Halloween Emojis: ๐Ÿ‘ป Trick And Treat With Emojis ๐ŸŽƒ

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Modified: Jan 23, 2023

Halloween is a celebration of all things spooky. In the United States, it’s surrounded by fun traditions like trick-or-treating, ghost hunting, and hayrides. Other popular activities include crowded costume parties, hayrides or tractor rides, and trick-or-treating. Although people of different ages can enjoy this season, you can expect many children to be in costume during Halloween. From princesses to iconic superheroes and movie characters, Halloween is a season when children can have fun while wearing cute and beautiful costumes at parties or while trick-or-treating.


Celebrate With Halloween Emojis Online

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Adding Halloween decorations, giving out candies to trick-or-treaters, and wearing awesome costumes are some of the many ways you can show your Halloween spirit. And if you feel like showing off your enthusiasm for the spooky spirit season online or through messages, why not add some emojis from our Halloween emoji list? Since you can associate this season with many objects related to ghosts and horror, some emojis can help you express your fondness for Halloween.

Let’s face it: what would Halloween be without those cute, and sometimes scary, pictures of pumpkins, ghosts, goblins, skulls, etc?


Jack-O-Lantern Emoji

Pumpkin emoji, Halloween emojis, Jack O Lantern emoji

The 🎃 jack-o’-lantern emoji or 🎃 pumpkin emoji is a cartoon photo of a jack-o’-lantern, a lantern made of pumpkin, cut to resemble a face. The carved jack-o’-lantern is a popular symbol of Halloween, as well as a food or term of endearment.

It first appeared in the digital community in 2010. In that year, it was released to the public as part of Unicode 6.0, the first version of the Unicode Standard to support this emoji.

The 🎃 jack-o’-lantern emoji may appear differently on other platforms, the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin in the Apple, Facebook, and JoyPixel versions are yellow, while the eyes and smile of the pumpkin are black in Google’s 🎃 jack-o’-lantern emoji. Another difference is the Windows’ version, as it is the only one with a black outline.

How to use the 🎃 jack-o’-lantern emoji:

– Will you join us for the 🎃 carving activity tonight?
– I drove around the neighborhood last night, and saw so many 🎃 outside!


Ghost Emoji

Ghost emoji, Ghost emoji Apple version

The 👻 ghost emoji depicts a cartoonish-looking figure in white, with a smile on its face. It’s shaped like a teardrop or bubble and has round black spots for the eyes. Do you know that it’s been around for almost a decade? The 👻 ghost emoji appeared in 2010, as part of Unicode 6.0.

The eyes of the 👻 ghost emoji vary across platforms, in the Apple version, one eye is bigger than the other, while the eyes in JoyPixel’s 👻 ghost emoji are more oval in shape.

The ghost emoji appears in topics about ghosts, but can also be used when talking about freaky, spooky, and scary stuff.

How to use the 👻 ghost emoji: 

– When I came home late last night, I passed by that old house near the gate, where an old lady was murdered, and I swear, I think I saw a 👻
– I always watch Casper The Friendly 👻on Halloween, the one with Devon Sawa and Cristina Ricci in it. It’s my favorite Halloween tradition!


Vampire Emoji

Vampire emoji, Apple version of the Vampire emoji

The 🧛‍♂️ vampire emoji is a graphical representation of a vampire, a creature with fangs that preys upon humans by consuming their blood. The symbol is available on different platforms, and the color and design of the emoji vary by platform.

For example, Samsung’s 🧛‍♂️ vampire emoji looks younger than the rest, because of its floppy hair, while the Google and Facebook version is more different because of the color, not the style of its hair. The 🧛‍♂️ vampire emoji first appeared in 2017 and became a part of Emoji 5.0, released on March 27, 2017.

The 🧛‍♂️ vampire emoji appears in topics related to vampires, Halloween, horror, and scary movies.

How to use the 🧛‍♂️ vampire emoji:

– Who is your favorite 🧛‍♂️? I know most people would say Edward Cullen, but for me, it would always be Lestat.
– Why I’ve been sleeping so late, I don’t know. Maybe I turned into a 🧛‍♂️? I haven’t seen any bats near me, though.


Goblin Emoji

Goblin emoji, Apple's Goblin emoji

The 👺 goblin emoji is a colored photo of the Japanese goblin Tengu. They’re master shape-shifters and live on top of mountains. The less powerful Tengu are not as godlike as the main Tengu, but are still scary once angered or provoked. Similar to the emojis talked about above, the 👺 goblin emoji first appeared in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0.

