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The Funeral Urn emoji represents the container that holds the ashes of a dead person. These ashes are retrieved after the process of cremation, an alternative to burying the dead body and placing it in a coffin.

The urn emoji at a distance may look like a golden bullet, but looking closely, you will see that it is much portrayed as a vase or sophisticated jar. It comes mostly in yellow while some platforms show it in brown. WhatsApp and Apple have fine details that help show that the vase is made of gold.

Be sure not to mistake this emoji for the Amphora emoji, a jar with a longer neck that holds liquids. People in the olden days utilized these to deliver wine, oils, or water, especially to far destinations.

Choosing the best urn is one of the necessary endeavors faced by loved ones when a family member passes away. In the general sense, the funeral urn emoji may well represent the ideas around death, dying, or any loved one whose ashes are placed inside an urn. So, whether you and your family are choosing an urn or referring to a family member who is already placed in one–then this emoji is worth trying!

⚱️ Funeral Urn is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 4.1 which was introduced in 2005, and was added to Emoji 1.0.

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This Funeral Urn Is Also Known As:

funeral urn

urn emoji

ash emoji

Funeral Urn Emoji History

Funeral Urn Emoji is created in the year 2005.

Funeral Urn Emoji In Other Languages

Funeral Urn ⚱️Funeral Urn Emoji 骨灰盒 ⚱️骨灰盒 表情符号 Urn ⚱️Urn Emoji Urne Funéraire ⚱️Urne Funéraire Emoji Trauer-Urn ⚱️Trauer-Urn Emoji अस्थि कलश ⚱️अस्थि कलश इमोजी Guci Abu ⚱️Guci Abu Emoji Urna Funeraria ⚱️Urna Funeraria Emoji 葬儀用の骨壷 ⚱️葬儀用の骨壷 絵文字 유골 단지 ⚱️유골 단지 이모티콘 Urna Funerária ⚱️Urna Funerária Emoji Урна с прахом ⚱️Урна с прахом Эмодзи Urna De Cenizas ⚱️Urna De Cenizas Emoji Lalagyan Ng Labi Sa Cremation ⚱️Lalagyan Ng Labi Sa Cremation Emoji قارورة حفظ رماد الموتى ⚱️قارورة حفظ رماد الموتى إيموجي

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