Indie Emojis: Ways To Stick It To The Man! ✌️

Written by: Bernice
Modified: Nov 29, 2022

You have probably never heard of indie emojis before. If you have and want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

Indie is slang for “independent” and is a genre in music, activism, movies, and other projects that are not sponsored by the government or any major company. Independent movies are highly celebrated within selected film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. Meanwhile, indie music is spread through word of mouth and social media platforms such as SoundCloud and TikTok. Activism against patriarchy or capitalism is also considered indie. This is because the idea of indie is to be against the masses.


What Are Indie Emojis About?

So what do emojis have anything to do with indie? There is no emoji that officially or unofficially represents many independent movements between critical issues. However, there are many emojis that can and have been associated with their usual stance. Whether it’s mental health awareness, LGBTQIA+ rights, or environmental protests. They have also been involved with songs and movies associated with the indie genre, such as a movie about marijuana, a documentary about the Vietnam War, or even fictional events with an important message.

Learning about these types of indie emojis will help you gain a sense of identity in the emoji vocabulary. People who listen to independent music or watch independent movies can also find one another through these simple emoji combinations. Additionally, it is also a great way to declare your allegiance to a specific political stand by merely sending a few emojis.

Listed down below are 12 indie emojis with their description, meaning, and some emoji combinations you can use with them. While they can be used alone to send a message, the right emoji combinations can give clues to the recipients of the emojis as to what you are implying. Additionally, all emojis have a description, meaning, and a few example combinations to check out.


Peace Sign Emoji

Peace Symbol emoji

The ☮️ Peace Sign emoji, also known as the peace symbol emoji, is the first on our list of indie emojis. This is because of what the peace symbol actually meant. Historically speaking, the peace sign was known as the nuclear disarmament symbol for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Gerald Holton, a British activist and the designer of the peace symbol, used the vertical line to establish the semaphore “D” signal and the downward lines for the semaphore “N” signal.

Americans adopted the peace sign a decade later. They used the peace sign as a symbol of anti-war protests regarding Vietnam and the hippie movement. This resulted in the peace sign becoming a symbol of anti-violence and solidarity. Despite this, many people confuse the peace symbol with the Nazi symbol or anti-Christ symbol. This is because people believe it is an upside-down broken Nero cross (which was the way St. Peter was crucified).

Using the peace symbol emoji allows you to follow through with these movements. Many indie songs are made against war or any form of violence. The same can be said with movies independently made. Songs like Joy Division’s “Decades” and the movie “Why We Fight” by Director Eugene Jarecki. You can add the 🎸 Guitar emoji or 🎵 Musical Note emoji to refer closer to the song. Meanwhile, you can add a 🎥 Film Camera emoji to refer to an anti-war film as well. Additionally, you can also add the ✌️ Victory Sign emoji to describe the anti-war movement itself.


Victory Sign Emoji

Victory Hand Emoji, Peace Emoji

The ✌️ Victory Hand emoji, also known as the victory sign emoji, is next on this list of indie emojis. It features a hand raising the index and middle finger with the rest of the fingers curled down. Most people know the victory hand sign emoji as the V-sign. However, the meaning behind the victory sign depends on the culture you belong to.

The most popular symbolism of the victory sign is to symbolize winning a battle. The allied countries began using the hand gesture as a symbol of victory against the Axis powers in World War II. As a result of the infamous war and the campaign that led to the v-sign being used, it is more popularly known as a standard for victorious heroes.

Unfortunately, you can also offend a person by using this sign. By facing your palm outward and doing the v-sign hand gesture, you could insult people from Commonwealth Nations. People from the 54 states (mostly former British territory) would compare it to using the middle finger.

The victory sign became a symbol of peace by the sixties. People who were against the Vietnam War began adopting the victory sign against its original purpose.

When using the victory sign emoji, you should consider these facts. By adding the ☮️ Peace Symbol emoji, you could be pertaining to the independent movement of the sixties against war. Adding the 🌿 Weed emoji would then reflect hippie culture, which is a popular indie genre.


