pouring liquid ๐Ÿซ—

Feel a little bit of zen with the pouring liquid emoji. This emoji can symbolize a flow of water, which can indicate calmness.ย 

The pouring liquid emoji is one of the most versatile emojis in the Unicode Standard. It can be used to represent anything from water to wine, and it often appears in messages about drinking or cooking. So you can either put the droplet emoji, or the wine glass emoji.ย 

The emoji was first introduced in 2010, and it quickly became a popular way to communicate about food and drink. You can drop similar emojis like the tropical drink emoji, clinking glass emoji, or the bubble tea emoji.

In recent years, the pouring liquid emoji has also been used in a variety of other contexts, often as a way to add emphasis or emotion to a message.ย  Being around water means smooth flow or something relaxing, so you can drop the relieved face emoji.ย For example, the emoji is sometimes used alongside the woman with headscarf emoji to represent a mother figure, or it can be used alongside the crying face emoji to represent disappointment or sadness. Whatever the context, the pouring liquid emoji is sure to add some fun and personality to your next conversation

๐Ÿซ— Pouring Liquid is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 14.0 which was introduced in 2021, and was added to Emoji 14.0.

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This Pouring Liquid Is Also Known As:

tilted glass cup with liquid flowing out

pouring water

spilled water

throwing liquid

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Pouring Liquid Emoji History

Pouring Liquid Emoji is created in the year 2021.

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