Fulfill Those ✈️ Travel Dreams: Level Up Your Virtual Vacations πŸ– With Symbols From Our Travel Emoji List πŸ—Ί

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Sep 29, 2022

2020 was a difficult year. If you made it past 2020, then you deserve a pat on the back! As we all know, the arrival of the new year comes hand in hand with some often asked (and sometimes dreaded) questions. “What are your New Year’s resolutions?” “Do you have any resolutions?”

If you love to travel, your answer would probably be a dream destination with a cute travel emoji or two at the end, like the 🧳 Luggage emoji or the 🏕️ Camping emoji, along with a comment about how going to your dream country might never happen, due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

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Virtual Tourism 

Man choosing last minute tour on virtual screen. Travel agency concept

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That may be true, we cannot physically travel as much as we want to, but there is a way around it. You can still complete your New Year’s travel bucket list. Thanks to the wonders of technology, your travel dreams can still come true!

So go and open that travel emoji list you’ve been hiding in your device because you will soon be adding to that list! While recent events may have kept us off planes and stuck on our couches, virtual tours and virtual reality tourism experiences can bring you to places all over the world from the comfort of your own home!

Thanks to the Internet, you can virtually go to Peru’s Machu Picchu or Ireland’s Cliffs Of Moher — no passport or packing required!


Virtual Travel Sites

Businessman using virtual reality glasses sitting indoors with world map on the background

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There are many great places to visit for your virtual vacation, some are free, while others require a small payment. One of the more popular sites is virtualvacation.us. The site lets you experience the wonders of the world while in isolation — at zero cost!

Register, log on, and you’ll immediately see tabs for walking tours, driving tours, flying tours, and diving expeditions. Click on your desired tab, and you will be brought to another page.

On that page, you’ll see more than 30 different cities. Just click on the city you like, and you will already get a virtual view of the place! You can also share your virtual trips on all your social media accounts, straight from the site! When you do that don’t forget to include your favorite travel emoji in your post!


Virtual Reality Travel App

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If you want to take things up a notch, Realities.io is a virtual reality travel app that allows users to explore modeled and scanned real-world environments. Take note, we’re not just talking about 360-degree photos here, this is virtual reality at its finest! The locations featured in the app were captured with specialized scanning equipment, enabling immersive rendering in virtual reality.


How To Use Virtual Reality Apps

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How to use it? It is actually quite easy. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, just tap the virtual globe area, and you’re instantly whisked away to the exotic locale. Take a look at one of its more interesting destinations — you get to go inside the cell of an infamous Alcatraz prison! Once you are in there, you’re greeted by an invisible narrator, a former prisoner in the cell next to you, who will share his experiences. Isn’t that amazing!?


Sharing Travel Experiences On Social Media

When you’re done with your trip, what’s the next thing you’re most likely to do? Share your experiences on social media, of course! Social media lets you share your most significant memories from your travels with a big audience. Did you know that 89% of millennials plan travel activities based on content posted online by their peers?

As you go about posting your virtual travel experiences online, don’t forget to include your favorite travel emoji! Utilizing emojis in your social media posts is a good way to enhance your captions and attract more followers to the content you’re sharing.


Travel Emojis

But you must not get just any emoji, to increase the reach and engagement of your posts, to connect with the right audience, you need to use the most appropriate icon you can find. If you’re going to be talking about travel, you need to post a travel emoji or two. The 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji and ✈️ Airplane emoji are two of the most common travel emojis you can find.

And, on that note, did you know that you don’t need to search far and wide to find the best travel emojis in town? You can find them all right here on Emojiguide! As a matter of fact, we’ve created a cool travel emoji list for you to check out.

Whether you’ll be virtually traveling around Asia, Europe, or America, we assure you, you will definitely find something fun, useful, and amazing from our list.