Mushroom Emoji

mushroom emoji

Up next on our list of indie emojis is the 🍄 Mushroom emoji. It features the fly agaric toadstool. You might not be more familiar with their appearance rather than their name. The fly agaric toadstool has a brightly red-colored head with a white stem and white spots covering it.

Also known as the Amanita muscaria, the fly agaric toadstool is known to have hallucinogenic properties. In other words, while they are edible, you would experience hallucinations. Consuming them can also cause negative side effects aside from hallucinations. You might experience nausea, twitching, low blood pressure, drowsiness, and delirium if you consume the mushroom. This didn’t stop people from eating them, though. Siberian, Scandinavian, and Ancient Indian cultures even used these hallucinogenic mushrooms for religious ceremonies and oracles.

Unlike other indie emojis, the mushroom emoji represents a subculture: cottagecore. The mushroom emoji specifically focuses on witchcraft and scavenging as well. A few people on social media have published themselves growing their own mushrooms or scavenging for them in the forest. As a result, the underground subculture unofficially used the mushroom emoji as a symbol for their preferred aesthetic.

You can use this emoji to refer to the oracles that were once performed in your ancestor’s culture. The same can be said if you are walking around the forest harvesting wild mushrooms. While the hobby or culture you are referencing might feel obscure, there are places such as TikTok and Instagram where people discuss this niche interest. Looking for them with the mushroom emoji is an excellent way to make new friends!


Movie Camera Emoji

movie camera emoji

An indie emojis list won’t be complete without the 🎥 Movie Camera emoji. This emoji features a black professional camera. It has two large reels on its head with a wide lens attached to the front. The movie camera emoji is based on vintage movie cameras during Hollywood’s golden era. The movie camera emoji belongs to a series of movie emojis like the 🎞 Film Frames emoji and the 📽 Film Projector emoji.

Movie cameras were invented way back in the 1800s. Since the camera’s creation, many people have enjoyed watching narratives with different genres. Stories with genres such as horror, comedy, drama, and romance were one of the first genres to be created. Eventually, the genres split until it resulted in independent movies. Indie movies are produced without the help of major production houses such as Disney or Lionsgate. Unfortunately, many of these movies can rarely be seen in cinemas.

You can find these movies released at film festivals. Popular ones, such as Sundance and Cannes Film Festival, are available online in most cases. However, there are also those such as the Busan International Film Festival in Korea and Cinemalaya in the Philippines. Film Festivals usually have themes surrounding their selections every year. Some have LGBTQIA+ while others focus on specific cultures.

You can use the movie camera emoji to depict many things. First, you can use it to credit the cast and crew of an independent movie for them to gain Internet fame. Second, you can use the movie camera emoji and the 🎉 Party Popper emoji to describe finishing an independent movie. Another way is to describe a film festival. You can use the 🏳️‍🌈 Rainbow Flag emoji next to the movie camera emoji and party popper emoji to describe an LGBTQIA+ indie movie.


Frog Face Emoji

Frog Emoji, Frog Face Emoji

The 🐸 Frog Face emoji is one of those indie emojis that you might not have heard about. This is because the frog face emoji, just like the mushroom emoji, represents an aesthetic rather than a movement, song, or movie. The 2010’s boom in frog lovers caused the frogcore aesthetic. This aesthetic has colors of green, brown, and pink with frogs or toads being the core of the designs.

Frogs were considered to be gross creatures or familiars of witches. People’s perspectives gradually changed over time. Frogs are carnivorous amphibians usually found in marsh wetlands or nearby ponds. You can find frogs everywhere except for Antarctica, making them something everyone can relate to.

There are various symbols for the frog. Some cultures believe that frogs represent rebirth and change due to their life cycle. Meanwhile, other cultures have gained prejudice from them. There are rumors that small animals are considered familiars of dark magic users given by demons or departed predecessors. Just like the black cat, the frog had also become a popular witch familiar.

Nowadays frogs have become a pet to have. People have come to enjoy caring for many frogs, garnering an increasing culture in frogcore. You don’t necessarily have to know many things about frogs either. You only need to appreciate them and find them adorable. Some people theorize the increase in favor comes from frog cartoons like Kermit and Kerokeroppi. Others believe there were many people who liked frogs, but were shunned by those who did not.

