baguette bread 🥖

Share your love for French delicacies with the Baguette Bread emoji! This emoji depicts a long, thin loaf of golden-brown bread, with three baked, equally-distributed cuts on top. The Baguette emoji is used mostly in its direct meaning, to describe or symbolize baguettes!

Use it while reposting or pasting anything connected to baguettes, maybe a baguette you baked, or a memory of the best baguette you ever tasted! The Baguette emoji may also be used to signify baking, bakeries, different types of bread, and other related themes. For instance, if you’re making a subway sandwich at home, or if you are going out to purchase one, you can use the Baguette emoji in those contexts.

Sometimes, this breadstick emoji is paired with other food-related emoji as the description of someone’s good meal. Otherwise, in a professional setting, it is not uncommon for bakers or owners of bakeries to combine the Baguette emoji with other types of pastry emoji, like the Loaf of Bread emoji or the Cookie emoji.

🥖 Baguette Bread is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016.

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This Baguette Bread Is Also Known As:

⊛ flatbread

baguette emoji

beret emoji

breadstick emoji

french bread emoji

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Baguette Bread Emoji History

Baguette Bread Emoji is created in the year 2016.

Baguette Bread Emoji Unicode Data