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Level up your sock game, talk about all types of socks with the Socks emoji! This emoji shows a pair of socks. Different platforms depict the pair of socks in various colors and designs. Most socks have a striped design near the ankles, more commonly seen in school socks.

This emoji shows up in talks related to shoes, feet, and different foot activities. It may also be used to symbolize ankle socks, football socks, and other types of socks. Since a stocking emoji isn’t out in the market yet, users pick this emoji sock to represent their stockings, making it kind of like a stocking emoji, too.

Along those lines, since this emoji is the only sock emoji around, if you want to talk about one sock, without the other pair, the Socks emoji is your best bet. Aside from being very flexible, netizens enjoy sharing this symbol because it is mostly positive in nature, it evokes a feeling of warmth, comfort and protection, from the weather, or from outer sources, like smelly shoes.

During the holiday season, the Socks emoji becomes increasingly more common. One big reason is because socks and stockings are used to hold the gifts Santa Claus gives on Christmas Eve. When it is discussed, in that context, the Socks emoji is frequently shared along with popular Christmas emojis, to add to the holiday feel.

🧦 Socks is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 10.0 which was introduced in 2017.

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sock emoji

stockings emoji

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Socks Emoji History

Socks Emoji is created in the year 2017.

Socks Emoji Unicode Data