🐝 Bee Emoji: Making Your Messages As Sweet as 🍯 Honey

Written by: Kaira
Modified: Dec 20, 2022

The 🐝 Bee emoji we see on our emoji keyboards features an animated version of the Honey Bee. True to its name, the animate bee depicts the beloved insect that produces 🍯 Honey. With that said, people usually use the two emojis in tandem.

Originally, the icon represented the bee or the wasp due to its stripes. However, the bee emoji immediately rises in the ranks of emojis whenever Beyoncé releases new music. Why? Well, you probably asked that question if you live under a rock. Everyone knows that Beyoncé’s fans gave her the nickname Queen Bey, following the popular Queen Bee slang. Furthermore, the artist’s fandom goes by the nickname BeyHive.

a funny bee comic character

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Aside from its role in pop culture, you probably didn’t think much about the bee emoji‘s relevance. However, it seems the simple icon keeps making a comeback in ranks when the issues of bees get raised. In truth, the list of endangered species does not include the types of bees that contribute to the environment.

However, you must not take the issue of overusing insecticides lightly. The seriousness of the issue led to the bee emoji soaring the ranks of the icons. With this, it not only represents a big chunk of pop culture but also acts of raising awareness for the underrated insects. Later, find out the history and other uses of the emoji while checking out the rest of our post’s contents.


🐝 Bee Emoji: Meaning and Links to the Honeybee

Apple Bee Emoji, Bumblebee Emoji, Bee Emoji

The 🐝 Honeybee emoji we use nowadays was originally fashioned after the famous honeybee. We usually encounter this type of bee when we pass by bee farms or hives that produce common honey. Some argue that the icon got its design from the favorite Bumblebee. We can’t blame them since some platforms opted for a different approach. Some retained the common bee stingers, while others took them out.

The bee emoji made its debut in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0. In 2015, the icon eventually got its wide release as part of the selection in Emoji 1.0. Initially, developers named and designed the animated insect after the hardworking honeybee. However, some platforms hoped to stand out by following the features of the adorable and furry bumblebee. Meanwhile, other platforms further changed the game by fashioning their design after hornets instead of bees.

In reality, bumblebees appear much larger than honeybees. Bumblebees develop round bodies with puffs of fur that make it hard to distinguish their head from their abdomen. Meanwhile, honeybees grow thinner bodies with less fur. Unlike bumblebees, you can easily see the difference between a honeybee’s head and abdomen. Both types of bees are equipped with stingers. However, honeybees can only use it once while bumblebees may sting you more times.


Bee Emoji On Smartphones: To Sting Or Not To Sting?

bee emoji on different platforms

Apart from its overall design, the bee emoji displayed on different platforms comes with or without a stinger. Because of this, you might get confused about which type of bee the designers had in mind. For example, the respective bee emoji renditions of Apple and Samsung both display stingers. Both icons also face the same direction while appearing to be in flight. However, their overall designs show obvious signs of the types of bees they are based on.

For Apple’s design, the platform’s bee emoji looks like an animated bumblebee. While facing the user’s left, we can only see the bee’s shiny left eye. Instead of using fur detailing, the platform opted to design a fixed round body without the usual bee fur.

Like most platforms, Apple’s version of the bee icon showcases a pair of wings and a yellow-and-black striped body. However, some might argue about the real number of wings. The right wing’s design appears subtle due to the direction the bee is facing. It also appears to depict the small six legs found in most bees.

Samsung’s version of the bee emoji stays true to the honeybee concept. Like a real honeybee, you can distinguish the upper part from the lower area of the body. The classic yellow-and-black stripes only appear on the bottom of the body with the top showing illustrated bee fur. Compared to Apple’s version, Samsung’s bee emoji looks more realistic, especially with its facial and body detailing.


Twitter Bee Emoji vs. Stingers on Social Media

Twitter’s version of the bee emoji stands out among all platforms. Despite its similar formation with Google’s rendition, the Twitter bee icon displays a simple yet unique animation of a bumblebee. They also both added a small stinger to each of their designs.

However, the animated bee on Twitter does not feature any eyes. Plus, its antenna appears to look more like animal ears than a bee’s antenna. When you look at it from afar, Twitter’s bee emoji looks like a vintage bee brooch with its striped body and outstretched wings. Meanwhile, social media users prefer Twitter’s bee compared to other platforms because of its simple appearance. For example, Facebook’s bee icon appears to be looking straight at you. This comes from the fact that its head is tilted in the viewer’s direction. Because of this, most Facebook users avoid using the intimidating bee.

