🚩 Fire Up Your Content 🌢 With The Biggest Collection Of πŸ”΄ Red Emojis πŸ”΄

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Modified: Nov 27, 2022

Red always attracts attention. Want to stand out from a crowd? Wear something red or dye your hair red! Most of us are familiar with the meanings of red color because it is frequently used to compel us to take action, such as stopping at a traffic light or looking at a sale sticker. Online, when people want to draw attention to a word, paragraph, or picture, they’ll use red fonts or red emojis. This color can do more than just make your eyes linger, though.

Sexy Caucasian women in red dresses getting out of a car

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As one of the most striking, statement-making shades in the spectrum, red can set all sorts of moods in a snap—from bright and happy to angry and warm. Additionally, red radiates a strong and powerful energy that motivates people to take action. Imagine harnessing that and covering it in emojis—what used to be plain and simple pictograms turn into powerful instruments of thought and, potentially, persuasion. Neat, ain’t it?


Red Emojis

red sad emojis and yellow smiling emoji

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Really, red emojis are the best. In the emoji world, there are red symbols for (almost) every occasion you could possibly think of, from animals to food to sports to facial expressions! No matter what you’re into, you’ll find a red emoji to suit your interest and also excite and woo people with.

Platform Compatibility

Need some inspiration for your next text or social media post? Here are some of the most popular red emojis we’ve found, along with a brief definition of what they typically mean and/or are typically used to represent. You can use the red emojis on this list on any Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Have fun diving into the exciting world of red emojis!

Disclaimer: We went through different platforms in order to deliver the biggest collection of red emojis possible. Because of this, the following emojis may appear in different colors, based on the apps or devices being used. 


Red Smiley & Emotion Emojis

Use these red emojis to easily express intense emotions, or to enliven a piece of text! This category contains smileys and other fierce, red faces.

Hot Face

Hot emoji, Hot Face emoji, red emojis

Someone’s getting hot and bothered with the 🥵 Hot Face emoji! This emoji is clearly feeling the heat, you can see it from the sweat drop near his face, as well as from his tongue sticking out. The Hot Face emoji describes the intense heat in an area. Others use it to show they’re thirsty.

Pouting Face

pouting face emoji

The 😡 Pouting Face emoji features a face colored in red. The face has a pair of glaring eyes, and its mouth is in a downward scrunch. Overall, it’s used to signify fury, insanity, or an uncontrollable, spontaneous outburst of violence. Post this emoji if someone said something that made your ears red and your blood begin to boil.

Face With Symbols On Mouth

Face With Symbols On Mouth Emoji

When you want to curse but you can’t, send the 🤬 Face With Symbols On Mouth emoji! Indeed, this features one very angry emoji! The emoji is comprised of an angry red face with a black bar and white symbols on top of its mouth. It is used to indicate being banned because of profanity or vulgarity

Clown Face

Clown emoji, Apple version of the Clown emoji

Show you’re silly and goofy with the 🤡 Clown Face emoji! This emoji shows the face of a clown you’ll see in circuses, complete with red lips, a red nose, blue eyes, and tufts of red hair on either side of the head. The clown face usually refers to an act of clownery or foolishness.

This emoji is usually used to describe acts of playfulness or childishness, some of them can be cracking jokes or playing pranks. Although less common, other netizens use this emoji to symbolize real clowns like those seen at birthday parties, circuses, or festivals.


ogre emoji, Apple version of the Ogre emoji, red emojis

Do you know someone who looks or behaves monstrously? Why not use the 👹 Ogre emoji to tease them a little? This emoji shows the face of an oni, a Japanese ogre. An oni is a creature that originated from Japanese folklore. The ogre emoji has a shaggy mane of hair, two horns, a huge nose, sharp fangs, and a red face with wide eyes. If you want to describe someone as monstrous, either literally or metaphorically, feel free to use this emoji. You better be ready to face


Goblin emoji, Apple's Goblin emoji, red emojis

Get all creeped out with the 👺 Goblin emoji! This emoji displays a picture of a scary Japanese Goblin called Tengu, a half-man, half-bird supernatural creature from ancient Japanese folklore. Because Tengu is a half-human, half-avian figure, use the emoji to express how you’re feeling half yourself and half something else, or if you have conflicting thoughts about something going in your life.

Kiss Mark

Kiss Mark emoji

Seal how your love for people with a kiss! Share the 💋 Kiss Mark emoji as much as you can! This emoji depicts a kiss made from a pair of lips wearing pink or red lipstick. Online kisses this emoji gives are affectionate or kind. Sometimes users give the emoji a flirty or romantic tone in specific situations. You’ll often see this emoji in social media posts or online discussions focusing on beauty and make-up.

Love Letter

Love Letter emoji

Traditional, handwritten love letters get a digital boost, thanks to the 💌 Love Letter emoji. This emoji is an online version of your typical romantic love letter or greeting card. Netizens share it to show love and affection.

The emoji looks similar to how a letter would look in real life. It shows a picture of the back of a white envelope, with a red heart sealing the envelope. Send this emoji to your loved ones while wishing them a happy birthday, anniversary, or any other festive occasion.

Red Heart

red heart emoji

It would be a little weird to make a list of red emojis and not mention the classic ❤️ Red Heart emoji. It is, after all, the most traditional and universally recognized symbol of love and romance! Quickly the emoji burst into the scene in 1993, the emoji grew in popularity and began to appear in all sorts of variations.

Heart With Arrow

Heart With Arrow emoji, Facebook version of the Heart With Arrow emoji

Show Cupid shot you by sharing the 💘 Heart With Arrow emoji. Most people share this to express their romantic feelings for someone. For a more dramatic flair, other netizens like to pair it with the 🏹 Bow and Arrow emoji. Overall, the emoji is used to represent love, passion, and affection for people and things. Like other heart emojis, The heart with arrow emoji is commonly used to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Heart With Ribbon

Heart With Ribbon emoji, Facebook version of Heart With Ribbon emoji

A red heart with a yellow ribbon wrapped around the middle is represented by the 💝 Heart With Ribbon emoji. This emoji is frequently used to tell someone they will receive a present or to tell someone about a gift they received. Give this emoji to someone you have a platonic or romantic relationship with, there is no problem with that as long as they give it with love. During Valentine’s Day, though, this emoji is popular among couples.

Sparkling Heart

Sparkling Heart, Sparkling Heart emoji, Heart emoji, Sparkle emoji

Tell someone how much you like or admire him or her by sharing the 💖 Sparkling Heart emoji! This emoji features a red heart. Yellow stars are placed on top of the heart to give off a shimmery or sparkling effect.

When social media users wish to express their affection for something or someone, they’ll sometimes use words to express their feelings and end the sentence with this glittery heart. Others like to utilize the emoji in a different way, banking on its aesthetic appeal.

Beating Heart

beating heart emoji

The 💓 Beating Heart emoji is a cartoon-style depiction of a red heart. Lines are placed on all corners of the emoji to give the illusion it is vibrating. This emoji gives off an exciting form of love. An emoji of this type often appears in talks between couples, but it can still be used when conversing with family and friends because it can also allude to platonic love and affection.

Revolving Hearts

Revolving Hearts emoji

Return the love you feel from the special people in your life with the 💞 Revolving Hearts emoji! This emoji shows two hearts spinning in a circle. Generally, it’s used to show reciprocal love for another person or group. Some share it to express an animated or heightened sense of love, affection, or joy. You’ll often see the emoji in engagement and marriage announcements on social media.

Growing Heart

Growing Heart emoji

Send the 💗 Growing Heart emoji to show your love for someone grows deeper by the day! The emoji is an image of red hearts laid on top of one another, growing outward. It is commonly used to express growing affection for someone, somewhere, or something.

Two Hearts


This emoji shows two hearts, one larger than the other. These hearts are perfect for those flirty situations when you meet someone new and special and they make your heart feel fluttery. Combine it with the 🦋 Butterfly emoji to fully express your giddy, happy feelings.

Heart Decoration

Heart Decoration emoji

Beautify your social media posts and online chats with the 💟 Heart Decoration emoji. This emoji shows a heart shape on a red or purple square background. As the name suggests, the heart decoration emoji refers to decorating with hearts in any shape or form. Use it to describe paper hearts strung together with photos, a box with hearts, a heart-printed brick, and things of that sort.

Heart Exclamation

heart exclamation mark

Emphasize what you are saying with the ❣️ Heart Exclamation emoji! This emoji shows a red exclamation mark. However, instead of a vertical red line, a red heart forms the top part of the symbol, and under that symbol is a red dot.

The Heart Exclamation emoji expresses agreement on something that one particularly enjoys or loves. It’s as if you’re saying, “I completely agree!” or “I wholeheartedly support this!” This emoji can convey important information lovingly.

Broken Heart

broken heart emoji

Feeling lovesick? In a loveless relationship? Now’s the time to share the 💔 Broken Heart emoji. This emoji represents heartbreak, grief, and sadness. If someone said or did something that caused your heart to burst into pieces, share this emoji to let them know how you’re feeling.

Heart On Fire

heart on fire emoji

Share the ❤️‍🔥 Heart On Fire emoji to reveal the strong passion and desire you’ve got in your heart! This emoji depicts a red heart engulfed in reddish-orange flames, with the flames covering the bottom of the heart, and rising behind it. It’s often used to convey an unquenchable desire for something or someone. In general, the emoji signifies intense romance, love, lust, desire, and passion.

Use it as you text your friends about a fiery and wild date night you just had with someone. On a more wholesome note, you may also include the heart on fire emoji in posts about one’s dreams and passions in life, they may be career goals or overall bucket lists.

Mending Heart

Mending Heart emoji, Mending Heart emoji Apple version

Post the ❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart emoji to show your broken heart is healing and that you will soon be okay. This emoji shows a heart with two bandages wrapped around the top. In most cases, it’s used to display healing, caring, nurturing, and an overall sense of improvement. If you recently ended a relationship, whether it ended badly or not, you may use the mending heart emoji in your posts relating to your journey toward healing.


Red People & Body Emojis

Choose the best red emoji to flex what you’re most proud of at the moment, whether it’s your fiery red hair, hot outfit, banging bod, or blazing career. Express yourself and creatively level up your feed at the same time.

Red Hair Man

Man Red hair emoji, Man Red Hair emoji Samsung version, red emojis

The 👨‍🦰 Red Hair Man emoji shows a face of a man with wavy red hair and black eyes. Netizens use it to refer to men with ginger hair or want to have ginger hair.

You’ll often see people use this emoji as a reaction to red hair-related posts, pictures, or videos online. For a more positive vibe, redheads that are proud of the color of their hair, combine it with the 😍 Smiling Face With Heart Eyes emoji or even the 🥰 Smiling Face with Hearts emoji.

Red Hair Woman

Woman: Red Hair emoji, Samsung version of Woman: Red Hair emoji

The 👩‍🦰 Red Hair Woman emoji features a cartoon image of a woman with wavy red hair, black eyes, and a small smile. Although it’s mostly used to describe natural redheads, the red hair woman emoji may be used to refer to dyed hair, too. Flaunting your own red hair, or a nice red hairstyle online? This would be the perfect emoji to include in your caption.

Woman Dancing

Woman dancing emoji, body emoji,

Show you’re in the mood to dance with the 💃 Woman Dancing emoji! This emoji features a girl dancing in a red dress with ruffles at the bottom. She is wearing red heels. Netizens share it to show they’re in a dance class or about to dance in a club.

Some use this emoji because of the color of the dress. Red is an eye-catching and sexy color. When users send this emoji they do it to imply they’re imbibing the power of red, they’re feeling confident, passionate, and brave.

Man With Skullcap

Person with Skullcap emoji

Give your feed a dash of Chinese fashion flair brought by the 👲 Man With Skullcap emoji. This emoji displays a male individual donning a traditional Chinese skullcap called gua pi mao. Also known as a six-tile cap, it was quite popular way back during the Qing dynasty. Because this traditional Chinese accessory is so iconic, some call the emoji the Asian or Chinese man emoji or Man with Chinese Cap emoji.


Firefighter emoji

The 👨‍🚒 Firefighter emoji reflects the hero in all of us, when it comes to extinguishing nasty fires. Netizens often use it in its direct meaning, to put out fires or to talk about professional firefighters that kill fires. Oftentimes though, this emoji is used when talking about putting out a fire generated by gossip, and other forms of drama.

If you’re going to talk about putting out a fire, good emojis to pair it with are the 🔥 Fire emoji and the 💧 Droplet emoji. If you want to talk about people spreading hot rumors, post the 👄 Mouth emoji followed by the firefighter emoji.

There are gender variants available for this emoji: 👨‍🚒 Male Firefighter emoji and 👩‍🚒 Woman Firefighter emoji.


Guard emoji

The 💂 Guard emoji is an online depiction of a British guardsman, sometimes referred to as a foot guard, or English palace guard. The British guard emoji is wearing a towering black hat known as a bearskin, along with a buttoned jacket. This is part of every English palace guard’s ceremonial outfit.

Since foot guards are seen as strict and unmoving, emotionless, and speechless, its emoji version may appear in those contexts as well, to describe someone seemingly without speech or emotion. This emoji is available in a variety of gender and skin tone combinations.


Superhero emoji

Coming in from the skies to save the day! To express how much of a champion you are, send the 🦸 Superhero emoji! The Superhero emoji depicts the face of an unidentified superhero, which means it can be used to describe all superheroes! Expect it to make an appearance in conversations, posts, and videos about superheroes, superpowers, supernatural abilities, sometimes even the looks of superheroes.

If you would like to talk about a superhero with a specific gender, the Superhero emoji has two gender variants, the 🦸‍♂️ Male Superhero emoji, and the 🦸‍♀️ Female Superhero emoji. It also comes in several skin tone variants, too.

Mx Claus

Mx Claus emoji

One of the most recent Christmas emojis to join the digital world is the Mx Claus emoji. This emoji is a gender-neutral take on Santa Claus. It features a smiling, genderless person with gray hair while wearing a Santa hat. Mx Claus is an offshoot, gender-inclusive version of the traditional male 🎅 Santa Claus emoji and 🤶 Mrs Claus emoji. All the Santa emojis appear in five skin tone variants, as well.


