๐Ÿ™„ Eye Roll Emoji: Master The Art Of Online Sassiness

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Jan 22, 2023

At some point in our lives, we’ve all reacted to someone or something with a dramatic eye roll. Humans roll their eyes for a variety of reasons – anger, frustration, exhaustion, the list goes on and on. Eye rolling has become so undeniably popular among people old and young it even has its own online symbol, the, you guessed it – 🙄 Eye Roll emoji.

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Did someone crack a lame joke on Facebook or Twitter? Probably did, but you don’t want to waste words on it, so you just use the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji. The emoji can also be used to respond to someone who has written something ridiculous. However, when used in a group conversation, it could come across as disrespectful, and it should never be used for professional discussion.

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Some people do it so much, they tend to forget it’s a lot more dangerous than it may seem. When deciding when to utilize and when to avoid the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji always use caution. Like most things in the world, this emoji should be used in the proper way.

If you really love communicating with the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ve put together a quick and simple guide on its functions to point you in the right direction.

Listed below are key terms, tips, and tricks you’ll want to be familiar with as you begin posting and sending the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji.


Eye Roll Emoji

Eye Roll emoji, eye roll, Apple version of the Eye Roll emoji

Also called the 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes emoji, it is a yellow face with a small, closed mouth that is either flat or frowning, and large, white eyes that roll upwards. Like an eye roll, it usually expresses moderate disgust, disapproval, frustration, or boredom. The tone varies, from fun to sassy to resentful to caustic. If it could talk, it would say, “Yeah, whatever.”


What Does The Eye Roll Emoji Mean?

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Many emojis have meanings that aren’t immediately clear. The 🙄 Eye Roll emoji falls under this category. Is the emoji looking up? Or is it also annoying? Both are somewhat true. So, what DOES it mean?

You just have to look at the name to figure it out – the name says it all – this emoji face is doing an eye roll, as the name implies. In real life, an eye roll is a passive-aggressive gesture. It’s used to refute or dismiss a claim, a circumstance, or a person.

Consider the following scenario: you are watching the news, and they’re discussing a new legislation or policy that you find useless, so you roll your eyes. Or you might be talking to someone, and you are getting so annoyed at what they are saying, you do an eye roll.

In messages and texts, the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji can be used in the same way. You can use the emoji to express your displeasure at a piece of news, Or you can use it to disagree with what someone is saying.


Should You Be Happy If You Get An Eye Roll Emoji?

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That depends on the conversation’s context. You shouldn’t be surprised to see this emoji if you’ve told a pal about some bad news or a person they don’t like. When you’re talking about a destination or an activity, however, things get a little more complicated.

Is the person you are talking to denying your request? Are they annoyed at what you said or are they calling your idea boring? The ambiguous nature of this emoji could even mean they’re just trying to be funny or sarcastic. If you are unsure about their intentions, it’s best to clarify before putting on those boxing gloves.


How To Use The Eye Roll Emoji

Here are a few ways you can use the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji to spice up your social media posts, emails, and texts:

– Can’t believe that TV series hasn’t been canceled yet even if it has low ratings and a bad plot 🙄
– Our history teacher always begins the class by talking about her kids instead of going right into the lesson 🙄
– This is my face when that politician makes promises he won’t keep 🙄

– I saw you kiss that girl, you can talk about it all you want  👉🙄👈 [What it means: I’m not listening]
– Why did you tell Joe about Sarah’s feelings for Kyle? When it comes to Joe ​🙄​😏​🤐​ [What it means: he can’t keep a secret]
– Who broke into my room and got my books without asking for permission? ​😡​🙄​ [What it means: who did it]


Eye Roll Emoji On Different Platforms

eyeroll emoji on different platforms

The issue with the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji is that its appearance varies per platform. As a result, many users may sometimes be perplexed as to what the face actually represents. When seen from an iOS device, the symbol has a straight mouth and appears to be looking upwards. On Android, the eyes are to the side, and the mouth is in a disgruntled position.

Moreover, Google, Samsung, and Facebook’s version are mixed in with shades of orange, while Windows’ emoji appears with a built-in black outline. One major difference among all the versions is the direction of the emoji’s eyes. Apple and Samsung’s design shows the eyes looking up, while the eyes on the Windows platform are pointing to the right. The rest of the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji – those on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and JoyPixels – are glancing slightly to the left.

