7 Games ๐ŸŽŸ You Can Play With Just Emojis ๐ŸŽฒ

Written by: Team Emojiguide
Modified: Jan 23, 2023

Love them or hate them, Emojis are all around us—every single day! But beyond being an excellent way to embellish text, express emotions, or punctuate sentences, emojis offer up the opportunity for creative gamers to play (and make) games on the fly which not only makes these games more enjoyable but also provides a neat little touch to the game itself.

This is because emojis can express complex ideas in just a few byte-sized images… After all, an image speaks a thousand words!

And by doing that, why not combine emojis and video games together? With that, gaming becomes more enjoyable, and these emojis can make games more entertaining to play! On sites like Gamecamp.gg, you can find various indie games where some games are purely based on the emoji world. That being said, everyone can purchase and download it on their PC. The platform not only provides various video games to play but also showcases the best prices from all the available retailers, how cool is that?

Without further ado, let’s look into some games you can play with just emojis right now!


1. Guess The ___

Perhaps the most popular emoji-only game, Guess the ___ games are among the most common emoji-only games out there. This is because they can apply to any type of trivia!

If you’re a film fan, you can encode your favorite ’00s flicks for your friends to guess. If you’re a gamer, you can guess games. And if you’re into one incredibly tight niche—perhaps types of Mushrooms found in the tropics—you can make a quiz.

And if you’re not into making your own game, there are plenty of Guess the Emoji games available on mobile (and online) for you to hop into fun quizzes right away. Gamecamp.gg also has tons of emoji games for you to offer, simply search “emoji” in the search bar and choose from the results provided.


2. Connections

Drawing connections between groups of images can be incredibly fun. And what are emojis but simple images? Emojis make for great connection games.

Simply lay out a variety of emojis and start drawing logical connections between them. Perhaps a 💧 water droplet emoji links with a 🛁 bathtub emoji. A 🤠 cowboy emoji links with a 🐎 horse emoji. A 💼 briefcase emoji links with an 🏢 office building emoji. And the list goes on! But only one link per emoji means those last few may be tough to make. This can lead to a satisfying game, especially when played with others!


3. Blend In: Guess The Emoji

Blend-in-style games require groups to play, but they can be played online or in person. The game? All players, apart from one, get to see a target image; they then all need to send one emoji to the group, which proves they know what the target image is. The person who didn’t see any target emoji needs to “blend in” by sending one which seems like it fits in with the crowd. Everyone then tries to guess who the odd one out is.

This fun and short game is incredibly hilarious with emojis, given how abstract the links people draw when talking in images!


4. Odd One Out

When presented with a group of emojis, the question in this game is simple: which is the odd one out?

This game is usually played with two or more people. One player comes up with a brief and selects 5+ emojis that all link together, with one not linking at all. The other players then need to guess which emoji is the odd one out (and what the link is between the others). If they guess it correctly, they win. But if they get it wrong, the emoji chooser wins! So, you have to make that odd one out especially sneaky.


5. Memory Game

Tile-based memory games can have many names, but emojis are the perfect images to place onto the tiles.

Played in person, this game is incredibly simple. Simply print out two copies of a page full of emojis, cut them out, shuffle them and place them face down. The challenge now is to match the tiles by turning them over in pairs. The player who can match the lot fastest, wins!

Or you can play competitively, each player taking it in turns—the player with the most pairs at the end of a round winning. Who could have thought that a game with emojis could be so competitive?


6. Encrypt/Decrypt

Guess the ____ style games suit emojis incredibly well as they encrypt complex ideas in just a few images. But beyond literal interpretations, emojis can also be used as incredibly sneaky tools for encrypting texts.

In this game, players will take common phrases and encrypt them using emojis. It’s then the challenge of the other players to decrypt these messages!


7. Emoji Pictionary

Drawing with emojis is effortless, given the amount of variety on show. But with Emoji Pictionary, you must draw the actual target word—without suggesting it phonetically. That’s what separates Emoji Pictionary from Guess the __ style games. This can lead to satisfying pictures and plenty of laughter.



Emojis are tools we can use for plenty of things, but don’t let that take the fun out of them. As little images, each encapsulating complex ideas, emojis offer up tonnes of opportunities for fun! And even by mixing it up with video game formats, emojis can bring more to the video games that we play on a day-to-day basis.