Vampire emoji

Dive into the fascinating world of vampires! The 🧛‍♂️ Vampire emoji is a cartoon, colored depiction of a vampire, a creature with fangs that preys upon humans by consuming their blood. This emoji is similar to the 👻 Ghost emoji in two ways: it resembles its pop-culture equivalent and appears frequently in horror-themed TV series and films. The vampire emoji normally appears in discussions about Halloween, horror, and scary movies. You will likely see this emoji beside or alongside posts related to blood. Hence it’s sometimes paired with the 🩸Drop of Blood emoji or the 💉 Syringe emoji.

Since vampires are awake only at night, most users pair the emoji with the 🌃 Night With Stars emoji. While the basic vampire emoji is gender-inclusive, it has both male and female options, too. So, if you want to talk about only male vampires or female vampires, you can do that. To add, the vampire emoji comes in five different skin tones to suit the sender and receiver of the message.


Selfie emoji

The 🤳 Selfie emoji displays an outstretched arm with a smartphone in hand. It’s positioned so that the phone’s camera is facing the holder, ready to take a selfie or self-portrait. You’ll see this emoji in selfie posts, selfie jokes, or while sharing a selfie. It comes in five skin tone variations if you want to make your selfie emoji postings match your complexion.


Mouth emoji, Facebook version of the Mouth emoji

Speak up, let it all out with the 👄 Mouth emoji! This emoji displays a mouth that is slightly open, with red lips and faintly visible white teeth. The mouth emoji usually refers to the act of speaking, but it can also have a romantic and sexual connotation. For instance, you may send the emoji to someone to tell them you want to kiss them!


tongue emoji

Use the 👅 Tongue emoji to be a little cheeky! This emoji depicts an open smiling mouth with a red tongue protruding from it. It is associated with teasing, deceit, laughter, and general silliness. Most of the time, people use the tongue emoji to respond to a funny joke or to replicate something someone said or did.

Biting Lip

Biting Lip emoji

Get a little flirty with the 🫦 Biting Lip emoji! This sexy emoji shows a mouth with the upper teeth biting down on the lower lip on one side. It is typically used in romantic contexts, to flirt, or to show an interest in someone. From time to time, the biting lip emoji is used to indicate fear, anguish, worry, or insecurity, too, as well as anticipation or joy.

Drop Of Blood

Drop Of Blood emoji, Apple version of the Drop Of Blood emoji

The 🩸 Drop Of Blood emoji shows one drop of blood. Netizens often use it literally to refer to blood itself or to indicate bleeding from a wound or injury. It can also refer to the act of providing or donating blood in events like blood donation drives or during emergency situations.


Brain emoji

The 🧠 Brain emoji is a cartoon-style depiction of a red and pink-colored human brain. Most of the time, the emoji is used to indicate a smart person, whether book smart, street smart, or both. If you just had a brilliant thought, send the brain emoji along with the 💡 Light Bulb emoji to describe your “eureka” moment! Commonly used for content concerning the brain, functions, or sickness of the brain, as well.

Anatomical Heart

Anatomical Heart emoji

Get deep into the matters of the heart with the 🫀 Anatomical Heart emoji. This emoji is a realistic depiction of the human heart, replete with veins, arteries, and other vital organs. It appears in issues related to cardiology, such as heart illness or heart experts. As for its metaphorical use, it can also convey bravery, rawness, and trueness to have one’s heart pumping in the midst of adversity.


Lungs emoji

One of the most realistic-looking emojis out there is the 🫁 Lungs emoji. This emoji depicts the lungs in quite a lifelike manner, from its color, to its various parts. The emoji shows the right lung, the left lung, and the pleura, a sponge-like tissue that separates the lungs from the chest wall.

It most often appears in pulmonology-related chats, conversations, and captions. If you’re talking about the health of your lungs to someone, share this emoji. If someone is talking to you about their lungs, feel free to send this emoji as a reaction.


Red Animals Emojis

Visually spell out all the stories and comments you’ve got, about all your favorite red animals! These red emojis of animals may also be used to enhance discussions about people that work with animals, like zookeepers, or vets, for instance.


bird emoji

Chirp, chirp! Show your love for your favorite feathered pet, include the 🐦 Bird emoji in all your social media posts and online discussions! This emoji shows a bird facing left, with big, black eyes, yellow feet, and red feathers. The bird emoji refers to any bird species, which means you can use it to describe all types of birds.

However, if you want your bird to appear red, you’ll need to use Twitter or Windows-based apps and sites. Other apps and sites like Google and Samsung, feature a blue bird.

Lady Beetle

Lady Beetle, Lady Beetle Google version

The 🐞 Lady Beetle emoji shows a ladybird, a bug with a red shell and black dots on its wings. It has a black face with white eyes, six legs, and a pair of small antennas, too. When people see a beetle they believe it will bring them good luck. Its online version may be used to describe other types of beetles, as well.


Crab emoji, Apple version of the Crab emoji

Let everyone know how much you love crabs! Incorporate the 🦀 Crab emoji into a message about crabs for supper or caring for your pet crab. This emoji depicts a crab, a red sea creature with two claws. It has an oval body with six legs on each side and two claws.

We frequently associate the crab with the sea, the beach, and seafood, among other things. The same thing happens online with the crab emoji. In the mood for seafood? Send this emoji alongside the lobster emoji and other seafood emojis to reveal your intention.



This emoji shows the top angle of a lobster, a marine crustacean with two large claws, ten legs, and a tail. You’ll see the 🦞 Lobster emoji often in lobster and seafood-related content, but it has recently taken on a new connotation in the transgender community. Transgender advocates frustrated by the lack of a blue, white, and pink trans flag emoji have claimed the new lobster emoji as their own symbol.


Octopus emoji

Dive into the fascinating world of octopuses! The 🐙 Octopus emoji is a colored description of the red-skinned Giant Pacific octopus. It has a maroon body, black, beady eyes, and eight distinctive arms. This emoji symbolizes octopuses and other sea creatures. Since octopuses have the ability to regrow their arms after being broken, the octopus emoji is also often used to refer to someone who is resilient.


Parrot emoji

Squawk and mimic other noises just like a parrot! The 🦜 Parrot emoji displays a picture of a parrot, a tropical bird with the ability to mimic human speech and other sounds. This emoji is useful for conversations that revolve around parrots, pets, or birds in general. Since parrots can get a little talkative, you can also use the parrot emoji to describe someone annoyingly chatty or talkative in general.


Worm emoji

Get squishy and squashy with the 🪱 Worm emoji! This emoji shows an image of a worm, a small squiggly bug with a cylindrical tube-like body, and zero limbs. The worm emoji is commonly used to represent various types of worms and other insects.

Because worms love to wriggle around in places, you can use this emoji the next time you want to worm your way around a topic. Another popular way to use it is to pair it with book emojis to refer to a nerdy friend as a bookworm.


Red Plants And Flowers Emojis

These beautiful nature-based emojis will come in handy for those who do gardening. Users who love to discuss flowers and plants will find these emojis quite interesting, too! Find out the meanings behind some of the most popular red ones below.


Rose emoji, Apple version of the Rose emoji

Add some romance to your online content with the exquisite 🌹 Rose emoji! No other flower states love and passion quite as effectively as the red rose. If you want to tell someone you see them in a romantic way send them the rose emoji, and they’ll realize it immediately! No other floral emoji will have the same instant effect. As indicated above, the rose emoji, like its real-life counterpart, is widely used to represent passion and love interests.

Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower emoji, Wilted Flower Apple version

See the beauty of pain and sadness with the 🥀 Wilted Flower emoji. This emoji depicts a limp rose with one petal falling off and a thorn-filled stem. It is typical for flowers to wilt from time to time due to the lack of water. The wilted flower emoji can serve as a reminder to take care of your plants by providing them with the necessities they require. Definitely one of the saddest red emojis on our list.

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf emoji

Celebrate Fall with the 🍁 Maple Leaf emoji! This emoji shows a picture of a Maple leaf, a leaf with five-pointed segments that is reddish-orange in color. Its unique shape makes it impossible to confuse it with any other leaf. You won’t find a leaf shaped like that anywhere!

Moreover, since the Canadian flag has a Maple leaf in it, the Maple leaf can be used to represent Canada and its culture, too. But most of the time it’s be used to signify trees, Autumn or Fall. One reason would be because Maple leaves change their color, from green to red, yellow, orange, and dark burgundy during Fall.

Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf emoji

Add a dash of nostalgia and color to your Fall-related conversations and captions by including the 🍂 Fallen Leaf emoji! This emoji is an image of two or three leaves colored either red, brown, or orange, placed as though falling down.

It is often used to show the Fall or Autumn season, as one of the most common visuals of Fall is the sight of red, orange, and yellow leaves falling from trees and coloring the ground. Netizens sometimes share it with the 🍃 Leaves Fluttering in Wind emoji, which has a similar meaning.


coral emoji

Make more people interested in global warming, share the 🪸 Coral emoji any chance you get! This emoji shows a picture of a red coral, with water drops on its sides, to show it is underwater. It’s used to refer to a single coral or a massive group of corals called a reef or atoll.

Most of the time, people share this emoji to bring attention to an issue called coral bleaching. Coral bleaching happens when corals become white because of stress caused by pollution, solar radiation, changing salinity, and bacteria.


Red Fruits And Veggies Emojis

Freshen up your fruit and veggie game instantly! Include these delectable-looking red emojis in your health food discussions, emails, and social media posts. Find out the meaning of every red fruit symbol below. Vegans, vegetarians and/or all-around healthy eaters make up a large portion of these emojis’ users.


Warermelon, slice of watermelon, watermelon emoji

Kicking off our red emojis list is the 🍉 Watermelon emoji, a slice of watermelon with a green rind, some black seeds, and red flesh. Many netizens use it in its literal sense, to talk about the watermelon in its many forms, as part of a salad, as a yummy summer drink, or as a refreshing dessert.


Strawberry emoji, Apple version of the Strawberry emoji

This emoji is a colored depiction of a strawberry, with seeds all around it and ripe green leaves on its crown. You’ll often see the 🍓 Strawberry emoji in posts about food and strawberry-related products. Depending on the context, it is also used to describe something or something that’s really sweet.

Red Apple

Red Apple emoji, Apple version of the Red Apple emoji

The 🍎 Red Apple emoji features a cartoon image of a red apple and its stem, with a single green leaf. This crisp fruit represents anything related to food (particularly practicing a healthy diet), school days and education, or the autumn season.


Apple version of the Cherries emoji, Cherries emoji

The 🍒 Cherries emoji shows two red cherries with a green leaf joined at their long stems. It’s used to show the fruit itself, or to show its summertime. When used in sexting, the emoji is a euphemism for women’s breasts, and men’s private parts.


tomato emoji

Take a bite of a yummy, juicy tomato, and talk about it online! The 🍅 Tomato emoji displays a red garden tomato with a lush green stem It is most often used to refer to all types and forms of tomatoes.

You’ll also see it in discussions related to garden crops, hamburger condiments, and summer foods. While eating a dish with a lot of tomatoes in it, you can definitely include the tomato emoji in the conversation or caption.

Hot Pepper

hot pepper emoji

Use the 🌶️ Hot Pepper emoji to spice up your captions and conversations! This emoji depicts a bright red Mexican chili pepper in a curled position and with a green stem. It works best when it’s used to represent something “spicy and hot” in both literal and metaphorical meaning. For instance, you may use it to describe a plate of chicken curry or a sexy lady in a short dress.

This is the perfect emoji to use while eating something spicy, like cheesy jalapeno sandwiches. In its indirect meaning, use it in the caption while sharing a sexy picture of yourself or someone else to convey sexual appeal.


Mushroom emoji, Apple version of the Mushroom emoji

Use the 🍄 Mushroom emoji to start a conversation about mushrooms! This emoji depicts a toadstool mushroom, which has a short, thick white stem with a red and white polka-dotted cap on top. It is frequently used to represent fungi, nutrition, cuisine, and psychedelic experiences (if we’re talking about THAT kind of mushroom).

Furthermore, gamers, particularly those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, have a special affinity for this emoji mushroom. They have a specific moniker for the emoji, which they affectionately refer to as Mario emoji, as a fun homage to the power-up mushroom mascot from the Super Mario Brothers game.

Cut Of Meat

Cut Of Meat emoji, Cut Of Meat emoji Apple version

Show how much of a meat lover you are with the 🥩 Cut Of Meat emoji! This emoji features a triangle-shaped chunk of meat. It’s red inside, with pink segments in several places, to represent fat. Users share it when they want to talk about beef cuts, whether a T-Bone or a ribeye. Sometimes it is used to let people know if there is meat in a particular dish. Other users like to pop it into captions, posts, or reposts about red meat.


Bacon emoji, Apple version of the Bacon emoji

Make your followers’ mouths water with the delicious-looking 🥓 Bacon emoji! This emoji features two slices of fried bacon, freshly cooked and crisped to perfection. It is often used to refer to pork meat but can be used for other meat too, like beef. Use the emoji while posting videos or pictures of bacon, whether it’s bacon on a plate or bacon that’s currently being cooked.

French Fries

French Fries emoji, Apple version of the French Fries emoji

Bite into a crunchy batch of French fries! The 🍟 French Fries emoji is made of a red box with dozens of long, fried potato sticks inside. The box also has a smiley on it. The French fries emoji is often used to refer to snacks and side dishes, especially those that are deep-fried. If you love to eat fries while having a movie marathon or a Netflix and chill session, feel free to insert the French fries emoji in your social media post about that.


Fondue emoji, Apple version of the Fondue emoji

Get a little cheesy with the 🫕 Fondue emoji! This emoji is an online depiction of how fondue is cooked. There’s a red saucepan with tons of melted cheese inside and a couple of skewers that might be holding pieces of bread on the other end. The skewers are metal with wooden handles.

