✨ Baddie Emojis: 8 Types of Baddies πŸ‘‘ and Their Emoji Aesthetic πŸ–€

Written by: Bernice

Baddie emojis have gained popularity since the baddie aesthetic went viral on Instagram during the late 2010s. The aesthetic itself has gone through various changes and split into different subtypes since its rise to fame. You could say the same for emojis and their continuous growth in variety. Emojis have become a new language for the younger generation. They have learned to communicate with others on the Internet while using only emojis. Developers of emojis have learned to adapt to the Gen Z and millennial population by giving wide varieties of extremely specific or adaptable emojis year by year to further the emoji vocabulary.

However, you can also use emojis to express your aesthetic or identity. This means there are specific emoji combinations that will fit your sense of style and personality. The best part is that the growing emoji varieties allow you to become more specific on how to represent your lifestyle choices. A great example of an aesthetic thriving under the emoji community is the baddie aesthetic.

Learning about the baddie emoji combos will help you identify the subtypes underneath the baddie aesthetic. It can also help you have a clearer understanding of the vibe each type of baddie is trying to show. Additionally, learning about baddie emojis allows you to know what specific type of baddie you or your friend might be. This can help you in gift-giving, designing, and understanding yourself and others.

There are a lot of baddie aesthetic subtypes in the world. However, there are a few baddie subtypes that are more popular than the rest. Listed below are the eight types of popular baddie emojis and subtypes. Included is a description of the type of baddie and quick explanations for the emojis that have become a symbol for their aesthetic.


What Is a Baddie?

Baddie, which is short for bad bitch, is a term that was created in the 2010s. It’s used to describe a beautiful girl with clean eyebrows, smooth foundation, long lashes, and big lips. Baddies are common on Instagram, posting selfies with their outfits. At the same time, baddies have a certain personality as well. Baddies are confident, strong women, and always look clean and fashionable.

There are three things a person must have in order to become a baddie: attitude, fashion sense, and a talent for makeup. You should also be confident and willing to defend yourself against haters. This trait was inspired by baddies like Rihanna, Doja Cat, and Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, there are also a few negative traits unjustly associated with the baddie aesthetic. There is a prejudice amongst netizens that a self-proclaimed baddie is either dumb, aggressive, or a sugar baby.

Baddies have become an inspiration for many girls, though. The popular Tiktok sound “baddie is a genre” explains that it’s a genre and that it doesn’t fit just anyone’s personality or outlook. Despite this, there are many Instagram and Snapchat filters that design a person’s face and angles to look like a baddie. This allows young people to see themselves as a baddie before committing to the aesthetic.

Did you know there’s more than one type of baddie? People began fusing the baddie aesthetic with other aesthetics. An example of this is a mixture of the Y2K aesthetic, which features turn-of-the-century fashion, and the baddie aesthetic.


8 Types of Baddie Emojis

Now that we know what baddies are. Why don’t we go ahead and learn about their subtypes and baddie emoji combos? Listed below are eight types of baddies and their emoji combinations. Included on the list is a description of the subtype, their personality, and what makes them different from your standard baddie. We’ve also included short descriptions of the emojis provided for each subtype.


The Insta Baddie

An insta baddie, which is short for “Instagram Bad Bitch” is the original aesthetic baddie. You can find most of their images with them wearing a “baddie bun” which is a large bun on their head while wearing sexy clothes. Insta baddies are those inspired by Bratz dolls and Kylie Jenner, who launched her lipsticks around the same time insta baddies became popular.

For a long time, insta baddies were considered the most beautiful girls on the Internet. They would have on clean-looking eyebrows, flawless matte foundation, and large lips in nude tones. Insta baddies also wore two types of outfits: athleisure or silk string dresses. Most insta baddies are femme fatales with strong personalities. This means that they are seductive, charming, and can manipulate men to do their bidding.

Now that there are more subtypes of baddies, the insta baddie has slowly become unrecognizable on the Internet. You may find those with baddie traits, but they are usually mixed in with other aesthetics. However, without the birth of the insta baddie, none of the other aesthetics would be alive today.

Insta Baddie Emoji Combination

Peach, Peach emoji, Fruit emoji. Butt emojiNail Polish emojigem stone emoji, apple versionBiting Lip emojiKiss emoji, Kiss Mark emoji, Lips emojiSparkles emojisweat droplets emojicrown emoji

The baddie emojis combination for an insta baddie is a peach emoji, the nail polish emoji, the gemstone emoji, the biting lip emoji, the kiss mark emoji, the sparkles emoji, the sweat droplets emoji, and the crown emoji.

