially made for those who love the unique brilliance of a classic-looking diamond. The emoji is a colored caricature of a blue diamond with a dot in the center. The diamond is split into four smaller diamonds. There are four lines extending from the dot to the diamond’s border.


Blue Sign And Symbol Emojis

Share these powerful blue signs and symbols! Create meaningful content that triggers the right association in your audience.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts emoji, theater masks, performing arts symbol

No better way to talk about your love of entertainment than with the iconic theater masks of today! Take a look at the two masks, Comedy and Tragedy mask, side by side. The 🎭 Performing Arts emoji represents theater or the performing arts like plays, or musicals. Some people use this symbol to tell someone he or she is being dramatic, overreacting, or acting like a drama king or drama queen.

Blue Diamond

large blue diamond emoji, apple version

If diamond gems are not your thing, you can still use the common blue diamond shape which comes in two sizes: the 🔹 Small Blue Diamond emoji and 🔷 Large Blue Diamond emoji. Both emojis feature a simple blue-colored diamond shape.

Blue Circle

Blue Circle emoji, blue circle, blue circle shape

Not too much description when it comes to this, what you see is what you get. The 🔵 Blue Circle emoji depicts a simple blue circle. The meaning of the blue circle emoji varies, depending on context. Some use it to convey their mood, to show they are feeling tranquil and calm, as the color blue represents. It can also refer to the sky, the sea, or other blue objects.

Blue Square

Blue square Apple version, blue square

The 🟦 Blue Square emoji simply shows a picture of a blue square.

P Button

P Button emoji, P emoji, P button

Very useful for drivers! The 🅿️ P Button emoji is an image of the letter P, written in white, placed inside a blue square with a black border. It is most commonly used to represent parking zones.

Text it or share it with family or friends in conversations related to parking. For all intents and purposes, it is still the letter “P,” and can be used in lieu of the normal letter P to add a bit more emphasis.

UP! Button

up! button emoji, windows version

Tell the world how much of a better gamer you are, share the 🆙 Up! Button emoji. This emoji shows the word UP! written in white letters placed in a blue square. This emoji denotes leveling up in a game, a process by which players reach a new level, get rewards, gain greater attributes, and learn more abilities.

Japanese “Here” Button

squared katakana koko emoji, windows version

Catch a person’s attention app with the 🈁 Japanese “Here” Button emoji. It’s a blue box with two Japanese symbols, pronounced as “koko” inside it. The Japanese use it when they want to catch a person’s attention to say something is here.

Japanese “Service Charge” Button

Japanese Service Charge button, Japanese Service Charge emoji

The best things in life are FREE! Tell someone you’re giving something free with the 🈂️ Japanese “Service Charge” emoji. A picture of a Japanese symbol, or Japanese kanji pronounced as “sa“, written in white, placed inside a blue box. The symbol literally means, “free of charge” or “complimentary.”

Cool Button

cool button emoji, windows version

Radiate coolness with the 🆒 Cool Button emoji. This one is pretty easy to spot, what you see is what you get! It’s basically a picture of a blue square with the word “Cool,” inside it.

This is a common phrase that simply means that you find something interesting. If you don’t have time to actually write out the word in response to something cool, simply send the emoji!

Free Button

free button emoji, windows version

For the love of freedom! Indicate something is being given away for free, share the 🆓 Free Button emoji immediately! Like the Cool Button, the Free Button is quite self-explanatory. It’s basically the word “free,” written in white, enclosed in a blue square. It is used to indicate something is being given away for free.

New Button

new button emoji, windows version

Take this one at face value, too. The 🆕 New Button emoji is the word “New,” placed in a blue square. The emoji is used to indicate something you have or are offering is completely new and has never been used before. Most useful when trying to sell something, or maybe bragging about a new purchase.

NG Button

NG button emoji, windows emoji

When you have a hard time being blunt, count on the NG Button to catch you! The 🆖 NG Button emoji is made up of the letters “N” and “G” arranged in a blue square. Wondering what NG means? It simply means, no good! So, if you want to describe someone or something as “no good,” and you don’t want to type it out, just share the symbol!

