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Reveal your fondness for luxury and elegance with the Purple Square emoji. This emoji simply shows a purple square. It is used to represent anything related to the color, from freesia flowers, to purple rugs, to even eggplants!

For the longest time, purple has been strongly associated with royalty. This was because Phoenician purple dye was expensive and rare in ancient times. From then on, the way people see purple hasn’t changed. In fact, it can now even be applied to purple emojis like the purple square emoji. Ever since it was released to the public, in posts and conversations, the purple square can be used to refer to luxury in general, and/or riches of any kind.

Now, if you prefer to add an increased touch of passion to your content, there’s another way to do that, you can swap the purple square for the Purple Heart emoji, or put the two of them together. It has various purple emoji meanings, it symbolizes a compassionate, and understanding love, but may also be used to express glamor or wealth.

Last but not least, on Snapchat, the purple square emoji is used to indicate that an audio note has been received. This means, if you’re sending a message to your friend, and you see that emoji, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, your friend got it safe and sound!

🟪 Purple Square is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 which was introduced in 2019.

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purple square

purple symbol emoji

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Purple Square Emoji History

Purple Square Emoji is created in the year 2019.

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