Bring Out The ๐ŸŽง Music Lover In You: Revitalize Your ๐ŸŽน Digital Presence With Our Hot ๐ŸŽต Music Emoji List

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Sep 29, 2022

Can’t live without music? Do you have a playlist to reflect your ever-changing moods? We bet you do, and there’s no shame in that. It shows how powerful music is. In fact, some scientists claim that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. So, if you live and breathe music like the rest of us, why not take those feels up a notch by including your favorite music emoji in your emails, texts, and social media posts?

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Impact Of Music On Mood

You’ve got to admit — if there’s one thing we need now more than ever, it’s the power of music. As we struggle to survive all that 2020 has brought, our favorite songs are one of the best things we can lean on. Music can give you the euphoric high that antidepressant medications can bring.


How Music Affects The Brain

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Listening to music taps into various parts of our brain, the areas of our brain that deal with emotions and moods. These areas are the parietal lobe, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. So, if you always feel better after listening to your favorite song, there is a scientific explanation for that, and there’s no better time than now to spread that love!


Music Emojis

As you go on with that, there’s another way to double up the love and double up the art — and it’s by posting your favorite music emoji before, after, or in the middle of your music-related post or comment. Some people think emojis are mere decorations, stuff you put into making you look cute. But they’re more than that —emotions liven up social media posts, emails, texts, and instant message conversations.


Emojis Spice Up Messages

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Emojis grab your attention and communicate a lot of meaning and emotion with just one symbol, a symbol that can be understood in a fraction of the time it would take to read a sentence. Here’s a perfect example — when you post 😅 people instantly know what you are trying to convey, and you’re laughing in a bittersweet way. When you post that emoji, it’s as if you’re saying something happened, it’s not something that should be laughed at, but I’m choosing to laugh, anyway.


Music Emoji List

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Whew, how many words did we use to say that when we could have used just one symbol to describe all of it? See what we mean?

In case you’re wondering what all of this is for, having explained both things — the power of music and the power of emojis, as a treat to all emoji lovers and music fans, Emojiguide has put together a unique music emoji compilation to help you express your combined love of music and symbols.

Read on to know the emojis in this compilation.


Musical Note Emoji

Music emoji, Musical Note emoji, Apple's Musical Note emoji

First on our music emoji list is the 🎵 Musical Note emoji. This emoji shows two eighth notes hanging from a horizontal team.

What is an eighth note? An eighth note is a note having the time value of half a quarter note or one-eighth of a whole note. The symbol represents song lyrics, but you’ll also see it in other music-related topics.

How to use the 🎵 Musical Note emoji

– I like to clean the house with music playing in the background 🎵 It feels like less of a chore.
– The most beautiful song lyrics in the world are from Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers,” 🎵 I’m in pieces, but it’s tearing me up, but I know a heart that’s broken is a heart that’s loved 🎵 It gets me every time!


Musical Notes Emoji

Music emoji, Musical Notes emoji, Apple version of the Musical Notes emoji

Taking the second spot on our music emoji list is the 🎶 Musical Notes emoji. This symbol is like the 🎵 Musical Note emoji, but instead of showing two eighth notes, you see three eighth notes. The 🎶 Musical Notes symbol shares the same meaning as the 🎵 Musical Note emoji, people commonly use the symbol in conversations related to song lyrics and music!

How to use the 🎶 Musical Notes emoji

– When I’m sad, I love bringing out my karaoke machine and singing all my favorite tunes until the next day 🎶 I never get tired, and it always makes me feel better.
– I can’t imagine a world without music 🎶 Can you?


Headphone Emoji

Headphone emoji, Apple version of the Headphone emoji

Sliding into third place on our music emoji list is the 🎧 Headphone emoji. The symbol is an image of a headset, a pair of earphones joined by a band placed over the head. People use headphones to listen to various audio signals. You’ll see the 🎧 Headphone emoji in conversations relating to music, songs, notes, etc.

How to use the 🎧 Headphone emoji: 

– Whenever I’m stuck in traffic, I kill time by listening to music with my 🎧 on.
– When I listen to music, I prefer using my 🎧 than my headset. My 🎧 dampens or eliminates background noise. When it does that, I hear the music better.


Radio Emoji

Radio, analog radio

The 📻 Radio emoji is an image of an analog radio with an antenna, dial, and knobs. Many years ago, people listened to music and the news with this device. In terms of usage, people usually post the 📻 Radio emoji when they want to talk about anything related to music, songs, notes, or news.

How to use the 📻 Radio emoji

– Kids today won’t remember the feeling of turning on your 📻,waiting for the DJ to play your favorite song, and recording it on a cassette tape.
– I still have the 📻 I used when I was a kid. Every night, I’d listen to the 📻 before falling asleep.


