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Enhance your health related posts with the Medical Symbol emoji. This emoji shows a symbol from Greek mythology called the Rod of Asclepius. The rod is made of a serpent-entwined stick wielded by the Greek God Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine.

This emoji is often used to represent a wide range of topics related to the medical field, from doctors and hospitals, to medicine and health care services. In essence, the Medical Symbol emoji will fit right in in any conversation about medicine.

Need to make an appointment with the doctor? Going to the pharmacy to purchase some medicine? All of those things, and more, can be conveyed with this health emoji. Writing about health with emoji is much easier thanks to this Rod of Asclepius emoji, and other medical emojis like the Doctor emoji, Nurse emoji, and Face With Medical Mask emoji.

Share the Medical Sign emoji along with a Hospital emoji to say you’re going to the hospital or are in need of medical help. You can also combine that emoji with the Face With Medical Mask emoji to show you’ll be at the doctor’s for the day and won’t be as active on your phone.

⚕️ Medical Symbol is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 4.1 which was introduced in 2005, and was added to Emoji 4.0.

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This Medical Symbol Is Also Known As:

medical emoji

medicine emoji

medical sign emoji

medical emoticon

medicine symbol emoji

med emoji

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Medical Symbol Emoji History

Medical Symbol Emoji is created in the year 2005.

Medical Symbol Emoji Unicode Data