Luggage Emoji

Luggage emoji, travel emoji

First on our travel emoji list is the 🧳 Luggage emoji. This 🧳 Luggage emoji is an illustration of a piece of luggage with wheels. It comes with an extended handle on most platforms and is used to carry personal belongings for travel. You’ll see the symbol in content related to traveling or trips, whether for travel business or pleasure.

Before you embark on your virtual vacation, to get you in the mood, why not take a photo of yourself in your travel outfit? Of course, you need your luggage beside you, too! And then, put the 🧳 Luggage emoji beside it!

happy woman with suitcase and passport on yellow background, woman holding orange suitcase and phone in her hand

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How to use the 🧳 Luggage emoji:

– Showing off my 🧳 before my virtual vacation in China! For just a few dollars, I get to see the ins and outs of the Great Wall Of China. How cool is that?
I made a Tiktok video of me in full travel gear with matching 🧳 before posting my vlog about my virtual travel experience.


World Map Emoji

world map emoji

The 🗺️ World Map emoji shows a rectangular paper map of the world, with illustrations of green continents against a blue sea or ocean. The emoji is usually seen in discussions related to tourism, travel, seeing the world, or world news of any kind.

Before you take that virtual trip, don’t forget to make a beautiful map of your travels to share with friends and family! You’ll find a lot of sites to help you with this. Some sites are so advanced you can plan unlimited trips on the map you make, or you can embed the map you made in your own blog.

Other sites will even allow you to view and share your personal trip stats as an infographic! While sharing your maps online, feel free to add a cute 🗺️ World Map emoji at the beginning, middle, or end of your post!

How to use the 🗺️ World Map emoji:

– I want to travel to every country in the world 🗺️
– It’s my first time to make an interactive 🗺️, I am so proud of what I made, I immediately posted it on all my social media accounts!


Cityscape Emoji

Cityscape emoji, travel emoji

If you’re going on a virtual city tour, and you are shown a nice view of the city, why not talk about it and put a 🏙️ Cityscape emoji at the end of your sentence?

This 🏙️ Cityscape emoji shows a cityscape with high-rise buildings in the day and also comes in a 🌆 Cityscape At Dusk variant. You’ll spot the symbol in conversations related to views of the city and city lifestyle.

How to use the 🏙️ Cityscape emoji:

– I took a virtual tour of Chicago, I rode a virtual plane and saw all the beautiful buildings 🏙️ It was really so very relaxing for me! I saw the best of the Windy City from the comfort of my own home.
– My cousin will take a recorded, virtual tour of New York City’s green oasis, Central Park. He told me it comes with an insightful audio commentary that points out the important sights, buildings, and historic trees 🏙️


Cityscape At Dusk Emoji

Cityscape At Dusk emoji

Meanwhile, the 🌆 Cityscape At Dusk emoji shows a city space against a sky with a purplish or orange glow as the sun sets in the evening. The third symbol on our travel emoji list symbolizes the busy city lifestyle and all topics surrounding it.

How to use the 🌆Cityscape At Dusk emoji:

– For Valentines Day this year, since we will be at home, I am bringing my boyfriend on a cityscape virtual tour of Dublin at dusk 🌆 I heard that it is really good!
– Every day, Jenny takes a photo of the sunset from the balcony of her flat, it shows a spectacular view of all the buildings 🌆


Camping Emoji

Camping emoji, travel emoji

After weeks of staying at home, wouldn’t a camping trip be nice? But with the parks closed because of the coronavirus, what can you do? Well, how about a virtual camping trip? Take the online camp waters and see if it works for you. And when you talk about your experience online, don’t forget to spice up your content with our next travel emoji, the 🏕️ Camping emoji!

The 🏕️ Camping emoji shows a camping scene, with a tent pitched in the grass with one or two trees nearby. Some platforms include a campfire in front of the tent. People use it in content related to camps, outdoor activities, vacations, etc.