You can use the frog face emoji next to the ☕️ Hot Beverage emoji to describe the Kermit meme. You can also use it to associate Pepe the Frog. As an indie emoji, you can use it next to the herb emoji and the mushroom emoji to represent cottagecore.


Herb Emoji

herb emoji

The 🌿 Herb emoji represents medicinal or cooking herbs. However, as an indie emoji, the herb emoji takes on a different meaning. The herb emoji is one of the many substitutes for the weed emoji. Additionally, it’s also used as a cottagecore emoji and a naturecore emoji.

The herb emoji was originally made to represent spices and medicines. They are still being used despite the technological advancement that has reached a point where we can extract the herbs’ specific properties. The herb emoji is also a representation of cooking herbs such as rosemary, basil, and thyme.

While the uses of these herbs are usually legal, there are some herbs that are banned. Marijuana is a specific herb banned in many countries but is widely used. The herb emoji has become a symbol of the marijuana emoji. As a result, most people who do use the herb emoji along with the 😌 Relieved Face emoji or the ⚗️ Alembic emoji imply marijuana use. This is important information for the indie emojis list. This is because of the hippie culture, which stood on the anti-war protests in America while attending music festivals and smoking weed.

You can represent the hippie culture and the anti-war movement by placing the peace symbol emoji, the herb emoji, the rainbow emoji, and the musical note emoji to describe festivals like Woodstock.

You can also use the herb emoji to represent naturecore, an aesthetic that refers to plantlife and wildlife. Adding to the naturecore is the cottagecore, which refers to the cottage life where people harvested herbs in their gardens instead of buying them in the market.


Artist Palette Emoji

artist palette emoji

You can’t make a list of indie emojis without the 🎨 Artist Palette emoji. Indie is a genre that strengthens the freedom of expression. Some works of art are controversial while others are appealing to the eye. However, as an indie emoji, the artist’s palette focuses on the raw emotions of the one creating their own masterpiece.

A palette is a flat surface that painters use for mixing their paints. You can usually find artist palettes in different sizes and divisions. Since there are many varieties of artist palettes, the developers went along with the most famous one: a thin and flat wooden oblong with a thumb grip.

While palettes are mostly used by painters, the artist palette emoji represents art in general. You can use the artist palette emoji to reference works of art such as sculptures, movies, music, and poetry. As an indie emoji, you can imply that the independent artwork you’ve seen or heard is a masterpiece by placing the artist palette emoji. You can also credit the artist by placing the artist palette emoji beside it, referencing them.

For emoji combinations, the artist palette emoji needs to be combined with the form of art that was used. You can place a movie camera emoji or the musical note emoji next to the artist palette emoji to describe an artistic movie or song you witnessed as well.


Nazar Amulet Emoji

nazar amulet emoji, apple version

The 🧿 Nazar Amulet emoji is one of the indie emojis referencing cultures. Most people know the Nazar amulet as the evil eye pendant, however the Nazar amulet is far from evil. A Nazar amulet, also known as the Nazar Boncugu, is an eye-shaped circular stone used to deflect the evil eye. Its primary colors are dark blue, white, and sky blue. The Nazar amulet is popular in cultures from Turkey and Greece.

Turkish people believe the Nazar amulet senses enchantments and energy from jealous and vengeful people. Some religions and witches believe that you can be cursed by someone unknowingly as well. This can be caused by intense glaring accompanied by negative thoughts about you. The Nazar amulet provides protection from this, staring right back at the person as if warding off their evil aura.

So how does the Nazar amulet emoji become an indie emoji? This all stems from the users of this emoji. Most people who use the Nazar amulet are either religious or believe in witchcraft. The witch subculture that uses spells and creates charms value the Nazar amulet to protect themselves from negative energy.

That being said, you don’t have to become a witch to use this emoji. You may use the Nazar amulet to represent the belief of passed down knowledge regarding it. Additionally, you can also use the Nazar amulet emoji next to the relieved face emoji and the 🕯 Candle emoji to describe meditation and self-care. In general, the Nazar amulet emoji is used to prevent negative auras or thoughts.