The 👺 goblin emoji’s design varies from platform to platform: Twitter’s 👺 goblin emoji is pink, Google’s 👺 goblin emoji comes with yellow eyes, an oval face, and black edging, while the 👺 goblin emoji contains a black outline with a yellow mouth.

People use the 👺 goblin emoji to suggest evil, mischief, naughtiness, or to express anger. Most Japanese netizens use the 👺 goblin emoji to call someone out as conceited or arrogant.

How to use the 👺 goblin emoji:

– People who refuse to wear face masks in public are as bad as a 👺 Goblin to me! I think they are very conceited!
– I love my nephew but he can be a little 👺 at times, I saw him playing with my phone when I told him not to!


Mage Emoji

mage emoji

The 🧙 mage emoji is a cartoon-style depiction of a mage. A mage is a practitioner of magic, or someone who uses magic derived from occult or supernatural sources. The 🧙 mage emoji shows a mage wearing a robe, with a hood, beard, and staff.

This symbol appeared as part of Unicode 10 in 2017, and the colors of this emoji vary per platform, Apple’s 🧙 mage emoji wears a brown hat, Google, Microsoft, and WhatsApp’s hats are all blue, and Twitter’s 🧙 mage emoji is wearing an orange hat and orange dress.

If you love fantasy, then this will be a popular emoji for you to use. You’ll spot this emoji in conversations about magic, spells, witchcraft, and other supernatural topics.

How to use the 🧙 mage emoji:

– Who is your favorite 🧙? Mine will always be Harry Potter.
– If you suddenly met a 🧙, what would you wish for? I’d wish for the world to be healthy again!


Ogre Emoji

ogre emoji

The 👹 ogre emoji shows the face of a traditional Japanese ogre called the Oni. An Oni has a monstrous red face with a shaggy mane of hair, sharp fangs, an enormous nose, wide eyes, and two horns.

The artwork for the 👹 ogre emoji varies by platform, JoyPixel’s, Windows, and Twitter’s 👹 ogre comes with yellow horns, while Facebook and Samsung’s version appears with white horns. Netizens first heard about the 👹 ogre emoji in 2010 when it was introduced together with the emojis of Unicode 6.0.

The 👹 ogre emoji is commonly used to express anger due to his red face.

How to use the 👹 ogre emoji: 

– When I see people cutting in line at the grocery store, I turn into an 👹
– Bullies make me so 👹I hate bullies so much!


Alien Emoji

Alien emoji, Apple's Alien emoji

The 👽 alien emoji is a colored illustration of a gray or green alien, with big, black eyes and a small, friendly smile. The 👽 alien emoji is available on different platforms, and the design of the emoji varies by platform. For example, WhatsApp, JoyPixels, and Samsung’s 👽 alien emojis appear green, while the 👽 alien emoji on the other platforms are gray. This symbol entered the digital world in 2010, as part of Unicode 6.0.

Netizens use the 👽 alien emoji in topics related to extraterrestrial life and outer space. It commonly conveys a playful strangeness or weirdness, as if something or someone is out there, not of this world, or is from another planet.

How to use the 👽 alien emoji: 

– Most of my family speaks Spanish fluently, and I don’t. At family gatherings, I feel like an 👽
– Did you see the flying saucer last night? That was no blimp! 👽are about to land! Are you ready?


Genie Emoji

genie emoji

The 🧞 genie emoji is a cartoon-style depiction of a genie, a supernatural being that lives in a lamp. Genies are known for their power to grant three wishes. Genies grant three wishes to the person who has control over their lamp. The design of the  🧞 genie emoji changes from platform to platform, Apple and Samsung’s genie is in shades of violet, while the other platforms show the genie in blue.

People learned about the 🧞 genie emoji in 2017, when the Unicode Standard included it as part of Unicode 10.0.

The 🧞 genie emoji usually appears in conversations about magic, wishes, and magical powers. They frequently occur as characters or plot elements in fictional works of art.