How to use the 🏕️ Camping emoji:

– My kids are restless after being stuck at home for nearly a year, so I enrolled them in a virtual 🏕️, and they’re getting really excited about attending it!
– With no option to leave home, virtual 🏕️ trips are the next best thing. Cheaper than the traditional camping trip, a virtual 🏕️ trip gives kids a feel of the great outdoors, a fun experience that is also educational.


Beach With Umbrella Emoji

Beach With Umbrella emoji, travel emoji, Apple's version of the Beach With Umbrella emoji

Kick off beach season early this year with an awesome virtual trip to the beach! With WiFi and just a little imagination, you can virtually globe-trot to some of the world’s most stunning coasts. And when you’re done, you can talk about it on social media with the 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji!

The 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji is an illustration of a red and white striped umbrella in the sand. Beside the sand are ocean waves. Did you know that the artwork for the 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella varies by platform? Yup! Apple’s version leans to the left, and all the others lean to the right.

Moreover, Google’s version comes with a star on the beach, while the others do not. The symbol represents taking a vacation, going on a beach break, or hanging out at the seaside.

How to use the 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji:

– When I heard that Pig Island, Bahamas, is a viral tourist spot, I immediately signed up for their beach virtual tour sponsored by the Bahamas Tourism Bureau 🏖️ Even if I couldn’t pet the cute island animals I saw, I still had fun!
– I want to go to the 🏖️ so bad, I signed up for the Miami beach virtual tour and loved the multi-view surf cameras along Miami Beach! They give you a nice view of the awesome waves and turquoise-colored water!


Roller Coaster Emoji

Roller Coaster emoji, roller coaster

Our favorite amusement park rides have come to a halt as the world pauses in the midst of Covid-19. But thanks to virtual rides and virtual park trips, we can still enjoy the rider’s view of all our favorite theme park rides from home!

When you talk about your fun virtual amusement park experience online, to spice up your content even further, why not put a 🎢 Roller Coaster emoji on your posts?

The 🎢 Roller Coaster emoji shows a descending roller coaster, a common theme park ride made up of open cars moving on a track. The cars move through twists and turns and steep inclines and declines.

Apple, Windows, Twitter, and Samsung’s versions feature people on the ride, while other platforms that have this symbol do not. Amusement park lovers use the 🎢 Roller Coaster emoji to talk about their favorite roller coasters and other theme park rides.

How to use the 🎢 Roller Coaster emoji:

– Theme parks with rides like the 🎡​🎢​🎠​ are my happy place! I love the thrill I get when I am on a ​🎢!
– Virtual amusement park rides are a great way to keep your 👶 occupied. Plop them in front of a virtual 🎢 and get your 👶’s virtual adrenaline pumping, without waiting in all those pesky lines!


Airplane Emoji

Airplane, airplane emoji

The seventh emoji on our travel emoji list is the ✈️ Airplane emoji. Why it’s on this list is actually quite self-explanatory! If you miss being on an ✈️, airplane virtual tours and the ✈️ Airplane emoji might make you miss it a little bit less!

Most airplane virtual tours are 3D self-guided trips that give you access to the cockpits and interiors of a specific aircraft, something you wouldn’t see on a regular flight. If you would like to talk about your airplane virtual tour before or even after the experience putting an ✈️ Airplane emoji here and there is a great way to elevate your content.

The ✈️ Airplane emoji is an image of a white airplane with blue wings. An airplane is an airborne vehicle used to transport people across long distances. Some netizens use the symbol when talking about overseas vacations or when their phone or tablet is in airplane mode.

How to use the ✈️ Airplane emoji:

– I miss the ​🧑‍✈️​🎤​ announcement at the beginning of every flight. I wonder when I will be able to hear that again.
– Jane missed being inside an ✈️  so much, she signed up for an aircraft virtual tour. Through the use of a Virtual Reality headset, she got an exclusive look inside more than 10 aircraft! How cool is that?


