4th of July Emojis ๐ŸŽ† To Celebrate America’s Birthday ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐ŸŽ‰

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The Fourth of July is a proud day for every American, as it is on this day their country, the United States Of America, gained its independence. On July 4, 1776, 13 settler colonies severed their political connections to Britain through the issuing of the Declaration of Independence. This brave act set so many things in motion; America officially became its own nation, which eventually led to the formation of the 50 states in the United States of America. Every year, U.S. citizens celebrate this historic event by holding parades, concerts, or fireworks displays. Meanwhile, others prefer to support and celebrate online by sharing happy and heartfelt Independence Day wishes. Out of all the messages shared, those with 4th of July emojis are the ones most noticed and appreciated.

Flag of America, US Flag with Happy 4th of July greeting

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Can you imagine a world without emojis? We sure can’t! It seems like every single text, social media post, or email has an emoji or two in it. Who can blame them, right? Emojis help express feelings without using many words. When you can’t think of the right words to say, emojis will be there to help you out. Inserting emojis in social media posts has proven to be a great way to gain more social media followers while being a little fun to do at the same time.

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What some people still don’t get though is that not all emojis are created equal. Some emoji meanings are difficult to understand, especially when there are so many to choose from. Others have a secret (and sexy) double meaning that needs to be deciphered.


Use Emojis to Celebrate the 4th of July

Sometimes, it’s simply hard to find the right emoji to use to match your goal. We made choosing easier by creating a collection of 4th of July emojis.

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Since the Fourth of July is a celebration of American history, heritage, and way of life, we chose each of the 4th of July emojis based on two things. The first one is that they’re an American cultural symbol or icon, or they’re used in Independence Day celebrations. After each definition is an example of how to best use each of the 4th of July emojis in a sentence. Every emoji we have here is free to copy and paste or download. When you’re done, you can attach and include them in your emails or messaging apps. We hope you have a lot of fun using the 4th of July emojis we have here!


United States Flag Emoji

American Flag emoji, Apple version of the American Flag emoji

We’re kicking off our 4th of July emoji list with a feature on America’s most prominent symbol of pride and freedom — the 🇺🇸 United States Flag emoji. Did you know that depicted in the flag’s design are important parts of the nation’s history? For instance, the seven red and six white stripes represent the original 13 British colonies.

Meanwhile, the 50 stars printed in the upper left corner symbolize each state. The same design is depicted in the flag’s emoji version, which was introduced to the public in 2010.

Example: Today, may we be reminded once more that we are so fortunate to be born in a free nation. 🇺🇸 Happy Fourth of July to one and all! 🇺🇸


Eagle Emoji

Eagle emoji, Apple version of the Eagle emoji

Taking the second spot in our 4th of July emojis countdown is the 🦅 Eagle emoji. This emoji features an image of a bald eagle, a bird of prey found in North America. The eagle emoji features a somewhat realistic virtual interpretation of its real-life counterpart, as seen by its white head and strong, yellow talons.

Did you know that the bald eagle is an iconic animal in America? It was even named the national bird of the USA in 1782, and it kept that title from then on.

That said, there’s always been an increase in eagle emoji sightings around most American holidays. This is mainly because Americans often use the eagle emoji to show their appreciation for their nation. But the emoji may also describe other eagles and birds of prey.

Example: Being born in a country that is independent is a wonderful blessing. And on the 4th of July, let us celebrate this day with high spirits. Let your dreams fly high. Happy Independence Day! 🦅


Statue Of Liberty Emoji

Statue Of Liberty emoji, Apple version of the Statue Of Liberty emoji

Long live, Lady Liberty! For our third entry in our 4th of July emojis list, we travel to the city that never sleeps — New York! The 🗽 Statue Of Liberty emoji is a digital representation of the Statue of Liberty, a huge neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. An icon of freedom, the statue has greeted visitors to the harbor for 132 years!

Going back to its emoji version, the Statue of Liberty emoji features only the top portion of the structure. Why that is so hasn’t been really answered yet. As for its usage, the Statue of Liberty emoji is almost always used regarding aspects of the American culture such as the country’s traditions, events, news, or holidays.

Example: Every Fourth of July, I visit the 🗽to remind me of the sacrifices my immigrant parents made when they first came to America.