How to use the 🧞 genie emoji:

– I just saw Aladdin for the fifth time this week, Will Smith as the 🧞 really cracked me up!
– I hope they remake “I Dream Of Jeannie” soon, it’s the only TV show I know with a female 🧞


Skull And Crossbones Emoji

Skull And Crossbones emoji, Apple version of the Skull And Crossbones emoji

The ☠️ skull and crossbones emoji is a picture of a skull with two bones crossed right behind or under it. This symbol first appeared in 1993, way earlier than the other Halloween emojis, then was added to Emoji 1.0. The design of the ☠️ skull and crossbones emoji varies ever so slightly from platform to platform, the Window’s version is encased inside a black square, while Twitter’s ☠️ skull and crossbones emoji looks thinner and flatter.

The ☠️ skull and crossbones emoji is the emoji symbol of death. You usually see it as a danger warning on poisonous substances.

How to use the ☠️ skull and crossbones emoji:

– I always tell my toddler, when she sees a jar with ☠️ on it, to never touch it!
– After the huge mistake I made at the event, I know I am ☠️and I might lose my job.


Fairy Emoji

fairy emoji

The 🧚 fairy emoji is a cartoon-style depiction of a fairy, a mythical being, or a legendary creature found in the folklore of European culture. Fairies are supernatural beings and have a variety of magical powers. They use these powers to help or harm humans. They rarely use their powers on other fairies.

The design of the 🧚 fairy emoji changes from platform to platform,  Facebook’s fairy emoji is purple and blue, Apple’s is blue and green, while Twitter’s design is orange, blue, and green. People got to know about the 🧚 fairy emoji in 2017, when it entered the world as part of Unicode 10.0.

People use the 🧚 fairy emoji when they want to talk about fairies, or magical creatures in general.

How to use the 🧚 fairy emoji:

– I got a 🧚 costume for our virtual Halloween party tonight!
– Tinkerbell is my favorite 🧚 because Julia Roberts, my favorite actress, played here in the movie “Hook.”


Spider Web Emoji

Spider emoji, Apple's Spider emoji

The 🕸️ spider web emoji is an illustration of a spider web, a structure created by a spider out of spider silk extruded from its spinnerets. This symbol entered the digital world as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014. The artwork of the 🕸️ spider web emoji varies by platform – Google and Window’s spider web is black, and Facebook and JoyPixel’s is white.

The 🕸️ spider web emoji often goes together with the 🕷️ spider emoji and is used in conversations about spiders, and other insects. It is also commonly used to represent the superhero Spider-Man.

How to use the 🕸️ spider web emoji:

– I am so excited for Halloween, even if I won’t have a party this year, I decorated my living room in fake🕸️
– When I saw the 🕸️in the basement, I ran back up. I hate 🕷️, especially big ones!
– I heard the new 🕷️🕸️ movie will include all three actors, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland! That is exciting.


Headstone Emoji

headstone emoji

The 🪦 headstone emoji depicts a gray tombstone you may spot in cemeteries and other burial sites. People often associate this emoticon with death or loss, but if not as a somber reminder of mortality, tombstones are one of the many things you can relate to Halloween. This emoji originated in Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and was included in Emoji 2.0 in 2015.

Try adding other iconic spooky emoticons with this emoji to make Halloween emoji combos! Some of the common emojis people use this icon with include the 🧠 brain emoji and the 🧟 zombie emoji.

How to use the 🪦 headstone emoji:

– I decorated my lawn with some fake bats and a 🪦 for Halloween. Come check it out!
– I’m going to add a funny quote on my 🪦 so I can still make people laugh when I’m gone.


Halloween Hands-On Activities

Pumpkin Carving

Woman carving little orange pumpkin into jack-o-lantern for Halloween holiday decoration.

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What’s Halloween without some jack-o’-lantern? With carving pumpkins, the sky’s the limit! From glitter stems to geometric patterns, you can get super creative with what you carve. If you’re running out of ideas, we’ll let you in on a little secret, did you know you don’t have to look further than your phone for inspiration?

Halloween Emojis On Your Pumpkins

Goblin emoji, Apple's Goblin emoji, Halloween emoji, Halloween emojis Ghost emoji, Ghost emoji Apple version, Halloween emoji, Halloween emojis   Alien emoji, alien, Halloween emojis

Why look far when you’ve got emojis as exceptional templates! From 👻 ghost to 👺 goblin, ☠️ skull and crossbones, to even 👽 alien, you can easily bring your love of texting into your Halloween pumpkin decor. Try this activity indoors, with your family, or at a safe distance, with neighbors or friends.

