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Fly like a bird, reach the sky with the Eagle emoji! This emoji shows a bald eagle, a bird of prey with a white head, yellow, sharp beak, and brown, feathery wings.

Did you know the Eagle is one of the most common emojis used around American holidays and events? The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States, itโ€™s been the national bird since 1782. This emoji is often used by Americans to express their love of country.

The Eagle emoji primarily refers to a bald eagle, although it may also be used to symbolize other eagles, and other birds of prey, too. Sometimes it is used to indicate sports teams named after eagles, like the Philadelphia Eagles.

Every so often, the symbol may be used to describe someone who has qualities of an eagle. Say, he or she may be as fast as an eagle, or has the โ€œeyes of an eagle.โ€ A person with โ€œeagle eyesโ€ watches things carefully, theyโ€™ve got sharp vision, and are good at noticing things.

Some users call this particular bird symbol by other names, like hawk emoji, after the hawk eagle, or falcon emoji, after the falcon eagle. Others lean toward the more simple, bald eagle emoji.

Feel free to use the Eagle bird emoji in your social media profile name, along with other similar bird emojis if your occupation and interests connect you to them in some way. In addition, while sharing pictures or videos of eagles you can use this emoji in the caption to enhance or elevate your content.

๐Ÿฆ… Eagle is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016, and was added to Emoji 3.0.

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hawk emoji

griffin emoji

bald eagle emoji

falcon emoji

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Eagle Emoji History

Eagle Emoji is created in the year 2016.

Eagle Emoji Unicode Data