Did you know that in Japan, the NG Button emoji pertains to bloopers before or after live television programs? Now, you do!

OK Button

ok button emoji, windows version

One of the simplest blue emojis around, the 🆗 OK Button emoji is a square with the word “OK” in it. It is a simpler way to demonstrate that you find something adequate enough to respond to. Use this emoji to make texting even faster and more efficient!

Input Latin Alphabets

input latin uppercase emoji, windows versioninput latin lowercase emoji, windows versionInput Latin Letters emoji, windows version

Teach kids to love the alphabet with the 🔠 Input Latin Uppercase emoji! This useful icon features a blue square with four letters A, B, C, and D, in white written within the shape. The letters are all capitalized (upper case). A good tool to use in kindergarten or pre-school where reciting the alphabet is typically taught at a young age.

Similarly, the 🔡 Input Latin Lowercase emoji features the letters a, b, c, and d in lowercase. Sometimes used to represent multiple-choice questions or to arrange seats, or assign them in order.

Finally, the 🔡 Input Latin Letters emoji shows the letters “abc” inside a blue square. Pretty self-explanatory!

Input Numbers

input numbers emoji, windows emoji

A good symbol to use when typing. The 🔢 Input Numbers emoji is basically the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 written in white, inside a blue square with a black border. This button switches between letters and numbers on a keyboard when typing. When you text it to someone, it usually refers to the fact that you are working with numbers.

Input Symbols

input symbols emoji, windows version

Alert people to the privacy of your data with the 🔣 Input Symbols emoji, four different symbols or special characters arranged in a square. The symbols are a Japanese postal sign, musical note, address, and percentage icons. When you see this symbol, it means symbols should be added to a certain framework to protect it.

The emoji may signify the need to create a password, or to alert someone to the presence of dangerous or suspicious online content.

Double Curly Loop

Double Curly Loop emoji, windows version

A nostalgic entry in our blue emojis list, as it’s a symbol for voicemail. The ➿ Double Curly Loop emoji is a picture of two white curly loops side by side, encased in a blue box. The loops resemble a reel-to-reel tape recorder.


Blue Keyboard Number Emojis

keycap digit zero emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit one emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit two emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit three emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit four emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit five emoji, samsung version

keycap digit six emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit seven emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit eight emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit nine emoji, samsung versionkeycap digit 10 emoji, samsung versionkeycap number sign emoji, samsung versionkeycap asterisk emoji, samsung version

These keycaps are the digital version of the numerical keys you’ll see on your keyboard. These emojis show a white digit encased in a blue square. All numbers, starting from 0 to 10 are available, and not forgetting the # and * symbols.

The digits available are 0️⃣ Number Zero, 1️⃣ Number One, 2️⃣ Number Two, 3️⃣ Number Three, 4️⃣ Number Four, 5️⃣ Number Five, 6️⃣ Number Six, 7️⃣ Number Seven, 8️⃣ Number Eight, 9️⃣ Number Nine, and 🔟 Number Ten.

The #️⃣ Keycap Number Sign emoji shows a pound key, commonly found on a phone’s keypad. When making a call and speaking to an automated voice, use the pound key to select an option from the listed menu. The pound key has also adopted the term hashtag. A hashtag allows you to link and connect specific words to searchable groups or terms, allowing more people to find your post.

Meanwhile, the *️⃣ Keycap Asterisk emoji shows the asterisk sign. The asterisk works as one of the selection options when talking to an automatic voice system. Will you be spending the whole day calling up people? Send this emoji with the 📱 Mobile Phone emoji to express that sentiment.


Blue Hobby And Activity Emojis

Check out our list of blue emojis used in, or related to, various hobbies, interests, parties, or celebrations.

Blue Book

blue book emoji, windows version

Share how much you love to read, bound by a cover, decorated in a color you adore! The 📘 Blue Book emoji shows a closed book with a blue hardcover. This is commonly used to describe a variety of topics related to reading, writing, and education.

