rightwards hand ๐Ÿซฑ

Have a good visual of the hand with the rightwards hand emoji. This emoji is used to show emphasis on the hand.ย 

The rightwards hand emoji is designed to look like a hand open, showing all the fingers, and pointing to the right side.ย 

This emoji can be used whenever you want to give someone a virtual handshake. Since the hand also looks like it is reaching out for something.ย 

You can use this emojis alongside the leftwards hand emoji as if it is trying to reach for hand holding. You could also drop the handshake emoji to feature the gesture.ย 

This emoji can also be used when you want to give someone a horizontal high-five. This is common among friends and close family members.ย 

If you want to use this emoji in some creative ways. You use this emoji alongside the police officer emoji, stop sign emoji, and the cars emoji, to depict a traffic enforcer who always uses hand gestures to signal traffic flow.ย 

The rightwards hand emoji is one of the symbols that do not have much meaning to it. But it can be considered part of the gesture emojis, since it looks like it is reaching out to something.

๐Ÿซฑ Rightwards Hand is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 14.0 which was introduced in 2021, and was added to Emoji 14.0.

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This Rightwards Hand Is Also Known As:

right hand backside facing forward

right hand

open right hand

right hand reaching out

right hand high five

open hand pointed to the right

rightward direction

east hand

right handshake

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Rightwards Hand Emoji History

Rightwards Hand Emoji is created in the year 2021.

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