๐Ÿคค Drooling Emoji: Discovering What Makes You Salivate

Written by: Kaira
Modified: Jan 23, 2023

Salivating takes on a whole new meaning with the creation of the 🤤 Drooling emoji. We know it normally occurs when sleeping soundly or when craving food. However, the drooling face emoji eventually meant more than just salivating in online chats. The overall design displays a smiley with a hungry expression. Because of this, users eventually associated the emoji with sensual animations.

Drooling Emoji

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Drooling occurs commonly in people, especially infants. Babies tend to produce more saliva while their mouths go through teething. People who undergo high-acidity diets may also experience uncontrollable drooling. Upon observing the drooling emoji’s design, we can only imagine the expression’s meaning, depending on the platform’s design. Some smileys look as if they’re asleep, while others look famished.

Despite its obvious representation, naughty netizens changed the way we see the drooling face emoji. The dripping liquid from the yellow smiley may mean something more than saliva. Plus, the different expressions of the icon leave a lot to one’s imagination. When does the emoji become suggestive in chats? What makes it wholesome or provocative in online conversations? What do I need to add to make my messages PG-13 or NSFW? Discover all that and more with the information we compiled about the drooling emoji.


Drooling Emoji: Meaning, Uses, and Background of the Salivating Face

drooling face emoji

Like most available emojis, the 🤤 Drooling Face emoji debuted to represent the common expression. Developers encouraged users to associate the icon with a good night’s rest or a sudden food craving. However, the naughty imagination of horny netizens changed all that. Furthermore, the appearance of the drooling face emoji in social media platforms leaves much to one’s imagination.

Excessive saliva usually alarms people due to the conditions linked to it. Experts call the occurrence of drooling as sialorrhea. It’s a common result of either open-mouth sleeping posture or intake of sleeping pills. However, the alarming causes of drooling include the intake of poison or the body’s reaction to venom from snakes or insects. Sudden bouts of salivating can also be linked to rabies, tumor growth, or cerebral palsy. Other users stay wholesome and associate the icon with cute animals. Beloved pets like dogs often salivate to help digest their food. However, excessive drool might be caused by underlying health problems or unknown injuries.

Nowadays, we commonly associate the act of drooling with being hungry or soundly asleep. The concept of “hunger” changed over time as more people satisfied all kinds of cravings online. Because of this, people now see drool with not just saliva but also liquid associated with sexual intercourse. Most online conversations take on a new turn when one person uses it for malicious intent.


Drooling Face Emoji on Different Platforms

drooling face on different platforms

Among all platforms, the drooling emoji’s common feature is its salivating mouth. Contrasting details include the shape and appearance of the mouth and eyes. Some platforms opted for additional features like eyebrows and eye details. Meanwhile, other designs stand out with the coloring and expression of their rendition of the drooling icon.

The drooling emojis of Apple, Google, and Samsung display a satisfied expression with a salivating mouth. iOS users see their drooling icon with light blue liquid dripping from its half-closed mouth. It looks similar to the two-dimensional details of Google’s version. The obvious difference lies in the one big drop of blue liquid flowing from its mouth. Meanwhile, Samsung’s version of the drooling face emoji appears with thin eyebrows and a small tongue inside the half-open mouth. It may look decent now but it brought a different meaning before. In the Samsung Experience 8.5 version, the drooling face emoji appeared with a wide-eyed and shocked expression. The icon also displays a small drop of saliva flowing from a half-open mouth.

When it comes to social media platforms, it’s understandable why the drooling icon takes a whole new meaning. Twitter’s drooling face emoji appears with a similar eye expression to that of Apple’s rendition. However, its half-open mouth forms the shape of a smirk while saliva drips from the right corner. Meanwhile, Facebook’s version stands out with drool pooling out of the smiley’s half-open mouth. Plus, the icon’s dark wide-set eyes may leave some users scared upon looking closely at the design.


Using the Hungry Emoji in Your Chats and Posts

Salivating or Drooling Emoji

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The famed drooling face emoji also goes by the name 🤤 Hungry emoji due to the icon’s meaning. With this, netizens use it in chats to talk about any topic related to hunger. And when we say any topic, we mean ANY topic. Apart from food, we can use hunger to describe longing or desire. The icon also incites arousal in some conversations when paired with sensual emojis like the 🍆 Eggplant emoji or the 🍑 Peach emoji. However, there are people who choose to remain wholesome and use the emoji to describe a relaxing sleep, massage, or spa day.