The sexy 🍑 Peach emoji is a standard to insta baddies. This is because they usually had two types of poses: one of their face, and the other with their bottoms facing the camera. This is because insta baddies were known to be curvy with large hips and bottoms despite having a thin waist. The 💅 Nail Polish emoji is associated with the word “slay”, meaning to do extremely well. In the case of insta baddies, the nail polish emoji represents them slaying their outfit for the image.

💦 Sweat Droplets emoji are also common for insta baddie emojis. This is to imply that they look hot enough to cause someone to sweat or go thirsty for their attention. Meanwhile, the 💋 Kiss Mark emoji, the 👑 Crown emoji, and the ✨ Sparkles emoji describe their feminine energy. The 💎 Gem Stone emoji represents the insta baddie being unique and the 🫦 Biting Lip emoji represents their luscious lips.

Since the insta baddie emojis are the original emojis for the aesthetic, they are interchangeable and can even stand alone. Posting a picture of yourself in a sleek outfit while adding any of these emojis or all of them together makes you a representative of the insta baddie aesthetic. This means that you’re feeling extremely confident, daring, and seductive in the image.


The Drug Store Queen

Baddie emojis for the drug store queen pinpoint what makes them so different from other subtypes of the baddie aesthetic. Drug Store Queens are known to create similar looks to other baddie subtypes (the insta baddie in particular) while using cheap makeup found in your local drugstore.

The Drug Store Queen

Image from Extrashade

Drug store queens are extremely talented at makeup. As a result, you can’t tell the difference between them and other baddies. Fortunately, spotting a drug store queen baddie isn’t hard when they post videos of themselves online. This is because the drug store queens became popular on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. How did they get popular? They recommended drugstore makeup and showed its effectiveness in their videos.

In terms of personality, drug store queens are friendly and energetic. They usually have a good sense of humor and love sharing stories about themselves and their experiences. Drug store queens may look tough and fierce on the outside, but their arms are wide open, and always have a smile on their faces.

Drug Store Queen Emoji Combination

Pill emoji, Pill, Medicine, DrugKiss emoji, Kiss Mark emoji, Lips emojiNail Polish emojilipstick emojihospital emojiSparkles emoji

The baddie emojis combination for drug store queens is the pill emoji, the kiss mark emoji, the nail polish emoji, the lipstick emoji, the hospital emoji, and the sparkles emoji. Throughout this list, you will find that the kiss mark, the lipstick, the sparkles, and the nail polish are common for baddie emoji combos. However, the drug store queen combo adds the 💊 Pill emoji and the 🏥 Hospital emoji to describe the drugstores they find their makeup in.

You can use this combination when watching a video about drugstore makeup on the Internet. At the same time, you can also use this emoji after posting your selfie on Instagram with your finished look by using drugstore makeup.


Luxurious Baddie

Baddie emojis with sparkles and wine almost always refer to the luxurious baddie. This is because the luxurious baddie usually wears silk, chiffon, fur, or even clothes with a large number of gemstones. Luxurious baddies prefer the finer things in life. Their lifestyle consists of high-class resorts, unique vacation trips, and hypercars.

Luxurious baddie

Image from Pinterest

Luxurious baddies can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Unlike the drug store queens, luxurious baddies are more private and prefer to present their lifestyle rather than discuss it. Luxurious baddies have two subtypes: old money aesthetic and new money aesthetic. Luxurious baddies with old money aesthetics tend to favor nude colors with bright locations such as the beach. Meanwhile, the new money aesthetic for luxurious baddies prefer dark colors and urban scenes with lots of expensive drinks.

There’s not much to say about the luxurious baddie personality-wise. Most of them prefer to keep quiet about their income despite showing their properties. They’re also less likely to pick fights on the Internet compared to other baddies. Luxurious baddies also don’t stick to one type of makeup. While they do follow the traditional baddie makeup style, luxurious baddies prefer natural lips rather than larger ones. They also use simple eyeshadow colors in contrast to the other baddies.

Luxurious Baddie Emoji Combination

money bag emojiring emojimoney with wings emojiSparkles emojilipstick emojiwine glass emojiWilted Flower emoji

Since luxurious baddies are filled with money, the 💰 Money Bag emoji, the 💍 Ring emoji, the 💸 Money with Wings emoji, and the sparkles emoji are a must-have. This implies that they are loaded with disposable income. The ring emoji can mean two things: they married rich or they are committed to the lifestyle they currently have. Meanwhile, the sparkles emoji describes the glamorous environment they live in.

