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Talk about standing in line, waiting for someone or something with the Person Standing emoji. This emoji shows the full body of a gender neutral individual. The person in the photo is standing, with a neutral expression on his or her face. The individual has good posture, but his or her arms hang limply from each side.

This emoji has multiple meanings, and numerous names. Regarding names, the alternative names for this emoji revolve around what it can either do or symbolize. Sometimes, it’s called the person emoji or human emoji because it represents a regular, run of the mill type of individual. Meanwhile, when it’s used to describe waiting for something or someone, it’s called the standing emoji.

If you’re with other people, standing in line, waiting for something, you may also use the Person Standing emoji to describe your predicament. Another use of this emoji is to inform someone that they must attend a gathering in person. To soften the blow, combine it with the Party Popper emoji or Beer emoji, the presence of beer might motivate them to join the event!

Lastly, you can use the Person Standing emoji in your captions if you’re posting a picture of yourself standing. It can be a #OOTD, or just a general update for your followers. As long as it shows your entire body, in a standing position, you’re good!

🧍 Person Standing is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 which was introduced in 2019, and was added to Emoji 12.0.

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This Person Standing Is Also Known As:

person standing

standing emoji

person emoji

stand emoji

stand up emoji

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Person Standing Emoji History

Person Standing Emoji is created in the year 2019.

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