Aesthetic Emojis: ๐ŸŽ€ Emoji Combinations for Different Aesthetics โœจ

Written by: Bernice

Aesthetic emojis are the process of using emojis to represent a certain style, vibe, or aura that you are portraying. Using emojis as an aesthetic is only possible because emojis have a wide variety of colors, shades, expressions, and meanings. People first used emojis to close the gap between possible miscommunications on the Internet. Eventually, people learned to use emojis as substitutes for various things and meanings. An example of this would be the herb emoji or the tea without handle emoji.

It was only recently that emojis began to serve another purpose – aesthetics. Artists have specific styles and principles used when creating art. These elements are what we call aesthetics. People can use aesthetics not just in art alone, but in their daily lives. The millennials up to Gen Z have learned aesthetics enough to revolve it around their habits and lifestyles. What was once a practice in art creation became a way of life for them.

It’s only natural that these two generations would start combining emojis and aesthetics as well. This is because they were the first to be exposed to Unicode. Emojis, which were once called emoticons, already existed before their time. However, it was only during the beginning of the 2010s that Unicode fully developed into what it is today. Along with the generation’s love for creativity and self-expression, subtypes of aesthetics and emoji combinations for them have formed.

Learning about the different types of aesthetic emojis allows us to learn more about these generations. Additionally, it helps us learn what others prefer instead of our own preferences. This allows relationships to grow despite differences and allows communities to blend. After all, appreciating each other’s differences is better than arguments and discrimination.


What Is Aesthetic?

Aesthetic symbols are a great way to learn about each other. However, we can only learn about the different types of aesthetic emoji combos if we know what an aesthetic means. An aesthetic is about beauty. The cute symbols and emojis that go together only work well because they follow a certain pattern or theme. Traditional aesthetics follow art movements. However, the aesthetics we are currently discussing is about a person’s lifestyle. A person can revolve their whole outlook, personality, interests, clothing, and belongings on a specific aesthetic.

Some people are extremely dedicated to a specific aesthetic that they even express themselves on the Internet through the use of aesthetic text decorations, good emoji combos, profile pictures, and icons. An example of this is the emoji aesthetic, which focuses on emoji-related items themselves.

An aesthetic has become a way of life. You can say that those living with an aesthetic are living in art and freedom. The only problem with aesthetics is the prejudice living between them. Many people criticize those who are dedicated to certain aesthetics. However, as long as you are not harming anyone (including yourself), the aesthetic itself is not harmful to anyone at all.


Types of Aesthetic Emojis

Now that we know more about aesthetics, it’s time to learn about the different aesthetic emoji combinations and their purpose. Listed below are a few great examples of an aesthetic, their definitions, and two examples of their own cute emoji combinations. Take note that we did not include all aesthetics and their emoji combinations. Aesthetics and emojis themselves are wide in variety. However, you can start your aesthetic journey with those listed below.


Cottagecore Aesthetic

First on our list of aesthetic emojis are based on the cottagecore aesthetic. Cottagecore focuses on disconnecting from the urban lifestyle. People with cottagecore aesthetics wear clothes with earth tone shades and enjoy flowers and mushrooms. The cottagecore aesthetic focuses on the picturesque version of the European countryside. This includes vintage bicycles, frolicking in the forests, picking wild fruits, and having your own abundant garden.

Cottagecore has evolved into different subtypes. Listed below are three cottagecore aesthetic emojis with each describing the subtype it’s referring to.


house with garden emojibasket emojimushroom emojiwood emojiBroom emoj, broomherb emojiFallen Leaf Emoji, Fall Emojisseedling emojiFrog Emoji, Frog Face Emoji

Mushroomcore is an aesthetic dedicated to appreciating each mushroom type and its benefits in a person’s daily life. People fascinated by mushrooms tend to live in secluded or forested areas where mushrooms grow in the wild. As a result, some would even adopt the cottagecore aesthetic as well.

To make a mushrooomcore statement on the Internet, you would need to have three or more of these emojis: 🏡house with garden emoji, 🍄 mushroom emoji, 🌿 herb emoji, 🐸 frog emoji, 🧺 basket emoji, 🪵 wood emoji, 🧹 broom emoji, 🍂 fallen leaf emoji, or 🌱 seedling emoji. You can use all these emojis combined or use just a few of them mixed together. However, the most important emoji for the mushroomcore emoji is the mushroom emoji itself.

An example of using these mushroomcore aesthetic emojis is to describe an activity. You can use the mushroom emoji, the basket emoji, and the house with garden emoji to describe mushroom picking outside of your home. Meanwhile, using the seedling emoji, the wood emoji, and the mushroom emoji would imply growing mushrooms or finding a wild mushroom growing on its own.


house with garden emojibasket emojisunflower emojiledger emojiwood emojiBroom emoj, broomglowing star emojiFallen Leaf Emoji, Fall Emojisseedling emojiblack cat emojiribbon emoji

Not many people know about the Ghiblicore. This is because Ghiblicore is based on a specific animation studio called “Studio Ghibli” that’s based in Japan. Those who do know of the animation studio would understand why Ghiblicore is a subtype of the cottagecore aesthetic. This is because Studio Ghibli often depicts its characters in prairie dresses, freshly cooked food, forested areas, and houses covered in greenery.

Ghiblicore features the common cottagecore aesthetic emojis such as the basket emoji, house with garden emoji, wood emoji, broom emoji, fallen leaf emoji, and seedling emoji. However, to make Ghiblicore aesthetic emojis, you would have to add emojis pertaining to Studio Ghibli movies. Some examples are the 🌻 sunflower emoji, 📒 ledger emoji, and 🌟 glowing star emoji.

Using Ghiblicore aesthetic emojis often implies imitating the lifestyle specific Ghibli characters have. An example of Ghiblicore aesthetic emojis would be adding the broom emoji, ribbon emoji, basket emoji, and 🐈‍⬛ black cat emoji. All these emojis refer to Kiki’s Delivery Service.


house with garden emojimage emojimagic wand emojicandle emojiBroom emoj, broomfull moon emojispider web emojiblack cat emojibasket emoji

The witchcore aesthetic is a popular subtype of the cottagecore aesthetic. However, it is important to note that this specific subtype doesn’t refer to all types of witches. The witchcore aesthetic refers to witches who live in a small cottage inside a dense forest. This allows the witches complete privacy and away from outside forces. The witchcore aesthetic can either be darker or lighter. What matters is that they remain in complete silence and are surrounded by only plants and animals.

Witchcore aesthetic emojis have the 🕸 spider web emoji, 🌕 full moon emoji, 🕯 candle emoji, 🪄 magic wand emoji, 🧙 mage emoji, broom emoji, basket emoji, black cat emoji, and house with garden emoji.

Once you post these emojis on social media, you are automatically referring to yourself as a witch. Whether this is a costume or an actual practicing witch depends on the post and your lifestyle as well. The moment you add a basket emoji, broom emoji, and house with garden emoji, you’re already referring to a cottage in the outskirts of civilization as well. While cottagecore doesn’t necessarily focus on being alone completely, the witchcore aesthetic does so in order to protect their potions or spells.


