boxing glove 🥊

Get to know more about one of the most popular sports with the Boxing Glove emoji! This emoji shows one red boxing glove. The boxing glove emoji is designed exactly like the real boxing glove, especially with the popular red color. Different platforms actually have the glove facing different directions, some are facing upward and others are facing sideways.

You can see this emoji being used by avid boxing fans whenever they capture their moments in games and boxing matches. Boxing athletes who have established their own social media accounts can also use this emoji to promote their next match or show training videos of themselves, to inspire and motivate everyone on social media.

When a boxing match gets rough, you can use this emoji alongside the Boom emoji. This is to emphasize impact and intensity. You can also use the Frustrated emoji wherever you want to express frustration by the end of the game. If the boxing match is in your favor, you can use the Party Face emoji to celebrate the victory of your favorite boxer.

Boxing is not only for professionals, it can also be a form of exercise. So if you find yourself in the boxing gym, make sure to flex that progress with the Muscle emoji or the Chart with Upwards Trend emoji to flaunt your progress.

🥊 Boxing Glove is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016.

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This Boxing Glove Is Also Known As:

boxing glove

boxing emoji

boxing gloves emoji

boxer emoji

kickboxing emoji

kickbox emoji

punching bag emoji

Boxing Glove Emoji On Different Platforms

Boxing Glove Emoji History

Boxing Glove Emoji is created in the year 2016.

Boxing Glove Emoji Unicode Data