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Bones can be used as topics in conversations whether literally or metaphorically. And now, you can raise anything with them using the Bone emoji!

This emoji shows a bone, which forms the structure of vertebrates such as humans, mammals, birds, fishes, amphibians, and reptiles. Most platforms depict it with white or gray color, while some feature it with a brownish hue.

Feel free to use the bone emoji when you are discussing the skeletal system or bones in general. For instance, you and your classmate have an upcoming exam about anatomy. Send them this emoji when you start or switch the topic about the skeletal system. You can also use this icon if you ask questions to your orthopedic doctor.

Use this emoji as well in a metaphorical manner! “Bone to pick” is an idiom that means you have a grievance against a person and organization that you want to discuss. Therefore, you can combine this idiom with the bone emoji. For example, you want to have a discussion with your friend or workmate about a serious grievance. Send them a message that goes like “I have a bone to pick with you,” followed by this emoji. The emoji will lighten up an otherwise ominous message.

🦴 Bone is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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Bone Emoji History

Bone Emoji is created in the year 2018.

Bone Emoji Unicode Data