Soft Girl Aesthetic

Soft girl aesthetic emojis are one of the most searched emoji combinations on the Internet. The aesthetic itself is also extremely popular. People who want to look cuter without extreme changes to their lifestyle favor this aesthetic. The soft girl aesthetic features pastel colors mixed in with white. They wear tennis skirts, big shirts or sweaters, and chunky white sneakers. TikTok caused the soft girl aesthetic’s viral sensation. It features hyperfeminine women with sweet personalities and cute clothing. The soft girl aesthetic also features everyday items with cute designs. These items became popular on TikTok which created a boom in the production of these items.

Soft Boy

white heart emojiopen book emojiHatching Chick emoji, Apple version of the Hatching Chick emojicloud emojiRabbit emoji, rabbit

If there are aesthetic emojis for soft girls, there should also be aesthetic emojis for soft boys. Soft boys are basically the same thing as soft girls. They prefer white and pastel colors instead of dark-toned ones. However, soft boys aren’t hyperfeminine. Instead, soft boys are known to be childlike. They can either be extroverted with high amounts of energy or introverted with pure thoughts.

Soft boy aesthetic emojis include the 🤍 white heart emoji, 📖 open book emoji, 🐣 hatching chick emoji, ☁️ cloud emoji, and 🐇 rabbit emoji. All these emojis are clean, light-toned, and exude purity. The soft boy aesthetic is against the toxic masculinity that society has today. It is true that most people are now becoming aware of gender equality. However, the soft boy takes it to the next level by embracing their feminine likes and dislikes without concern for society’s standards against them.

Anime characters like Mitsukuni Haninozuka, Momiji Sohma, or Shouta Magatsuchi are the inspiration for the soft boy aesthetic. As a result, using emojis related to the characters can also be considered soft boy aesthetic emojis. An example of this is adding the dessert emojis to the soft boy aesthetic emoji combination. This would imply Mitsukuni Haninozuka, who is a character known for his love of sweets.


Rabbit emoji, rabbitribbon emojiCherry Blossom emoji, Apple version of the Cherry Blossom emojicloud emoji

A popular subtype of the soft girl aesthetic is Sanriocore. Just like Ghiblicore, Sanriocore focuses on anything that has to do with Hello Kitty and her friends. Sanrio usually has light-toned items (with the exception of Kuromi and Bad Badtz Maru). As a result, the brand itself is perfect for those following the soft girl aesthetic.

Sanriocore aesthetic emojis usually have at least one emoji representing a specific Sanrio character. An example would be My Melody, who is a white rabbit with a pink hood on her head. You can use the 🌸 cherry blossom emoji, rabbit emoji, cloud emoji, and ribbon emoji to refer to Melody.

Gamer Girl

Rabbit emoji, rabbitAlien Monster Emojigrowing heart emojilaptop emojiVideo Game emoji, Apple version of the Video Game emojiCherry Blossom emoji, Apple version of the Cherry Blossom emojidango emoji

Last on our soft girl aesthetic emojis is the gamer girl aesthetic. The gamer girl aesthetic became viral on TikTok and drew inspiration from Belle Delphine. It is one of the most controversial aesthetics since it’s been consistently accused of encouraging pedophilia and infantilism. This is because gamer girls have been stereotyped to seduce men with their childlike behavior and similar tastes in video games.

Despite these controversies, most gamer girls are just women who enjoy cute things while playing their video games. Being proud of your interests, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, is nothing to be ashamed of. As a result, instead of hiding their aesthetics, gamer girls became even more viral on the Internet and have encouraged those with similar tastes to come out.

To find those with gamer girl aesthetics, you need to use the 🐇 bunny emoji, 👾 alien monster emoji, 💗 growing heart emoji, 💻 laptop emoji, 🎮 video game emoji, 🍡 Dango emoji, and sakura blossom emoji. You don’t necessarily have to use all these emojis together. However, using more than one of them will increase your chances of finding like-minded people. The gamer girl aesthetic emoji also allows others to find items that they would like referred to by fellow gamer girl aesthetic enthusiasts.


Dark Academia Aesthetic

Dark Academia is another one of the more common aesthetics found on the Internet. People with a dark academia aesthetic focus on libraries, dimly lit areas, dark-tone clothing, skeletons, candles, and gloomy weather. Dark academia idealizes dreary places with extreme silence and favors being surrounded by books rather than other people. People with dark academia aesthetics are usually bookworms and interact only with like-minded people. A popular movie with dark academia aesthetics is The Dead Poets Society which features everything the aesthetic favors.

Dark academia can be referenced on the Internet with aesthetic emojis. Listed below are three aesthetic emojis referring to subtypes of the aesthetic itself.

Cryptid Academia

scroll emojiWine Glass emojihourglass emojiSkull And Crossbones emojiclosed book emojicoffin emojiheadstone emojiblack nib emojicandle emoji

Cryptid academia is a subtype of the Dark Academia aesthetic focusing on things referring to death. The cryptid academia’s aesthetic emojis comprise the 📜 scroll emoji, 🍷 wine glass emoji, ⌛️ hourglass emoji, ☠️ skull with crossbones emoji, 📕 closed book emoji, ⚰️ coffin emoji, 🪦 tombstone emoji, ✒️ fountain pen emoji, and candle emoji.

All these emojis represent studying things referencing death, whether this is necromancy, torture methods, or poisoning. Of course, cryptid academia doesn’t support murder and mayhem. However, it does romanticize the topic itself. People who follow the cryptid academia lifestyle like researching topics that most people fear. By adding the dark-toned colors to their wardrobe and items alongside the theme of dusty scrolls and feathered pens, cryptid academia is very similar to the goth aesthetic.

You can use the aesthetic emojis for the cryptid academia when studying crimes, murders, medieval torture methods, or necromancy. It is also used to refer to stories that deal with bringing the dead back to life such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Witchy Academia

magic wand emojiclosed book emojiscroll emojiblack cat emojimage emojihourglass emojicandle emojiAlembic emoji

The witchy academia aesthetic is a subtype of the dark academia focusing on the research into witchcraft. This would include magic circles, potions, and charms. One of the most popular movie series using the Witchy Academia aesthetic is the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Witchy academia’s aesthetic emojis feature the ⚗️ alembic emoji, candle emoji, mage emoji, black cat emoji, closed book emoji, magic wand emoji, scroll emoji, and hourglass emoji. All of these emojis combined describe a witch or wizard that has a wide understanding of magic arts through reading and research.

You can use the witchy academia’s aesthetic emoji combination for various reasons. An example is to use them when learning about historical facts regarding witchcraft. Another example would be when cosplaying or referencing the Harry Potter series in general.

Ocean Academia

blue book emojiscroll emojiAlembic emojiseal emojiwater wave emojiwhale emojihourglass emoji

The ocean academia is not as popular in comparison to the witchy academia and cryptid academia. However, ocean academia offers a unique experience for those who love both the sea and knowledge. Ocean academia focuses on studies regarding the ocean and the creatures that live inside them.

Ocean academia’s aesthetic emojis feature animal emojis that live in the water. An example of this is the 🐋 whale emoji or the 🦭 seal emoji. You can also include the 🌊 water wave emoji, 📘 blue book emoji, scroll emoji, alembic emoji, and hourglass emoji.

Just like other dark academia subtypes, the ocean academia’s aesthetic emojis can be used to represent studying the ocean, ancient sea maps, mythical sea creatures, and inventions to allow a man to travel under the ocean. You can also use it to refer to novels or stories about the ocean. An example of this would be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


Light Academia Aesthetic

Light academia focuses on brighter things in contrast to dark academia. While both aesthetics prioritize knowledge and passion, the light academia aesthetic is more romantic, softer, and warmer compared to the dark academia’s preferences. Light academia aesthetic features light-toned colors with golden sextants and globes. People with the light academia aesthetic have white to light brown furniture, books that are organized and clean, and prefer soft golden colors.

