man: beard 🧔

Flex men’s masculinity with the Bearded Man emoji! This emoji focuses on one of a man’s masculine and brawn features, the classic beard. When the emojis were created, there was only one male image, but then a variety of bearded man emojis came in.

The different skin tone variations are Light Skin Tone Man with Beard emoji, Medium-Light Skin Tone Man with Beard emoji, Medium Skin Tone Man with Beard emoji, Medium-Dark Skin Tone Man with Beard emoji, and Dark Skin Tone Man with Beard emoji. These types of emojis celebrate the beauty of different races and promote equality.

Associate the Man with Beard emoji with other masculine emojis, like the Person Weightlifting emoji, Flexed Biceps emoji, or even the Boxing Glove emoji to emphasize strength and masculinity.

These human emojis are mostly used to caption people in the pictures that look like what the emojis represent. It can also be used by men who desire to have a certain transformation like growing a beard and a mustache. Women are also free to use these emojis to represent their husbands, male friends, or even describe their dream guy.

🧔 Man: Beard is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 10.0 which was introduced in 2017.

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This Man: Beard Is Also Known As:

beard emoji

man with beard

beard man

beard emojis

guy with a beard

bearded man


facial hair




full beard

grown beard

male face hair


manly beard

bushy face

chin puff


hipster beard

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Man: Beard Emoji History

Man: Beard Emoji is created in the year 2017.

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