Baseball Emoji

Baseball emoji, Apple version of the Baseball emoji

Baseball is America’s national sport. Although Americans are more likely to shoot hoops in the afternoon or place bets on their favorite soccer teams, baseball will always have a special place in their hearts.

In America, everyone remembers the sports heroes of their childhood. If you ask an American or two who they are, they’ll most likely mention legendary baseball players like Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves.

On that note, you may use the ⚾ Baseball emoji for just that; to talk about your favorite players like Babe and Hank, or to talk about baseball games or stadiums. As long as it’s related to the sport of baseball, you’re good! As for its design, on all major platforms, the baseball emoji resembles a typical baseball. Just like how most baseballs usually look, it’s a white ball with two inwardly curving lines stitched in red.

Example: My uncles love ⚾ so much, they play catch on a baseball diamond every year, during our yearly Fourth of July picnic at the park.


Apple Pie Emoji

Apple emoji, Apple version of the Apple emojiPie emoji, Apple version of the Pie emoji

Nothing says “Happy Fourth of July” like enjoying a slice of apple pie under the fireworks, or on a picnic table at the park. However, if you’d like to share your apple pie eating on the Fourth of July moment online, we hate to break it to you, but an apple pie emoji hasn’t been designed yet. What you can do instead is simply put the 🍎 Apple emoji beside the 🥧 Pie emoji to show you’re craving, eating, or currently baking apple pie.

These 4th of July emojis are actually pretty useful. For instance, although the pie emoji mainly refers to apple pie, it may represent other kinds of pie, as well. Its overall design comprises a gray or silver pie pawn or bowl with a fully baked pie inside. The pie actually looks good enough to eat; steam is coming off of it, and its crust is a delicious golden brown.

Meanwhile, the apple emoji is a picture of a classic red apple, complete with a green leaf and brown stem. This emoji is commonly used to represent anything related to apples, dishes with apples, or apple flavoring. Some use it when talking about going back to school because it’s common practice for students to leave apples on their teacher’s desk for appreciation.

Example: To just buy an 🍎🥧 for our annual Fourth of July dinner, that’s just too lazy for me. I would rather make one from scratch. It always tastes better. 😋


Bell Emoji

Bell emoji, Apple version of the Bell emoji

The 🔔 Bell emoji you see a lot of on Independence Day is an online depiction of the Liberty Bell, a bell rung in 1776 to celebrate the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

A traditional symbol of U.S. freedom, inscribed in the Liberty bell is a Bible verse taken from the Book of Leviticus. The verse reads, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” As for its usage, this emoji is shared in posts and chats related to bells and other American symbols of freedom.

Example: May your July 4th festivities be as loud and as meaningful as the ringing of the Liberty 🔔. May everything you do today resonate with the love of liberty that our founders showed. ❤️


Fireworks Emoji

Fireworks emoji, Apple version of the Fireworks emoji

Whether you buy your own fireworks or would rather watch local fireworks displays, lighting fireworks is a long-standing tradition for Americans on the 4th of July. They sure love to celebrate Independence Day with a bang!

Use the 🎆 Fireworks emoji to talk about the fireworks displays you see on the 4th of July! This emoji features a purple and white firework going off in the night sky. Along with its general meaning, the fireworks emoji can also express emotions such as shock, surprise, or happiness. You may use it as a reaction to an amazing experience, fact, or event as well.

Example: No words can describe the outstanding feeling of watching the 🎆 in the sky with all my family and friends on the Fourth of July! ✨


Meat Emoji

Cut Of Meat emoji, Cut Of Meat emoji Apple version  Meat On Bone emoji, Apple version of the Meat On Bone emoji

Arguably, the most famous 4th of July food tradition is the all-American barbeque. Every year, millions of Americans gather around outdoor pits, ovens, and grills to cook their favorite meat. At the barbeque, make your family and friends feel like they’re there with you by taking pictures and posting them on social media with the right emojis.

To represent the meat, two main options are the 🍖Meat on Bone emoji or 🥩 Cut of Meat emoji.

The meat on bone emoji depicts a sizeable chunk of meat on a white bone. It’s quite similar to what’s eaten in the cartoon series “The Flintstones.” It is commonly used to represent many portions of meat.