Since fondue is a popular addition to any party, people often use it in the context of food and parties. Most of the time, though, it’s used to refer to other semi-solid dishes that are not exactly fondue, too, like hummus, and other sorts of creamy dips.


Popcorn emoji, Apple version of the Popcorn emoji

Fill your mouth with a heap of hot popcorn! The 🍿 Popcorn emoji features a rectangular box with red and white stripes. Inside of it is a bunch of popcorn, a kind of corn kernel that expands and puffs when heated. It’s often related to watching movies.

With that in mind, the popcorn emoji is a great emoji to use to talk about something entertaining, like a new TV series, movie, or a bit of personal drama between family and friends.

Canned Food

Canned Food emoji, Apple version of the Canned Food emoji

Talk about your favorite canned goodies with the 🥫 Canned Food emoji! This emoji shows a red and white tin can commonly used as a container for canned food. On the can is a picture of a tomato. It is often used to depict various groceries and vegetables, as well. While posting or reposting pictures or videos of canned food, include the canned food emoji in the caption.


Candy emoji, Samsung version of the Candy emoji

Use the 🍬 Candy emoji to tell everyone about your sweet tooth. This emoji shows a piece of round candy wrapped in transparent paper, with twists on its ends. You can use this emoji to describe all types of candy, from mint to toffee.

If someone sends you this emoji, it could mean you have a sweet tooth, or someone thinks you’re sweet! Feel free to use it while posting pictures or videos about candies, it could be some candy you bought at the store, or a fun candy-making video that you came across on your feed.

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar emoji, Chocolate Bar Apple version

Display your love for chocolate, and how much you can’t live without it! Share the 🍫 Chocolate Bar emoji with all your friends and family! This emoji features a half-opened rectangular chocolate bar covered in red paper. It is typically used to represent dishes, desserts or beverages with chocolate in them. Since chocolate is famously known to be an antidepressant, the chocolate emoji may also evoke a sense of comfort and warmth.


Beans emoji, Apple version of the Beans emoji

Encourage people to eat more beans by sharing the 🫘 Beans emoji! This emoji most closely resembles the dark red kidney bean, a variety of beans grown in Michigan. Even though designers base its appearance on one variety, the beans emoji is often used to talk about all types of beans, and recipes with beans in them.

In view of the fact that beans are well-known for their ability to cause flatulence, the beans emoji may be used to discuss flatulence, and the effects of flatulence, too! Furthermore, expect to see this emoji in popular phrases with the words “beans” in them, like “cool beans” or “spill the beans.

Wine Glass

wine glass emoji

Toast to your successes with the 🍷 Wine Glass emoji! This emoji shows a glass with a long stem, and circular base. The glass contains red wine. The wine glass emoji is often used to represent wine, drinking wine, and activities related to wine. It is most commonly used as a symbol for celebratory toasts, dinner parties, and wedding ceremonies, too.

Cup With Straw

Cup With Straw emoji, Apple version of the Cup With Straw emoji

Show you’re bringing your favorite drinks wherever you are, by simply sharing the 🥤 Cup With Straw emoji! This emoji shows a white paper cup with cover. The emojis shows a cylindrical cup, with a wide, horizontal red band in the middle. A red straw is peeking out of the cup. The cup with straw emoji is mostly used to describe any types of drinks that are in a disposable cup, from fruit juice to coffee, or even milkshakes.


teapot emoji, microsoft version

Talk about your favorite type of tea with the 🫖 Teapot emoji! This emoji features a picture of a classic teapot, with a handle, spout, and lid. Did you know that even though a teapot is primarily used to serve tea, we can also use certain teapots as kettles? For this reason, the Teapot emoji may represent other, similar hot beverages.


Chopsticks emoji, Apple version of the Chopsticks emoji

Dig into your favorite Asian flavors with the 🥢 Chopsticks emoji! This emoji is an image of an eating utensil commonly used in East Asia countries called chopsticks. Chopsticks are mostly red, with black ends. The chopsticks emoji represents South Asian cuisine and South Asian countries that use chopsticks to savor their cuisine. Invited to eat a South Asian meal? The best emoji to use for that post or message would be this.


Red Hot Fashion Emojis

Caucasian boy and girl in red plaid casual wear

Photo from Adobe Stock

Unleash the digital fashionista in you! Include these striking red emojis in your OOTDs and other clothes, make-up and shoe related posts. There are quite a few fashion-related pictures to choose from, ranging from classic high-heeled shoes to sexy and sizzling bikinis.


Scarf emoji, Apple version of the Scarf emoji

Add some flair to your #OOTD posts and captions with the 🧣 Scarf emoji! This emoji shows a picture of a scarf, a popular fashion accessory worn around the neck or head. Its tied at the top to make a loop, and adorned with tassels at the bottom. The scarf emoji may be used to represent either winter or summer scarves.

It is sometimes used to depict other accessories, as well, such as stoles and muffles. Considered by many to be the ultimate Winter and Fall accessory, send the scarf emoji to your loved ones when it starts to get a little chilly to remind them to bundle up.


Bikini emoji, Google version of the Bikini emoji

Add a splash of color to your beach outfit posts with the 👙 Bikini emoji. This emoji depicts a lovely polka dot bikini consisting of a bra and a bikini panty. It is commonly used in conversations about beaches, holidays, and swimming in the sea. This is also typically used to signify a carefree and unbothered attitude, which most people have when they’re at the beach. Combine it with other beach emojis like the 🏝️ Desert Island emoji and the 🏖️ Beach with Umbrella emoji.

High-Heeled Shoe

High Heeled Shoe Apple version

The 👠 High-heeled Shoe emoji depicts a red high-heeled shoe, which is typically worn by women during more formal events. Women who like to wear heels are considered confident, hence the high-heeled shoe emoji is connected to style, attractiveness, and femininity.


Lipstick emoji, Apple version of the Lipstick emoji

Pucker up! Show the digital world you have on your favorite lipstick! The 💄 Lipstick emoji shows a deep pink lipstick or red lipstick without a cover. It frequently appears in conversations revolving around cosmetics and beauty. When netizens want to tell the world that they think they are beautiful, they will send or share the lipstick emoji.

Rescue Worker’s Helmet

Rescue Worker's Helmet emoji, Apple version of the Rescue Workers Helmet emoji

Accentuate posts about modern-day heroes by sharing the ⛑️ Rescue Worker’s Helmet. This emoji shows a red helmet, a distinguishing feature of most health and rescue personnel like firefighters. In addition to the act of saving, it is also used to signify public service and altruism. Add the rescue worker’s helmet emoji to your post, caption, or conversation if your content revolves around rescuing someone or something.


Run Away In Red Emojis

Share your travel adventures in a fun and engaging way, and include these red emojis in your next post, email, or online chat. Our nifty collection of blazing red travel and place-related emojis will definitely have your followers eagerly waiting for your next descriptive post!


Volcano emoji, Windows version of the Volcano emoji

Being near a volcano or seeing one for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience people should share, for sure! The 🌋 Volcano emoji depicts a mountain with a crater on top spewing boiling molten lava from the Earth’s core.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower emoji, Apple version of the Tokyo Tower

Share how it felt to check Tokyo Tower off your travel bucket list! Tokyo Tower is a highly sought out tourist attraction in Tokyo, Japan. Its online version, the 🗼 Tokyo Tower emoji, features the tower’s observation deck and red lattice design. People use the emoji to talk about Japanese culture, Tokyo, tall structures, etc.

Shinto Shrine

Shinto Shrine emoji, Apple version of the Shinto shrine

Explore Japan’s ancient treasures with the ⛩️ Shinto Shrine emoji. This emoji depicts a red and black-colored structure with a curved roof, a style commonly found in old Japan tourist destinations.

Shinto shrines have a profound and meaningful importance for the Japanese. The purpose for its construction is to contain the kami, a spirit worshiped by Shinto practitioners.

Hot Springs

Apple version of the Hot Springs emoji

Talk about all your hot springs adventures! This emoji features a cartoon image of hot springs or Japanese onsens. These are natural Spring public baths that are geothermically heated from to all the volcanic activity in Japan. The ♨️ Hot Springs emoji can be used to describe all types of springs, although sometimes it’s used to signify the temperature of something; a drink, a place, a shower, etc.


Locomotive emoji, Apple version of the Locomotive emoji,

Get into the history of transport and travel, share the 🚂 Locomotive emoji, one of the most popular ways to travel, from as far back as the 1500’s to the 1800’s. The Locomotive emoji features a steam train, a locomotive fueled by the combustion of wood or coal. It has a red carriage, two pairs of red wheels, and a black and yellow body.

Tram Car

Tram Car emoji, Apple version of the Tram Car emoji

Go on a sightseeing adventure on a tram car! A tram car is a type of rail-based public transportation. It travels on public highways and streets and may be found in various places throughout the world. The 🚋 Tram Car emoji is a digital representation of this, and it is commonly used to denote cabled train transit within cities.


Automobile emoji, Automobile emoji Apple version

Enhance all your joyride-related posts with the 🚗 Automobile emoji! This emoji shows the left profile of a red car. This emoji symbolizes private travel, road trips, car ownership and maintenance, etc. Interestingly, the car emoji appears as a red car on almost all the platforms, except Skype which shows an animated blue car traveling towards the right.

Oncoming Automobile

Oncoming Automobile emoji, Oncoming Automobile emoji Apple version

Make your car-related content stand out with the 🚘 Oncoming Car emoji. This emoji depicts a red automobile from the front view, as though approaching the user. In it are usual parts of a car, like rearview mirrors, a bumper, headlights, and wheels.

Similar to the automobile emoji, the oncoming automobile emoji appears in posts related to driving, drivers, and road trips. Simply put, the oncoming car emoji is exactly like the automobile emoji, the only difference is, it shows the hood of the car, instead of just the side.

Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck emoji, Samsung version of the Pickup Truck emoji

Give your off-road adventures a creative twist with the 🛻 Pickup Truck emoji. This emoji depicts a pick-up truck in one of the vehicle’s most popular colors, red! Its parts are similar to what we see in real-life trucks.

When used in its direct meaning, the pickup truck emoji often appears in messages and or posts about trucks, road adventures, or transportation of goods and commodities. If your post or online chat has any, or all of those three topics, the pickup truck emoji will be right at home there.

Racing Car

Racing Car emoji, Apple's Racing Car emoji

Talk about the thrill of the chase! Accentuate your posts about car racing with the 🏎️ Racing Car emoji. This emoji features a sleek, red racing car with a cockpit and two sets of wheels. The racing car is facing towards the left, and its overall design is like a Formula One vehicle.

Depending on the context, the emoji is often used to describe a racing car, or a place where cars race. It denotes speed and a competitive spirit. If you’re rushing somewhere, whether it’s a meeting, a game, a date, or anything else, you can use the racing car emoji to show you’re going as fast as you can!


motorcycle emoji

Proudly reveal your passion for motorcycles, and share the 🏍️ Motorcycle emoji at every opportunity! This emoji features a motorcycle’s side view. Expect to see this emoji in conversations and posts relating to motorbikes, races, road adventures, and vehicle maintenance. Motorcycle enthusiasts, riders, racers, and bike collectors, use this emoji the most.

Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair emoji, Facebook version of the Manual Wheelchair emoji

Promote disability awareness by sharing the 🦽 Manual Wheelchair emoji. This emoji often appears in topics about handicapped individuals, disabilities, and those in need of general assistance. As for its design, the manual wheelchair emoji is an image of a standard wheelchair with no one in it.

It has a large wheel on the left side, a cushioned seat, a footrest beneath it, and a smaller wheel beneath it. Next to the steering wheel is an armrest. Wheelchair users sometimes feature the emoji in their social media profile name when they want to be identified by their physique.


Helicopter emoji, Helicopter emoji Apple version

Relive the thrill of flight with the 🚁 Helicopter emoji! This emoji shows a picture of a helicopter with a large, spinning rotor, windshield, and propeller. The helicopter emoji commonly appears in topics pertaining to aviation, search and rescue operations, and helicopter tours. Use the emoji while reposting or posting helicopter videos, photos, and memes.

Since rescue missions use helicopters to bring them to emergency areas, when a friend or family member asks you to pick him or her up from somewhere, creatively say, “On my way” with the helicopter emoji.

Fire Engine

Fire Engine emoji, Apple version of the Fire Engine emoji

Use the 🚒 Fire Engine emoji to add emphasis to your firefighting posts! This emoji displays a picture of a red fire engine, used by firefighters to get to the source of a fire in order to extinguish it as early as possible. Use the emoji to indicate timely rescue from a fire or any other type of emergency. For a more creative spin, sometimes it is combined with appropriate profession-related emoji, like the firefighter emoji.

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump emoji, Apple version of the Fuel Pump emoji

Fuel up your automobile for the long drive with the ⛽ Fuel Pump emoji! This emoji depicts a fuel tank, which is used to fill up cars with gas. It is often used to indicate a weekend road trip with friends or friends. Most of the time, though, the emoji acts as a reminder to everyone to fill up their automobile before going on a lengthy drive.

Police Car Light

Police Car Light emoji, Apple version of the Police Car Light emoji

Share your crimefighting adventures with the 🚨 Police Car Light emoji! This emoji depicts a red spinning light found on top of police vehicles, it is occasionally accompanied by a loud siren. The siren and lights are activated to alert a community that a cop is on their way. By turning on the siren and light, cops are asking for the right of way.

Users share this emoji to alert others to an emergency situation. While posting or reposting something triggering (visually, auditorily, or otherwise), you can use the police car light emoji as a visual form of ‘trigger warning’ to alert users to forthcoming graphic content that might disturb them.

Stop Sign

Stop Sign emoji, Apple version of the Stop Sign emoji

Say that you want something to immediately end with the 🛑 Stop Sign emoji! This emoji is frequently used to issue a strong warning about an impending threat. The application of this emoji is primarily related to traffic restrictions when used in its direct meaning.

