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Not in the mood to do anything? Show your lazy, sleepy state with the Sloth emoji! This emoji shows a picture of a sloth, a tree-dwelling, furry mammal. It has brown skin, with a wide, mask-like face, and is usually seen hanging from a tree branch.

If someone compares you to a sloth, you shouldn’t be flattered at all because sloths are lazy critters who move extremely slow and sleep a whopping 15 to 20 hours in a day! This means they’re awake for only four hours in a day. Suffice to say, if anyone made an official lazy emoji category, the sloth would definitely be in the list.

The Sloth emoji may also be used to indicate someone who’s clingy, always late or has an intense attachment to trees. As a matter of fact, even its entry to the emoji world was from the early, the Sloth emoji burst onto the scene in 2019. If you’re trying to express slow and steady in your caption, reel, or story, the sloth is a great emoji to use. If you’re replying with “no one cares,” in any context, feel free to use it, as well. This is because sloths are so lazy, they couldn’t care less about anything!

🦥 Sloth is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 which was introduced in 2019, and was added to Emoji 12.0.

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Sloth Emoji History

Sloth Emoji is created in the year 2019.

Sloth Emoji In Other Languages

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