Unlike dark academia’s aesthetic emojis, the light academia emojis are brighter and softer combined.

Romantic Academia

scroll emojiblack nib emojimirror emojiwhite heart emojirose emojiWilted Flower emoji

First on our aesthetic emojis is the romantic academia. The romantic academia aesthetic focuses on the romance itself. Whether it’s a tragic romance or a dramatic romance story, all of them feature flowers (wilted or not to symbolize the subgenre of romance), light-colored books, written letters, glass mirrors, and delicate cups.

The romantic academia aesthetic emoji is composed of the 🪞mirror emoji, white heart emoji, flower emoji, fountain pen emoji, and scroll emoji. In regards to the flower emoji, it can be the 🌹 rose emoji, 🌷 tulip emoji, or 🥀 wilted flower emoji. The white heart emoji symbolizes pure love, which the romantic academia idealizes.

You can use aesthetic emojis for romantic academia in several different ways. The first way is to use it as a theme for an event. You can use these emojis while posting Valentine’s day dinner or your own wedding on Instagram. You can also use the romantic academia aesthetic emoji for photographs or artworks referencing the romanticism art movement.

Art Academia

ledger emojibookmark tabs emojiartist palette emojiringed planet emojipaintbrush emoji

Art academia isn’t as well appreciated as other academic subjects. However, artworks have exceeded their artists and have been appreciated for centuries. Art academia aesthetic features used paintbrushes, hand-drawn sketches, flowers, hand-written records, and books about art.

Aesthetic emojis for the art academia consist of the 🖌️ paintbrush emoji, 🪐 ringed planet emoji, 📑 bookmark tabs emoji, 🎨 artist palette emoji, and ledger emoji. These emojis represent what art academia is usually about, whether the person being represented is a writer, a painter, or a critic.

Art academia’s aesthetic emojis can be used to represent the pursuit of knowledge regarding art. You can use the artist palette emoji and the paintbrush emoji to represent the paintings you are showing or making. The same can be done when you are currently writing a novel or short story with the ledger and bookmark tab emojis.

Ballet Academia

ledger emojiswan emojimirror emojiballet shoes emojifeather emojicloud emoji

The best thing about the light academia aesthetic is that it doesn’t focus solely on research alone. Light academia aesthetic also values other types of knowledge. In this case, the ballet academia focuses on the art of ballet. Not only does ballet require a lifetime’s worth of practice to master, but it’s also one of the most beautiful forms of dancing. The ballet academia doesn’t necessarily focus on dancing ballet either. It can also refer to the admiration of ballerinas.

Ballet academia’s aesthetic emojis comprise the 🦢 swan emoji, 🩰 ballet shoes emoji, 🪶 feather emoji, mirror emoji, cloud emoji, and ledger emoji. The swan emoji and the feather emoji reference one of the most popular ballets in history: Swan Lake. Meanwhile, the cloud emoji references the tulle skirt ballerinas wear. The mirror emoji references the practice room for ballets. Most dance academies need a room with a large wall covered with mirrors. Meanwhile, the intricate design of the mirror emoji describes the delicate age of the ballet. The ledger emoji describes the notes that ballerinas have to practice their dance steps. Finally, the ballerina shoes reference their dances.

You can use the aesthetic emojis for ballet academia to reference practicing ballet. However, it is also possible to use this emoji combination to present your artworks about ballerinas itself.


Monochromatic Aesthetic

Against all other aesthetics, the monochromatic focuses on one color alone. The monochromatic aesthetic usually focus on one color with its different shades adding texture to their clothing, artwork, or environment. The monochromatic aesthetic is cleaner, more organized, and has minimalist undertones compared to all the other aesthetics. However, monochromatic aesthetic emojis may or may not follow that same pattern. This is because of the different subtypes of the monochromatic aesthetic.

Dark Monochromatic

black heart emojinew moon emojieight ball emojichess pawn emojiblack cat emoji

Monochromatic aesthetic automatically had subtypes upon its creation. One of the most common subtypes of the monochromatic aesthetic is the dark monochromatic. Dark monochromatic is extremely different from the emo aesthetic. Instead, dark monochromatic features modern clothing with smooth shades of black. Dark monochromatic is mostly used for clothing.

The aesthetic emojis for the dark monochromatic are all the black emojis that you could find. Some of the most common dark monochromatic emojis are the 🖤 black heart emoji, 🌑 new moon emoji, 🎱 eight-ball emoji, ♟️ chess pawn emoji, and black cat emoji.

Dark monochromatic’s aesthetic emojis can be used to reference your love for the color black. However, it can also be used to reference the black colors of your outfit, your items, or your artwork. An example of this is TikTokers using the dark monochromatic emoji after showing their outfits or journaling videos with black tones. People who use the dark monochromatic aesthetic are known to have serious personalities and adopt a minimalistic lifestyle.

Pink Monochromatic

flamingo emojiribbon emojitulip emojiwomans clothes emojiballet shoes emoji

Pink monochromatic’s aesthetic emojis are shades of bright pink, energetic, and happy. Enthusiasts of the pink monochromatic aesthetic often coincide with different themes. An example of this would be Barbie or strawberry milk themes. It’s also important to note that those who use the pink monochromatic aesthetic are known to have strong personalities with high self-esteem.

Just like the dark monochromatic, the aesthetic emojis for the pink monochromatic are all the pink emojis you could find. The most common aesthetic emojis for the subtype are the 🦩 flamingo emoji, 🎀 ribbon emoji, 👚 woman’s clothes emoji, ballet shoes emoji, or the pink flower emojis.

The best part about monochromatic emojis is that you don’t need to have the physical representations of the emojis being discussed. Instead, what you would need is the color of the emoji instead. However, pink monochromatic is special because it usually deals with harsh colored pinks instead of soft pastels.

You can use the pink monochromatic’s aesthetic emojis when showing your dark or brightly colored pink outfits. You can also use it to reference the pink items you have collected as well. A great example of this would be TikTok’s Barbietok section, where there is even a person that has her entire house (even her pool) in the shade of pink!

Blue Monochromatic

gem stone emojiBlue Heart, Blue Heart emojimilky way emojiDolphin emojiwater wave emoji

Blue monochromatic is common for film colors, ocean lovers, and galaxy lovers. The common aesthetic emojis for the blue monochromatic is the 💎 gem emoji, 💙 blue heart emoji🌌 milky way emoji, 🐬 dolphin emoji, and water wave emoji. These emojis represent blue-colored items.

The blue monochromatic aesthetic focuses on all shades of blue. Just like with other monochromatic subtypes, you can use these blue emojis to focus on specific clothing, items, or artworks. Blue monochromatic enthusiasts are also known to adopt serious but calm personalities.