Meanwhile, the cut of meat emoji depicts a raw, ribeye steak lined with fat. This emoji is often used to talk about cookouts, barbeques, and steak dinners. The cut of meat emoji may also inform people if there was meat involved in making a certain dish. It is sometimes known as the steak emoji.

Example: I took the day off at work to marinate the 🥩 for our yearly Fourth of July cookout. That’s how excited I am! 😂


Musical Notes Emoji

Musical Notes emoji, Apple version of the Musical Notes emoji

Various communities gather to march in the streets to celebrate Independence Day. Behind these groups or in front of these groups, are usually a bunch of floats with different entertainers. If you like their music, you can talk about their songs online with the 🎵 Musical Note emoji or 🎶 Musical Notes emoji. This emoji features two eighth notes dangling on a horizontal beam. It is commonly used to represent songs, singers, and music.

Example: I always get goosebumps whenever they play “Star-Spangled Banner” before the 4th of July Parade. 🎶


Carousel Horse Emoji

Carousel emoji, Carousel emoji Apple version

As we hit the halfway mark on our 4th of July emojis rundown, why don’t we take a trip down memory lane?

As we all know, the 4th of July parades are usually followed by carnivals or fairs. Kids and families look forward to these events mostly because of the rides. No matter what age you are, rides are always tons of fun! Through the years, one ride that’s always present in any outdoor fair is the Merry-Go-Round. What is it? A Merry-Go-Round is a revolving machine with colorful, plastic horses. People ride these horses for amusement. Each horse is called a carousel horse.

If you want to document your merry-go-round ride on social media, the best emoji for this is the 🎠 Carousel Horse emoji. This emoji shows a piece of the painted white horse that’s a part of the Merry-Go-Round. It is decorated in a variety of colors and has a pole down the middle. Since it’s a part of a ride found in the amusement park, the meanings in which it is used are closely related to fairs, carnivals, and other attractions.

Example: No matter how old you are, you’re never too old for the 🎠. Riding one at the Fourth of July fairs brings me back to my childhood! Boy, weren’t things a lot simpler before?


Ferris Wheel Emoji

Ferris Wheel emoji, Apple version of the Ferris Wheel emoji

Another all-time favorite fair ride is the Ferris Wheel. It’s the centerpiece of any carnival and one that attracts riders, both young and old. The breathtaking view people get when they ride a Ferris Wheel is what makes them come back to it every time.

At the next Fourth of July fair you attend, as you document your experience, don’t forget to include ride-related emojis like the 🎡 Ferris Wheel emoji to make your posts more exciting!

The Ferris wheel emoji features the large, rotating wheel found in a typical, real-life Ferris wheel. In the picture, a big, triangular structure supports the wheel. On the wheel are eight white spokes of even length. At the end of these spokes are bucket seats where visitors sit.

Most users share this emoji when they talk about fairs or carnivals. It’s often paired with other emojis that depict rides, like the 🎢 Roller Coaster emoji and 🎪 Circus Tent emoji.

Example: The 🎡 at the annual Fourth of July fair in our hometown will always be special because that’s where my boyfriend proposed to me. 💑


Clapping Hands Emoji

Clapping Hands, Applause, Clapping Hands emoji, Applause emoji

Holidays per se are great, but there can be lulls in between all the activities. When this happens, music activities like concerts help people get back into the groove. Plus, they’re really fun to attend!

On Independence Day, why not attend one with your friends and family? If you’re on a budget, there’s no problem with that because most of them are free! And, if you liked the show, why not include the 👏 Clapping Hands emoji in your post-show Tweets, Snaps, or chats?

This emoji features two hands facing one another. Above or beside the cartoon hands are small rays to signify the sound made during a clap. The meaning of this emoji is usually used to convey a round of applause. If you really liked the show, post over one emoji to show your appreciation.

Example: 👏👏👏 for the band members that kept on performing in the parade even when it rained. Such troopers!


Woman Dancing Emoji

Woman Dancing emoji, body emoji, Apple version of the Woman Dancing emoji

Fourth of July celebrations don’t always have to be grand if you don’t want them to be. As long as you’re doing things with the right intention, you’ll never go wrong! Something as simple as dancing in the living room can be just as important as a huge parade, as long as you’re doing it to celebrate America’s freedom.

