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Talk about nutrition and healthy eating with the Broccoli emoji! This emoji shows a rich green, tree-like head, or floret, of broccoli. Warmly referred to as the King Of The Vegetables, broccoli is one of the most popular and versatile veggies around, due to its excellent nutritional value.

That said, its online version is just as popular as its real life counterpart. In fact, the Broccoli emoji may be used to represent other green, leafy vegetables, especially those with no emoji counterpart, like watercress and arugula. One general, practical use of the symbol is while sharing informative content about broccoli, like health benefits, myths, etc.

If you’re in a creative mood, put other vegetable emojis, like the Tomato emoji or Carrot emoji, after the broccoli to make a DIY salad emoji. On the other hand, if you enjoy eating broccoli on the regular, include the Broccoli emoji in your captions while posting or reposting your dishes.

However, as you go about doing this, extra caution should be practiced, one should be intentional about what they mean! This is because, due to its color, broccoli is another slang name for marijuana. In fact, it’s a widely used term in rap and hip hop, and has been so for quite some time.

🥦 Broccoli is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 10.0 which was introduced in 2017.

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cauliflower emoji

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Broccoli Emoji History

Broccoli Emoji is created in the year 2017.

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