However, it can appear in other contexts, as well mostly because of its predominantly negative connotation. Users can it with other negative mood phrases like “no,” “nope,” “no entry,” or “no trespassing,” to emphasize a point. For example, if someone is constantly asking you for money or taunting you, you can say “No” with the stop sign emoji to express your rage.

Ring Buoy

Ring Buoy emoji, Google version of the Ring Buoy emoji

Talk about the times you saved lives with the 🛟 Ring Buoy emoji! Sometimes called the Life Preserver emoji or Lifebuoy emoji, it appears in conversations about water, boats, and safety. Regarding how it looks, on all platforms, the ring buoy emoji shows an inflated circular object with red and white stripes. Most use this emoji to thank someone for saving them from an unfortunate situation.

Oil Drum

Oil Drum emoji, Apple version of the Oil Drum emoji

Oil is a vital resource, especially in today’s world. And now, you can stress its significance even more in chat by using the 🛢️ Oil Drum emoji. This emoji represents a metal barrel that is used to store and transport oil. Use this emoji whenever you and your coworkers discuss oil or fuel, whether for travel or as an investment.


Go Red At Home

Release the domestic goddess in you!! Share your adventures around the house using red emojis from our Household collection. Our list features rare and everyday things found in different homes. You’ll surely relate to at least one.

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock emoji, Apple version of the Alarm Clock emoji

Share the ⏰ Alarm Clock emoji to remind people to always be on time! This emoji features a traditional red-framed, bedside analog type of alarm clock. The top and bottom of the clock have short silver supports. and between the stands is a stop button.

Overall, this emoji suggests a sense of punctuality and timing. Netizens use it to remind someone who’s always late to set their alarm so they can show up on time. It can also work both ways, you may use it to tell someone you need to go to bed early, too.


Backpack emoji, Apple version of the Backpack emoji

Elevate your day-to-day OOTDs, and include the 🎒 Backpack emoji in all your posts! This emoji allows users to talk about their favorite backpack in a fun and creative way. You can use it to represent different bags and backpacks, like travel backpacks, hiking backpacks, and laptop bags.

As for its design, most platforms show a red bag facing right. The bag has two compartments, one is smaller than the other, and at its back are two straps. These straps help the user disperse backpack weight evenly across the person’s back.


Megaphone emoji, Google version of the Megaphone emoji

Show your family and friends you’re cheering for them, add the 📣 Megaphone emoji to your conversations and posts! This emoji is an online representation of a traditional megaphone, a portable, cone-shaped, acoustic horn that amplifies and directs a person’s voice. It’s mostly used in sports to convey support for someone or for a team. Furthermore, it may also be used to indicate a loud noise, or a noisy crowd. Want to congratulate someone, and want the whole neighborhood to know? Then use this megaphone emoji!


Thermometer emoji, Apple version of the Thermometer emoji

Talk about your temperature, or someone else’s temperature, with the 🌡️ Thermometer emoji. This emoji is a picture of a mercury glass thermometer, a device to show that something or someone is hot, or that it’s hot inside. It can signify a drop in temperature, too, whether it’s because of cold weather, or paranormal activity. If you want to talk about temperature dropping or rising just share the thermometer emoji.

Design wise, the emoji is quite similar to how a regular thermometer looks in real life. It’s a long, thin, glass structure with a round bottom. The lower half of the thermometer has some red liquid in it.


Screwdriver emoji, Samsung version of the Screwdriver emoji

Show you’re busy with repair jobs, send the 🪛 Screwdriver emoji to your friends and family to tell them how busy you are! The screwdriver emoji is a picture of a standard screwdriver found in most toolboxes. Since screwdrivers are used to fix things, the screwdriver emoji is commonly used to show that repair work is being done in a certain area. With that in mind, if you find yourself sharing a video or a picture about tools, include the screwdriver emoji in the caption as well.


Brick emoji, Apple version of the Brick emoji

Get ready to build the tallest structure with the 🧱 Brick emoji! This emoji features two reddish-brown rectangular bricks on top of each other, in a cross-like position. The lower brick is horizontal, while the second brick is in a vertical position. Some platforms, however, depict the brick emoji with a brick wall. The brick emoji is often used to describe different bricks, and appears in posts about construction, buildings, and houses.

Furthermore, since renovating homes is also a trend these days, most people use this emoji to showcase some of their home’s construction work. To top it off, the emoji has a metaphorical use, too, to describe someone who can be as “tough as bricks”


Toolbox emoji, Apple version of the Toolbox emoji,

Use the 🧰 Toolbox emoji to show that you are a jack-of-all-trades at home! This emoji features a red box of tools with a thick black handle attached to the top. Most users share this emoji, together with the 🔧 Wrench emoji or 🔨 Hammer emoji to show repairs are being made at home.

Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher emoji

Get ready to put out some serious fires with the 🧯 Fire Extinguisher emoji! This emoji displays a picture of a standard red fire extinguisher, a device most often used in households in case a fire breaks out. Experts encourage homeowners to buy one at least every year.


Magnet emoji, Apple version of the Magnet emoji

Conduct experiments at home with your kids using magnets! Share your experience online with the 🧲 Magnet emoji. This emoji shows an illustration of a horseshoe magnet, a magnet in the shape of a horseshoe or U shape. This is the most popular type of magnet.

When someone sends you this emoji, it’s not always because he or she wants you to be a part of their experiment. Because of its ability to attract fellow magnets and a few metals, the magnet emoji version has also become a symbol of attraction between people.

Closed Book

Closed Book emoji, Apple version of the Closed Book emoji

Calling all bookworms or book lovers! You can use the 📕 Closed Book emoji while talking about the books you’re reading at home! This emoji features a red book with a black spine and white pages. It appears in conversations related to writing or schoolwork. Netizens usually combine it with other book emojis like the 📗 Green Book emoji, 📘 Blue Book emoji, and 📙 Orange Book emoji.


Red Adventure Emojis

Let everyone know what you’re busy with, along with how much fun you’re having! Check out this fun collection of emojis related to sports, hobbies, and other similar activities. Great for those with an active lifestyle!


Firecracker emoji, Apple version of the Firecracker emoji,

Make your content snap, crackle, and pop with the 🧨 Firecracker emoji! It shows a red cylinder, tilted to the right, with a long wick hanging from the center. As for the emoji’s tone, the firecracker emoji generally represents a festive mood, depending on the country and culture of its being used. The emoji may also be used to refer to represent other types of explosives, like dynamite.

Red Envelope

Red Envelope emoji, Apple version of the Red Envelope emoji

Use the 🧧 Red Envelope emoji to attract luck! This emoji is closely connected to the Chinese New Year, and other similar big celebrations. Fu, a popular Chinese cultural character, appears on the envelope.

When used in posts and digital conversations, the red envelope emoji is sometimes shared along with an emoji of a Chinese Zodiac animal that represents the current year. Users do this to wish the receiver of the emoji lots of success, joy, and peace in the upcoming year.

Other combinations include sharing the red envelope emoji with one of the banknote emojis, to imply receiving money in a red envelope. Other times, users share the red envelope emoji alongside the 🎆 Fireworks emoji to show the person you are talking to that you are celebrating the Chinese New Year, and to also give your post or message a more celebratory feel.


Ribbon emoji

Get people excited about an upcoming gift, and tease them with the 🎀 Ribbon emoji! This emoji shows a red or pink ribbon fixed into a bow, the type of bow that’s usually seen on gifts. Use it to let your loved ones know you are already wrapping the gift you have for them!

At the same time, the ribbon emoji can also symbolize a fashion accessory. If it appears in pictures of hairstyling, bows, and bowties, no need to get too excited! However, if it appears beside the 🎁 Wrapped Gift emoji, you’ve definitely got a present coming!

In terms of vibe, the ribbon emoji is traditionally associated with things that are pretty, cute or special. Include the ribbon emoji in your next post to give it a more feminine yet festive feel.

Admission Tickets

Admissions Ticket emoji, Apple version of the Admissions Ticket emoji

Flash the 🎟️ Admission Tickets emoji to show how ready you are for an upcoming event! The emoji is an online representation of a standard admission ticket. Like any ticket, it is rectangular in size and even has the words “admit one” printed on it.

As its name suggests, the admission tickets emoji is used to signify entry to an event. Use it to inform someone you’ve already bought a ticket, or you’ve got an extra ticket to a show. As long as you need to purchase a ticket to get into the place you’re talking about online, feel free to include the admission tickets emoji in your post about it!


Balloon emoji, Apple version of the Balloon emoji

Talk about the parties you attend and organize, and include everyone’s favorite party essential in your posts, a classic and fun balloon! The 🎈 Balloon emoji depicts a red balloon with a string attached. This usually appears in birthday messages and other special occasions like going away parties, etc.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong emoji, Apple version of the Ping Pong emoji, red emojis

Share your passion for Ping Pong, and make your posts and online chats more engaging with the 🏓 Ping Pong emoji! This emoji depicts a red paddle and a white ball, both items important in the sport of table tennis, more popularly known as Ping Pong. Most of the time the Ping Pong emoji is used in its direct meaning, to talk about everything related to Ping Pong, like Ping Pong games, players, etc.

Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove emoji, Apple version of the Boxing Glove emoji

Share the 🥊 Boxing Glove emoji to show you’re ready to give the ultimate uppercut! This emoji displays a single, boxing glove, colored red. It’s made to look just like a real boxing glove, especially with the addition of the iconic red color. Die-hard boxing fans often use this emoji to commemorate their favorite moments from boxing games and contests.

Boxers that have their own social media accounts share the emoji to promote their next match, or to display training footage of themselves on social media to inspire and motivate others. As we all know, boxing isn’t just for professionals, though, it’s also a great way to stay in shape. And, you can talk about that too! If you find yourself in a boxing club, go and flaunt your progress, pair the boxing glove emoji with the 💪 Flexed Biceps emoji, or the 📈 Chart Increasing emoji.

Goal Net

goal net emoji

Share the 🥅 Goal Net emoji to show you’re scoring points at your favorite sport! This emoji depicts a net that appears in several sports. It’s designed for everyone who plays soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, or any other sport that requires a net to score points.

Going to a game or a practice session? Use the goal net emoji to get the word out! Apart from scoring a goal, the goal net signifies ‘blocking’ or ‘goalkeeping’ as well. If you don’t play sports, don’t worry, you can still share the emoji.

The goal net signifies other types of achievements, too, milestones or highlights, even those from other industries. It conveys feelings of pride, accomplishment, self-assurance, and faith in one’s own abilities.


Sled emoji, Apple version of the Sled emoji

Boost your sledding content with a cute 🛷 Sled emoji! Use it to add emphasis to sledding tours, expeditions, and adventures! This emoji shows a red sled, and in it, some of a sled’s basic parts. Its upper platform is comprised of planks or metal rods, while a pair of metal curves with black ends make up its legs.

In terms of emoji usage, expect the sled to appear in topics closely related to sleds and sledding sports, like luge. As a major device of one of the most popular wintertime sports in the world, the sled emoji, when used in posts and online conversations, quite often conjure up images of joy and excitement.

Direct Hit

Direct Hit emoji, Apple version of the Direct Hit emoji

When you hit the target, it’s always a good idea to use the 🎯 Direct Hit emoji to commemorate your achievement! Also known as the Bullseye emoji, this emoji shows a dartboard with a dart striking the center dead on. It’s typically used to characterize sports that rely on pinpoint accuracies, such as archery and darts.

To make things more interesting, pair this emoji with the 🏹 Bow and Arrow emoji to show that you are practicing or participating in an archery-related activity. You may also use it in conjunction with the 🥃 Tumbler Glass emoji to indicate that you are in a bar.

Circus Tent

Circus Tent emoji, Apple version of the Circus Tent emoji, red emojis

Share your fantastic memories with the 🎪 Circus Tent emoji! This emoji depicts a large top tent with red and white stripes with a flag on its roof. Use it in conjunction with the 🤡 Clown Face emoji to talk about shows you watched, the 🎠 Carousel Horse emoji to describe the rides you took, or the 🔮 Crystal Ball emoji to discuss the fortune tellers you encountered.


Kite emoji, Windows version of the Kite emoji

Demonstrate that you’re having a good time flying kites! The 🪁 Kite emoji depicts a kite in flight with a single string as its tail. Most people use the emoji to refer to trips that include kites like flying activities, although sometimes others use it to refer to leisure activities in general.


Accordion emoji

Get into the unique and beautiful sound of the accordion, and share the 🪗 Accordion emoji! This emoji features a red accordion, a popular, portable keyboard wind instrument. The accordion produces sound by using pleated bellows and metal reeds.

Quite similar to how an accordion looks in real life, the accordion emoji contains buttons on one side, a keyboard on the other, and bellows in the middle. Use this emoji to discuss types of accordions, and accordion music. It may also be used to describe something old or antique much like the accordion, which began in the early 19th century.


Guitar emoji, Apple version of the Guitar emoji

Use the 🎸 Guitar emoji to show the world you’re strumming on your guitar! This emoji features a red or orange electric guitar, a popular electronic string musical instrument. Unlike the acoustic guitar, the tone of an electric guitar is amplified electrically by a pickup device integrated into the instrument or by an audio-frequency amplifier coupled externally to the audio-frequency amplifier.

Emoji fans share the guitar emoji to discuss guitars, music, rock music, musical instruments, concerts, and so on. Those who enjoy playing the guitar may use the emoji to invite their band or friends to join them in a jam session.


Drum emoji, Apple version of the Drum emoji

Use the 🥁 Drum emoji to share your beats with the rest of the world! This emoji depicts a small, circular drum with two drumsticks. You’ll see it in conversations related to drums, musical instruments, and music. When it shows up in there, it symbolizes drum rolls, drum beats, or tunes with the sound of drums.

It is also used to denote different types of tempo, melodies, sometimes even dance forms, like hip-hop. That said, it is not uncommon for netizens use the drum emoji to create an online drumroll. An online drumroll is like a real-life drum roll in the sense that it is also used to show that someone important is arriving.