It is optional to put in the 💄 Lipstick emoji to describe a luxurious baddie’s makeup. However, keep in mind that luxurious baddies focus more on their wealth and fashion rather than their makeup foundation. It is more advisable to use the 🍷 Wine Glass emoji to describe the expensive food and drinks they consume on a daily basis instead. The 🥀 Wilted Flower emoji is also common for luxurious baddies, even more so when it comes to the new money subtype. This describes a dark and mysterious woman with expensive tastes and money that no one knows where it comes from.


Baddie Baka

A baddie baka, also known as uwu baddie or the funny baddie, is the newest subtype of baddie aesthetics. Unfortunately, the baddie baka isn’t quite similar to the rest of baddies for a negative reason. Baddie bakas are known to be extremely dumb. A baddie baka does not have the real confidence other baddies have. Instead, a baddie baka is a type of person that aims to become a baddie, but doesn’t seem to have the right attitude.

Baddie bakas are known to favor boba tea and wear similar outfits to the insta baddie. While they may look similar to the insta baddie, their personality and mindset are completely different. Baddie bakas are funnier, airheaded, and more friendly. They also like to do makeup tutorials with lips being their favorite topic. Unlike other baddies, baddie bakas also prefer lip gloss rather than colored lipsticks.

Netizens make fun of baddie bakas a lot. There is a prejudice that their beauty is only skin-deep because they’re not as smart as other baddies. However, baddie bakas are kinder and more open about their emotions. Some people dislike baddie bakas because of their childish behavior. However, baddie bakas currently remain unproblematic in contrast to other baddies. This is because they are more interested in their aesthetic rather than picking fights with other people.

Baddie Baka Emoji Combination

Nail Polish emojiKiss emoji, Kiss Mark emoji, Lips emojiSparkles emojiFire, Fire emoji, Apple version of Fire emojiHeart Eyes emoji, Heart emoji, Heart, Heart Eyes, Love emojiFace With Tongue, Face With Tongue emoji, Face With Stuck-Out Tongue, Face With Stuck-Out Tongue emojiZany Face emojibubble tea emoji

Baddie emojis for the baddie baka include the nail polish emoji, the kiss mark emoji, the sparkles emoji, the fire emoji, the face with heart eyes emoji, the tongue sticking emoji, the zany face emoji, and the boba tea emoji. The first three emojis are common baddie emojis. The following are only baddie emojis when added next to the other three.

First is the 🔥 Fire emoji, which describes something being “hot af” or cool. Second is a set of face emojis: the 😍 Smiling Face with Heart Eyes, the 🤪 Zany Face, and the 😛 Face with Tongue, which implies a playful and crazy behavior. Meanwhile, the boba tea emoji is exclusive to the baka baddies for baddie emoji combinations.

The fire emoji is used when someone made an impact on their physical appearance or actions. Baddie bakas use this when feeling confident about their appearance in general. The face smileys describe a baddie bakas’ personality. Finally, the 🧋 Bubble Tea emoji represents the baddie bakas’ fondness for boba tea.


Retro Baddie

Retro baddies are the cute baddies of the aesthetic. You can usually see artworks with their fashion choices being used by digital artists. Out of all the baddie subtypes, retro baddies are the least girly in their fashion choices. Retro baddies are called this way because of their aesthetic. They usually wear vintage t-shirts and loose jeans or pants. Additionally, retro baddies love tinted sunglasses and crop tops. Most of their bottom clothes are loose and paired with thick sneakers. Meanwhile, their tops are tight-fitting or are cropped sweaters.

retro baddie

Image from We Heart It

There are two personality traits of a retro baddie. The first type of retro baddie is the strong kind. They’re usually hotheaded and willing to pick fights for their friends, family, or themselves. Retro baddies with this personality refuse to be disrespected by anyone. The second type of retro baddie is the relaxed one. These retro baddies enjoy chill vibes without many confrontations. They tend to go with the flow about their daily life and welcome anyone for connection.

Retro baddies are one of the most popular subtypes of baddies today. This is because the fashion for retro baddies is affordable, accessible, and comfortable without being too revealing or messy to look at.