Make Halloween Costumes

People love Halloween so much because it is the one night out of the entire year you can dress up as someone else. And at one time or another, we all wished we could look like, or be like someone else. Maybe you wished one day you’d wake up as a superhero, like Wonder Woman, or a celebrity you idolize, like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Whatever the case may be, Halloween would not be Halloween without the fun costumes.


Halloween Parties

Online shopping. Holiday family concept. The father helps the child to buy goods for Halloween party on the Internet. Bearded man and boy magician are preparing for the holiday

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An exciting party is something you can always expect every spooky season. Whether you will do it live with your closest friends or family or through apps like Skype, Zoom, and Discord with your online friends, a Halloween party is something anyone can enjoy! And to show the spooky spirit, why not wear any costumes you fancy? If you are throwing one, try making delicious and exciting food. Don’t forget the party music!

Halloween Contest

Friends in Halloween Costumes Drinking Cocktails. Group of Young Happy People Wearing Costumes at Halloween Party Drinking Cocktails and having Fun in Nightclub. Celebration of Halloween

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To make your party even better, why not hold a Halloween contest? Pick a theme and ask all the contestants to stick to it, like Broadway night, ‘90s night, or dress up as your favorite Halloween emoji or Halloween emojis night.

If it’s the first time for you and your office mates or you and your friends to have a party, why not give out tips to create hype for the big day? One tip could be, besides incorporating makeup and hair into your look, you need to pay extra attention to your accessories because that is how you will make a bold statement.

Costume Ideas

Woman in witch costume taking a selfie, woman in witch costume

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That means, if you are going as a witch, make sure you have a wide eye-catching hat, or if you’re going as Ariana Grande, the cat-ear headband should definitely stand out! Also, look for costumes you can nail with just a top, like the ski mask from Friday The 13th, or a skeleton with a glow-in-the-dark, x-ray shirt. Since you want it to be a fair contest, invite people from the other department to be judges!

Judging With Halloween Emojis

To add a little more flavor to the contest, have the audience and the judges comment with Halloween emojis. The judges can also use Halloween emojis as a form of judging criteria:

For example:

🧙🧙🧙🧙🧙 = creativity score

👽👽👽👽👽 = originality score

😈😈😈😈😈 = audience impact score

Aside from a Halloween costume contest, there are a bunch of other cool activities you can do at your Halloween party, like “Trick or Truth.” Here is how it works- your friends give you a situation where you must tell the truth, but if you refuse to spill the beans, then you must agree to a trick. The tricks can include texting your crush something flirty, or copying Halloween emojis and posting them on social media.

Halloween Party Games

Halloween festivities in new normal, New Trick or Treating Regulations celebrate Halloween safely during COVID 19 pandemic. Open laptop ready for online meeting, pumpkins and festive decor on wooden bench.

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Here’s another fun activity to try, it’s a game called “Most Likely.” This drinking game is a great way to get to know your friends and office mates a little better, and it’s very easy to do, post various “most likely to” scenarios, like “most likely to eat the most Halloween candy,” or “most likely to win every Halloween costume contest.” Pick one scenario and guess which friend would most likely do that thing, and whoever it is has to take a drink. So kids, step back for a bit, as the involvement of alcohol makes this game exclusive for adults. Sorry!

Spook Up Your Home With Halloween Emojis

Goblin emoji, Apple's Goblin emoji, Halloween emojis, Halloween emoji Ghost emoji, Ghost emoji Apple version, Halloween emojismage emojifairy emoji

Don’t miss out on the Halloween decorations, too! A virtual Halloween background is key to a virtual Halloween ambiance. Decorate your home workspace with fake spider webs, or with Halloween emojis featuring all your favorite spooky characters – 👺 goblin, 👻 ghost, 🧙 mage, 🧚 fairy, and so much more!


Indoor Halloween Games

Aside from parties and trick-or-treating, games can also make Halloween more fun and exciting, especially for kids. And for children’s Halloween parties, why not host some games to ensure they are having fun? If you are unsure what kind of games children can play, no worries!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt clues

Photo from Play Party Plan

One activity you can really get into is a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the kids entertained. Plus, they are virtually mess-free, and all ages can get in on the fun. Don’t forget to keep it Halloween-themed, though. Why not print out a checklist with Halloween emojis on them?