Tell your friends, family members, and followers you’re dancing by simply sharing the 💃 Woman Dancing emoji! This emoji shows a woman dancing in a red, long, and ruffled dress. She’s also wearing a pair of matching red heels. The emoji gives off a feeling of excitement, happiness, and positivity. Netizens mostly use it when they talk about dance, or any topic related to dance.

Example: Don’t just make the Fourth of July a day to have a party 💃. Let’s always remember why we are celebrating — to thank our national heroes for giving us the gift of freedom. 🙏


Bottle With Popping Cork Emoji

Bottle With Popping Cork emoji, Apple version of the Bottle With Popping Cork emoji

Cheers to the red, white, and blue! Show your patriotic pride by raising a toast to American Independence! As you do so, talk about it online with the 🍾 Bottle With Popping Cork emoji!

This emoji shows a picture of a green bottle of liquor. Its cork is popping and some wine is gushing out. The bottle with popping cork is often associated with special occasions and big celebrations, like the Fourth of July! It truly gives off a happy and celebratory vibe!

Example: Let us work hard together to make our nation the best country in the world. Happy Fourth of July! 🍾 Have a great time celebrating with friends and family! 🎉


Family Emoji

family emoji, apple version of family emoji

The best way to celebrate the Fourth of July is by spending time with family, whether they’re your blood family or your chosen family. What’s important is that you have people around you on this special day; people that love and accept you for who you are. On that note, make sure your family is represented in all your Fourth of July posts through the 👪 Family emoji!

This emoji is a cartoon-style representation of a mother, and a father, with their children. If you don’t have a traditional family, maybe you have two moms or two dads. There are other emoji variations available to represent your brood. Examples of these are the 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family with Woman, Woman, Girl and Boy, 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family with Woman, Woman, Boy and Boy, 👨‍👨‍👦 Family with Man, Man and Boy, and 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Family with Man, Man, Girl and Boy, etc.

Example: The holidays aren’t the same without 👪, even if we don’t get along sometimes. Every year, without fail, my parents and my brother organize the Fourth of July annual picnic together.


Balloon Emoji

Balloon emoji, Apple version of the Balloon emoji

Balloons make any party or special event stand out with flair. You won’t see any event without it, especially during special holidays like Independence Day.

As you go about documenting your Fourth of July celebrations, bring your fun moments with balloons online by inserting the 🎈Balloon emoji. This emoji features a round, red balloon with a string tied to its end.

If you want to bring a more positive vibe to your posts, you won’t regret doing it because it evokes a sense of fun and happiness. It is often used in discussions pertaining to birthday parties and other big celebrations.

Example: So excited for the hot air 🎈festival in Chester County this weekend, which will be the Fourth of July! Besides over 40 hot air 🎈, there will be a car show and hayrides!


Party Popper Emoji

Party Popper emoji, Apple version of the Party Popper emoji

Some people don’t feel like celebrating the Fourth of July with firecrackers because of their effects on the environment. If you feel that way, party poppers are 100 percent more sustainable and more manageable alternatives.

You’ve probably seen them at office parties or birthday parties. They’re just basically tiny novelty items containing colorful streamers or confetti. When a string dangling from the popper is pulled, it generates a loud noise, but not as loud as the one given out by a firecracker.

Online, the 🎉 Party Popper emoji is commonly depicted as a gold party hat with colorful pieces of confetti shooting out of it. Like its real-life counterpart, it gives off a fun celebratory vibe. Use this emoji to wish someone success on their big day, or to talk about a fun event like the Fourth of July!

Example: Bought some 🎉 for the Fourth of July cookout at our house. We are skipping the 🎆 displays at our park because my daughter and my dogs are both scared of 🎆.


Water Pistol Emoji

Pistol emoji, Apple version of the Pistol emoji

Another fun Fourth of July tradition is the yearly water gun battles. Because the event is held in the summer, which means it’s usually hot outside, being a part of the madness and fun of a squirt gun water war is a nice way to cool off.

Online, you can share your water fights with the 🔫 Water Pistol emoji. This emoji depicts a cartoon-style plastic squirt gun or water gun. It’s facing left, poised, and ready to drench an opponent! The water pistol emoji works best when it’s used to represent water guns (of course), as well as water games and water festivities.

Example: I always remind my kids to bring an 👕 on the Fourth of July because they never know when someone might point a 🔫 at them in the park and shoot them with water!