Nazar Amulet

nazar amulet emoji, apple version

Accessorize with a purpose. The 🧿 Nazar Amulet emoji shows a nazar amulet, a dark blue circular bead shaped like an eye. This amulet protects its wearer from the Evil Eye curse, a look directed at someone out of hatred or jealousy with the intent of causing harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck.


Thread emoji, Apple version of the Thread emoji

Sew your own lovely blue outfits with the 🧵 Thread emoji, a picture of a wooden spool of blue thread. Commonly used in online content related to embroidery, quilting, or sewing in general.

Crystal Ball

crystal ball, Google version of the Crystal Ball

The 🔮 Crystal Ball emoji shows a blue or purple crystal ball, a tool that fortune tellers use to look into the future and predict someone’s future or fortune.

Flying Disc

flying disc emoji, apple version

Reminisce on your fun days at the park or at the beach, throwing and catching a flying disc with ease! The 🥏 Flying Disc emoji shows a frisbee being thrown. It represents the sport of Ultimate Frisbee or Disc Golf.

Roller Skate

roller skate emoji, google version

Share your love of roller skates with the world! Include the 🛼 Roller Skate emoji in your chats, emails, and social media captions. This image basically shows one shoe on wheels.

The emoji displays a picture of a bright blue shoe, with a pair of yellow shoelaces, and a rainbow print at the back. The Roller Skate emoji signifies skaters and roller skating in general, professionally, or as a hobby.


Blue Travel Emojis

Virtually fulfill that wanderlust, check out our list of blue travel-related emojis.

World Map

world map emoji, apple version

Love to travel, love to talk about it as much as you do it? Why not share the 🗺️ World Map emoji in your next conversation?!

Use it to talk about countries you visited, or places you’d love to visit in the future. The 🗺️ World Map emoji displays a crease-filled, rectangular map of the world. It shows a picture of Earth as it is depicted on geographical maps. This emoji is commonly used to mark content concerning geography, maps, travel, and exploration.

Blue Boat Emojis

Sailboat, Google version of Sailboat Passenger Ship emoji, Facebook version of the Passenger Shop emoji Ferry, Facebook version of the Ferry motorboat, Facebook version of motorboat, motorboat emoji

Ahoy, mates! Now’s the time to talk about living on the high seas! Level up your discussions of past, present, and future seafaring adventures, share them all with 5 types of boat emojis!

Find the best vessel to fit your email, chat, social media post, or conversation:


Boat emoji, blue emoji, Google version of Sailboat emojis

Love sailing off into the sunset without a care in the world? Use the ⛵️ Sailboat emoji to complement your conversation. This emoji shows a sailboat or yacht floating on the water. The colors and sail patterns of the boat vary across platforms. Sometimes it is used to symbolize traveling by water, and everything related to it.


Speedboat emoji, boat emoji, Facebook version of the Speedboat emoji

Every adventure on a speedboat creates new memories. The best part is, thanks to the wonders of technology you can capture each second and relive those moments again and again! As you talk about them online, why not include the 🚤 Speedboat emoji in the retelling of your fast and furious sea adventures?

The 🚤 Speedboat emoji shows a speedboat on water on some platforms. A speedboat is a fast boat powered by a motor. This emoji pops up in topics related to water sports, too.

Passenger Ship

Passenger Ship emoji, blue emojis

Transform your passenger stories from boring to fun! Make your post more appealing to read by sharing the 🛳 Passenger Ship emoji from time to time. This emoji shows a passenger ship, a merchant ship whose primary function is to carry passengers on the sea. Some platforms only show the front of the ship and/or the ship floating on water.

This mode of water transportation is frequently used for sea and river cruises, particularly in touristy areas. It’s no surprise, then, that this emoji frequently appears in the context of tourism, in addition to the general context of water transportation.


Ferry emoji, Facebook version of Ferry emoji

Spent your last holiday on a ferry? Or ride one every day to work? Whatever the case may be, your stories will look better with the ⛴️ Ferry emoji. This emoji shows an illustration of a ferry, a small ship used to carry passengers, and sometimes vehicles and cargo, across a body of water. Some platforms only show the front of the ship or the ship floating on water.