E-Girl Aesthetic

TikTok has done more than just make the soft girl aesthetic viral. It is also the birthplace of the e-girl aesthetic. E-girls are those with exaggerated eyeliners, brightly colored hair, layered clothing, lots of belts, chains, and bangs. Avril Lavigne is one of the original inspirations for the e-girl aesthetic. Following her are artists like Billie Eilish. People with this aesthetic rarely smile in their photos, have childlike mannerisms, and are a testament against the kawaii core aesthetic. Many e-girl aesthetic emojis come from TikTok itself. This is because the viral e-girls usually don’t post any words or sentences in their videos. Instead, they have emojis that represent e-girls on their bio or post descriptions instead.


chains emojiSkull emojiblack heart emojispider emojidrop of blood emojiFire, Fire emoji, Apple version of Fire emojiWilted Flower emoji

Just like there is a soft boy for a soft girl, the e-girl also has its own e-boy counterpart. The e-boy is extremely similar to the e-girl aesthetic. In fact, even their clothes aren’t that different from each other. Some e-boys even wear skirts and dresses to rebel against conformity. One of the very few differences between e-boys and e-girls is that e-boys almost always wear chain necklaces with locks on them. Some e-boys do wear makeup, but not all of them. Most also prefer to style their hair with large wavy curls that hide most of their face.

E-boy’s aesthetic emojis are a bit different from e-girls. This is because they don’t have the wilted rose emoji, but would replace it with the 🩸 drop of blood emoji, 🔥 fire emoji, 💀 skull emoji, or 🕷 spider emoji instead. However, when e-boys do use the wilted flower emoji, it’s to express their sexuality. E-boys are famous on TikTok and have been known to post thirst traps for others to see. When you see a black heart emoji next to a wilted flower emoji and the ⛓️ chains emoji, it’s almost certain you’ll be seduced.

You don’t have to be an e-boy to use their aesthetic emojis. In fact, you can even use their emojis to call out for them on the Internet. Many people are attracted to e-boys and would use their emoji combination to scout for some of them. You can also use their aesthetic emojis to describe an artwork of an e-boy you made. It’s also allowed to use e-boy’s emojis while posting an appreciation post of them too.

Gamer E-Girl

Video Game emoji, Apple version of the Video Game emojiAlien Monster Emojigreen heart emojitest tube emojiblack cat emoji

The gamer e-girl is a subtype of both the e-girl and the soft girl aesthetic. Not all e-girls prefer black colors, and some would prefer to wear neon and retro-themed clothes instead. The gamer e-girl prefers bright neon lights with dark purple tones. They enjoy playing video games and often dye their hair with neon colors. Gamer e-girls are also known to favor techwear rather than the traditional e-girl.

Gamer e-girls look extremely similar to the standard e-girl. That’s why it’s important to notice the difference between the two. One of the most obvious differences between the gamer e-girl and the e-girl is that gamer e-girls have a fondness for cats. Gamer e-girls are usually seen tying their hair up in a way that looks like they have cat ears. They’re also fond of the popular cat headphones. However, they also wear a lot of chokers and have the same style of makeup as regular e-girls.

Gamer e-girls have aesthetic emojis similar to both e-girls and gamer girls. You would only have to mix the two aesthetic emoji combinations to create it, whether you’re more pastel pink than black or prefer the neon-colored styles is up to your preference. An example of the gamer e-girl’s emoji combination is the 💚 green heart emoji, 🧪 test tube emoji, video game emoji, alien monster emoji, and black cat emoji. This implies a gamer e-girl that prefers black and neon green tones with a fondness for cats and video games.

Artsy E-Girl

rainbow emojipaintbrush emojiartist palette emojiringed planet emojiblack heart emoji

Last, but not the least, of the aesthetic emojis for e-girls is the artsy e-girl’s emoji combination. The artsy e-girl has the furthest type of clothing and lifestyle choices from the standard e-girl. This is because the artsy e-girl adapts the makeup style of the e-girl, but wears a wide range of colors and rarely uses black. Artsy e-girls don’t wear chains or have dark-themed items. Artsy e-girls have paintbrushes, digital art equipment, or any other form of art medium instead. However, the artsy e-girl does have tattoos or many earrings and nose rings depending on their choice, just like the original e-girl.

Artsy e-girls also adapted the use of emojis in their images. However, unlike e-girls, the artsy e-girls mix up the colors and usually have cuter designs.

The aesthetic emojis for the artsy e-girl are the 🌈 rainbow emoji, paintbrush emoji, ringed planet emoji, artist palette emoji, and black heart emoji. The reason for the black heart emoji is because of the accessories that artsy e-girls sometimes wear, along with their colorful outfits are shoes, belts, and sunglasses that are solid black in color. The rainbow emoji represents their colorful fashion and imagination, the ringed planet emoji features their curiosity, and the art materials reference their talent in art.


Baddie Aesthetic

Next on our list of aesthetic emojis features baddie emojis. These emojis refer to the baddie aesthetic that went viral on Instagram during the 2010s. Those with the baddies aesthetic have matte makeup with sharp eyebrows and a fierce personality. Baddies take inspiration from Kylie Jenner, and value looking effortlessly flawless. Baddies are also known to have strong personalities and are commonly used for drawing because of their pretty features.

The baddie aesthetic is one of the oldest aesthetics listed here. As a result, many subtypes of the baddie aesthetic have gone viral on their own. This causes many aesthetic emojis to relate to the baddie aesthetic on their own. However, emoji combinations for the baddie aesthetic have also become a standard as well.

Insta Baddie

peach emojiNail Polish EmojiKiss emoji, Kiss Mark emoji, Lips emojiSparkles emojisweat droplets emojicrown emojigem stone emoji

The original baddie aesthetic comes from the insta baddie aesthetic. They were first introduced to the Internet on Instagram in the 2010s and have become an inspiration for makeup and fashion. Kylie Jenner is one of the most important influences on the insta baddie aesthetic. People copied her style and makeup on Instagram. As a result, other netizens referred to them as insta baddies. Insta baddies prioritize looking effortlessly beautiful.

Insta baddies aren’t as common as they were before. Not because they are no longer as popular, but because the insta baddie aesthetic has been welcomed into most people’s everyday lives. The same can be said for their aesthetic emojis such as the 🍑 peach emoji, 💅 nail polish emoji, 💋 kiss mark emoji, ✨ sparkles emoji, 💦 sweat droplets emoji, 👑 crown emoji, and gem emoji.

You don’t have to be an insta baddie to use any of the aesthetic emojis of the baddies anymore. What makes the insta baddie’s aesthetic emoji popular is that it has now become a symbol of self-confidence, love, and respect for oneself. Females now use the baddie aesthetic as a symbol of empowerment. Women who feel good about themselves use this emoji set often and would encourage other women to break out of their shells as a result.

Luxurious Baddie

money bag emojiring emojimoney with wings emojiSparkles emojilipstick emojiWine Glass emojiWilted Flower emoji

Another subtype of the baddie aesthetic is the luxurious baddie. These baddies have the same makeup style and confidence as other baddies. However, luxurious baddies tend to favor glamorous things such as champagne, money, designer clothing, and travel. Luxurious baddies can be seen in clubs or resorts with expensive jewelry and faux feather boas. They love to flaunt their wealth and don’t have a problem with being called out on it either.

Luxurious baddies are extremely private in regard to family or personal matters. They’re also the most controversial type of baddie. This is because most luxurious baddies support earning money by becoming sugar babies to rich old men. In terms of personality, the luxurious baddie can be kind or cold depending on who you are in their lives as well.

The 💰 money bag emoji, 💍 ring emoji, 💸 money with wings emoji, 💄 lipstick emoji, sparkles emoji, wilted flower emoji, and wine glass emoji are just some of the few aesthetic emojis for the luxurious baddie. The most important emojis listed among them are the sparkles emoji and the flying cash emoji. These both represent the amount of money they spend and earn on a daily basis.