Basket Emoji

Basket emoji, Apple version of the Basket emoji

On the Fourth of July, no matter where you are, there’s guaranteed to be a picnic in a park somewhere. In the daytime, families get together for picnics and don’t leave their spot until the nighttime to get a good seat for the fireworks. Picnics make the day special, and it’s something everyone can be a part of. Why that is so is pretty self-explanatory, actually — come on, who doesn’t like to eat food?

However, if you plan to “emojify” your experience, you’ll need to be more creative than usual by crafting a picnic emoji combo. Sorry to say, a picnic emoji or table emoji hasn’t been designed yet. But that shouldn’t be a problem because there is a workaround; all you’ve got to do is mix and match the appropriate standalone emojis to let your social media followers know you’re at a picnic.

You can start with a 🧺 Basket emoji followed by food emojis that represent what you’re actually eating at the Fourth of July picnic. This won’t definitely be a problem because you’ve got a lot of picnic food types of emojis to choose from.

For starters, there are the 🥧 Pie emoji, 🍕 Pizza emoji, and 🍞 Bread emoji. Once you’re done, to show that you are outdoors, slide in a few flowers, plant, and tree emojis to give your post a fresh vibe. Two of the most popular flower emojis are the 🌺 Hibiscus emoji and 🌸 Cherry Blossom emoji. For the trees, you’ve only got the 🌲 Evergreen Tree emoji or 🌳 Deciduous Tree emoji.

Example: After doing everything myself for this year’s Fourth of July picnic 🧺, I am delegating items to my guests when they ask for help. Some will bring the 🥪, while my cousins are in charge of the 🍔 and the 🌭. Finally, I can enjoy the holiday with less stress!


Cowboy Hat Face Emoji

Cowboy emoji, Cowboy Face emoji, Cowboy symbol, Cowboy

Another way Americans celebrate Independence Day is by wearing patriotic costumes. Some go as Uncle Sam, while others choose the classic American hero — the cowboy! There’s nothing more all-American than a cowboy. Although there are fewer working cowboys today than in the past, the profession is still relevant. In states like Texas and Montana, cowboys continue to run ranches.

With this in mind, if you’d like to bring your cowboy cosplay memories online, the 🤠 Cowboy Hat Face emoji is the perfect emoji to enhance your posts. Sometimes referred to as the cowboy emoji, it’s a picture of a yellow smiley wearing a brown, high-crowned, wide-brimmed cowboy hat. This emoji is mostly used to describe cowboys, rodeos, or any other topic related to the Wild, Wild, West.

Example: For this year’s Fourth of July celebration, my entire family will go as 🤠. I am so sure my mom will put our family group costume photos in picture frames and display them all over our living room. 🥴


4th of July Emojis on Your Social Media Posts

Woman taking a selfie with the US flag in the background, woman taking a selfie with the American flag

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After going through the best of the best 4th of July emojis, now is as good a time as any to plan what you intend to post on your social media accounts. It would also be good to refresh yourself on some of the best practices for posting on all social media platforms.

Social Media Best Practices

For Instagram, colorful photos get the most action. Go at it with all your favorite colors, but do not overdo it with the filter effects. People want photos and videos that are colorful, but still authentic-looking. In addition, try to have your videos and photos evoke an emotion; it could be happiness, love, excitement, etc. This will pull your followers in!

For Facebook, keep your posts short and sweet. Studies reveal that posts with 80 characters or fewer receive higher engagement than longer posts. Also, focus on creating high engagement posts. Facebook looks at the number of likes, comments, and shares a post has before it makes it appear in someone else’s feed.

Third, while posting on Twitter, do not forget the hashtags and the mentions. Hashtags make it easier for people who aren’t already your followers to find your tweets. Make your hashtag as simple as possible. For instance, #FourthOfJulyparade will attract people who want to know more about Fourth of July parades or were part of one.

4th of July holiday backyard party, 4th of July party

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That’s it! You’ve got all you need to make kick-ass Fourth of July posts. Do not forget to include the 4th of July emojis as well. So, go out, do your best, and always remember to have fun! The Fourth of July happens only once every year, so make the most out of it! Don’t go through the entire celebration simply staring at your phone, focusing too greatly on what’s going on online instead of in real life. Get what you need, then spend the rest of the day celebrating with your friends and family. Happy Fourth of July To You All!