Retro Baddie Emoji Combination

flamingo emojisunset emojiPalm tree, palm tree emoji, palm tree symbolroller skate emojisunflower emojiTeddy Bear EmojiButterfly emojiringed planet emoji

Retro baddie emojis aren’t anything similar to the usual baddie emoji combinations. This is because it doesn’t need any of the standard baddie emojis at all. Retro baddie emojis comprise the flamingo emoji, the sunset emoji, the palm tree emoji, the roller skates emoji, the sunflower emoji, the teddy bear emoji, the butterfly emoji, and the ringed planet emoji. All of these emojis reference vintage or retro aesthetics.

The 🦩 Flamingo emoji is often used to symbolize Florida resorts and the neon colors popular in the past. The 🌴 Palm Tree emoji also describe natural areas near beaches. Combining them with the 🌇 Sunset emoji and the 🛼 Roller Skates emoji describes an urban lifestyle in touch with beaches and other natural areas.

The 🌻 Sunflower emoji and 🧸 Teddy Bear emoji remind us of nostalgia. Sunflowers can be seen during a hot day out when children would come out to play. Meanwhile, teddy bears are a childhood favorite toy. Accompanied by the 🦋 Butterfly emoji and 🪐 Ringed Planet emoji, it implies you’re interested in the outside world and live in the moment.

All of these emojis represent nostalgia, comfort, and relaxation. These three things represent the lifestyle and the clothes retro baddies prefer. Unlike other baddies, retro baddies prefer something less tense and more laid-back as well.


Business Baddie

If you prefer being a baddie but also enjoy your career life, a business baddie is exactly your aesthetic. Business baddies are a mixture of the luxurious baddie and the insta baddie with a twist: prioritizing making money over anything else. Business baddies are extremely popular on TikTok and Instagram. They set a standard for young women to inspire them to become financially independent from men and be more versatile when it comes to hustling.

Business Baddie

Image from Pinterest

Business baddies are feminine, but take their raw energy out to produce money to spend for themselves and their girlfriends. They are independent, organized, and focused on their goals. Business baddies also love giving advice and mentoring younger girls. Investing in the futures of younger women gives them a sense of self-fulfillment and contribution to women’s empowerment. They love being competitive with other females, but not for the attention of men at all. Instead, they pursue to become the richer, stronger, and wiser people in their every step.

Business baddies may come off as man-haters, but that’s far from the truth. This is because business baddies will only fall or commit to someone who they see as their equal. However, if a business baddie already has high standards for herself and her friends, what more for potential significant others?

Business Baddie Emoji Combination

money mouth face emojinecktie emojiNail Polish emojiWoman Tipping Hand, Woman Tipping Hand emoji , Information Desk emojiwine glass emojisunglasses emoji, smiling face with sunglasses emojimoney with wings emojicrown emoji

Baddie emojis for the business baddie include money and femininity. Using the 🤑 Money-Mouth Face emoji, the 👔 Necktie emoji, and the flying cash emoji is a great way to describe being loaded with money. People use those three emojis to describe getting a new career, winning the lottery, or earning a promotion. Meanwhile, the 💁‍♀️ Woman Tipping Hand emoji, the nail polish emoji, and the crown emoji express pride in someone’s femininity.

By combining these two emoji combinations, you are implying you’re a proud career-oriented female. This baddie emoji combination describes what a business baddie is mostly about. Adding other emojis isn’t a bad idea either. You can use the wine glass emoji and the 😎 Smiling Face with Sunglasses emoji to describe facing a bright future you’re facing as a business baddie.


Y2K Baddie

Out of all the baddie emojis, the Y2K baddie emoji combination is the only one with the demon emoji. This is because Y2K baddies embody early 2000s Paris Hilton, which features a spoiled, self-centered, and careless young girl splashed with pink.

Y2K baddies became viral around 2020, 10 years after the new millennium. Around the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across the globe. This resulted in the Y2K baddies forming a comforting nostalgia to the past.

y2k baddie

Image from Cosmique Studio

Most Y2K baddies find inspiration in Paris Hilton, the icon of the early 2000s. During Hilton’s younger years, she was incredibly fond of pink shades, rhinestones, and Juicy Couture. Y2K baddies also found inspiration in movies like Clueless and Mean Girls. The interesting thing about Y2K baddies was that most of their inspiration was labeled as spoiled princesses during their time. However, Y2K baddies have now become a symbol of feminism and self-esteem. Y2K baddies are known to be maneaters without consideration. They hold themselves and others in high regard. However, Y2K baddies also set standards for people they wish to communicate with, meaning that if they don’t like you, you will know.

