๐Ÿ’ฏ 100 Emoji: Reward Excellence At Work Or At School

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Jan 23, 2023

Got a 100 percent grade on an essay or an exam? Or a 100 percent salary hike at work? Celebrate your accomplishment, your victories, big and small, with the use of the 💯 100 emoji! Let everyone know you aced your test or landed your dream job. You can also use the symbol to encourage others, too.

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Today, we narrow our focus to the 💯 Hundred Points emoji. If you’re interested in knowing about the history, appearance, and other popular use of the symbol, these will be discussed in detail in the sections below.


Hundred Points Emoji Meaning

100 emoji, hundred points emoji

The 💯 Hundred Points emoji shows the number 100 written in red and underlined twice, used to represent being the best, perfect, or well done. This 💯 100 emoji originated from Japan, where it is customary for teachers to apply a stamp in addition to a perfect 100 percent score on an exam paper to signal that a student scored very well.

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The 💯 100 emoji is used in any way the number 100 itself is used — to describe an amount, or as shorthand for 100%. In addition, it can be used to express the words “keep it at a hundred,” which is basically another way of saying “well done,” “great job,” or “keep it real.” In digital communication, the emoji is used to convey or emphasize achievement, support, approval, and motivation.


Hundred Points Emoji History

Netizens first caught a glimpse of the 💯 emoji in 2010, when it was introduced as part of Unicode 6.0, the very first edition of the Unicode Standard to support emoji. One major goal of this batch was to include characters solely for compatibility with emojis used in Japan.

A whopping 2,088 characters and over 1,000 new symbols were a part of Unicode 6.0. To this day, most of those symbols that were a part of that batch are still widely used all over the world.

In fact, Unicode’s 6.0 batch of emojis has become an essential component of text messaging in many different countries. Popular symbols like the 🙏 Folded Hands emoji, the award-winning 😂 Face With Tears Of Joy emoji, and the cute and energetic 💃 Woman Dancing emoji were introduced to the public as part of Unicode 6.0 Can you imagine conversing online without those fun symbols? We can’t!


Other Naming Variations Of The 100 Emoji

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Officially called Hundred Points, the emoji can also sometimes be called the Keep It 100 emoji or Perfect Score emoji. How the symbol is labeled depends largely on the website or app that carries it. While it may seem complicated on the surface, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The name may change, but the meaning of the emoji stays the same.


Hundred Points Emoji Across Platforms

It’s common knowledge that the artwork for each emoji character varies by platform. Every web service, operating system, or device maker is free to design emojis in accordance with their own business style and vision. Some emojis look very different from platform to platform, so different you might think you’re saying, “this is awkward,” while your friend is getting, “ I am confused!” This can lead to a variety of misunderstandings.

hundred points emoji on different platforms

In order to avoid that, here are some of the major differences of the 100 emoji to assist you as you navigate through these cross-platforms. Out of all the available versions, Apple’s design and Google’s artwork are two of the most similar. At first glance, you might even think they’re one and the same! But they’re not- the lines under Google’s version are longer, and an extra line is protruding out of the last zero.

Meanwhile, the “100” on JoyPixels is the only one in a vertical position, all the other numerals are in a diagonal pose. Furthermore, the numerals on Facebook’s version are in a brighter shade of red, more vibrant than the others, and the zeroes on Facebook’s model are rounder than the rest. Conversely, Twitter’s version is more maroon than red and darker than the rest.

Finally, and unsurprisingly so, Windows’ design of the 💯100 emoji stands out from all the others because it’s the only symbol with a black border or outlines, and black paint in between the spaces.

100 Emoji On Snapchat

If you see a 💯 100 emoji next to a friend’s name on Snapchat, don’t congratulate him or her just yet. No one praised them. So what happened?

The emoji is the result of a SnapStreak that lasted one hundred days in a row. For the uninformed, a Snapstreak is a string of Snapchat snaps sent with a friend. The game’s rules are straightforward and simple to understand. You simply need to send a snap to your streaking buddy once per 24 hours to keep the game going.

So, after 100 days, the 💯 emoji appears next to the name of the friend you’ve been talking to for 100 consecutive days. The usual streak emoji, a picture of a flame, will be replaced by a 100 emoji. That’s it!


How To Use The 100 Emoji

Excited to put to use what you just learned? Before you do, here are key examples of how the 100 emoji can be used properly to create engagement and connectivity.

– You can get a free copy of your credit report every year to know where you stand. I guarantee this is true! 💯
– Your performance at the yearly town hall was flawless. Every note was pitch-perfect 💯
– What LeBron James did at the last Lakers game, deserves 💯 points out of 10!

– Made vegetable soup today. It’s as easy as ​💯​♨️ ​Let me know if you want the recipe! [What it means: boiling water]
– ​When you watch David Blaine do all his death-defying stunts, you really will believe its 🔮​✨​💯​ [What it means: it’s 100 percent magic]
– Congratulations on organizing our online summer party all be yourself! ​💯​✨​​ [What it means: the event was a success]


Encourage With The 100 Emoji

Tell your friends and family members how proud you are of them, or if you like what they said, or shared. Show how impressed you are at the overall perfection of their performance! Have a good time on social media bragging about how great your friends and family are. Use this emoji to build better relationships with the people around you, and you will definitely go far!

100 Emoji For School And Work

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If you are a teacher or a supervisor at work, the 100 emoji will have an even greater purpose for you. As we all know, in today’s world, emojis play a vital role in developing communication between people.

Working or studying from home is becoming more frequent as computer technology becomes widely available and affordable. As educators and leaders, emojis are a fun way to encourage and motivate the people under their supervision.

Emojis Add Emotion

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If you aren’t familiar with emojis, you probably think they don’t have any use to you. We already have words, so why replace them, right? Think of it this way, how we respond to others emotionally determines how we respond to them in our regular interactions. Verbal cues, or the words we link together in spoken utterances, are simply one-half of the story.

Based on varied reports, nonverbal clues account for up to 70% of our emotional meaning in daily face-to-face interactions. The tone of voice, eye gaze, body language, gestures, and, of course, facial expression are all examples. When we communicate online, those nonverbal cues are gone,

Emojis As Online Body Language

The reason for emojis’ global popularity is that they are to text what body language is to verbal conversation. The fundamental function of emoji is not to replace language but to fill in the nonverbal clues that are otherwise lacking from typed dialogues. It enables us to communicate more effectively. And this is no easy task.

As we know, emotions are not as easy to interpret as they seem. How many times have you believed you were sharing how you feel, only to discover that your words were interpreted in ways you could never have imagined? If emojis carry or serve as emotions in our online transactions, they must be studied and used very carefully.



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Sharing emojis is a great way to inject a little fun into your social media posts, emails, and texts, but they shouldn’t be used alone. It goes without saying that no matter how descriptive or clear one’s emoticons are, they should never be used in place of words. Emojis can serve to enhance the experience, but words are still king!

The same thing should be done with the 💯 Hundred Points emoji. Use motivational words, too. Don’t let the emoji stand alone. Build the regular habit of praising your team- or your students, if you are a teacher. Learn how to use different words as well. Saying the same thing over and over to your team will lose its impact over time.

Make sure you know what you are talking about. Dig into a person’s work. Find something specific, and openly compliment the person responsible for it. Also, remember to always connect a person’s task to a larger goal. Sharing the deeper meaning and purpose of someone’s work can have a major impact on their performance. These techniques, combined with the 💯 100 emoji, will make you a powerful and purposeful communicator.