firecracker 🧨

Make your content snap, crackle, and pop with the Firecracker emoji! It is depicted as a red cylinder, tiled to the right, with a long wick hanging from the center. At the end of the cylinder is a lit and burning fuse. In view of the fact it resembles a stick of dynamite on some platforms, it is sometimes called the dynamite emoji.

Other popular nicknames of the firecracker emoji include crackers emoji, or TNT emoji. As for its tone, the crackers emoji generally represents a festive mood, depending on the country and culture of its being used in. The emoji may also be used to refer to dynamite and other explosives.

Got a friend with an “explosive personality?” You can definitely use the dynamite emoji to describe him or her. The symbol may also be used as a form of intense response to a post, repost, or direct message. If it makes you want to shout and scream with appreciation and pride, send or share the firecracker emoji to show it!

🧨 Firecracker is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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crackers emoji

dynamite emoji

tnt emoji

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Firecracker Emoji History

Firecracker Emoji is created in the year 2018.

Firecracker Emoji Unicode Data