You can use luxurious baddie’s aesthetic emojis when flaunting your wealth or enjoying your hard-earned vacation. However, you can also use it when complaining about the expenses you paid for an item you regret buying. To do this, you will need to add a 😭 loudly crying face emoji.

Business Baddie

money mouth face emojinecktie emojiNail Polish EmojiWoman Tipping Hand, Woman Tipping Hand emoji , Information Desk emojiWine Glass emojisunglasses emoji, smiling face with sunglasses emojimoney with wings emojicrown emoji

People who love business while being glamorous enjoy the business baddie aesthetic. Business baddies are go-getters in the workforce with polished nails, pretty clothing, and independence from men. Unlike the luxurious baddie, business baddies are known to go for the money by earning it rather than using men. Business baddies follow the same make-up styles as all the other baddies. The only difference is that business baddies prefer more natural colors for their lips and eyeshadows while wearing fashionable corporate attire.

Business baddies flaunt their wealth just as much as the next person. However, they flaunt their wealth by adding that they’re doing all of these on their own with no help from men. Since business baddies don’t need men, they come off as man-haters with extremely high standards. However, business baddies are not affected by this and know what they deserve instead.

The aesthetic emojis for business baddies are the 🤑 money-mouth face emoji, 👔 necktie emoji, 💁‍♀️ woman tipping hand emoji, 😎 smiling face with sunglasses emoji, nail polish emoji, wine glass emoji, money with wings emoji, and crown emoji. All these describe a woman interested in the movement of her money and spending it on herself alone. You can use these emojis to describe important achievements in your career as well as use your paycheck to enjoy the finer things in life.


Urban Aesthetic

The urban aesthetic is common in photography. This is because urban areas such as large cities, abandoned buildings, and cramped spaces are common today. The urban aesthetic has now evolved into different subtypes, portraying the urban everyday life of most people. People with urban aesthetics thrive in large buildings. Not only is it comforting to them, but it is also a testament to the megastructures that people have built. Despite being a common aesthetic, there’s no set design on how to live the urban lifestyle. This makes the aesthetic itself unique by appreciating the everyday lives of people within cities.

Night Core

Round Pushpin emojisunset emojitaxi emojibeer emojihot beverage emoji

Many video games, movies, and TV series have set their stories consistently under the city night sky. Night core focuses on large cities that never sleep with their neon signs open, the drinking spots that are wide awake, or the people intimately gathered together in the middle of a large street. The night core aesthetic is popular among teens to young adults. Those who love the night core aesthetic have more energy during the evening instead of during the day. There are two types of people who like the night core aesthetic: the ones that live in the night crowd and the ones that prefer the silence the night offers.

Night core has four standard aesthetic emojis. These are the 📍 round pushpin emoji, 🌇 sunset emoji, and 🚕 taxi emoji. All these emojis refer to the idealized version of a big city at night. The round pushpin emoji represents apps such as Uber or Grab where you can hire a private car to take you somewhere. The pushpin emoji is similar to the pin location image that these types of apps use. The taxi emoji is also for something similar. Megacities rarely have reasonable parking spaces. As a result, most people take taxis to go to one place or another instead.

The ☕️ coffee emoji and 🍺 beer emoji are both interchangeable. You can use the beer emoji to represent the club lifestyle that most cities have after dark. At the same time, it’s also acceptable to use the coffee cup emoji to describe the intimate gatherings 24-hour cafes have in the evening as well.


sunset emojiCityscape At Dusk emoji, Travel emojicityscape emojiNight With Stars emojibuilding construction emoji

The megacity aesthetic features large cities regardless of the time frame. People who love the megacity aesthetic focus on the large buildings in the area and the construction sites around it. The megacity aesthetic is more crowded in contrast to the night core aesthetic. Photographers are quite fond of this aesthetic since they can take photographs of numerous buildings from different angles.

The megacity aesthetic emojis feature anything to do with construction and buildings. These emojis include the sunset emoji, 🌆 cityscape at dusk emoji, 🏙️ cityscape emoji, 🌃 night with stars emoji, and 🏗️ building construction emoji. All of these include having something to do with buildings.

You can use the megacity aesthetic’s emojis for two things. The first thing is to mention coming across an impressively designed building. An example of this is the Empire State Building in New York. The second is to use it to refer to a famous city by adding other memorable items within the city along with the emoji combination. An example of this is adding the 🗼 Tokyo tower emoji along with the 🇯🇵 Japan flag emoji to refer to Tokyo.

Old Town

classical building emojibank emojiButterfly emojibrick emojisunflower emoji

There are many who find large crowds and buildings overwhelming. They find the area suffocating with so many people and not enough room for nature to breathe in. These people may still find architecture wonderful, though. However, the architecture and cities they find fascinating would match the old town aesthetic instead.

Old towns are quiet, with few gatherings for clubbing. There might be a few pubs here and there, but nothing too fancy either. Instead, old towns are known for their historical architecture, traditional restaurants, and warm cafes. Old town aesthetic refers to cities or towns that retained their physical features for centuries. A few examples of old towns that adhere to this aesthetic are Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, Chora in Greece, and Sancerre in France.

The old town aesthetic emojis are the 🏛 classical building emoji, 🏦 bank emoji, 🦋 butterfly emoji, 🧱 brick emoji, and sunflower emoji. The classical building emoji and bank emoji specifically feature columns that are similar to most old town’s styles. You can use these emojis while showing images and cultures of a specific old town you’re visiting. You can also use these emojis to represent your hometown in local areas.


Cartoon Core Aesthetic

Cartooncore aesthetic emojis are actually harder to find. This is because cartoon core focuses primarily on nostalgic cartoon or animated characters as their profile pictures or inspiration. Those who follow the cartoon core usually obsess over a singular character. An example of this would be Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid singer that has become worldwide famous. A large number of cosplays, rooms, merchandise, and songs have been used to relate to Hatsune Miku. Another example would be Hello Kitty, whose wide range of products allows cartoon core fans to have most of their everyday items labeled with Hello Kitty.

It is possible to represent the aesthetic on the Internet despite its emojis being hard to find. The trick is to refer to the cartoon on your aesthetic emojis instead of the general cartoon core aesthetic itself. This allows people to recognize the character instead of what aesthetic you have and somehow relates to your objective.


Sunglasses, Sunglasses emoji, Shades, Shades emojimouth emojiSparkles emojilipstick emojiKiss emoji, Kiss Mark emoji, Lips emoji

All cartoon core subtypes refer to a specific character or a set of specific characters. The Bratz aesthetic is one of the most popular of the subtypes the cartoon core has. This is because it followed right after the Baddie aesthetic became viral. Bratz is a series of dolls that are sold worldwide with different themed outfits. The original members of the first Bratz series were Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade.

Netizens noticed the similarities between Bratz dolls and baddies the moment the baddies aesthetic became viral. People began using Bratz dolls as their profile pictures all over their social media and began creating fan art for the Bratz as well. The Bratz aesthetic features large plump lips, heavy mascara, and eyeliner, with Y2K fashion. People who follow the Bratz aesthetic are also known to dress up similarly to the dolls as well.

