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See the world from a bird’s eye point of view with the Mountain emoji! This emoji shows a landform with the highest elevation among all landforms. It has a color green base that represents grass and a rock like structure.

A mountain is a landform that has the highest elevation from the ground. They all look different depending on their locations around the world and professional hikers seek thrill in these mountains.

Mountains are also amazing tourist spots especially for camping. So if you want to showcase your camp setup and introduce this activity to the social media world, then you can use the Tent emoji or the Camping emoji together with this mountain emoji. Or use this emoji alongside the Hiking Boot emoji and other nature related emojis, like the Tree emoji or the Rock emoji.

Hikers say that they feel a sense of accomplishment once they reach the peaks. So if you are a first time hiker, it is nice to show your journey by using the mountain emoji or even the Person Climbing emoji if you find yourselves on rocky mountains.

⛰️ Mountain is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 5.2 which was introduced in 2009, and was added to Emoji 0.7.

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This Mountain Is Also Known As:

mountain emoji

cave emoji

hill emoji

mountains emoji

cliff emoji

hills emoji

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Mountain Emoji History

Mountain Emoji is created in the year 2009.

Mountain Emoji Unicode Data