high voltage

Feel the spark with this icon! Use the High Voltage emoji to spark up conversations or post electrifying pictures or videos on your social media.

More commonly known as the lightning emoji, this emoji shows a yellow bolt of lightning which is used as the warning symbol for high voltage. Most of the time, people relate this emoji to electricity, energy, and light. And due to the numerous application in electricity, not just literally but also metaphorically and even in culture, the high voltage emoji is one of the most versatile icons you can use.

Feel free to use this emoji every time you talk about fictional, literary, cultural, or religious characters who use or manipulate electricity. Whether they are Pokemons such as Pikachu or the Norse god of lightning Thor, the high voltage is the perfect icon you can associate with them.

You can also use this emoji when you talk about anything that involves electricity, be it naturally such as lightning or thunder. Or something used by humans, such as the battery level of one’s phone. The latter makes this icon pairable with the Battery emoji.

And lastly, some people use the term “spark” in a romantic context. It can refer to feeling a spark when you meet or are with someone or feeling that you have a special connection. As such, it makes this icon a perfect emoji when you are talking about love.

High Voltage is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 4.0 which was introduced in 2003, and was added to Emoji 0.6.

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This High Voltage Is Also Known As:

high voltage

lightning emoji

lightning bolt emoji

electrical emoji

flash emoji

thunder emoji

electric emoji

laser emoji

bolt emoji

zap emoji

electricity emoji

strike emoji

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High Voltage Emoji History

High Voltage Emoji is created in the year 2003.

High Voltage Emoji Unicode Data