leafy green 🥬

Start that healthy diet with the Leafy Green emoji! This emoji shows dark green leaves with a white stalk. It is an emoji that resembles several green leafy vegetables like the snow cabbage, bokchoy, and lettuce.

Nowadays, people are more into a healthier lifestyle especially when it comes to food. There are a lot more varieties of organic and natural foods in the market that will help boost our immune systems. The vegetable emoji can be used along with the other healthy food emojis like the Carrot emoji, Corn emoji, Tomato emoji, and a whole lot more. These emoji can be used to encourage your friends and family to go on a healthy diet.

A lot of people actually find going to the supermarket on a weekend relaxing and therapeutic, so you find yourself handling a basket full of super foods then it is time to take a pic and show everyone what a happy lifestyle looks like. Don’t forget to add on the Broccoli emoji and Avocado emoji to your captions.

You may find vegetables somehow unappealing to eat but these healthy food emojis will surely remind you that nutrition is important above all. Start making that healthy food grocery list before heading out.

🥬 Leafy Green is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018, and was added to Emoji 11.0.

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This Leafy Green Is Also Known As:

leafy green

vegetable emoji

lettuce emoji

kale emoji

spinach emoji

cabbage emoji

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Leafy Green Emoji History

Leafy Green Emoji is created in the year 2018.

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