Telephone emoji, Apple version of the Telephone emoji

When you need to make a phone call, show them the ☎️ Telephone emoji! This emoji depicts a classic red telephone with number buttons. It is often used to indicate making or receiving phone calls with the use of a landline telephone, telephone booth, or public phone. Sometimes it is used to tell someone the person they’re looking for is talking to someone else on the phone.

Low Battery

Low battery emoji

Use the 🪫 Low Battery emoji to show your gadget is about to die. This emoji features a cylindrical battery with a minimal amount of power remaining. The top part of the battery has a “+” sign, while the bottom part has a “-” sign. The bottom part is red, to show there are only a few watts left.

If your phone is about to die, this emoji is a great way to notify someone about the issue. Simply put it in, and they’ll know you’ll be gone for a bit.

The low battery emoji can also be used to describe tired or exhausted humans, even animals, too. Use it to suggest that something or someone is draining you out, and you simply don’t have enough energy to deal with him, her, or it.

Red Paper Lantern

Red Paper Lantern emoji, Google version of the Red Paper Lantern emoji

Light up your feed with the 🏮 Red Paper Lanern emoji! This emoji shows a red paper lantern, designed with horizontal lines throughout the fabric. Two black circles at the top and bottom keep the fabric of the lantern in place.

Red lanterns, as depicted in this emoji, are seen in every household during the Chinese New Year. They also appear outside izakayas, Japanese bars serving grilled dishes. While publishing or reposting lantern photos, it’s a must to use the red paper lantern emoji in the caption. From time to time, the red lantern emoji appears in festivals that celebrate light, like the Diwali festival in India.

Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads emoji, Apple version of the Prayer Beads emoji

Share positive vibes with the 📿 Prayer Beads emoji! This emoji shows a long thread with wooden beads, and a tassel at the end. The most common use of this emoji is to indicate that someone is praying. Some use it to tell someone that they are praying for them. It is typically placed next to other religious emojis like the ⛪️ Church emoji, 🕋 Kaaba emoji, 🕌 Mosque emoji, to further indicate what kind of prayer they are currently doing.

It’s sometimes used in conjunction with the 🧿 Nazar Amulet emoji to represent a spiritual barrier against temptation or other harmful animals. Moreover, when the 🔮 Crystal Ball emoji appears beside the prayer beads, it means the individual is having a tarot reading, seeing a psychic, or doing something supernatural.


Bookmark emoji, Google version of the Bookmark emoji

Use the 🔖 Bookmark emoji to stress what needs to be highlighted! This emoji shows a picture of a cardboard or paper bookmark. A piece of ribbon is at the top. It mostly appears in conversations related to reading, acquiring knowledge, and learning.

Use the emoji while posting pictures or videos about bookmarks or making bookmarks. The bookmark emoji is often used to mark something, or pause something, too. Take note, this does not only apply to books. The bookmark can be used to signify a break in a project, writing piece, or series one has saved for the time being.


postbox emoji

Show you’ve got mail with the 📮 Postbox emoji! This emoji shows a square or rounded post box with an envelope protruding from it. The Postbox emoji is often associated with letters, packages, and the postal service. It may also symbolize the desire to share some important news to someone.

On the other hand, a full or uncleared postbox may also suggest an incidence of hoarding. With that in mind, if you need to tell someone that they are a hoarder, use the postbox emoji to emphasize your point.


Apple version of a Pushpin emoji, Pushpin emoji

Highlight online messages with the 📌 Pushpin emoji! This emoji shows a red thumbtack, a short, flat pin with a flat, round top. It’s used to pin up notices on a corkboard. Users share this emoji when they need to make an announcement or mark the relevance of something.

For instance, you may use the emoji to remind followers to save a certain post or any other form of content. In other instances, others like to share the emoji to subtly remind a friend or family member to save or archive something.

Round Pushpin

Round Pushpin emoji, Apple version of the Round Pushpin emoji

Use the 📍 Round Pushpin emoji to navigate the world map! Travelers and tourists frequently use this emoji to pin locations, whether on an Internet map or on a physical map. Users call the emoji red pin, dropped pin, or map pin.

As for its design, the emoji is similar to how a round pushpin looks in real life, it’s got a red-colored ball placed on top of a pointed white or silver pin. The pin is facing downward.

Did you know that there are numerous alternative ways to use this emoji? And they’re not all related to travel. For instance, when combined with the 📎 Paperclip emoji and ✏️ Pencil emoji, the round pushpin emoji denotes office or school work.


Scissors emoji, Apple version of the Scissors emoji

Snip and cut away with the ✂️ Scissors emoji! This emoji features a pair of scissors with a red handle. The scissors is facing down. It is commonly used to represent scissors, and other main school and office supplies. When done this way, it is usually paired with other stationery emojis, such as the 🖊️ Pen emoji, 📏 Straight Ruler emoji and 🖌 Paintbrush emoji. Use these emojis to show off your new school supplies or to flex the new supply stash you have at your office desk.

Meanwhile, if you choose to use the emoji in its direct meaning, which is to cut something, use it with the 💈 Barber Pole emoji or the 💇 Person Getting Haircut emoji if you are cutting your hair. You can also include the scissors emoji with the 👨‍🌾 Farmer emoji, and some tree, flower, or shrub emojis to represent gardening.


plunger emoji

Make the unpleasant task of unclogging the toilet easier to bear, and tell your friends all about it with the use of the 🪠 Plunger emoji! The plunger emoji shows a picture of a plunger, a device used to remove clogs in sinks and toilets. Seeing that toilets collect solid and liquid waste, the act of unclogging a toilet is something people don’t look forward to.

Meanwhile, the design of the plunger emoji is quite simple, as it is not far from how a plunger actually looks in real life. The main part of the plunger is a wooden stick, and at its end is a big, round, and red suction cup.

This is the best emoji to use to talk about removing the crap from one’s life, in both a figurative and literal sense. Toilet not working? Send it with the 🚽 Toilet emoji to quickly ask for help unclogging your mess before anyone else knows. Or send it with the 💩 Pile of Poo emoji to show that someone has a foul mouth and you intend to make it stop. It can also suggest digital “unclogging,” freeing up space on a gadget, etc.


crayon emoji

Color your world with the 🖍️ Crayon emoji! This emoji displays a crayon, a drawing pencil or a stick of colored chalk or wax used by children for coloring. There are many ways to use this, the first would be in a literal sense. Use the Crayola emoji to talk about color, other crayons, and other coloring materials. If you’re sharing crayon artwork, put the crayon emoji in the caption, or add it to the conversation.

When used in a metaphorical sense, send the crayon emoji to lighten up a kind of boring chat! While talking to a friend or family member, when the conversation starts to get dull, send a message about how this chat could use some color, then end your statement with the crayon emoji. Along those lines, the crayon emoji may also symbolize expressing oneself creatively.

Nesting Dolls

nesting dolls emoji

Go back to your inner child with the 🪆 Nesting Dolls emoji! The emoji is an online representation of traditional Russian nesting dolls, a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. Use it to talk about nesting dolls and other types of dolls.

The emoji features a drawing of a woman in floral attire with a scarf on her head. The lower half of this toy is bigger than the one above it. Besides representing dolls, you can also share the emoji to metaphorically reference something hidden or deceptive.

It can also be used to describe the dignity of motherhood and fertility, as well. Use the emoji to suggest that there may be an alternative side to someone you just met. If you’re getting to know someone and you’re also learning that they’re a lot more than what you thought they could be, use the nesting doll emoji while sharing your experience.


yo-yo emoji

Show off your best Yo-yo moves, and send the 🪀 Yo-yo emoji to your friends and family! This emoji shows a yo-yo, a toy made of a round piece of wood or plastic attached to a piece of string. The goal of the yo-yo is to make the round disk rise and fall with the unwinding and rewinding of the string.

An online representation of an actual yo-yo, the yo-yo emoji symbolizes leisure activities and battle games, too. You can use the emoji to invite someone to a yo-yo battle or to simply watch a yo-yo from your front yard. Along with that, since yo-yos are vintage toys, and playing them oftentimes brings back memories of simpler days, send the yo-yo emoji to your friends to help them remember the good times with you.


Striking Red Sign & Symbol Emojis

When you can’t find the right words, symbols can help you fill in the blanks. Our collection of red emoji symbols and signs is here to help you with that! Each one of them have different meanings and are used to represent various things. Go through all the red emojis, and find the perfect symbol to complete your moment.

Heart Suit

Heart Suit emoji Apple version, Heart Suit emoji

Show off your card game style online, and describe your strategies in greater depth with the ♥️ Heart Suit emoji! This looks quite similar to the red heart emoji on some platforms. However, this time around, the heart here does not stand for love, it represents the heart suit, one of the four suits in a deck of cards.

In terms of emoji usage, as expected, the heart suit emoji is most commonly seen in card game conversations. Send your family or friends this emoji to invite them to a game, or to discuss a past game.

Diamond Suit

Diamond Suit emoji, Apple version of the Diamond Suit emoji

Share the ♦️ Diamond Suit emoji to show that diamonds are forever and they’re a lucky thing to have in card games! This emoji is an online depiction of the diamond suit, one of the four suits of playing cards in the standard French deck. This emoji is frequently used to describe card games like poker. Use it to express a desire to play poker, or to invite someone to play poker, or another similar, card related activity.

Flower Playing Cards

Flower Playing Cards emoji, Apple version of the Flower Playing Cards emoji

Show you’re in the mood to play many Japanese card games, post the 🎴 Flower Playing Cards emoji, or send it to your friends and family! This emoji shows a cartoon picture of a Japanese flower playing card by the name of Hanafuda. Did you know that Hanafuda means flower cards in Japanese? In real life, you can play a variety of different card games when using these colorful and bright playing cards.

Send this emoji with the 🎮 Video Game emoji to show you’re ready for some fun game time with your bestie! If you’re into flowers, send this emoji along with a flower emoji, like the 🌼 Blossom emoji, to emphasize how adorable you think the flowers on the cards are.


Prohibited emoji, Apple version of the Prohibited emoji,

When members of a group chat start to act extremely rowdy, the next emoji helps keep people in check. Send the 🚫 Prohibited emoji to warn, and ban people from the chat. You can also use this forbidden emoji to inform other people that the establishment or event you will visit bans some items.

No Smoking Sign

No Smoking emoji, Apple version of the No Smoking emoji

The 🚭 No Smoking Sign emoji prohibits smoking in a certain area. Most of the time the area is in a public place. You break this rule, you could be fined, or even put in jail if you do it repeatedly. Don’t even try to substitute it with vaping, either, because countries like the United States see vaping and electronic cigarettes as types of cigarette smoking.

No Bicycles

No Bicycles emoji, Apple version of the No Bicycles emoji

Another popular prohibited emoji is the 🚳 No Bicycles emoji. The emoji features a circular warning sign with a bicycle crossed out. It means bicycles can’t enter a certain area.

No Pedestrians

No Pedestrians emoji, Apple version of the No Pedestrians emoji

Meanwhile, the next prohibited emoji turns the spotlight on pedestrians. The 🚷 No Pedestrians emoji contains an icon of a walking person inside the prohibited sign. It is used to show pedestrians cannot access a certain road path.

No One Under 18

No One Under 18 emoji, Apple version of the No One Under 18 emoji

Our next emoji will make adults feel nostalgic. The 🔞 No One Under 18 emoji is a sign that allows entry only to persons who are above 18. People online use this to warn people that there is adult content ahead, and clueless minors roaming the Internet should stay far away.

Non-Potable Water

non potable water emoji

The 🚱 Non-Potable Water emoji shows a water tap within the prohibited emoji. This means that the water is not safe for drinking. Always look out for this sign if you’re near any water source, especially in the wild or at campsites.

No Littering

No Littering emoji, Apple version of the No Littering emoji

Our last prohibited emoji is one of the most important because it pertains to our precious environment. We are talking about the 🚯 No Littering emoji. This emoji depicts a person littering inside a sign, it is used to warn people not to litter.

No Entry

No Entry emoji, Apple version of the No Entry emoji, red emojis

The ⛔ No Entry emoji reminds you to pay attention to crucial traffic signs! This emoji depicts a red circle with a thick white horizontal line around it. This is a frequent road sign that restricts access to a specific route or region.

If you come upon a mysterious region and want to share it online, you can use the No Entry sign emoji. You can also use it when you want to take a sneak peak of your ongoing house construction.

Some social media users have found the No Entry sign emoji to be a creative symbol. This emoji indicates that something is top secret and that no one is permitted to interact with it. The emoji can also imply preventing someone from accessing a dubious or unsafe website.

Name Badge

Name Badge emoji, Apple version of the Name Badge emoji, red emojis

Introduce yourself online with the 📛 Name Badge emoji! This emoji is often used to get to know other people during virtual gatherings. To make themselves more memorable, some people mix another emoji with this one and their name.

Designers made the emoji with a red fire-like background, a curved base, and an edgy upper surface that forms an animated impression of a flame. When you wish to convey that something is yours, or to signify a reservation, such as a restaurant reservation or concert ticket reservation, use the name badge emoji.

Hollow Red Circle

Hollow Red Circle emoji, Apple version of the Hollow Red Circle

The ⭕ Hollow Red Circle emoji is an illustration of a red ring or red circle with an empty center. This emoji signifies something, usually an answer, is correct. Various Asian games, game shows, especially in Japan, contributed for it to be used that way, where a red circle is used in lieu of a checkmark. Most of the time it is used to show affirmation. Apart from that, this emoji sometimes also represents the number zero.

Cross Mark

Cross Mark emoji, Apple version of the Cross Mark emoji

Say no in the strongest way possible, with the ❌ Cross Mark emoji! This emoji is made up of a single red X mark. The most popular use of the cross mark emoji is to indicate that anything, generally a response to the sender’s question, is inaccurate or erroneous. Aside from that, the emoji appears in mathematics equations as a multiplication sign. It also conveys a caution or an error. It can also communicate a simple “no” at times.

Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Mark, Exclamation Mark emoji, Exclamation Mark symbol

Use the ❗ Exclamation Mark emoji to emphasize words, phrases, or sentences! On most platforms, this emoji displays a red exclamation point and is often used to indicate emotions such as surprise and indignation.