What makes ferries different from cruise ships? Cruise ships are typically much larger than ferries, and they only carry passengers. Cruise ships, unlike ferries, are designed with leisure in mind and have far more onboard amenities.

Motor Boat

motor boat emoji

Traveling fast in a motorboat is always thrilling and fun. The thrill of zipping across a lake, in a fast and smooth manner, is like no other. With the 🛥 Motor Boat emoji you get to bring the experience online in a unique way. This emoji shows a motorboat, a small boat similar to a speedboat. It is powered by a motor engine but does not reach such high speeds. Some platforms only show the front of the ship and/or the ship floating on water.

The 🛥 Motor Boat emoji often appears in topics related to traveling by water, and is sometimes used to represent a jet ski. Share this emoji if you took a motorboat ride for your vacation.

Blue Airport Sign Emojis

passport control emoji, google versioncustoms emoji, google versionbaggage claim emoji, google versionleft luggage emoji, google version

From the security checks all the way to the tarmac, there are plenty of spots for fun, outrageous and exciting things to happen at an airport. When that happens, and you find yourself with a great story to tell, don’t keep it to yourself!

Share your most exciting and memorable airport stories, along with these commonly-seen airport signs, on all your social media accounts!

Passport Control

First up is the 🛂 Passport Control emoji. Travelers are very familiar with this one. This emoji is a blue and white illustration of an officer looking at a passport. It designates the location where passengers must go through in order to show their documents to airport representatives. Online, this symbol usually appears in topics related to immigration control and passport checks at international borders.


Next, is the 🛃 Customs emoji, another important sign. This emoji shows a symbol of an officer looking at an open suitcase. This represents customs at airports or border crossings.

Baggage Claim

Third is the 🛄 Baggage Claim emoji. This emoji is a digital representation of the airport Baggage Claim sign. It shows a symbol of a suitcase on a conveyor belt. In real life, travelers look for this sign as soon as the plane they’re riding reaches the ground. The Baggage Claim sign represents the area in airports where travelers can collect their check-in luggage.

Left Luggage

Visitors to Japan love seeing the last emoji on our list, the 🛅 Left Luggage emoji. This emoji shows a symbol of a key above a suitcase. It usually appears near coin lockers in Japanese train stations, where people can store their baggage.

We all know, traveling can be tiring sometimes. Seeing this sign means that tourists won’t have to worry about bringing their belongings everywhere. When you leave your luggage at the coin locker, you are able to enjoy the city hands-free and explore all attractions.


Blue Mailbox Emojis

Closed Mailbox with Lowered Flag emoji, google versionclosed mailbox with flag emoji, google version, mailbox emojis Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag emoji, google versionOpen Mailbox with Raised Flag emoji, google version

You’ve got mail! Receiving mail is always exciting, no matter what form it is in, whether it’s snail mail or email. When it’s really good, you want to tell someone about it! While chatting with someone about the latest mail you got, why not enhance your conversation by adding mailbox emojis to your message.

Closed Mailbox

There are many mailbox versions to choose from- first, there’s the 📪 Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag emoji. This emoji shows a closed blue or gray mailbox with its signal flag lowered. This usually represents that the mailbox is empty or that the mail has been collected and is ready for a new delivery.

Second is the 📫 Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag emoji. It’s exactly like the first one, except the signal flag is raised. This means there is mail in the mailbox, but it has not been opened and collected.

Open Mailbox

The last two mailbox types are the 📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag. This emoji shows an open, empty blue or gray mailbox with its signal flag lowered. Followed by the 📬Open Mailbox With Raised Flag emoji. This emoji shows an open blue or gray mailbox with its signal flag raised and an envelope inside, waiting to be collected.

All mailbox emojis are used for a variety of content relating to postal and digital deliveries.


Blue Flag Emojis

Raise those blue flags high, into the sky! Blue flags from all over the world!

United Nations Flag

Flag of the United Nations, a global diplomatic and political organization dedicated to maintaining and fostering international peace and stability. The 🇺🇳 United Nations Flag has a white emblem in the center, a picture of a world map with two crossed olive branches surrounding it.