Y2K Baddie Emoji Combination

Optical Disk emojigrowing heartbeverage box emojimusical notes emojiflying saucer emojiNail Polish EmojiSparkles emojicrown emojidevil emoji, smiling face with horns emoji

The perfect Y2K baddies emoji combination should comprise the 💿 Optical Disk emoji, 💗 Growing Heart emoji, 🧃 Beverage Box emoji, 🎶 Musical Notes emoji, 🛸 Flying Saucer emoji, and 😈 Smiling Face with Horns emoji. Without the nail polish emoji, the sparkles emoji, and the crown emoji, these emojis describe the early 2000s. Retro items such as an optical disk and the juice box describe everyday items we used to find in our homes. Meanwhile, pop music was at an all-time with Britney Spears. The growing heart emoji and the face with horns emoji describe a Y2K baddie, which at the time was judged for having mean personalities and a love for all things pink.

By adding the nail polish emoji, the sparkles emoji, and the crown emoji, you get the Y2K baddie of today. If you see any of the three emojis combined with the other emojis, it describes the evolution of the mean girls of the 2000s. Instead of getting a jealous bully with a pretty face, you get a fun-loving girl who loves pink and has high-self esteem.


E-Girl Baddie

E-girl baddies are also one of the newest subtypes of baddies. Along with the Y2K baddies, e-girl baddies were born under the Internet’s influence. There are two big differences between Y2K baddies and e-girl baddies. The first one is that e-girl baddies are a mixture of the insta baddie and the e-girl aesthetic. The second one is that e-girls prefer dark colors, like animated shows, and use a large amount of blush on their faces.

The e-girl aesthetic was born in the late 2010s and has been thriving on TikTok, Pinterest, and Youtube. Their makeup is heavily influenced by anime characters rather than Bratz dolls like the insta baddies. However, a mixture between the two was formed around 2021, with e-girl baddies dressing up like retro baddies but with dark colors clashing with neon or pastel colors. E-girl baddies also copy the same foundation and lipstick as insta baddies. However, their makeup is louder, with more vibrant colors and longer lashes.

E-Girl Baddie

Image from YPulse

E-girl baddies are one of the most popular subtypes of baddies today. You can find them everywhere on TikTok discussing makeup tips, favorite video games, and anime show recommendations. Additionally, e-girls are also extremely helpful to those who want to follow their aesthetic. They even recommend local shops for their viewers and friends when someone finds one of their clothes eyecatching.

E-Girl Baddie Emoji Combination

spider emojiWilted Flower emojiBlack Heart emojiNail Polish EmojiKiss emoji, Kiss Mark emoji, Lips emojiSparkles emojinew moon emojiFire, Fire emoji, Apple version of Fire emoji

Since e-girl baddies are a combination of two major aesthetics, the idea is to combine both the e-girl emojis and baddie emojis in balance. Adding a kiss mark emoji, a nail polish emoji, and the sparkles emoji represents the baddie emojis. Meanwhile, adding the 🖤 Black Heart emoji, 🌑 New Moon emoji, and 🕷 Spider emoji represents the e-girl emojis.

The e-girl baddie emojis combination contrasts with each other, especially since one is darker and the other is more feminine. However, blending them well with their common emojis can add to a smoother transition. Both e-girls and baddies use the fire emoji and the wilted flower emoji. Placing either of the two emojis allows for a smoother presentation of the e-girl baddie’s aesthetic.



There are two things you can benefit from after reading about baddie emojis. The first one applies when you plan to become a baddie. Learning about the subtypes of baddies listed above can give you a grasp of what type you would like to be. Additionally, becoming more aware that being a baddie includes a mindset and body positivity will allow you to focus on self-love.

The second benefit applies when you aren’t one and don’t plan to become one either. This allows you to understand those who are. By learning the different emojis a person uses, you become aware of the type of person they are. It helps you open room for discussion on their lifestyle choices and interests. In return, the baddie you’re talking to will ask more about you as well. This fosters a growing connection that may lead to friendship.

Emojis are made for self-expression. Developers continuously create more emojis in hopes of growing the emoji language as well. However, the developers themselves have no clue about the true potential of each emoji. An eggplant emoji has become a sexual innuendo. Meanwhile, a Moai emoji has become a meme. The same can be said for the emoji combinations listed above.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the baddie emojis. Did you find one more interesting than the other? Of course, there are more than just eight types of baddie emoji combinations, just as there are more types of baddie aesthetics. Hopefully, this list is a great way to get you started in learning more about them.