Airplane Departure Emoji

Airplane Departure emoji, Apple version of the Airplane Departure emoji

Furthermore, the ✈️ emoji comes in two variations – the 🛫 Airplane Departure emoji and the 🛬 Airplane Arrival emoji. As the name suggests, the 🛫 Airplane Departure emoji shows an airplane taking off from an airport runway, already in the air.

How to use the🛫 Airplane Departure emoji:

– I was so excited about the ✈️ virtual tour, I posted a picture of ✈️ on my social media before the tour began! 🛫
– My officemate Mary was supposed to travel this year with her friends to celebrate her 40th birthday, but since she couldn’t make it, she booked herself and her friends an 🛫 virtual tour so that they can still have fun!


Airplane Arrival Emoji

Airplane Arrival emoji, travel emoji

The second variation is the 🛬 Airplane Arrival emoji. This emoji shows an airplane coming down to land on an airport runway. Microsoft’s version of this particular version is a bit different from all the other platforms, it shows the plane descending from the clouds.

How to use the 🛬 Airplane Arrival emoji:

– I miss the ​🛬​🙋‍♀️ ​greetings before take-off, so I made my own and played it before beginning my ✈️ virtual tour!
– I wish the ✈️  virtual tour was real, so my husband can finally come home ✈️ Until then, taking the tour together, even if we are on opposite parts of the globe, is definitely the next best thing!


Virtual Cruising

Do you love going on cruises? Then you will be delighted to know passenger cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Line and the Royal Caribbean offer virtual experiences to allow cruise lovers to explore their world from home.

It’s better than nothing, right, like not going on a cruise at all, and come to think of it can be really fun and educational, too! Most cruise lines prepare exclusive digital content for these virtual trips. Some give mixology tutorials and other at-home cruise activities like quizzes and scavenger hunts.


Ship Emoji

Ship emoji, Apple version of the Ship emoji

When you go on your virtual voyage, to add a cute touch to your content, don’t forget to update your social media followers on your digital whereabouts by posting the 8th emoji on our travel emoji list, a 🚢 Ship emoji.

The 🚢 Ship emoji is an image of a ship, a vehicle used to carry people and cargo across water. The symbol represents different types of cruise ships, as well. Twitter and Samsung versions of this emoji show only the front of the ship. On the other hand, the other variations on different device platforms, show either just the left or right side of the ship.

How to use the 🚢 Ship emoji:

– My aunt is suggesting that I renew my 🚢 membership card in order to sign up for all their virtual tours.
– One good thing about going on a virtual tour on a 🚢, you don’t get ​🚢​😷​


Virtual Mountain Trips

Travel agencies and travel companies know it’s hard not being able to physically visit your favorite hiking or backpacking spots. There’s nothing quite like the feel of fresh mountain air on one’s lips, and many online travel services sympathize.

Woman with glasses of virtual reality. Future technology. Modern imaging technology.

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Bearing that in mind, in order to bring back a semblance of that experience to their clients, some travel companies have created special virtual tours and adventures so that their loyal customers will still be able to experience those breathtakingly beautiful mountaintops from anywhere in the world.

While the views of the oceans and the islands are always beautiful, many hikers will agree that nothing beats a gorgeous sunrise. We won’t disagree with that! If you think a virtual mountain tour will somewhat cure your insatiable desire to go back to the great outdoors, why not go through with it?


Sunrise Over Mountains Emoji

Sunrise Over Mountains emoji, Apple version of the Sunrise Over Mountains emoji,

And as you talk about your virtual mountain trips online, why not include a digital representation of what you are talking about, in the form of the 🌄 Sunrise Over Mountains emoji, to enhance your digital content? The 🌄 Sunrise Over Mountains shows a sun rising over a mountain range, early in the morning. You’ll usually see this symbol in topics related to mountains, sunrise, nature, etc. The symbol also represents new beginnings.

How to use the 🌄 Sunrise Over Mountains emoji:

– Over lunch, Laney told me she misses hiking and being in the 🌄 so much she likes to play 🌄 sounds when she meditates. I think I want to do the same!
– I like waking up early to see the 🌄 The natural beauty of a sunrise or sunset reminds me of the Creator’s presence.