Botswana Flag

Botswana flag, Botswana flag emoji, blue emojis, Apple version of the Botswana flag emoji

Botswana is a country in South Africa rich in diamonds. The 🇧🇼 Botswana Flag has a black horizontal stripe on top of a light blue field. The black stripe contains a white border.

Cape Verde Flag

Cape Verde flag, Apple version of the Cape Verde flag, blue emojis

Cape Verde is a group of 10 islands that lie 620 kilometers off the west coast of Africa. Sometimes it goes by the name African Caribbean. The 🇨🇻 Cape Verde Flag has five horizontal bands of blue, white, and red, with a circle of ten yellow five-pointed stars on top of it.

Congo-Kinshasa Flag

Congo flag, Apple version of the Congo flag emoji, blue emojis

Country flag of Congo-Kinshasa, more popular known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa, and the second-largest in all of Africa. The official 🇨🇩 Congo-Kinshasa Flag has a blue sheet, red diagonal stripe and a yellow five-pointed star at the top of the left part of the flag.

Rwanda Flag

Rwanda flag, Apple version of the Rwanda flag emoji

The official flag of Rwanda, a landlocked republic located south of the Equator, in east-central Africa. Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills. The 🇷🇼 Rwanda Flag is divided into three horizontal bands of blue, yellow, and green. The thickest blue band on top has a yellow sun in its upper right corner.

Somalia Flag

Somalia flag, Apple version of the Somalia flag

Flag of Somalia, or officially called the Federal Republic of Somalia. Somalia is a country in Africa. The 🇸🇴 Somalia Flag has a white star in the middle of a light blue background.


Antarctica flag, Antarctica flag emoji, blue emojis

The official flag of Antarctica, Earth’s southernmost continent. The 🇦🇶 Antarctica Flag shows a white silhouette of Antarctica centered against a blue background.


British Indian Ocean Territory Flag

British Indian Ocean Territory flag emoji, British Indian Ocean Territory flag

Digital version of the national flag of British Indian Ocean Territory, a country between Tanzania and Indonesia. The 🇮🇴 British Indian Ocean Territory Flag features the Union Jack on its upper left corner, and a palm tree and crown on its lower right corner. Behind it are a series of white and blue ocean waves.

Laos Flag

Laos flag emoji, Laos flag emoji Apple version

The official flag of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Located in the Indochinese Peninsula, Laos is bordered by China and Myanmar to the northwest, and Vietnam to its east. The 🇱🇦 Laos Flag design is made up of a white circle centered on a thick blue band, with two thinner red stripes at the top and bottom of the flag.

Israel Flag

Israel emoji, Israel emoji Apple version

This flag represents Israel, a Western Asia country on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea. The Israel flag has the blue Star of David in the middle of a white band. The top and bottom of this flag each have a thin blue stripe.


European Union Flag

European Union flag, European Union flag emoji

The flag for the European Union, a political and economic union of 27 states that are all a part of Europe. The 🇪🇺 European Union Flag has 12 stars in the center arranged in a circle. Behind those stars is a plain blue background.

French Southern Territories Flag

Picture of the flag of French Southern Territories, a collection of former French-administered territories outside of the European continent. The 🇹🇫 French Southern Territories Flag shows the Commissioner’s logotype near the bottom right corner and the flag of France in the upper left corner against a blue background.

Greece Flag

Greece flag emoji, Greece flag emoji Apple version

Greece is a country in Southeast Europe, on the southern tip of the Balkans. The 🇬🇷 Greece Flag has nine horizontal blue and white stripes. A blue square with a white cross inside is at the upper left corner of the flag.

Iceland Flag

Iceland flag, Apple version of the Iceland flag

Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. The 🇮🇸 Iceland Flag features a red Nordic cross with a white border against a blue background.

Liechtenstein Flag

Apple version of the Liechtenstein flag, Liechtenstein flag emoji

The flag of Liechtenstein, an alpine country in Central Europe, near Switzerland and Austria. The 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein Flag displays a blue horizontal band on the top portion, with a red band below. The blue band carries a gold crown in the upper left corner.