Question Mark

Question Mark, Question Mark emoji, Question Mark symbol, Red Question Mark

Ask a question in a bold and dramatic way with ❓ Question Mark emoji! This emoji depicts a question mark, colored in red. If something or someone is left out of a particular situation, and you want to ask why in a dramatic way, send the question mark emoji to ask.

Double Exclamation Mark

Double Exclamation Mark emoji, Double Exclamation Mark

Bring more attention to your posts, pictures, and videos with the ‼️ Double Exclamation Mark emoji! This emoji consists of two red exclamation points stacked on top of each other. It depicts a double of the emotion shown by a single exclamation point emoji.

The emoji with two exclamation points represents astonishment and amazement. It is occasionally used to draw attention to something, someone, or somewhere. For example, to discuss news that elicited strong emotions in you, such as being exceedingly excited, joyful, or upset! Because the double exclamation mark emoji functions the same way as a regular exclamation mark, it should always come at the conclusion.

Exclamation Question Mark

Exclamation Question Mark emoji, Exclamation Question Mark Punctuation

Express surprise, excitement, and disbelief all at the same time with the ⁉️ Exclamation Question Mark emoji! This emoji conveys a feeling of dramatic confusion brought by someone or something.

You can also use the exclamation question mark emoji in a rhetorical manner. For instance, if you saw an amazing episode of your favorite television series, you can say, “Was that the best thing you saw on TV or what? and put the exclamation question mark emoji at the end of that.

Blood Type Emojis

A Button blood type emoji, Apple version of the A Button blood type emojiB Button emoji, B Button emoji Apple version AB Button Blood Type emoji, AB Button Blood Type emoji Apple versionO Button blood type emoji, Apple version of the O Button blood type emoji,

Accentuate posts and discussions regarding blood type by sharing any of the four blood type emojis. These emojis refer to blood, donating blood, etc. America faces the worst blood shortage in a decade, it would be an understatement to say, these icons are more relevant than ever.

The first blood type emoji is the 🅰️ A Button Blood Type emoji. This emoji displays a capital letter A inside a square. It represents blood type A, whether it be type A-, or type A+. Sharing this emoji shows you have blood type A flowing through your veins.

The next blood type is B. The 🅱️ B Button Blood Type emoji depicts the letter B in white. The B is inside a square with a red background. This emoji refers to blood type B. Like the AB blood type, the B blood type is also rare, so rare, only 2% of people in the world have this blood type!

The 🆎 AB Button Blood Type emoji has the letters AB written in white inside a red square. It represents blood type AB. This is one of the rarest blood types. People with AB blood inherited an A gene from one parent and a B gene from the other.

Finally, at the opposite end of the spectrum is the 🅾️ O Button Blood Type emoji. This emoji features a bold white O smack dab in the center of a bright red square. This emoji refers to type O blood. Type O blood is known as the universal donor. What this means is, if this is your type, you can donate to all blood types, and if your blood is type is O+ type individuals you can receive blood donations of all types.

CL Button

CL button emoji, Apple version of the CL button emoji

Send the 🆑 CL button emoji to show you’re starting over with your calculations. This emoji shows the letters CL, in white, inside a square. It is an online depiction of the Clear function seen on calculators or most old cell phones. Some share this emoji to show they’re clearing out something from their lives, like all the junk mail on your computer or old messages from your mobile phone.

SOS Button

SOS Button emoji, SOS Button emoji Apple version

If you require immediate assistance or are in an emergency situation. It is used in pretty much the same way as an emoji. The 🆘 SOS Button emoji functions as a distress code or a call for help in times of need. If you are in danger, you can use this emoji to request assistance without explanation.

Red Circle

Red Circle, Apple version of the Red Circle

The 🔴 Red Circle emoji is a simple picture of a bright red circle with a slightly darker border. It functions like an online stoplight, with the red light indicating a stop. As a result, people frequently send this to ask the recipient to cease the conversation. Sometimes, because the emoji appears like the recording button on a camera, individuals use it to warn others that they are actively recording and hence unavailable to converse. From time to time, this emoji may also used by netizens to represent a ball, like the ball used in dodgeball and other ball sports.

Japanese Discount Button

Japanese Discount button, Apple version of the Japanese Discount button

Promote the latest available bargains from your favorite Japanese store with this emoji! This 🈹 Japanese Discount emoji depicts the symbol used in Japan in a sale. The character written on the emoji, when translated, means to sever or separate, something we do with prices during a sale. Aside from clothing, you can also use the discount emoji when you want to inform your gaming peers that Japanese games are on sale.

Japanese Secret Button

Japanese Discount button emoji, Apple version of the Japanese Discount Button

Show you can keep a secret with the ㊙️ Japanese Secret Button emoji! This emoji depicts a round Japanese sign with the character “Secret” written on it.

If your friend shares a secret with you, reply with this secret button emoji followed by the 🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face emoji to show their secret is safe with you. If you’re in a playful mood, share the secret button emoji along with the 😏 Smirking Face emoji to tease a friend who has a tendency to spill secrets.

Except for the Japanese, few people understand the secret button emoji. As a result, it is critical to use other emojis alongside it, such as an emotion emoji. The 🙈 See No Evil Monkey emoji, 🙊 Speak No Evil Monkey emoji, and 🙉 Hear No Evil Monkey emoji are ideal for pairing with this hidden emoji to express a meaningful yet amusing secret message.

Japanese Congratulations Button

Japanese Congratulations Button emoji, Japanese Congratulations Button emoji Apple version

Share the ㊗️ Japanese Congratulations Button emoji to praise people for completing a task well! This emoji comprises a red circle with a kanji character placed on top of it. The kanji character on the emoji means “congratulations” in Japanese, and “wish” in Chinese.

Netizens use it for any type of celebration, or any type of situation, as long as it delivers good news. In general, this emoji conveys a positive, happy feeling. Put this emoji at the end of any fun seasonal greeting, like “Happy Holidays” or “Congrats, let’s drink to this.”

To make the vibe more festive, send it with one or two celebratory emojis, like the 🎊 Confetti Ball emoji to show how eager you are to party with the one you’re talking to. Finally, since the kanji character, when translated, means “wish” in Chinese, go and send this emoji if you want to send your best wishes, prayers, or hope.

Japanese Prohibited Button

Japanese Button Prohibited Button emoji, Apple version of the Japanese Button Prohibited Button emoji

Say something can’t be done in a Japanese way, by sharing the 🈲 Prohibited Button emoji! This emoji displays an image of a Japanese character within a square. Translated, the Japanese characters mean the words, prohibit, restrict, or forbid.

Netizens also use this emoji as a statement of threat or dread. For instance, if you have a child who is underage and wants to try Marijuana, you can type, “Don’t even try” followed by the prohibited button emoji. As we all know, anything that is forbidden has a strong aura of mystery surrounding it. Using that logic, while referring to anything ‘mysterious’, this emoji could be an option.

Japanese No Vacancy Button

Japanese No Vacancy button, Apple version of the Japanese No Vacancy Button

Say there is no space available in a quick and easy way with the 🈵 Japanese No Vacancy Button emoji. This emoji features a Japanese kanji which means “no space, not available,” or “full,” in Japanese.

Use this emoji to indicate a filled spot, or an full gas tank. Send it to someone who’s been bugging you, by doing so you are telling them you don’t have time for them and you want them to leave you alone. Feel free to add the 😠 Angry Face emoji to show how mad you really are!

Japanese Passing Grade Button

Japanese Passing Grade Button emoji, Apple version of the Japanese Passing Grade Button emoji,

Tell students they’re ready to advance to the next level in a fun and not-so-usual way, by sending them the 🈴 Japanese Passing Grade Button emoji! This emoji shows the letters ‘Hē’ in Chinese and ‘Gō’ in Japanese, printed in white encased in a red square. ‘Gō’ means to go or to pass, while Hē’ means to combine.

Netizens use it to inform students they passed a test or a class. Sometimes it is also used to show the basic or average percentage, mark, or grade for passing a certain class. You may also use the emoji to tell someone to go, to go to a certain area, or to encourage them to accomplish a certain task.

Red Square

Red Square emoji, Apple version of the Red Square emoji

Bring someone or something to a halt with the 🟥 Red Square emoji! This emoji depicts a big and bright red square. Since the color red relates to rage, express your anger to someone with the emoji.

Alternatively, if you’re the peacemaker in the scenario, stop someone from acting out of rage, send the red square together with the ✋ Raised Hand emoji is an excellent method to shush the individual without being too disrespectful.

Red Triangle Pointed Up

Red Triangle Pointed Up emoji, Apple version of the Red Triangle Pointed Up emoji

Lead people in the right direction with the 🔺 Red Triangle Pointed Up emoji. This emoji shows an upright, glossy red triangle. Because of the way this emoji appears, netizens also use it as another form of arrow. Some tend to use it as a traffic sign or symbol. Given that the color red is commonly used to show a warning or ‘Stop,’ you can use this emoji in the same way, both literally and metaphorically.

Red Triangle Pointed Down

Red Triangle Pointed Down emoji, Apple version of the Red Triangle Pointed Down emoji

Be prepared to send an important message with the 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down emoji! This emoji displays an upside down red triangle. This emoji can mean a lot of things. Some use it to highlight an important message, to call attention to readers to pay attention to the message. Furthermore, netizens may sometimes pair it with sad or emotional emojis because it can help express a sudden mood drop like sadness, frustration, or even anger.

Hundred Points

Hundred Points emoji, Apple version of the Hundred Points emoji

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small, with the 💯 Hundred Points emoji! This emoji depicts the number 100 in red, with two short lines beneath it.

One unique feature of this emoji is that it is not in a straight line. The designers did it to mimic how teachers grade tests. In this way, the 100 percent emoji, often known as the hundred emoji, paid homage to its origins. The 100 percent emoji originates in Japan, where it is traditional for teachers to stamp a student’s exam paper in addition to a perfect 100 percent score to indicate that the student performed exceptionally well. Netizens use it the same way the number 100 is used, to describe a quantity or as a shortcut for 100 percent.

If you want to communicate “I agree,” but in a different way, use this emoji. Come upon something you totally support and believe in? Feel free to share this emoji as a reaction. If someone stated something truthful, but in a brutally harsh way, and you really, really loved it, go ahead and react with the hundred points emoji!

Anger Symbol

anger symbol emoji

Release that rage with the 💢 Anger Symbol emoji! This emoji features a symbol usually seen in manga, anime and comic book dialogue to represent rage. The symbol depicts four curving lines that almost form a square; it represents the popping of veins caused by rage, but in an exaggerated fashion.

This angry emoji is ideal for expressing negative sentiments if you’re a die-hard anime fan. You can even do this if you’re irritated by another anime fan. To highlight your fury on several levels, combine this emoji with the 😠 Angry Face emoji, 😡 Pouting Face emoji, or 🤬 Face with Symbols on Mouth emoji.


collision emoji

Let out a flood of emotions in your chat box with the 💥 Collision emoji! This emoji depicts a blazing orange spiky burst, frequently used in comic books to depict an explosion, crash, or collision. Send this emoji whenever you say something explosive, be it metaphorically or literally, about anything under the sun!

You can also use this emoji to raise awareness about potential dangers posed by nearby explosions. For instance, you captured a photo or video of a transformer or electrical pole bursting, post them with this emoji on social media. It would be an effective technique of alerting others to the possibility of a power loss or the cause of a recent brownout or blackout.


Red Flag Emojis

group of flags flying in the wind

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Show how much you love a country, and enhance your content with your favorite red flag! This list contains emojis of red flags, generic, and from around the world. Discover the story behind each flag’s design.

Triangular Flag

Red Flag, Apple version of the Red Flag

Know how to spot the red flags with the 🚩 Triangular Flag emoji! This emoji depicts a basic red triangle flag. Most of the time red flags are hoisted when there is an impending danger. The meaning stands the same for its online version. You can also do the same with its online version, the triangular flag emoji. This will help people be on their guard at all times.


Here are emojis for African countries.


Angola flag emoji, Apple version of the Angola flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇦🇴 Angola Flag has black and red horizontal stripes. At the middle of the flag are a machete, yellow star, and half gear symbol. Each of the colors and symbols on Angola’s national flag has a unique meaning. The color red represents the blood shed during Angola’s sovereignty struggle, while the black portion represents the people of Africa and the continent as a whole.

Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island emoji, Apple version of Bouvet Island emoji, red emojis

Bouvet Island belongs to Norway, however it is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, near the Antarctica. The design of the 🇳🇴 Bouvet Island Flag is the same as the Norway flag. The flag features a dark blue and white Nordic cross on a red field. The stripes represent the country’s 13 original colonies. The flag’s colors are also symbolic; red stands for toughness and courage, white denotes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, endurance, and justice.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso flag emoji

The 🇧🇫 Burkina Faso Flag is divided equally in a horizontal manner into two red and green sections. At the middle is a yellow star. Its green part represents the natural wealth of the country, while the red portion symbolizes the country’s socialist revolution.


Eswatini flag emoji, Apple version of the Eswatini flag emoji

The 🇸🇿 Eswatini Flag emoji features the national flag of Eswatini, a state in South Africa. Eswatini is famous for its natural reserves and numerous festivals celebrating the country’s culture. The Eswatini flag shows three horizontal bands of blue and red, with two thin yellow stripes flanking the thicker red center band. The central figure is a big black and white Nguni shield in the center, covering two spears and a staff with feather tassels.

Here’s what each color depicted in the flag means–two blue fields stand for peace and stability, while yellow symbolizes the country’s mineral wealth. Meanwhile, the white and black color of the shield represents the country’s predominantly white and black population. Lastly, the shield and the spear symbolize the country’s need to protect the population from enemies.


Eritrea flag emoji, Eritrea flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

The 🇪🇷 Eritrea Flag consists of three triangular portions. A red triangle runs the length of the flag, splitting it into two smaller green and blue triangles. A wreath surrounds an upright olive branch in the red triangle. Green represents agriculture and cattle, red represents the blood spent in the sake of independence, blue represents the sea, and yellow denotes mineral richness.