Bratz aesthetic emojis include the 🕶 sunglasses emoji, 👄 mouth emoji, sparkles emoji, lipstick emoji, and kiss mark emoji. These emojis describe the glamorous and fashionable lifestyle the Bratz dolls have that people are now trying to mimic. By using their emoji set, you’re telling the world that you have confidence, taste in fashion, and are an early 2000s baby.


bubbles emojiRabbit emoji, rabbitBlue Heart, Blue Heart emojiSparkles emojioctopus emoji

The Bubbles aesthetic is another popular cartoon core subtype that focuses on the different emotions and charm of Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles is a blonde and blue-eyed superhero who can talk to animals and loves cute things. Most people’s first impression of Bubbles is that she’s childish and sweet. However, Bubble’s mood swings can cause her to be violent, merciless, and even dumb at times.

The Bubbles aesthetic focuses on all of Bubbles’ personality traits, not just one. Popular profile pictures for Bubbles feature her in messy hair, crying uncontrollably, or looking extremely fabulous with makeup on. Just like Bratz, Bubbles is more popular with people who grew up during the early 2000s. As a result, Bubbles-themed items such as makeup, stickers, dolls, and clothing can be used to express your love for her character.

Bubbles’ aesthetic emoji features the 🫧 bubbles emoji, 🐙 octopus emoji, blue heart emoji, bunny emoji, and sparkles emoji. The octopus emoji refers to her favorite stuffed toy, Octi. The white bunny emoji refers to one of the episodes where she cosplays herself as a superhero rabbit on a pogo stick. Meanwhile, the sparkles, the blue heart, and the bubbles emoji all refer to her blue-themed superhero get-up and name.


Bikini, Bikini emoji, Polka dot bikinilipstick emojiHigh Heeled Shoe Apple versionpurse emojidress emoji

The Barbie aesthetic is one of the oldest cartoon core subtypes. It features a worldwide famous doll made by Mattel. Barbie is a doll with seemingly endless career professions, fashion styles, and personalities. There are many other characters in the Barbie universe.

Barbie is an important historical doll that jumpstarted the mass production of fashion dolls. However, she wasn’t the first type of fashion doll at all. Bild Lilli, a German fashion doll brand, was the inspiration for Barbie’s physical appearance. What Barbie managed to do on her own was make a statement out of the bright pink shade that she’s often seen wearing or using.

Barbie’s aesthetic emojis always feature that particular shade of pink with sparkles on each end. The most common emojis associated with barbie are the 👠 high heels emoji, 👛 purse emoji, 👙 bikini emoji, 👗 dress emoji, and lipstick emoji. Not only do these emojis symbolize different fashion items, but they’re also in the specific pink shade that Barbie made famous on her own. You can use these emojis to reference your Barbie-themed items and clothing.


Fairycore Aesthetic

Fairycore aesthetic emojis are one of the most popular ones on the Internet. You don’t even have to commit to the fairycore aesthetic to use them. The fairycore aesthetic focuses on anything that has to do with fairies in general. Whether they are mischievous fairies, beautiful fairies, or dangerous ones. Fairycore aesthetic is closely related to the cottagecore aesthetic and the lolita aesthetic. This is because both aesthetics also deal with nature and the frills that fairycore has.

Since its release, the fairycore aesthetic has divided itself into different types of fairies. Each fairycore subtype changes its personality and tastes depending on the aesthetic itself.

Forest Fairy

fairy emojiSparkles emojiherb emojisunflower emoji

The earliest known fairycore subtype is the forest fairy aesthetic. Originally, the fairycore aesthetic only had the forest fairy in mind. Eventually, fairycore evolved into different types of fairies. The forest fairy includes forests, plantlife, prairies, and grasslands with wildflowers and sparkles. Forest fairies are known to thrive in areas away from urban life. As a result, people who take the forest fairy aesthetic up to their lifestyle may even adopt a cottagecore aesthetic as well.

Historians date stories about forest fairies all the way back to European folklore. Storytellers described them to be beautiful, kind, and fair maidens with pure souls. One of the most popular things about forest fairies are their fluttering wings. Most forest fairies are depicted with butterfly wings or dragonfly wings.

Aesthetic emojis for the forest fairies feature the 🧚 fairy emoji, sparkles emoji, herb emoji, and sunflower emoji. These emojis can be added with other types of emojis referring to forests and plant life. The forest fairy aesthetic prioritizes the feeling of magic in nature. However, it has been common for TikTokers to pretend to spot fairies in their homes.

You can use their emoji set to talk about forest fairies, describe the photo you shot of a person in a forest fairy aesthetic outfit, or simply present your home that has the forest fairy aesthetic.

Dark Fairy

Wilted Flower emojiSkull Emojispider web emojiblack heart emojifairy emoji

Dark fairies are the complete opposite of forest fairies. The dark fairy aesthetic features fairies that live in haunted forests and use dark magic in comparison to the forest fairies. They’re almost always wearing black clothing and wear heavy dark-toned makeup. People who follow the dark fairy aesthetic also adopt the witchcore aesthetic. However, the only difference is the large black wings they would also have. Dark fairy aesthetic artwork also features dark fairies wearing crowns or accompanied by large and intimidating creatures.

Dark fairies have been around for a long time just like the forest fairies. However, folklorists describe dark fairies as mischievous creatures with ugly features and evil magic. The image of dark fairies has improved since their earlier versions. Nowadays, dark fairies are considered mischievous, protective, and a symbol of female empowerment.

People who follow the dark fairy aesthetic would use the fairy emoji, wilted rose emoji, black heart emoji, spider web emoji, and skull emoji. Alongside their aesthetic emojis would be optional emojis such as the spider emoji or 🦂 scorpion emoji to describe their dark magic.

You can use the dark fairy’s aesthetic emoji to refer to the theme itself. An example would be cosplaying as a dark fairy and using their emoji set to refer to what you are cosplaying as. Another example would be presenting photographs or short videos of dark forests that look like a place dark fairies would live in.

Pastel Fairy

fairy emojigrowing heart emojiSparkles emojicloud emoji

Pastel fairies are one of the newest types of fairies in existence. The pastel fairy aesthetic doesn’t refer to anything more than adding pastel colors to a fairy. There are no old folktales about pastel fairies. This is because the pastel fairy aesthetic was only born from the combination of fairycore, kawaiicore, and soft girl aesthetic. Unlike the other two examples of fairycore, the pastel fairy focuses on fashion and items without much regard to personality or mythological background.

Another unique thing about the pastel fairy aesthetic is that they don’t need to be in forested areas since they were never there. People follow the fairy aesthetic and live in urbanized areas as long as they have fairy-themed items with pastel designs.

The pastel fairy aesthetic features bright pastel-colored wings with mostly pink shades. Its aesthetic emojis feature the fairy emoji, growing heart emoji, sparkles emoji, and cloud emoji. All these emojis represent a fairy indulging itself with cute items. You can use these emojis to represent the pastel fairy aesthetic on your clothing, your artwork, or even your home appliances.


Lolita Aesthetic

Lolita is an aesthetic that originated in Japan. Locals and tourists alike appreciated the unique fashion scattered across Harajuku street. Lolita focuses on Victorian-age fashion with corsets, puffy skirts, frilly hats, and detailed dresses. The goal of the lolita aesthetic is to become extremely similar to the antique dolls of the Victorian age. There are many who are concerned about the lolita aesthetic. This is because the term “lolita” comes from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita which talks about a pedophile’s kidnapping and sexual abuse of his young stepdaughter. However, the lolita aesthetic has nothing to do with pedophilia or sexual abuse.