Microphone Emoji

Microphone emoji, Apple version of the Microphone emoji

Onto the fifth spot on our ultimate music emoji list.  Grabbing the fifth spot is the 🎤 Microphone emoji. This emoji is a colored illustration of a microphone, a piece of equipment that records or transmits sound. You speak into a microphone to make your voice louder or to record your voice or other sounds.  The 🎤 Microphone emoji is sometimes shown with music notes on most platforms, to represent singers or singing.

How to use the 🎤 Microphone emoji:

– When I was younger, my dad bought me a 🎤 for Christmas. That was when I knew I wanted to become a singer.
– When bands travel, they need to have a good audio engineer with them because sometimes have problems with their 🎤 while performing onstage, problems that need to be fixed on the spot.


Musical Score Emoji 

Musical Score emoji, music emoji, Apple's version of the Musical Score emoji

The 🎼 Musical Score emoji shows a portion of a staff or stave. On top of the staff are images of a treble clef and five horizontal lines depicting the beginning of a musical score. A musical score is a written form of musical composition.

In a musical composition, the parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages. The 🎼 Musical Score symbol appears in topics related to music, notes, orchestra, musical groups, etc.

How to use the 🎼 Musical Score emoji

– John Williams’ Star Wars score 🎼 is truly the greatest film score of all time. I get goosebumps whenever I hear it!
– I learned in music class that analyzing a musical score 🎼 is like analyzing a piece of literature. You need to look at the structure and key, instrumentation, and lyrical subject matter of the musical score.


Guitar Emoji 

Guitar emoji, Apple version of the Guitar emoji

The 🎸 Guitar emoji shows a red or orange electric guitar, a popular electronic string musical instrument. Unlike another type of guitar, the acoustic guitar, an electric guitar’s tone magnifies electrically by a pickup device built into the instrument or by an audio-frequency amplifier attached externally to the audio-frequency amplifier.

Emoji lovers use the 🎸 Guitar emoji when they want to talk about guitars, music, rock music, musical instruments, concerts, etc.

How to use 🎸Guitar emoji

– Guns N’ Roses 🎸 and bassist Duff McKagan reunited with frontman Axl Rose after two decades, for their Not In This Lifetime stadium tour, and it was one of the best shows I’ve been to.
– Name a better 🎸 player than Brian May of Queen, I will wait! What is the secret to his success? He says he never claims to be a virtuoso. He just plays from the ❤️


Musical Keyboard Emoji 

Musical Keyboard emoji, Apple version of the Musical Keyboard emoji, music emoji

The 🎹 Musical Keyboard emoji shows a musical keyboard depicted as four white major keys and three black half-step keys. A pianist plays this keyboard to make music. Most people use the 🎹  Musical Keyboard emoji as a piano emoji.

The 🎹 Musical Keyboard emoji commonly represents pianos or musical keyboards. This means when somebody wants to show he or she can play the piano or wants to talk about someone who can play the piano, more often than not, they’ll use this emoji.

How to use the🎹 Musical Keyboard emoji

– I went to the mall yesterday and saw 👨🏻​🎹​ playing the theme from Superman at the mall entrance. Superman is one of my favorite movies!
– Who is a better 🎹 player? Alicia Keys or John Legend? I think Alicia has a better voice, but with piano playing, I think only a professional 🎹 player, or someone with years of experience, can answer that.


Saxophone Emoji

Saxophone emoji, Apple version of the Saxophone emoji, sax emoji

The 🎷 Saxophone emoji shows a gold saxophone, a woodwind musical instrument made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece. The saxophone is one of the jazziest of the reed-family instruments. It can turn any room into a sophisticated venue with its chill, laid-back, uber-classy sound. Since it is connected mostly to jazz music, you’ll see the emoji in posts and texts related to music and jazz music.

How to use the 🎷 Saxophone emoji

– I love to listen to jazz music after a long day at work. The 🎷 sounds help me feel happy and relaxed.
– My favorite 🎷​🎶​♣️​ club down the street closed down and it made me so sad. I used to go there every day after work. We will miss it.  Jazz is forever. No other musical genre comes close.


​Drum Emoji

Drum emoji, Apple version of the Drum emoji

The 🥁 Drum emoji shows a red or blue drum with two drumsticks. The drum is a musical instrument and a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Drums are usually played by striking with the hand or sticks. Did you know that drums are the world’s oldest musical instrument? The basic concept and design of the traditional drum have remained virtually unchanged over the years.

Netizens use the 🥁 Drum emoji to create an online drumroll. An online drumroll is like a real-life drum roll because it is often used to show that someone important is arriving or to introduce someone. The 🥁 Drum emoji is visible in conversations related to drums, musical instruments, and music.

