crossed fingers 🤞

Hope for good luck, hope for the best, share the Crossed Fingers emoji to people you care about. This emoji shows a human hand with two fingers emoji, the middle and index finger, extended and crossed over each other. It is often used to wish someone luck or to show hope for something. This is one of the reasons why some people call it the hope emoji.

Ever wondered why people cross their fingers at all? The fingers crossed meaning behind the action dates as far back as before Christianity. It was first used by two people crossing their index fingers to form a cross. The pagans believed that a cross was a symbol of good luck, so by doing it they were sharing or conjuring good luck.

Feel free to share just the Crossed Fingers emoji or to combine it with other, similar, hopeful emojis like the Four Leaf Clover emoji or Magic 8 Ball emoji for a greater impact. The Fingers Crossed emoji, across platforms, provides the following skin variations: Light Skin Tone Crossed Fingers, Medium-Light Skin Tone Crossed Fingers, Medium Skin Tone Crossed Fingers, Medium-Dark Skin Tone Crossed Fingers, and Dark Skin Tone Crossed Fingers emojis.

🤞 Crossed Fingers is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016.

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This Crossed Fingers Is Also Known As:

fingers crossed

good luck emoji

Other Crossed Fingers Emoji Variants: Color Tone

Crossed Fingers Emoji History

Crossed Fingers Emoji is created in the year 2016.

Crossed Fingers Emoji In Other Languages

Crossed Fingers 🤞Crossed Fingers Emoji 两指交叉 🤞两指交叉 表情符号 Vingers Gekruist 🤞Vingers Gekruist Emoji Doights Croisés 🤞Doights Croisés Emoji Gekreuzte Finger 🤞Gekreuzte Finger Emoji क्रॉस्ड उंगलियाँ 🤞क्रॉस्ड उंगलियाँ इमोजी Jari Menyilang 🤞Jari Menyilang Emoji Dita Incrociate 🤞Dita Incrociate Emoji 人差し指と中指を交差させた手 🤞人差し指と中指を交差させた手 絵文字 두 손가락 꼬기 🤞두 손가락 꼬기 이모티콘 Dedos Cruzados 🤞Dedos Cruzados Emoji Скрещенные пальцы 🤞Скрещенные пальцы Эмодзи Dedos Cruzados 🤞Dedos Cruzados Emoji Crossed Fingers 🤞Crossed Fingers Emoji أصابع متقاطعة  🤞أصابع متقاطعة إيموجي

Crossed Fingers Emoji Unicode Data