Mountain Emoji

mountain emoji

If you want to post about the hiking trip as a whole, and not just the sunrise, the ⛰️ Mountain emoji is the best symbol for that. The emoji shows a picture of a mountain, with trees and other forms of greenery at the bottom of the mountain. This emoji is mostly used in topics related to hiking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities.

How to use the ⛰️ Mountain emoji:

– I miss spending weekends in the ⛰️ and the fresh ⛰️ air
– When I retire, I want to have a cabin in the ⛰️ so I can go hiking every day!


Virtual Train Rides

When it comes to luxury train travel, going from one destination to another is not the goal. It is more about settling back in one’s seat and enjoying the ever-changing view from one’s window. Train rides give you an experience quite unlike anything else in the world!


Train Adventure

smiling young man sits near the train tracks at the station wearing virtual reality glasses. Futuristic- digital technology concept. Virtual space. Virtual reality headset and glasses

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And while we can’t physically hop aboard some of the world’s most posh trains right now, settling for a virtual trip from your couch is really the next best thing. Virtual train journeys offer a glimpse into once-in-a-lifetime adventures that may be hard to reach normally. Whether your definition of adventure involves exploring Scotland’s castles on a slow-moving train or getting a taste of South Africa’s diverse landscapes on the Rovos Rail journey from Pretoria to Cape Town.


Share Your Virtual Train Experience Online

 Portrait of young blonde hair girl looking out of window, teen riding moving train, teen looking out the window

Photo from Adobe Stock

If you’d still like to be in on all the rail action, there are tons of virtual train trips to choose from. Trust us when we say you’ll never run out of options! And if you love to travel by train, why not make the most out of your virtual adventure by going to a place you’ve never been to? You can blog about it or share your experience on social media to encourage other train travel enthusiasts to do the same!


Train Emoji

Train emoji, Apple version of the Train emoji

As you go about sharing your train adventure, be sure to add the 🚆 Train emoji to get more followers, and to move those followers to action. Emojis and emoticons are known to have potent effects on human emotions — including them in your social media posts or texts, or emails is a great way to drive engagement.

As a matter of fact, the 🚆 Train emoji is currently the 769 ranked emoji on social media platforms — proof of how popular the symbol really is!

The 🚆 Train emoji shows a train on train tracks shown from the front view, as if coming towards you, The design and type of train in the 🚆 Train emoji vary across platforms — the 🚆 Train emoji on Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung, Windows, and Twitter look quite different from one another.

So, if you want to include a 🚆 Train emoji in your online content, you’d better check out all of the designs to decide which one will be best for you!

How to use the 🚆 Train emoji:

– I love traveling by 🚆🚆 rides can reveal so much about the country you are traveling through.
– Traveling by 🚆 is better than traveling by ✈️ because you get to see so much countryside and wildlife through your window. Traveling on an ✈️ will bring you through the country quicker. However, you don’t get to see as much scenery.


Globe Emoji

Another popular travel emoji is a globe. Globes are very similar to maps, but unlike maps, they do not distort the surface that they portray unless they want to scale it down. If you’d like to add a globe to your virtual travel posts, emails, and texts, there are three globes to choose from to represent each continent. Why don’t we go over them one by one:

Globe Showing Europe-Africa Emoji

Globe Showing Europe-Africa

The 🌍 Globe Showing Europe-Africa emoji is a picture of Earth showing the continents of Europe and Africa. The continents are colored bright green.

How to use the 🌍 Globe Showing Europe-Africa emoji:

– I was supposed to take a tour of Europe and Africa last year, but I couldn’t because of the pandemic, so I bought an actual 🌍 and put it on my office desk to remind me to hold on to my dream!
– I’ve always wanted to see our planet from space 🌍 Someday, I hope my dream will come true!