Thanks to the advancement of social media, emojis like the drooling emoji represent more than their intended meaning. If you’re struggling to add the icon in messages, we compiled a few combinations for your convenience. The combinations below contain a mix of wholesome and suggestive meanings you can use for almost any type of online conversation. You may also use the sets to add a fun flair to your social media posts.

​💆‍♂️​🤤​ – I love a relaxing massage.

🍆💦🤤 – Let me satisfy you.

​🤤​🍩​ – I’m craving some donuts!

​​🤤​🍕​🍝  – Pizza and pasta sound delicious right now!

​​🤸🔥🛀🤤 – I’m excited to take a nice warm bath.

😭​​🥞🍳☕️🤤 – I need breakfast and coffee!

😴🤤🛌 – Relaxing Nap or Relaxing Sleep

🐶🦴🤤 – My dog is hoping for a treat.

🍨🍰🍦🤤 – I want some dessert!

🚢🌞🌅🤤 – Going on vacation seems relaxing.


Sleeping and Drooling Emoji

Tired Man Drooling

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People usually add the 😴 Sleeping Face emoji next to the drooling face emoji. They do this to emphasize sleeping soundly in online conversations and posts. On some occasions, emitting the sleeping emoji may confuse people because the drooling icon holds more than one meaning. As mentioned, the drooling emoji represents wholesome and suggestive topics depending on the topic. At present, using the drooling face emoji alone in messages usually interprets a desire for something provocative instead of food.

To keep things on the topic of sleep, we suggest you use the sleeping emoji or the 💤 Zzz emoji. With this, you can keep the conversation wholesome. You talk about the causes of excessive drooling in hopes of veering your chat away from unwanted topics. However, you must remain cautious in describing the causes of producing too much saliva. The mention of treating drooling like “cultivating swallowing” or “training your swallowing” might be misinterpreted by the receiver.


Suggestive Hints of the Mouth-Watering Emoji

Sleep Drooling Emoji

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As mentioned, a single drooling face emoji can change the course of online chats in an instant. You might be talking about food at first, but it can shift to something provocative with a single smiley. Before you think of using the drooling icon for something suggestive, we advise you to proceed with caution. It’s best to turn the conversation into something steamy with the receiver’s consent.

When using the drooling emoji for something suggestive, you can start by talking about food cravings or sleeping treatments. As mentioned, sleeping treatments often use the word “swallowing.” You can start from there or talk about parts of the mouth that produces more saliva. Meanwhile, when it comes to food you can use some of the combinations we came up with. One of the easiest topics to change from is the topic of breakfast. You can talk about dates or your favorite breakfast staple without shocking the recipient with the change of theme.


Linking Drooling and Delicious Reactions

baby salivating over food

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Not a lot of people know this but we produce more saliva when hungry. Because of this, we drool when we smell or see food that we crave. Our favorite meals make us salivate because the mouth is preparing for our meal. Producing saliva naturally happens to help our teeth chew food. It also preps the food we consume for easier digestion. Additionally, babies tend to salivate more due to the absence of teeth in their mouths.

When you eat dry food, you may notice that you struggle with swallowing. Our brains signal our mouths to produce enough saliva whenever we’re about to eat. However, our mouths usually don’t produce enough saliva for dry food like meat or fried meals. To avoid this, people sip on some soup or drizzle some sauce on their meals. Drinking water also helps our mouths produce more saliva to prepare for swallowing dry food.


Boca: Meaning and Connection to the Drooling Emoji

Mouth or Boca

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Contrary to what most believe, the drooling emoji is not related to the term “boca.” In truth, “boca” translates to the word “mouth” in Spanish. Its origins come from the Latin word “bucca” which means cheek or mouth. Instead of the drooling face emoji, you should use the 👄 Mouth emoji when talking about boca.

Despite the truth, most people commonly use the drooling icon when representing the boca emoji in online conversations. According to Merriam-Webster, boca means a river mouth or a harbor entrance. Because of this, some people imagine a mouth flowing with liquid hence the misinterpretation. Another source of confusion comes from the provocative use of the drooling face emoji. Some online forums use it to describe what a person’s mouth would look like after oral stimulation. This use of the emoji caused the mix-up and resulted in the boca emoji connection to the drooling icon.