Halloween Emojis On Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards

There is plenty of Halloween emojis to choose from, 👻 ghost, 🧞 genie, 🎃 jack-o’-lantern, 🕸️ spider web – you’ll never run out of fun designs to print on your clue card! Hide the items in places your kids can reach, and don’t put them in spaces too high for your kids. You don’t want them falling off a kitchen stool or a ladder.

Don’t put them in places that are dark either. For example, in the basement! You don’t want to see your kids get hurt by a sharp piece of glass they didn’t get to see. For the prize, you can give the winner a bag full of their favorite candy and a chance to pick the first movie in your Halloween movie marathon, which brings us to our next fun Halloween activity!

Halloween Charades

This Halloween game is perfect for small groups and is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is to write Halloween-related movies and phrases on small cards. Don’t forget to put a few Halloween emojis in there to keep everyone in the spooky spirit!


Halloween Movie Marathon

If your children are older, watching scary movies is a great way to bond and celebrate Halloween. If your children are younger, there are tons of kid-friendly Halloween movies that will get them excited for the holiday but won’t give them nightmares. Don’t forget the candy and the popcorn!

Here are some of our top picks:

Peppa Pig Pumpkin Party – Kids who love Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, and all the other characters will have a blast with Peppa Pig Pumpkin Party. It’s 60 minutes of spooky parties, Halloween costumes, and lotsa pumpkins!

Peppa Pig's Pumpkin Party movie

Photo from Best Buy

Monster’s Inc – We know Monster’s Inc, isn’t a scary movie and doesn’t have a scary plot, but it has plenty of monsters! If your kid is afraid of the dark, this movie might help him or her get over their fear.

Monsters Inc, Monsters Inc movie poster

Photo from Disney’s Wiki

Scared Shrekless –  The Shrek gang including Fiona, Puss, Donkey, and Pinnochio, tell scary stories around a campfire one Halloween night. In true Shrek fashion, the stories are more funny than scary! Prepare to sing along to a couple of hilarious tunes!

Scared Shrekless movie, Shrek, Scared Shrekless movie poster

Photo from IMDB.com

Toy Story Of Terror – A 2014 movie made for TV is about the Toy Story gang out on a road trip. On the trip, Mr. Potato Head together and the rest of the toys go missing. Jessie is the only toy left standing. He solves the mystery and catches the toy thief.

Toy Story Of Terror, Toy Story Of Terror movie poster

Photo from DVD Release Dates

Room On The Broom – As parents, you want to teach your kids good values, and movies like Room On The Broom are a good way to do just that. It’s a quick, 30-minute animated film based on a book by the same name. The book is about a witch who breaks all the negative stereotypes about witches by being nice and sweet to various creatures. In the end, the creatures become her friend and help her out in return.

Room On The Broom movie poster, Room On The Broom movie

Photo from The Movie Database


Halloween Treats

Halloween desserts, Halloween emojis, Halloween treats

Photo from Wilton

We’re sure you’ll agree – a Halloween party won’t be a Halloween party without tons of yummy, sugary treats! For your upcoming spooky indoor celebration, forget about baking and serving plain cookies and brownies. Now’s the time to make your Halloween party stand out from the rest with delicious Halloween treats.

Not an expert baker? No problem! Start with something easy, like cupcakes with Halloween emojis as frosting. If your kids love emojis, and we know most kids do, they’ll definitely like this! Looking for specific designs for your frosting? No problem, we’re here to help you get inspired!

Just go to emojiguide.com, type in your favorite Halloween creature, and let your creativity go from there! Whether you’re a veteran in the kitchen, or you want an easy recipe you get the entire family involved with making, there will always be a treat to delight everyone this Halloween.

Halloween Candy Contest

Fill a jar with candy and ask your kids and partner to guess the pieces of candy in the jar. The person or people who come closest to the actual number of pieces of candy in the jar wins the prize!



Halloween is a holiday many people can enjoy, especially children. Aside from watching scary stories and horror movies, you can find different ways to make Halloween enjoyable for everybody. After all, spookiness is just one part that makes this holiday worth waiting for!

Fun and Exciting Celebrations and Festivities

Attractive young pregnant woman with her little cute daughter are preparing to Halloween on kitchen. Mom with daughter are having fun with pumpkins while painting it.

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Instead of staying alone, try celebrating this occasion with other people! From your colleagues to your closest family or friends, Halloween is much more enjoyable when you have other people around. You can do plenty of activities during the spooky season, and your imagination is your only limit. Despite everything that happened, let’s work together to have the best, spookiest Halloween ever!