The animated bee on Twitter receives more attention compared to that of other social media platforms. Aside from its unique design, this bumblebee icon represents buzzworthy or trending news. Users of the interactive social media platform also use popular emoji to gain more buzz on their posts. You can say it’s an alternative to saying you have some “buzz” to your followers.


Bee Or Bumblebee Symbolism In Messages

The bee emoji gained fame on social media for being itself. Aside from its actual symbolism, it represents various topics and things online. You may use it for the same purpose as everyone else. It certainly helps boost your tweets or posts due to its existing online boost. However, we suggest you kick it up a notch too. Bees became part of pop culture due to their various representations. Plus, some people consider them similar to hornets which adds more symbolism to the emoji.

To add more fun to your messages or posts, we advise you to use the bee emoji in combinations. These sets may act as a quiz or cryptic message to your friends or followers. You’re missing out if you never thought of using the icon in your life. Take a look at our suggestions and come up with your own set with the animated bee. Don’t limit yourself to movies and pop culture. Challenge yourself and create secret conversations after looking through these emoji sets: 

​🐝​🎬​ – Bee Movie

​✅​🚗🐝​ – Green Hornet

​👸​🐝​ – Queen Bee

​👸​🐝​🍋 or 👑🐝​🍋 or 🐝👑🍋 – Queen Bey’s Lemonade / Beyoncé’s Lemonade

🍯​🐝​🎣​ – Honey Trap

​🐝​💫​🔪​ – Buzz Kill

​📑​📄​🐝​ – Busy Bee

​🐝​➡️​🔙​ – Be Right Back (BRB)

​🔡​🐝​ – Spelling Bee

​🍯​🐝​ – Honey Bee

​🐝​🍯​💛​❤️️💫 – I’m so crazy for honey!

​🐝​🙊​ – Be Quiet or Shut Up

🐻​❤️️🐝​🍯 – Winnie the Pooh

❤️️🐝🍯​​🥞 – I love pancakes with honey.

🌅🐝🍯🍳🥞☕️ – Breakfast with pancakes, honey, and coffee


Different Bee Outlines Or Types

Bee Illustration

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Unbeknownst to many, the common types of bees feature striped bodies. If not yellow-and-black, these buzzing insects display orange or amber tones with black stripes. However, all developers stayed true to the common colors to avoid any confusion for their users.

With that said, emoji creators opted to model the official Bee Emoji after the Honeybee. Because of this, when you search for the Bee Emoji online, you’ll probably be redirected to the ​🐝​ Honeybee emoji.


Bee Emoji: Beyoncé And Her BeyHive

 Beyonce Lemonade Album Cover, Queen Bey Album

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In April 2016, the Bee Emoji took the internet by storm due to the release of Beyoncé’s album titled Lemonade. Back then, social media users not only used the 🍋 Lemon emoji but also the acclaimed emoji for Queen Bey. In truth, we believe most people used the bee icon than the animated lemon. This probably comes from the fact that fans waited for almost three years until the release of Lemonade.

We don’t blame the BeyHive members for being ecstatic over the release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. After waiting for almost three years, fans finally got to listen to new music.

The songs not only featured fresh sounds but also Beyoncé’s creativity in incorporating her life into her music. The tracks focused on Black Feminism, African-American history, culture, and so much more. Plus, fans and music buffs not only enjoyed the instrumentals and lyrics but also the shocking revelation in the song.

Once you reached the sixth track, titled “Daddy Lessons” Beyoncé hinted that her husband, Jay-Z, cheated on her. With this, the album’s turning point contributed to its overall success.

As her fans wait for new music, Beyoncé continues to trend the bee emoji when she cooks up new ventures. Whenever the Ivy Park clothing company releases a new collection, the bee emoji takes the internet by storm every time.


More Than Your Average Busy Bumblebee

Bees on Honeycomb

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To conclude our thoughts on the bee emoji, let’s look back on its uses in pop culture. It commonly represents Beyoncé and her fans, but it also symbolizes exciting news. Because of this, using famous emoji usually boosts your online presence. As people continue to use the buzzing bees, the more it garners fame over time.