Liberia flag emoji, Apple version of the Liberia flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇱🇷 Liberia Flag consists of eleven alternating horizontal stripes; six red and five white. These represent the 11 men that signed the Liberian Declaration of Freedom. Also, at the flag’s upper left corner is blue square with a white star in the middle. As for its colors, blue, white and red stand for fidelity , purity and valor, respectively.


Morocco flag emoji, Apple version of the Morocco flag emoji. red emojis

The 🇲🇦 Morocco Flag is a red-colored flag with a green pentagram in the middle. Red symbolizes the relationship between the royal family and the Prophet Muhammad, while the five points in the pentagram represent the five pillars of Islam.


Tunisia flag emoji, Apple version of the Tunisia flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇹🇳 Tunisia Flag emoji shows the national flag of Tunisia, a state in North Africa, in between the Sahara desert, and the Mediterranean sea. Tunisia’s flag is simple, but striking. It has a bright red color, and at the flag’s center is a red crescent moon and star inside a white circle.

There are different interpretations of the flag’s meaning. Most say the flag is red to symbolize Islam, while the white part represents hope. Meanwhile, the crescent and the star signify the connection between Tunisia and the Ottoman Empire.


Find the emojis for your favorite Asian countries below.


Bahrain flag, Apple version of the Bahrain flag, red emojis

The design of the 🇧🇭 Bahrain Flag consists of a white vertical stripe and a larger red vertical stripe divided in the middle by a vertical zigzag line. Red is a traditional banner color in the region, while the five points separating the white and red sections represent the five pillars of Islam.


Bangladesh flag, Apple version of the Bangladesh flag, red emojis

The 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Flag emoji shows the national flag of Bangladesh, a country known for its famous Royal Bengal tiger, fertile plains, lush flora, and 700 rivers.

As seen above, the Bangladesh flag features a green flag with a red circle in the center. The green part represents the country’s lush greenery, while the red disk symbolizes the blood of Bengalis that died during the Bangladesh Liberation War.


Bhutan flag emoji, Apple version of the Bhutan flag emoji, red emojis

Designers of the 🇧🇹 Bhutan Flag focused on the yellow and red for its main colors. The red and yellow colors of the flag represent the king of Bhutan. At the center is a picture of the Thunder Dragon, embossed in white. The Thunder Dragon is a creature in Bhutanese mythology.


Cambodia flag emoji, Cambodia flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

The 🇰🇭 Cambodia Flag has two horizontal blue stripes on top and bottom, and a thicker red band in the centre with the Angkor Wat insignia. The flag’s colors represent the country’s cultural beliefs. The color red reflects the bravery of the Cambodian people as well as their primary religion, Buddhism. In the meantime, the white section of the flag represents the virtue of cleanliness.


China flag emoji, Apple version of the China flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇨🇳 China Flag depicts China’s distinct culture and identity. The flag’s red color represents the Communist Revolution, which serves as a reminder to the Chinese to honor those whose blood was shed during the Japanese invasion and civil war.

Meanwhile, the large gold star depicts the Communist Party of China and its role in guiding the country. Furthermore, the four tiny stars surrounding the large star represent China’s four social classes and their interactions with one another.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong flag emoji, Apple version of the Hong Kong flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇭🇰 Hong Kong Flag depicts a white stylized five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) flower placed in the center of a Chinese red field. The red color signifies the link between Hong Kong and China. Meanwhile, the fragrant Bauhinia, developed in Hong Kong in the late 19th century, is the region’s official symbol.


Indonesia flag emoji, Indonesia flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

This emoji shows the 🇮🇩 Indonesia Flag. The flag is red at the top and white for its lower half. The Indonesian warriors used the flag during the fight against colonial rule. Red symbolizes human blood, while white stands for the human spirit.


Japan flag emoji, Apple version of the Japan flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇯🇵 Japan Flag represents Japan, “The Land Of The Rising Sun,” in the emoji world. The red circle in the middle of the flag is a representation of the sun goddess Amaterasu. Meanwhile, the white background of flag is a symbol of the honesty and integrity of the Japanese people.


Kyrgyzstan flag emoji, Apple version of the Kyrgyzstan flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan Flag‘s main design is a golden sun set against a red background. 40 rays emanate from the golden sun. Two sets of red curved lines are in the sun, criss-crossing over each other. The 40 rays represent the 40 tribes brought together by their country’s hero, Manas.


Malaysia flag emoji, Apple version of the Malaysia flag emoji, red emojis

Show your love and respect for Malaysia with the 🇲🇾 Malaysia Flag emoji! Malaysia’s flag is red and white striped horizontally, with a navy blue rectangle in the upper left corner. In the rectangle is a crescent moon and a 14-pointed star.


Maldives flag emoji, Apple version of the Maldives flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇲🇻 Maldives Flag shows a white crescent moon to represent the Islamic faith. The moon is inside a green frame. Green represents peace and wealth, while its red border signifies the boldness of their nation’s heroes, and their readiness to sacrifice every drop of blood in defense of their nation.


Mongolia flag emoji, Apple version of the Mongolia flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇲🇳 Mongolia Flag features a blue vertical band in the middle. To the left and right of this band are two red vertical bands. The leftmost red band displays the Mongolian Soyombo, the national symbol of the country. The Soyombo also appears on the country’s coat of arms, and on many other official documents.


Nepal flag emoji, Apple version of the Nepal flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇳🇵 Nepal Flag is vertical and made up of two triangle shapes joined together, with a blue border placed all around it. The smaller upper half depicts a white rising sun on a horizontal crescent moon, while the bigger bottom section depicts a white twelve-pointed solar symbol. The primary colors on Nepal’s flag are red and blue. Rhododendron, the country’s national flower, is also on the flag.

North Korea

North Korea flag emoji, Apple version of the North Korea flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇰🇵 North Korea Flag emoji depicts the national flag of North Korea. The country’s official flag is red, with blue borders. Inside the red portion is a red star placed inside a white circle. Blue, white and red, the three main colors of the flag, symbolize sovereignty, peace, purity and the communist revolution, respectively.


Oman flag emoji, Apple version of the Oman flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇴🇲 Oman Flag emoji depicts the official flag of Oman, a country in Western Asia located on the Arabian Peninsula’s southeastern coast. Each portion of the Oman flag has a distinct and unique meaning. The uppermost horizontal white stripe represents peace and prosperity, while the red vertical band on the left and center of the flag represents the blood lost during Oman’s war for independence from foreign invaders. Meanwhile, the country’s national insignia appears on the top-left corner. A curved dagger and crossed swords appear on the insignia. These two weapons represent pride and history.


Qatar flag emoji, Apple version of the Qatar flag emoji, red emojis

Two dominant colors make up the 🇶🇦 Qatar Flag, white and maroon. They symbolize love and peace. A vertical zigzag line with nine points divide the colors.


Singapore flag emoji, Apple version of the Singapore flag emoji, red emojis

Show your love for Singapore, wave around the 🇸🇬 Singapore Flag! The national flag of Singapore consists of two equal horizontal sections, red above white. Red stands for universal brotherhood and equality of man, white stands for pervading and everlasting purity and virtue.

Meanwhile, in the upper left corner, a white crescent moon and five white stars form a circle. The crescent moon represents a young nation on the ascendant, and the five stars depict Singapore’s ideals of peace, progress, justice, equality, and democracy.


Taiwan flag emoji, Apple version of the Taiwan flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇹🇼 Taiwan Flag emoji features Taiwan’s national flag. Taiwan’s flag pattern is fairly simple, it consists of a a red background, with a blue rectangle and a white sun inside the blue rectangle.

Did you know that the Taiwan flag has a rich historical and cultural meaning as well? The 12 rays of the sun represent the 12 months of the Chinese calendar, while the red field symbolizes the blood shed by Taiwan’s heroes.

Sometimes referred to as the “blue sky, white sun, and wholly Earth,” the white color of the sun appearing in the flag is a symbol of democracy and equality, while the blue portion at the upper left side signifies liberty and nationalism. Last, the red field seen almost all over the flag serves as a collective symbol of sacrifice, nationalism, and fraternity.

Emoji Controversy

If you’ve got an iOS device, and your phone’s location is China mainland, Hong Kong or Macau, you’ll only see the letters TW, and not the entire flag. Apple hid the Taiwan flag from its emoji users since 2019.

Displaying the Taiwan flag emoji sparked a sensitive political topic surrounding the territorial claim of Mainland China and Taiwan. The presence of the Taiwan flag emoji offended a few Mainland China citizens, and their government, as they believe Taiwan doesn’t exist as an independent country, but an extension of their own.

Timor Leste

Timor Leste flag emoji, Apple version of the Timor Leste flag, red emojis

The 🇹🇱 Timor Leste Flag emoji is a realistic picture representation of Timor Leste’s national flag. Timor Leste is a small country in South East Asia, comprising part of the island of Timor. The nation’s flag features a black triangle inside a larger yellow triangle. The black triangle is on the left side of the flag. A white star sits inside the smaller black triangle.

The four colors of the Timorese flag, red, white, black, and yellow, represent the struggle for national liberation, hope, the oppression of the past and the wealth of the country, respectively.


Vietnam flag emoji, Apple version of the Vietnam flag emoji, red emojis

Cultivate an interest in Vietnam with the sharing of the 🇻🇳 Vietnam Flag emoji! This emoji features the current national flag of Vietnam. What you see in Vietnam’s flag is quite simple, a golden star is in the center of a bright red background.

The red color in the background symbolizes the fights and victories in the wars throughout the history of Vietnam, while the five-pointed star symbolizes the solidarity of the classes- scholars, peasants, workers, merchants, and soldiers all working together to make Vietnam great.


Below are emojis for countries in Eurasia.


Georgia flag emoji, Georgia flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

The 🇬🇪 Georgia Flag features a large red cross in the center on a white backdrop that extends around all four sides of the flag. In the four corners, there are four Georgian crosses to symbolize Georgia’s patron saint, St. George.


Turkey flag emoji, Apple version of the Turkey flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇹🇷 Turkey Flag emoji is a digital representation of the flag of the Republic of Turkey, a country in both continents of Asia and Europe. As a whole, the Turkish flag is s a reassuring symbol for the people of Turkey for whom it holds a special place and is of high value.

The flag’s design features the famous white crescent moon and star, which also appeared in Ottoman flags. They both have a red background. The crescent and red background represent Islam, the largest religion in Turkey, while the five-pointed star is a symbol of the former Ottoman Empire, a Turkish empire, established at the end of the 13th century.


Here are the emojis for your favorite countries in Europe.


Albania flag, Apple version of the Albania flag , red emojis

The 🇦🇱 Albanian Flag features a black double-headed eagle in the center of a red background. The red color represents the virtues of strength, valor, and courage present in the people of Albania. Meanwhile, the eagle is represents the heraldic form of weaponry used by their national hero, Georgi Catriota.


Austria flag emoji, Apple version of the Austria flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇦🇹 Austria Flag depicts three alternating red and white horizontal stripes, with the thickest being the middle white stripe. The red stripe represents bravery and strength, while the white stripe represents peace and honesty.


Belarus flag, Apple version of the Belarus flag, red emojis

The 🇧🇾 Belarus Flag emoji shows the official flag of Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe. The popular flag Belarus emoji consists of two large, horizontal stripes, colored red and green, with a red-and-white pattern on the left.


Denmark emoji, Apple version of the Denmark emoji

The 🇩🇰 Denmark Flag features a white Nordic cross. The cross is against a red background. The white cross stands for Christianity, while red represents two values that are very important to the Danish, namely strength and bravery.


Gibraltar flag emoji, Gibraltar flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

The 🇬🇮 Gibraltar Flag features a castle and a golden key dangling from a white backdrop with a red horizontal line at the bottom. The Arms of Gibraltar had a big influence on the design of this flag. The colors red and white on the arms symbolize bravery and strength, while white represents peace and honesty.

Isle Of Man

Isle Of Man emoji, Apple version of the Isle Of Man emoji, red emojis

The 🇮🇲 Isle of Man Flag is a red flag with three armored knight legs in the center of it. The design featured here was inspired by the Manz coat of arms, way back in the 13th century. The Isle of Man is a British Crown dependency.


Latvia flag emoji, Apple version of the Latvia flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇱🇻 Latvia Flag features three horizontal stripes: a small white stripe in the center and two thicker dark red stripes at the top and bottom. The red color of the flag symbolizes the will of the Latvians to sacrifice their lives for the country, and their readiness to defend the freedom of their country at all costs.


Liechtenstein flag emoji, Apple version of the Liechtenstein flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein Flag displays a blue horizontal band at its top part, and a red band below. The blue band carries a gold crown in the upper left corner. Blue stands for the skies, while gold represents the people of Liechtenstein. The crown on the flag represents Liechtenstein’s monarch and the unity of the people.


Malta flag emoji, Apple version of the Malta flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇲🇹 Malta Flag contains two sections; its left section is white, and its right portion is red. A red-edged George Cross sits on the upper left corner. The colors correspond to the coat of arms of the great Count Roger Norman, who conquered the island to the Muslims in the year 1090.


Monaco flag emoji, Apple version of the Monaco flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇲🇨 Monaco Flag consists of two equal horizontal bands, red on top and white at the bottom. Like many national flags, the colors on Monaco’s flag are symbolic. Red represents the flesh of the human body, while white represents the importance having a pure spiritual life.


Montenegro flag emoji, Apple version of the Montenegro flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇲🇪 Montenegro Flag shows a red flag with the coat of arms sits in the middle. Its major design is of a two-headed eagle with a crown. This shows the close relationship between the country’s church and state.

North Macedonia

North Maecdonia flag emoji, Apple version of the North Maecdonia flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇲🇰 Macedonia Flag emoji is a digital version of the national flag of the Republic of North Macedonia. The design of this flag is fairly simple, it depicts a stylized yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the center to the edge of the field. The sun symbolizes the “new sun of liberty” mentioned in the country’s national anthem and Coat of Arms.