San Marino Flag

San Marino flag, San Marino flag emoji

Colored photo of the flag of San Marino, a landlocked enclave in Southern Europe. San Marino is the world’s oldest republic. The 🇸🇲 San Marino Flag is divided into two white and blue bands. A national coat of arms is in the middle.

Sweden Flag

Sweden flag, Apple version of the Sweden flag

Flag of Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. One of the most prominent things about the 🇸🇪 Sweden Flag is a Nordic cross in yellow. The cross is on top of a blue field.

Ukraine Flag

Ukraine flag, Apple version of the Ukraine flag

Flag of Ukraine, a country in eastern Europe. The 🇺🇦 Ukraine Flag has a fairly simple design, it’s comprised of two horizontal bands of equal length, one blue and one yellow.

United Kingdom Flag

United Kingdom emoji, Apple version of the United Kingdom emoji, blue emojis

You can’t have a blue emojis flags list without featuring the UK! Here is the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. UK is a sovereign country in north-western Europe.

Part of the UK is Great Britain, north-eastern Ireland, and a group of islands within the British Isles. The 🇬🇧 United Kingdom Flag contains a red vertical cross with a white border. The red vertical cross is over a red diagonal cross with a white border. Both crosses are set against a blue background.


Australia Flag

Australia emoji, Apple version of the Australia emoji, blue emojis

Another famous entry in our blue emojis flags list is the flag for Australia. Australia is a sovereign country composed of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and other, much smaller islands. A Union Jack symbol is on the upper left corner of the 🇦🇺 Australia Flag, while a seven-pointed star is on the lower left corner. Five stars in the Southern Cross constellation are on the right side.

Cook Islands Flag

Cook Islands emoji, Apple version of the Cook Islands emoji, blue emojis

Cook Islands is a self-governing island country that lies halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. The 🇨🇰 Cook Islands Flag features a blue field. On the upper left corner of the flag is a picture of the Union Jack, on the lower right side is a ring of 15 white stars.

Fiji Flag

Fiji is an island nation in Melanesia in between the Southern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. The 🇫🇯 Fiji Flag has a sky blue background with the Union Jack in its upper left corner, and the country’s shield-of-arms on the right side.

Guam Flag

The official flag of Guam, an island in Micronesia, part of the United States. The 🇬🇺 Guam Flag‘s main design is the Seal of Guam. Behind it is a plain blue background, and around it is a red border.

Kiribati Flag

Kiribati emoji, Kiribati emoji Apple version

The Republic Of Kiribati is an independent island nation in the central Pacific Ocean. The 🇰🇮 Kiribati Flag features a yellow frigate bird flying above a yellow sun that is rising from a white and blue ocean.

Marshall Islands Flag

Apple version of the Marshall Islands emoji

Flag of Marshall Islands, an island country near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. The 🇲🇭 Marshall Islands Flag comes with two stripes of orange and white. These stripes radiate from the bottom left corner of the flag. In addition, a large white star with four large rays and 20 small rays occupies the upper left corner.

Micronesia Flag

Micronesia flag, Apple version of Micronesia

The 🇫🇲 Micronesia Flag is the flag of Micronesia, made up of a sky blue field with four stars in the center, arranged in a diamond shape. Micronesia is a group of small islands located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is a sub-region of Oceania.

Nauru Flag

Nauru flag, Apple version of the Nauru flag

🇳🇷 Flag of Nauru. This country is formerly known as Pleasant Island, this is an island country in Micronesia, a sub-region of Oceania, in the Central Pacific.

New Zealand Flag

New Zealand flag, Apple version of the New Zealand flag,

A colored illustration of the New Zealand flag. New Zealand is one of the most famous countries on our blue emojis list. An island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is famous for its wine. Almost 90% of the wine produced in New Zealand is exported. The 🇳🇿 New Zealand Flag has the Union Jack on its upper left corner and four red stars with a white border in the Southern Cross constellation against a blue background.

Northern Mariana Islands Flag

Northern Mariana Islands flag, Northern Mariana Islands emoji

The Northern Mariana Islands consist of 22 islands and islets in the western Pacific Ocean. The 🇲🇵 Northern Mariana Islands Flag contains a white star centered on a latte stone with a mwarmwar wreath behind. The three symbols are all against a blue background.