Globe Showing Americas Emoji

Globe Showing Americas

The 🌎 Globe Showing Americas emoji is a colored illustration of the planet Earth, with the continents of South And North America depicted in green.

How to use the 🌎 Globe Showing Americas emoji:

– When I am with you, I feel like I am the ​👑​➡️​🌎​
– When I retire, I want to see the 🌎 first, I can’t wait to experience the beaches in the Bahamas!


Globe Showing Asia-Australia Emoji

Globe Showing Asia-Australia

The 🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia is a colored illustration of a globe of the Earth with the continents of Asia and Australia in front. The continents are in green, while the rest of the globe is colored blue.

How to use the 🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia emoji:

– One of my dreams is to pet a Koala. I can’t wait to go to the ​🌏​⬇️️​🐨​ this year!
– The only places I haven’t visited are located in 🌏, when I go there, my bucket list will be complete!


Baggage Claim Emoji

Baggage Claim

A sign most travelers miss, one that is definitely not part of any current virtual travel, is the 🛄 Baggage Claim sign. The 🛄 Baggage Claim emoji represents a specific sign seen in airports that indicates the area where travelers can collect their luggage. It shows a symbol of a suitcase on a conveyor belt. The suitcase is white and is inside a square filled with blue.

How to use the 🛄 Baggage Claim emoji:

– I used to travel so much, I memorized where the 🛄 is located in almost all the airports in America.
– They’ve lost my suitcase somehow 🛄 and I don’t know where to find it!


Left Luggage Emoji

Left Luggage

Where the 🛄 Baggage Claim sign is, you bet the 🛅 Left Luggage sign isn’t far behind. This 🛅 Left Luggage emoji shows a symbol of a key above a suitcase. You’ll usually see this in lockers in Japanese train stations, lockers where people can store their baggage.

How to use the 🛅 Left Luggage emoji:

– I left my suitcase in my assigned locker at the train station 🛅 I hope it will be safe there because my laptop is inside my suitcase.
– I love traveling in Japan, the lockers they have in their train stations are very clean and very convenient 🛅


Passport Control Emoji

Passport Control emoji, Apple version of the Passport Control emoji

Our last emoji, the final symbol to round up the travel emoji list, is the 🛂 Passport Control emoji. A simple but universal symbol, the 🛂 Passport Control emoji is a blue and white illustration of an officer looking at a passport. You’ll see this symbol in topics related to immigration control and passport checks at international borders.

How to use the 🛂 Passport Control emoji:

– All the red tape, immigration control, and passport checks you need to go through to get to another country is an aspect of traveling I really don’t miss 🛂
I am glad that the Mobile Passport Control partnership program helps streamline a traveler’s entry to the United States. But because of the Coronavirus, the program isn’t as effective. Passengers still experience a lot of immigration control and passport checks 🛂 at the airport.



Travel Vacation Holiday Destination Journey Digital Concept

Photo from Adobe Stock

As our freedom of movement continues to be restricted as a result of COVID-19, virtual travel seems set to continue. Virtual trips aren’t for everyone though, going on a digital adventure may seem corny or even depressing to some. Truth be told, digital tours and travel emoji lists will never compare to the real thing, the actual physical experience of traveling, but it definitely has its own charms, and for people who can’t afford to travel, it’s as close as they can get to their dream destination.


Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Happy friends taking a selfie on a mountain, Caucasian friends hiking,

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Such imaginative travel also allows us to catch a glimpse of a more positive future. Through it, we connect to various places, and we learn about places we plan to explore when things are better and safer.

technology, augmented reality, cyberspace, entertainment and people concept - happy young woman wearing virtual headset or 3d glasses with exotic tropical beach projection at home

Photo from Adobe Stock

More than anything else, digital travel is a way for us to practice hope, especially during these difficult times. If you agree with us, if you believe that digital travel and a travel emoji list like the one we presented to you give you hope, then by all means, keep on doing what you love! After the horrible events of 2020, we all deserve to have a little fun once in a while.