Norway flag emoji, Apple version of the Norway flag emoji, red emojis

Pack your thick clothes and get your hiking gear ready when you post the 🇳🇴 Norway Flag emoji! This emoji is an online version of a flag representing the country of Norway.

The Nordic cross on the flag symbolizes Christianity, which is the dominant religion throughout the region. On the other hand, the white and red colors represent Norway’s union with Denmark. Meanwhile, the blue color of the cross signifies Norway’s partnership with Sweden before it obtained independence, a gesture symbolic that expresses Norway’s passion for peace and good relations with other countries.


Poland flag emoji, Poland flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

Here we have the 🇵🇱 Poland Flag emoji which represents the country of Poland. The flag has two main colors, occupying equal parts on the flag. Red and white stand for courage and strength, while white represents purity.


Portugal flag emoji, Apple version of the Portugal flag emoji, red emojis red emojis

Let’s celebrate Portugal’s beauty with the 🇵🇹 Portugal Flag emoji! The Portugal flag is a bicolor of green and red with a scaled-down rendition of Portugal’s national coat of arms. There is no written evidence of the meaning of the flag’s green and red hues. A theory, however, states the colors are the red and green flag inspired the colors raised during the country’s 1891 rebellion.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Svalbard and Jan Mayen flag emoji, Apple version of the Svalbard and Jan Mayen flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇸🇯 Svalbard and Jan Mayen flag shows a navy-blue cross on a red background. The cross is off-centered to the left and outlined in white. It represents Christianity, while the presence of the red and blue colors symbolize the country’s previous and current union partners.

Svalbard sits midway between the North Pole and Norway, while Jan Mayen is a volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean at the Norwegian and Greenland Sea. If you think the Svalbard and Jan Mayen flag looks quite similar to Norway’s, you’re not seeing things. Neither site has their own flag or coat of arms and therefore uses the same flag as Norway.


Switzerland flag emoji, Apple version of the Switzerland flag, red emojis

The 🇨🇭 Switzerland Flag displays a white cross in the center of a red background. The red part stands for bravery, strength, while the white portion symbolizes peace and honesty, two important values the Swiss everyday live by.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom flag emoji, Apple version of the United Kingdom flag emoj, red emojis

The 🇬🇧 United Kingdom Flag is a combination of the flag of Northern Ireland, England, and Scotland. Its primary colors are white, red and blue. White symbolizes purity, truth and innocence, red represents military strength, while the flag’s blue portion stands for loyalty, faith, and honesty.


Wales flag emoji, Apple version of the Wales flag emoji, red emojis

Unleash the dragon within, by sharing the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales Flag emoji to everyone you know! This emoji is an online depiction of the Wales national flag, which features a red dragon as its centerpiece. The dragon covers most of the flag’s surface, and personifies the fearlessness of the Welsh nation.

Wales is another nation located in the United Kingdom. The flag of Wales features two main colors, arranged horizontally. White is at the top, while green is below. White stands for peace and honesty and hope, while green stands for hope, joy and love. The Wales flag emoji variously notes all things Wales, from its tourist destinations to its charming people.


Here are emojis for countries in Oceania.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia flag, Apple version of the French Polynesia flag, red emojis

The 🇵🇫 French Polynesia Flag emoji depicts the flag of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France, made up of five archipelagoes in the South Pacific Ocean. The flag of French Polynesia appears with three horizontal bands, two are red and one is white.

The thicker white middle band has a picture of a canoe with five small stars. The canoe is riding the waves, and behind it are the sun’s rays. Red and white are traditional Polynesian colors, while the small stars in the canoe represent the country’s five island group.


Kiribati flag emoji, Apple version of the Kiribati flag emoji

The 🇰🇮 Kiribati Flag is red on top, and printed on it, is a yellow bird circling a yellow sun rising from a white and blue ocean. Below the sun are blue and white bands to represent the ocean. Designers got the frigate bird flying over the rising sun from the country’s coat of arms, the bird symbolizes strength and power in the oceans, and at sea.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea flag emoji, Papua New Guinea flag emoji Apple version, red emojis

The 🇵🇬 Papua New Guinea Flag is divided into two portions in black and red that run diagonally from left to right. The upper red area features the yellow Raggiana Bird of Paradise, while the below black section features five white Southern Cross stars.


Samoa flag emoji, Apple version of the Samoa flag emoji, red emojis

Bring an island feel to your content with the 🇼🇸 Samoa Flag emoji! This emoji illustrates a realistic image of Samoa’s national flag. Samoa consists of a group of islands in the southern Pacific. A blue rectangle on the upper left corner against a red background makes up the main design. In the blue rectangle are five white stars.

There are three prominent colors in this flag, red, blue, and white. Blue stands for freedom, white symbolizes purity, while red represents bravery, and is also the traditional Samoan color. Meanwhile, the Southern Cross constellation depicted on the flag represents the night sky above Samoa.


Tonga flag emoji, Apple version of the Tonga flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇹🇴 Tonga Flag emoji is a picture of the national flag of Tonga, a Polynesian country of more than 170 South Pacific islands. Except for a white rectangle in the upper left corner, this emoji is mostly red. A red vertical cross is located within this white corner.

The symbolism of Tonga’s flag has a variety of religious connotations. One of them would be the red cross on it to represent Christianity, the faith practiced by the majority of the country. The white section of the flag represents purity, while the other crimson section represents the sacrifice of Christ’s blood, which He shed during his Crucifixion.

Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna flag emoji, Apple version of the Wallis and Futuna flag emoji, red emojis

Think you’re staring at the French flag? You’re not wrong. As part of France’s overseas territory, the 🇼🇫 Wallis and Futuna Flag features the French flag in its top left corner. On the flag’s right side, are four triangles on a red background. They represent the three native kings of the islands and the French administrator. Each color featured on the flag is significant and has a special meaning, the color red symbolizes courage; while the white color represents purity of ideals.

North America

Below are emojis for North American countries.

Antigua And Barbuda

Antiga and Barbadua flag emoji, Apple version of the Antiga and Barbadua flag, red emojis

This emoji is an online version of the 🇦🇬 Antigua And Barbuda Flag. Antigua And Barbuda is a tropical but dry country of three islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The Antigua And Barbuda flag has a white field symbolizing hope, two red fields to represent the country’s willingness, a blue field to symbolize for the Caribbean Sea, and a black field to represent the African roots. The last part of the flag is a yellow half-sun with nine rays, designers put it to represent the dawn of a new era for the country.


Bermuda flag, Apple version of the Bermuda flag, red emojis

A red field with the Union Jack on the upper left corner is the main design of the 🇧🇲 Bermuda Flag. To the right of the flag lies the country’s coat of arms. The red color and the presence of the Union Jack represents Bermuda’s unique colonial heritage and its current status as a British territory.


Canada flag emoji, Apple version of the Canada flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇨🇦 Canada Flag features three horizontal stripes, two red stripes and one white one. In the middle of the white portion is a red maple leaf. The color red symbolizes prosperity and hope, while white stands for peace. In the middle is a red 11-point sugar maple leaf on a white background. The maple is Canada’s official tree and one of the most prevalent trees in the country, with 10 native kinds planted.


Greenland flag emoji, Apple version of the Greenland flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇬🇱 Greenland Flag features two white and red horizontal bands. The left side bears a circle divided in half horizontally with the main colors swapped around. The red part represents the sun, while the white portion symbolizes the country’s glaciers and ice caps.


Haiti flag emoji, Apple version of the Haiti flag emoji

Red and blue are the main colors of the 🇭🇹 Haiti Flag with the coat of arms in the middle. The coat of arms includes a hilltop, weaponry, and a palm tree. A white ribbon on the hillside has the words “Unity is Strength” on it.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico flag emoji, Apple version of the Puerto Rico flag emoji, red emojis

Take a trip to South America with the 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico Flag emoji! This emoji displays a flag with red and white horizontal stripes. At its left side is a blue triangular shaped portion with a white star in the middle.

The red hues signify the blood shed by the country’s courageous warriors, while the white stripes symbolize liberty and freedom. The blue triangle represents the country’s three government agencies.

United States of America

America flag emoji, United States flag emoji, Apple version of the America flag emoji, red emojis

Show off your red, white, and blue pride with the 🇺🇸 United States of America Flag! Also known as the United States flag emoji, this emoji is basically a digital representation of the American flag, a symbol of freedom and liberty to which Americans pledge their allegiance.

Like the real life flag, the America flag emoji has thirteen alternating white and red horizontal stripes to represent the thirteen colonies formed when America gained its independence from Great Britain.

Meanwhile, on the flag’s upper left corner, 50 white stars sit in a blue rectangle. The 50 stars on the represent the 50 states of the United States of America. From the time the flag was first made, up the present, three colors of the flag are associated with the United States–red, white, and blue. Red stands for strength and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocent, while the color blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

South America

Below are emojis for South American countries.


Chile flag emoji, Apple version of the Chile flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇨🇱 Chile Flag emoji depicts the Chilean flag. The flag is divided into two horizontally, white on top and red at the bottom. A blue square with a white star in the center is on the left side of the white half. This flag is often used to refer to the Republic of Chile, the country’s culture, and their people.


Peru flag, Peru flag emoji, red emojis

Show the world your passion for Peru with the 🇵🇪 Peru Flag emoji! The Peruvian flag emoji, as it is frequently called, is rectangle, with three vertical sections. The outer two bands are red, while the inner central band is white. The color red depicts the blood shed during the country’s independence battle, while the color white denotes purity and peace.


Suriname flag emoji, Apple version of the Suriname flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇸🇷 Suriname Flag emoji shows the official flag of Suriname, a small country in South Africa famous for its extensive forests, and Dutch colonial cultural attractions. The flag has three major colors of green, white, and red.

Green bands on the top and bottom alternate with thinner white bands, while the broadest red band in the middle has a yellow star in the center. Green stands for hope and a good harvest, while white represents justice and peace. Meanwhile, red signifies progress and love, while the presence of the gold star represents unity and hope.

Trinidad and Tobago

Tonga flag emoji, Apple version of the Tonga flag emoji, red emojis

The 🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago Flag emoji depicts the national flag of Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean known for its fossil fuel wealth. The emoji flag, its online version, is commonly used to represent Trinidad and Tobago, the country’s people, and their unique culture. Moreover, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago use it to show pride in their country.

This flag consists of three colors, red, black, and white. Red stands for fire, black symbolizes the Earth, while white represents purity. Furthermore, the main attraction of the flag is a simple, white-edged black diagonal band. The band runs from the flag’s upper left side, to its bottom right side.


Red Tips

Now that you know the meaning behind these emojis, here are a few tips we’ve come up with on how to best use them.

Take Responsibility

Red is not a color that everyone likes. For some people, red is a great way to express their passion, sexuality, and lust for life, but for others, it may seem a little bit too much. Online, or offline, an exaggerated use of red can have an opposite effect on your audience.

As a result, it’s important not to use too much of it. Too many red emojis, one after the other, might come across as too aggressive, and/or too painful to look at. Have you ever stared at a book filled with only red fonts? Did it make you want to read further? We bet you know the answer to that.

Get In Your Own Creative Red Zone

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Previously, we talked about how red is not everyone’s cup of tea. If it’s your favorite color, and you’d really like to use it to grow your personal content, or gain more followers, don’t let what other people think stop you. Go and do what you want, it’s possible to reach your goal, you just need to be a little more creative with your execution.

Emoji Games

One of the biggest lasting trends in the emoji world are emoji games, puzzles and riddles. Everyone seems to love figuring those things out on their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop! That said, Since it’s so popular, why not just create red emoji versions of it? Have people guess your next product or next activity or next OOTD with fun red emoji combos.

Text your friends to see if you can stump them, or share them on Facebook for a larger group activity. If you’re feeling up to the game, send back your own emoji combo response, one you made all by yourself.

Remember The Rules

This one is not really a tip, more of a reminder. Any language, no matter how basic, has its rules — and emojis are no exception. Playing with red emojis is fun, however, to make sure they deliver the most impact, it’s important to follow guidelines. One of them would be to always provide context. Put context before or after the emoji, especially when red emojis are there, seeing that red emojis give off quite a strong vibe.

For instance, if you’re late to a party because of heavy traffic, and your friends are looking for you, sending a red emoji without any words before it or after it, won’t make sense. It might make your friends think you are mad at them!

End With Emojis

Emoji experts have known this–and practiced–for quite some time. Emojis aren’t great at beginning conversations, but they’re fantastic at ending them. Have you ever had a text conversation that has gone on for too long and you’re not sure how to end it? The right emoji can be used to gracefully end a message.

They also work as a reaction-based affirmation, similar to quietly nodding your head while someone speaks to you. A well-placed emoji can confirm that you are still listening if someone is in the middle of a long series of texts to you.



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In closing, we hope our talk inspired you to use red emojis more. If you saw something you liked from our red emojis collection, why not try it out? Go and give it a shot!

Earlier, we talked about how too much red may be painful to the eyes. Here’s a quick hack to help you get out of that scenario–for a more balanced look, insert colored emojis like blue emojis or green emojis in your content. It will balance out all the red emojis. Get some through websites, or download apps for unique designs. Just be sure it doesn’t distort the meaning of your message, you’ll be fine.

Calm And Fire

Why these colors? Blue is a clean and calming color, used for bedrooms and bedrooms. It can make any space calm and restful. On the other hand, green is the color of nature and well-being.

As you do so, always keep in mind the impact the red emojis you choose may have on your audience. Globally, red is a well-loved color. However, each person’s perception and opinion of red may vary. Same thing goes with red emojis.

Forever Red

Red is the color of danger, but it’s also the color of romance. Red is the color of anger, but it’s also the color of love. Be as intentional as possible with your message, especially the red emojis you use, and you’ll be okay.

Overall, due to its distinct nature and various emotional meanings, red has beyond doubt stood the test of time and has beautified so many people in different ways. To not make the best use of it would be quite really a waste. So, why not make the best use of it, and get to it!