Palau Flag

Palau flag emoji, Apple version of the Palau flag

Flag of the Republic of Palau, an island located in the western Pacific Ocean. The 🇵🇼 Palau Flag has a yellow circle slightly off-center to the left against a blue background.

Pitcairn Islands Flag

Pitcairn Islands, Apple version of the Pitcairn Islands

Emoji of the flag of Pitcairn Islands, a group of volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. The 🇵🇳 Pitcairn Islands Flag has the Union Jack on the upper left corner, and the coat of arms against a blue background.

Tokelau Flag

Tokelau flag, Apple version of the Tokelau flag

Image of the Tokelau flag. Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand made up of three coral atolls in the South Pacific, namely, Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. The 🇹🇰 Tokelau Flag has four stars in the Southern Cross constellation and a big yellow sail shape against a blue background.

Tuvalu Flag

Tuvalu flag, Tuvalu flag icon

Online depiction of the Tuvalu flag. Tuvalu is an island country in the Polynesian sub-region of Oceania, located in the Pacific Ocean. The 🇹🇻 Tuvalu Flag has nine yellow stars to its right, while the Union Jack sits on the upper left corner of the flag. A national coat of arms is below it.

North America

Anguilla Flag

Anguilla flag, Anguilla flag emoji, Apple version of the Anguilla flag emoji, blue emojis

Anguilla is an upmarket destination for tourists and a haven for the wealthy. The 🇦🇮 Anguilla Flag has a blue background and a picture of the Union Jack on the upper left corner and the territory’s coat of arms on the right side.

Barbados Flag

Barbados flag, Apple version of the Barbados flag, blue emojis

Barbados is an island nation located at the easternmost part of the Caribbean. The 🇧🇧 Barbados Flag has two outer bands of ultramarine blue on it, and a single band of gold in the center. Centered in the gold band is a black trident head.

Belize Flag

Belize flag, Apple version of the Belize flag, blue emojis

Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize is a country on the northeast coast of Central America. The 🇧🇿 Belize Flag features the country’s coat of arms placed inside a white circle against a blue background.

Cayman Islands Flag

Cayman Islands emoji, Apple version of the Cayman Islands

Digital flag of Cayman Islands, a group of islands found in the Caribbean Sea just about ninety miles south of Cuba. The design of the 🇰🇾 Cayman Islands Flag has the Union Jack in the upper left corner and the coat of arms on the right side. All of these are set against a blue background.

Cuba Flag

Cuba flag, Cuba flag emoji, blue emojis, Apple version of the Cuba flag emoji

Cuba is the largest island of the West Indies group, a crescent-shaped group of islands, more commonly referred to as the Caribbean. The 🇨🇺 Cuba Flag‘s main design is a series of blue and white horizontal stripes with a red triangle at the left. In the middle of the triangle is a white star.

Guatemala Flag

Guatemala flag, Apple version of the Guatemala flag

The country of Guatemala is represented by this flag. The 🇬🇹 Guatemala Flag has blue vertical bands on both sides, with a white vertical band in the middle which bears the national emblem. Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country in Central America. It is close to Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Haiti Flag

Haiti flag emoji, Haiti flag Apple version

Online representation of the flag of Haiti, a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. The 🇭🇹 Haiti Flag is equally divided into blue and red horizontal parts, and has a coat of arms in the middle.

Honduras Flag

Honduras flag, Apple version of the Honduras flag

Honduras, officially known as the Republic of Honduras, is a country located in Central America. The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. The 🇭🇳 Honduras Flag has blue stripes at its bottom and top, and in between the two stripes is a white middle stripe that bears five blue stars.

Martinique MQ Flag

Martinique MW flag, Martinique MW flag emoji Apple version

The digital representation of the Martinique MQ flag. The 🇲🇶 Martinique MQ Flag showcases a white cross against a blue background that forms four rectangular quarters. Each quarter has a white fer-de-lance viper in it. Part of the French Republic, Martinique is in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Montserrat Flag

Montserrat flag, Montserrat flag emoji

The digital version for the flag of Montserrat, a small island in the Caribbean made up of 40 square miles. The 🇲🇸 Montserrat Flag shows the Union Jack in the upper left corner, and the coat of arms on the right side, all against a blue background.

