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Use the Yellow Square emoji to talk about the penalty card in sports. The yellow square emoji features various tints of bright yellow across all platforms. Designers aimed to make each yellow square pop out on emoji keyboards to make it easy for users to find. Upon closer inspection, major platforms feature faint white tints on their yellow square emoji to make them appear shiny on a white or grey online keyboard. Meanwhile, other renditions look flat with pastel or vibrant tones that accommodate darker keyboard backgrounds.

The yellow square emoji, or sometimes called the yellow card emoji, is often seen in social media posts of people raving about FIFA or the Olympics. The sports that are known to use this penalty card include football (soccer), athletics, badminton, fencing, rugby, and field hockey. It is meant to symbolize different warnings but the vibrant yellow shade is meant to signal athletes to proceed with caution as the match continues. Seeing that flash of yellow often triggers sports fans into posting stacks of yellow square emojis to express their disdain over a game or match. They also sometimes pair it with the Red Square emoji to emphasize the penalty.

🟨 Yellow Square is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 which was introduced in 2019.

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yellow square

yellow card emoji

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Yellow Square Emoji History

Yellow Square Emoji is created in the year 2019.

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