grinning face with sweat 😅

Show how nervous and embarrassed you are with the Grinning Face With Sweat emoji! This emoji shows a face with smiling eyes, a large, open grin, and a big bead of sweat on its brow.

When it was first released to the public, it was originally intended to convey nervousness or discomfort. It is now commonly used to express immediate comedic relief, after experiencing a particularly stressful situation. Guess that pretty much explains why it is also called the whew emoji, nervous emoji, and sweat face emoji!

This nervous laugh emoji often appears in self-deprecating jokes, and is frequently used in criticisms of oneself, especially when done humorously. If you like to make fun of yourself, you’ve probably used this symbol a lot! If you haven’t, chances are, you’ve used it to feign politeness or diffuse an uncomfortable situation.

For instance, if someone sends you something for free, but you find it creepy, and now you’re feeling somewhat uneasy. At the end of your message, you can post it. Another scenario would be while discussing something anxiety-provoking with someone. If you want the person you’re conversing with to know you are feeling anxious, you can use this sweating face emoji to humorously reflect your current feeling.

😅 Grinning Face With Sweat is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010.

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This Grinning Face With Sweat Is Also Known As:

grinning face with sweat

sweat smile emoji

sweating emoji

phew emoji

sweat emoji

whew emoji

awkward emoji

sweat drop emoji

smile sweat emoji

nervous smile emoji

nervous laugh emoji

sheepish emoji

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Grinning Face With Sweat Emoji History

Grinning Face With Sweat Emoji is created in the year 2010.

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