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Don’t mince words, say what you need to say with the talking emoji. This Speaking Head emoji shows a man facing right, with lines coming out of his mouth to make him look like he is yelling or shouting something.

The Speaking Head emoji is generally used to depict vocalizing thoughts. It is traditionally used to make a point about something as well. If you’re talking about something you strongly stand for, feel free to utilize the speaking emoji in that context, too.

Along with its obvious meaning of speaking, feminists may share the emoji to convey the action known as what is called mansplaining. This is the term for a man’s condescending tone when speaking to a woman based solely on her gender, not on her level of intelligence.

Use the speaking head while retweeting or reposting something badass or really empowering. It may also be used to indicate balderdash, empty talk, or senseless banter. This emoji goes by many other names, too. It is also known as the yelling emoji, talking emoji, or simply, talk emoji.

🗣️ Speaking Head is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 7.0 which was introduced in 2014, and was added to Emoji 0.7.

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This Speaking Head Is Also Known As:

talking emoji

talk emoji

speaking emoji

speak emoji

speaking head emoji

yell emoji

talking head emoji

emoji for talking

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Speaking Head Emoji History

Speaking Head Emoji is created in the year 2014.

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