Nicaragua Flag

Nicaragua flag emoji, Apple version of the Nicaragua flag

Flag for the Republic of Nicaragua, the largest country in the Central American isthmus. Nicaragua is near Honduras, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and the Pacific Ocean. The 🇳🇮 Nicaragua Flag is divided into three bands horizontally. Two blue bands are on the top and bottom, while the white stripe in the middle bears the national coat of arms.

Saint Lucia Flag

The 🇱🇨 St. Lucia Flag shows a yellow triangle in front of a taller, thinner black triangle. Triangles are against a blue background. Saint Lucia is an east Caribbean island country situated in the West Indies.

South America

Argentina Flag

Argentina flag, Apple version of the Argentina flag, blue emojis

The flag of Argentina, a country in the southern half of South America. The 🇦🇷 Argentina Flag consists of three equally wide horizontal bands colored light blue and white. At its center is a brown-bordered golden sun.

Aruba Flag

Aruba flag, Apple version of the Aruba flag, blue emojis

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea, north of the Venezuelan Paraguaná Peninsula. The 🇦🇼 Aruba Flag is blue, with two yellow stripes at the bottom, and a red four-pointed star bordered in white on the upper left corner.

Curacao Flag

Curacao, Curacao flag, blue emojis , Apple version of the Curacao flag

Curacao is an island country in the southern Caribbean Sea, north of the Venezuelan coast. The 🇨🇼 Curacao Flag incorporates two horizontal blue stripes: the upper and larger blue stripe symbolizes the sky, and the lower and smaller one represents the sea surrounding the island.

Falkland Islands Flag

Falkland Islands flag emoji, Apple version of the Falkland Islands flag emoji

The Falkland Islands is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom. It is located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The 🇫🇰 Falkland Islands Flag has a blue background. The Union Jack is in its upper left corner, and the territory’s coat of arms is on its right side.

Saint Helena Flag

Island Of Saint Helena, Island Of Saint Helena flag emoji

🇸🇭 Flag of Saint Helena. Located 1,500 miles south of the nation of Cote d’Ivoire and 2,500 miles east of Rio de Janeiro, this is one of the most remote human settlements on Earth.

Uruguay Flag

Uruguay flag, Uruguay icon

Uruguay is a country in South America, in between Brazil and Argentina. The 🇺🇾 Uruguay Flag has nine alternating blue and white horizontal stripes. In the white square in the upper left corner of the flag, is a sun with a face and 16 alternating triangular and wavy rays extended from it.



Designer holding color swatch at desk, finger pointing to color swatch on desk

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Whatever you’re into at the moment, whether you’re into nature, astronomy, or technology, picking the perfect blue emojis for your captions or posts has never been easier. Don’t fall into the trap, though, of sharing blue emojis because of their color.

Find out what those blue emojis mean, what these blue emojis stand for, and how they enhance your overall message. Emojis are a great way to express one’s feelings without mixing up the right words. Researchers discovered that using emoticons in conjunction with a written message can help to increase the “intensity” of the intended meaning. So if you’re going to “boost the feels” of your content, we suggest you do it wisely.

Color Journey

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Lastly, if you still don’t know what your favorite color is, don’t beat yourself up. Give it time, and listen to your gut. If you’re not into blue emojis, that is fine! It’s kind of the same way you know what your favorite food or favorite song is. When you experience it, you get that gut-level reaction that tells you that you prefer one thing more than another.

Young woman enjoys music on the street against blue wall, woman listening to music on her phone against blue wall

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Power Color

Although it might be strange or inconsequential for some, determining one’s favorite color is, is really important. Recruitment managers often ask this in job interviews to see if the candidate they’re interviewing is right for the job and if they will thrive in the company’s unique work environment. Color meanings can be powerful, so choose your colors wisely! Whether you miss bluer than blue or Madame pretty in pink, pick the best one to represent you! Good luck!