How to use the 🥁 Drum emoji

– I finally figured what was wrong in that televised singing contest, they forgot to play the 🥁 roll before announcing the winner.
– Want to quickly learn a musical instrument? Try to learn how to play the 🥁 Playing the 🥁 is great fun, and it doesn’t present the challenge of a learning curve, anyone can sit and beat out a rhythm on a 🥁. It is so easy to learn!  


Trumpet Emoji

Trumpet emoji, Apple version of the Trumpet emoji, trumpet

Sliding into the eleventh spot in our music emoji list is the 🎺 Trumpet emoji. The 🎺 Trumpet emoji is an image of a gold trumpet, a brass musical instrument that is loud and usually used in marches and parades to create a festive atmosphere. Commonly used in conversations about trumpets, music, marching bands, and parades.

How to use the 🎺 Trumpet emoji:

– I love it when the marching band passes by my house on Christmas Day. You can distinctly hear the 🎺 above the steady beat of drums and the rhythm of marching feat. It is so beautiful.
– In 1549, 🎺 were blown to announce a king. Today, we do the same thing, but slightly differently, and with a different instrument. We use 🥁 rolls before making a big announcement.


Violin Emoji

Violin emoji, violin, Apple version of the Violin emoji

Taking over the 12th spot on our music emoji list is the 🎻 Violin emoji. The 🎻 Violin is a brown and black photo of a violin, a musical instrument with four strings played with a bow. Violin players place the violin between their chin and collarbone. Notes are produced when they press on the strings with their left hand. The 🎻 Violin emoji appears in emails, texts, and social media posts about violins and music.

How to use the 🎻 Violin emoji

– After watching The Umbrella Academy, I think I want to learn how to play the 🎻 Vanya, one of my favorite characters in the TV series, plays the violin very well in the show.
– Vanessa-Mae is a British 🎻 player who released three classic CDs when she was only 12 years old! She is definitely a child prodigy.


Control Knobs Emoji

Control Knobs emoji, Control Knobs, Apple version of the Control Knobs

Rounding out our music emoji list is our last symbol, the 🎛️ Control Knobs emoji. This emoji is a colored image of a panel of four control knobs. Control knobs are used to make audio adjustments on an audio mixer. An audio mixer is a device that accepts sounds from various sources and combines them in a customizable way by controlling their volume level, tonality, placement, etc. In professional sound mixing, the audio mixer goes by the name soundboard, mixing console, or mixer.

How to use the 🎛️ Control Knobs emoji

– The song the band played was so out of tune, and it’s unusual for the band to fail, they are usually so good! I bet someone experimented with the 🎛️
– I wasn’t able to record my song inside the studio because the 🎛️ on the audio mixer broke.


Music Emoji Game

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Do you love to share your favorite songs with friends that like the same music that you do? Or do you send rock tunes to your country music-loving gal pal, hoping that he or she will eventually love Aerosmith as much as you do? Then why not level up your bonding moments with a few fun, music-related online activities?

During your next online session with your besties, after catching up on each other’s news, gossip, and lives, games like the Emoji Song Quiz are guaranteed to bring you and your clan together during this time of social distancing:

The mechanics of the game are very simple — get a few song titles and translate them into emojis! You can get the emojis you need from Emojiguide.

Flash the emojis on screen, and the first one who guesses correctly wins! After someone gets the correct answer, you and your BFFs can sing the song together at full volume! Think you are ready to try it out? Here are a few fun songs we’ve thought of to get you started:

  1. ☂️- Umbrella by Rihanna featuring Jay-z
  2. 🕳️☀️- Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
  3. 🎈🎂 – Birthday by Anne-Marie
  4. 🍉🍬- Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles
  5. 👶👶👶😲- Baby by Justin Bieber
  6. 🧊🧊👶- Ice, Ice Baby By Vanilla Ice
  7. 🙈💡💡-Blinding Lights by The Weekend
  8. 👎💉- Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
  9. 🍭- Sucker by the Jonas Brothers
  10. 👍👿- Good As Hell by Lizzo


Creative In The Time Of Quarantine

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Anything that comes out of being creative should be celebrated, and if you feel the need to unleash your inner artist, you should, by all means, follow it! Marvelous things start from small beginnings, even sometimes from ideas in someone’s head! Who knows, what started out as an idea in your head could be something that could possibly change the world.



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Many have taken to music to while away the hours in lockdown. Some are listening to songs of their youth, while others are delving into different genres or revisiting instruments they haven’t played since they were kids. Whether you like it, if there is one good thing that’s come out of this pandemic, it’s that it has given people time to just be creative again, whether with music, emojis, music emojis or with something else.

Liked what you just read? We want to hear what you think! If you would like to comment on this article or on anything else you’ve seen on Emojiguide, head over to our Contact Us section. We can’t wait to hear from you!