Lolita fashion didn’t stop growing despite other people’s reservations. It has even become common to see lolita dressed in Tokyo with tailors and shops focusing on them as their target market. Naturally, lolita aesthetic emojis also added its impact on the Internet.

Gothic Lolita

black cat emojiribbon emojiSkull emojiTeddy Bear Emojirose emojicloud emoji

The gothic lolita was one of the most unique subtypes of the lolita aesthetic. It was so pleasing to see that even the Japanese affectionately nicknamed the subtype as “goth-loli.” Gothic lolita deals with dark themes mixed with the Victorian doll style. They would have sweet-looking faces while wearing black dresses with dark-toned accents. Gothic lolitas are also known to add supernatural elements such as the death reaper, witchcraft, or even ghosts.

People never associated gothic lolita with controversial topics. Instead, people approved of its style and found it harmless. Gothic lolitas first came out to the public during the 1990s in Japan. At the time, the Hello Kitty franchise helped boom the cuteness in street fashion for the locals. Gothic lolitas basically adjusted to the cuteness and remained true to their preferred taste in dark-themed fashion. Eventually, Sanrio also introduced a character for the gothic lolita aesthetic: Kuromi.

Aesthetic emojis for the gothic lolita feature the 🧸 teddy bear emoji, black cat emoji, ribbon emoji, skull emoji, and rose emoji. You can add the 👻 ghost emoji or the mage emoji if you’re referring to a specific supernatural being associated with your gothic lolita outfit. It’s also important to note that you don’t necessarily need to be gothic lolita to admire or use their emojis.

Steampunk Lolita

compass emojiribbon emojimantelpiece clock emojiRabbit emoji, rabbitscroll emoji

Steampunk lolitas are a cult favorite in the lolita community. They’re a mixture of old and adorable that many people are fond of. Steampunk lolitas feature the idealized futuristic version of the Victorian age. As a result, the lolitas are dressed in puffy dresses or skirts mixed in with belt buckles, clockwork patterns, and weapons such as pistols and knives.

Those who know of the steampunk lolita aesthetic refer to them as steam lolitas. You won’t find much information about when steampunk lolita was introduced into the world. However, it is clear that there’s a large number of followers of the aesthetic. Steampunk lolitas favor leather and fall colors. It’s also common to find them posing in libraries, forests, or railroads.

The steampunk lolita’s aesthetic emojis are the 🧭 compass emoji, 🕰️ mantelpiece clock emoji, ribbon emoji, rabbit emoji, and scroll emoji. One of the most important emojis for the steampunk lolita is the compass emoji. The compass describes two things about steampunk lolitas. The first one is the appreciation of old technology that changed the world. The second is to describe people from the past with their creative inventions.

You can use the steampunk lolita emoji combo to refer to the aesthetic itself. An example would be drawing your own character in a steampunk lolita outfit. You can also use their emoji set for cute innovative things you’ve found.

Sweet Lolita

candy emojiballet shoes emojiRabbit emoji, rabbitstrawberry emojiCherry Blossom emoji ribbon emojicloud emoji

Last on our lolita aesthetic is the sweet lolita. The sweet lolita, also known as the classic lolita, incorporates all the styles of the victorian dolls with a preference for light colors. Out of all the lolita subtypes we’ve discussed, it is the sweet lolita that’s garnered the most controversy. This is because sweet lolita features child-like poses, patterns, and body alterations.

The scandal behind sweet lolita has two main issues. Concerned citizens accused the sweet lolita aesthetic of encouraging pedophilia. Netizens were quick to defend the aesthetic since the lifestyle merely enjoys the doll-like features rather than being a child themselves. Locals also voiced concerns due to the colonial mentality that sweet lolita was promoting. The only reason they were accused of idolizing the west was because of the blonde hairstyles, the large eyes, and porcelain skin that the sweet lolitas aimed for.

Despite the many issues of the sweet lolita, it still remains the strongest subtype. Until now, you can find sweet lolitas wandering the streets of Harajuku. You can even find them internationally now. On the Internet, sweet lolita’s emoji combination is the 🍬 candy emoji, 🍓 strawberry emoji, ballet shoes emoji, rabbit emoji, cloud emoji, sakura flower emoji, and ribbon emoji. Thanks to TikTok, you can find local friends who are also interested in the sweet lolita with its aesthetic emojis.


Gamerscore Aesthetic

Gamerscore is an aesthetic that focuses on video games in general. The bright neon lights coming out of the screen in a dark room, in particular, have become a source of comfort to many people. Folks with the gamerscore aesthetic are usually known to enjoy technology. This means that the gamerscore aesthetic also has a lot to do with wires, wifi, machinery, and communication. Gamerscore became a popular aesthetic because of Vaporwave, its subtype that became viral through memes in the late 2010s. People attach gamerscore with the 80s. This is because the 80s gave rise to the game industry with Japanese companies like SEGA, Squaresoft, and Nintendo.

There are many more subtypes for the gamerscore aesthetic than just vaporwave. However, vaporwave aesthetic emojis are the ones most people see on the Internet. Listed below are two other aesthetic emojis referring to a gamerscore subtype.


flying saucer emojilaptop emojiPager emoji, Apple version of the Pager emojitelevision emojiVideo Game emoji, Apple version of the Video Game emojisunset emoji

The most popular gamerscore subtype is the vaporwave aesthetic. The vaporwave aesthetic was born in the 2010s shortly after the baddie aesthetic. It features slowed electronic music, hot pink to deep purple colors, and a lot of grain filters. Vaporwave reintroduced retro music from the 1980s to the 1990s with a twist of chopping the sound with low vibrations.

Fashion enthusiasts associate the vaporware aesthetic with the 80s. People with the vaporwave aesthetic wore bucket hats, windbreakers, chunky sneakers, and a lot of grid patterns. People with a love for the vaporware music genre have allowed it to affect their fashion, their items, and their personality.

Aesthetic emojis for vaporware are the 🛸 UFO emoji, 💻 laptop emoji, 📟 pager emoji, 📺 television emoji, video game emoji, and sunset emoji. Depending on their interests, they might also add the 🌴 palm tree emoji as well to represent vaporwave on the beach.

You can use their aesthetic emojis to refer to a song under the vaporwave genre, to represent your outfit under the aesthetic, or even refer to digital art made with it.

Retro Gaming

couch and lamp emojitelevision emojigame die emoji, dice emojiPager emoji, Apple version of the Pager emojialien emojiflying saucer emoji

Following the vaporwave aesthetic is the vintage games under the retro gaming aesthetic. The retro gaming aesthetic is unique from all the other subtypes because it deals with offline games. Offline games such as card games and board games, were more common during a time when the Internet wasn’t around. During this time, video games such as Tetris became popular with consoles that could only be used with a television set found in a living room as well.

Retro gaming aesthetic’s charm is to remind people what it was like to play in the living room surrounded by friends and family. Today, people prefer to play their games locked in their rooms and away from the outside world. People developed the retro gaming aesthetic as a response to this anti-social behavior.