Because of the complexity of this motion, it’s easy to see why different platforms have trouble representing an eye roll. However, we believe that Facebook does the best job at capturing an eye-rolling gesture. The displeasure is evident in the straight angled lip and slightly closed eyelids. The right-angled eyes also indicate that they are looking away from something unpleasant.


Other Names For The Eye Roll Emoji

Some platforms use a different name for the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji. Other names include Face With Rolling Eyes, Rolling eyes, etc.


Make The Eye Roll Emoji Appear On Your Device

Eye Roll emoji, eye roll, Rolling Eyes emoji, Face With Rolling Eyes emoji

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It’s very easy to get the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji to appear on your gadgets without the need for an emoji keyboard. All you have to do is go to Emojiguide, search for the emoji, select, copy, and paste the symbol.

The 🙄 Eye Roll emoji can be easily obtained on both a computer and a mobile device without the need for an emoji keyboard. All you have to do is pick, copy, and paste the symbol into your email, Facebook post, Messenger message, or where you may need to use it. You may also directly share the symbol to your Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts from the Emojiguide page.


Eye Roll Emoji History

No better way to understand something than to learn the history behind it, right?

Out of all the emojis in the world, the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji appeared fairly late. It was introduced in 2016 as part of Unicode 8.0. The now popular symbol was part of the 37 new emojis and 5 emoji modifiers launched at that time. Some of the more well-known symbols included in the list were the 🤗 Hugging Face emoji and 🌮 Taco emoji.


When Did We Begin To Roll Our Eyes?

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Believe it or not, the current definition of eye-rolling hasn’t always been the same. It used to have a number of diverse connotations that weren’t related to anger or contempt. William Shakespeare employed eye-rolling to convey love and aggressive passion in a poem written in 1594.

When an immoral, evil character sees the object of his desire, his “greedy eyes begin to roll.” Also, in his 18th-century novel “Household Words: Eleanor Clare’s Journal for 10 Years,” Charles Dickens depicted a woman on her deathbed as “rolling her eyes anxiously.”

Eye rolling did not become a sign of dismissal until the 1980s. Eye rolling is frequently described in “The Hardy Boys” novels during tiffs between Chet Morton and his sister, Iola. Since the Hardy Boys novels were a part of popular culture, the act of rolling one’s eyes as a gesture of annoyance became commonplace.


Roll Your Eyes All Over The World

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You can roll your eyes in any country and the people there will know what you mean. Eye rolling, unlike much nonverbal communication, has a universal meaning across cultures. However, in West Africa, where the Guérewol celebration is held, eye-rolling is utilized to find a romantic partner.

The celebration honors love and provides an opportunity for certain West African tribes, such as the Wodaabe, to find a companion. To help with that, the festival’s major attraction is a beauty pageant in which Wodaabe men compete for the attention of possible wives.

White teeth and eyes are considered a symbol of good health and beauty among the tribe. Because this is so, as they compete in the pageant, men will roll their eyes back. This allows them to show off and enhance the whites of their eyes in the hopes of finding a new spouse.



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There’s no doubt that emojis are here to stay. In fact, over 60 percent of people over 35 consider themselves frequent emoji users! However, despite the abundance of emojis in our texts and captions, there may be disagreement in their semantics. That’s where articles like this will definitely come in handy. After going over the best and most proper way to use it, feel free to post and send the 🙄 Eye Roll emoji anywhere and anytime you want.

Before we let you go, here’s an interesting piece of trivia we found: do you know that some alternative medicine practitioners feel that eye-rolling offers health benefits, such as increasing cognitive function?

While that statement may make you roll your eyes, (see what we did there?), there may be some truth in it. Eye rolling has long been employed as a meditation practice because it induces a state of altered consciousness and increases theta brain waves, which are necessary for deep meditation.

When you’re attempting to recall something, it’s natural to roll your gaze upwards toward the sky. Have you ever wondered why you do it? There’s a physical cause for this. Rolling your eyes upward is an instinctual response your body makes while trying to retrieve lost or buried information.

By doing so, your brain produces more alpha waves. Alpha brain waves allow for vivid, lucid imagery and can assist in creativity and insight. In other words, you become more insightful and creative when you roll your eyes!

It only goes to show eye-rolling isn’t such a bad thing, after all. So, go ahead and roll those eyes, as long as you do it with people who understand and appreciate your sass.