call me hand 🤙

Ask someone to hit you up with the Call Me Hand emoji! This emoji is designed to represent the popular gesture, indicating that you want that person to call you. The hand faces sideways with the thumb pointing upwards while the pinky is facing downward.

If you want to be old school, then you can use this emoji to message someone to call you sometime. Even though there is the Telephone emoji and Mobile Phone emoji, it is always fun and quirky to use this hand emoji from time to time.

You can use these emojis alongside all the facial emojis, especially the Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes emoji because you are happy to catch up with a friend over the phone. You can also use the Crying Face emoji to tell your friend that you need someone to talk to, or even the Face with Medical Mask emoji if you want to call in sick for the day.

You might also find surfers and people from Hawaii using this emoji because the call me hand sign looks like the Shaka hand sign which means “surf’s up”!

🤙 Call Me Hand is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016, and was added to Emoji 3.0.

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This Call Me Hand Is Also Known As:

call me hand

call me hand sign

thumb and pinky emoji

gnarly emoji

shaka sign emoji

pinky and thumb emoji

shaka hand emoji

pinky up emoji

radical emoji

surfs up emoji

cowabunga emoji

surfer hand emoji

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Call Me Hand Emoji History

Call Me Hand Emoji is created in the year 2016.

Call Me Hand Emoji Unicode Data