Retro gaming aesthetic emojis feature the 🛋️ couch and lamp emoji, 🎲 game die emoji, 👽 alien emoji, television emoji, pager emoji, and UFO emoji. All these emojis refer to the 1970s up to the 1980s when aliens became popular, board games were common, and you could only watch shows in the living room

You can use these emojis to describe television series such as Stranger Things that follow its aesthetic. However, it can also be used to refer to movies featuring board games such as Jumanji. People commonly use retro gaming aesthetic emojis as themes for parties, events, and for vintage consoles as well.


Video Game emoji, Apple version of the Video Game emojitrackball emojiJoystick emoji, Video Game emoji,Pager emoji, Apple version of the Pager emojiAlien Monster Emojigreen circle emojipurple circle emoji

The arcade aesthetic focuses on the video game arcades that remain popular in some countries today. Arcade aesthetic invokes nostalgia in old technology for millennials and above. The arcade aesthetic focuses on the entertainment center that allowed children to freely wander around and mingle among other children while playing video games.

Arcade aesthetic doesn’t have much to do with fashion. Instead, they are more popular with photographers, digital artists, and people who enjoy vintage items. Aesthetic emojis for the arcade aesthetic feature the 🖲️ trackball emoji, 🟢 green circle emoji, 🟣 purple circle emoji, video game emoji, alien monster emoji, pager emoji, and joystick emoji.

All these emojis refer to items you could find in the arcade before. The pager emoji describes the 80s, the time when video game arcades became popular. The alien monster describes the pixelated characters you could find in video games. Meanwhile, the three-game items refer to the video games themselves. Finally, the purple and green circle emojis describe the lighting that was common in those areas.

You can use these emojis to refer to your artwork, the location you’re in, or the mood you wish to have in your own private game room.


Old Hollywood Aesthetic

Last on our list of aesthetic emojis is the Old Hollywood aesthetic. Old Hollywood refers to the birth of the Sound Era. Human innovation allowed movies to have sound and color in them during this time. Artists like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly are the most iconic fashion icons in history. Conveniently, all three artists are linked with Old Hollywood. Many people consider the fashion of old Hollywood to be classy, sophisticated, and mature. This resulted in the old Hollywood aesthetic.

People who follow the old Hollywood aesthetic wear vibrant red lipstick and thick mascaras. They usually have shining purses and like to practice talking with a Transatlantic accent. Additionally, the old Hollywood aesthetic doesn’t bring in the racism and sexism that spread across the world during its time. Instead, it focuses on the fashion, the glamour, and the grace that the women had.


cigarette emojiWomen with Bunny Ears emojichampagne emojilipstick emojiSparkles emojifireworks emoji

It’s hard to imagine what it was like for our grandparents when they were young. Grandparents who lived in the 1920s experienced prohibition, war, and other restrictions. However, it was also a pivotal point for women. During the 1920s, there were many women who began rebelling against the social restrictions society placed upon them. They cut their long hair, smoked cigarettes, and lived out their youth the best they could. Flappers, women with their own fashion, lifestyle, and attitude, are now immortalized into an aesthetic.

The flapper aesthetic focuses on a specific type of dress that flappers used to wear called the “flapper dress.” At the same time, it is also about the way they carried themselves. While their attitude is now extremely common, flappers had a way of being ladylike despite their once scandalous life choices. You can still find many people adoring this dress and wanting to wear it even today. People who follow the flapper aesthetic idealize the flapper dress, the pixie haircut, the strong makeup, and their loose morals

Flapper aesthetic emojis feature the 🚬 cigarette emoji, 👯‍♀️ women with bunny ears emoji, 🍾 champagne emoji, 🎆 fireworks emoji, lipstick emoji, and sparkles emoji. All these emojis places an important aspect of a flapper’s night out. Flappers were heavy chain-smokers who danced in clubs filled with expensive drinks, wore really heavy makeup, and ended their nights with glamour.

You can use their emojis to describe dressing up as them, admiring them, or even adopting entirely to their lifestyle.

Art Deco

Sparkles emojiclassical building emojichampagne emojicigarette emojiSparkles emoji

Another old Hollywood favorite is the art deco movement. Just like the flapper aesthetic, the art deco movement is an aesthetic that was born in the 1920s. It’s also called the “art moderne movement” and is a popular form of architecture. You can find the art deco movement in everyday items such as jewelry, furniture, fashion, and cars as well. People who follow the art deco aesthetic find the geometric patterns that come with the art movement pleasing.

Unlike the flapper aesthetic, there is no definitive lifestyle that a person would have when committing to the art deco aesthetic. Instead, it’s more of the patterns and shapes of the items they own. Art deco’s aesthetic emojis feature two sparkles emoji, the classical building emoji, champagne emoji, and cigarette emoji. This describes the glamorous and scandalous 1920s era that accompanied the world-famous art deco buildings that still exist today.

You can use the art deco’s emojis when showing off furniture pieces, clothing, or even buildings that remind you of the aesthetic. A great example is by adding the 🗽 Statue of Liberty emoji in between the combination to describe the Empire State Building of New York.

Femme Fatale

lipstick emojipistol emojiNail Polish EmojiSkull emojiSparkles emojiWilted Flower emoji

The last of our aesthetic emojis features the femme fatale aesthetic. Storytellers use the term “femme fatale” for a character archetype in their stories. Most people would assume that the femme fatale aesthetic was born during the black and white cinema age. However, femme fatales have been around since ancient history. Stories about women with sexual confidence such as enchantresses have been around Europe since the middle ages.

Females who follow this aesthetic are known maneaters. Men either love them or hate them too. This is because some men sexualize them while others are intimidated by their cold nature. They prefer to be seductive, dominant, and manipulative in terms of their personality as well. An example would be James Bond movies where the femme fatale usually ends up falling in love with Agent Bond, forgoing all her previous abilities. The Internet has made sure that women who follow the femme fatale aesthetic do not easily fall in love now, though. An example of this would be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow, who did not fall in love or become helpless in any of her appearances.

Femme Fatale’s aesthetic emojis are the 🔫 pistol emoji, lipstick emoji, nail polish emoji, wilted flower emoji, sparkles emoji, and skull emoji. You can use these emojis to describe being deadly but beautiful on the Internet. Females who use these emojis describe being beautiful and strong enough to intimidate men.



Even if you take away the cute keyboard symbols and the cute emoji combos, you can still live an aesthetic lifestyle. Especially if your aesthetic focuses less on the Internet and more on the wildlife. However, emoji combos with aesthetic patterns allow you to do more than just express yourself.

aesthetic wall

Image from Unsplash

Aesthetic emojis placed on the Internet can help others find where they belong. People without imagination consider aesthetics unnatural and childish. As a result, those people insult and shame others for their interests. There are many downsides to the Internet as well, especially since exposing yourself to strangers will have them judge you shamelessly. However, you are not alone in your own interests. People who like unique things have become viral on the Internet as proof of this.

Being different is difficult. That is why those who began posting their aesthetics on the Internet should be applauded for their bravery. Not only were they courageous enough to take in the criticisms of others, but they also allowed those hiding to come out of their own shell. Aesthetic emojis aren’t just for beauty like the traditional use of aesthetics. They’re also to foster kindness and acceptance within oneself and others.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the different types of aesthetic emojis we’ve listed for you today. Hopefully, there will be more unique aesthetics that will come out on the Internet in the coming years. Can’t find your favorite aesthetic listed here? Don’t worry about that because there are more than just the few we discussed today. One way or another, you will find like-minded people one day. Who knows? You might even be the one to introduce your aesthetic on the Internet too.