Rainbow Flag Emoji

Rainbow Flag emoji, Apple version of the Rainbow Flag emoji

The 🏳️‍🌈 Rainbow Flag emoji is an indie emoji representing the LGBTQIA+. This is because the rainbow flag has become an international symbol for the community. At the same time, it is considered an indie emoji because of the riots that began the movement itself. The Stonewall Uprising in 1969 began with three key people: Marsha P. Johnson, Zazu Nova, and Jackie Hormona. It is important to note that the spontaneous birth of the LGBTQIA+ revolt in the United States began after violent police stormed into the local gay bar.

The movement wanted equality and acceptance regardless of ethnicity and gender. As a result, the rainbow flag became its representative. This is because of its portrayal of different colors, representing different types of people forming together in peace. Eventually, the LGBTQIA+ movement launched pride marches all across the globe.

You can use the rainbow flag emoji either as an ally of the movement or a member of it. Once you use it alone, it is already considered an indie emoji. However, adding a movie camera emoji could reference independent film festivals for LGBTQIA+. You can further specify by adding familiar symbols such as adding a 🌺 Hibiscus emoji or 🏝 Desert Island emoji to reference the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival. The same can be said for indie music. Many songs created in different countries reference the struggles of being homosexual.


Musical Note Emoji


Another one of the indie emojis is the 🎵 Musical Note emoji, which belongs to a group of music-related emojis. The musical note emoji deserves its title as an indie emoji because of the indie music genre. There are many famous record labels that focus on mainstream music. Major record labels such as Universal, Fueled By Ramen, and Sony BMG handle many talented and popular singers or bands. However, the indie music genre focuses primarily on those independent from these labels.

Indie music can be anything as long as it remains within this requirement. There are even subgenres for indie music such as indie rock, indie folk, and indie alternative rock. While most indie music genres are overlooked, there are those that reach commercial success but remain in the genre. An example of this would be “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men.

You can use the musical note emoji to refer to any kind of sound. If you wish to refer to indie music, adding several emojis might make a clearer grasp. Placing the musical note emoji next to the 📻 Radio emoji can imply listening to a good song on the radio. But adding a question mark beside it describes wanting to know the artist’s name. You can use this emoji combination and give the answer in order to help your favorite indie band to be promoted.


Coral Emoji

coral emoji

Most people are unaware of the 🪸 Coral emoji. It features a pink to orange colored coral with bubbles, white starfishes, or seaweed around it. Despite its adorable design, the coral emoji has become a symbol of activism. Most people know the coral emoji as an independent movement for environmentalism. Societies often ignore environmentalists. This causes clashes in opinions to grow violent.

Corals are a necessity to many ocean life. Unfortunately, coral bleaching has become a serious problem. Most people use emojis for aesthetic or conversational purposes. However, the coral emoji emerged as the representation of coral bleaching instead. Habitat loss has caused sea creatures to die and it is a direct result of our own capitalism.

That being said, there are many other ways to use the coral emoji. You can use the coral emoji to describe songs about the ocean by adding a musical note emoji beside it. Meanwhile, the mermaid subculture is also well-known for aquatic emojis. You can also use the coral emoji to reference the Coral Gables Art Cinema, a theater in South Florida famous for showing independent and foreign films, by adding the movie camera emoji.


Japanese Free of Charge Button Emoji

Japanese Free of Charge emoji

The 🈚️ Japanese Free of Charge Button emoji is definitely confusing. Most people are unsure of what the emoji means. As a result, it became one of the rare emojis you would see being used. However, once you learn the true meaning of the Japanese Free of Charge Button, you will definitely consider it as one of the indie emojis.

Developers designed the Japanese free of charge button emoji inside an orange square. They composed the design with CJK ideographs from Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages. As a result, people that don’t know any of the languages find the emoji confusing. It actually means “nothing”, meaning you can get something for free.

Through capitalists, the idea is strange. Most of us are comfortable with the trade of work and material value. This one simple emoji demolishes it by giving away things for free. Additionally, the Japanese Free of Charge Button also tackles the topic of nothingness. Whether this is an empty feeling or the uselessness of something or someone.

You can use this emoji alongside the 🚫 Prohibited emoji to encourage something. Indie movies greatly tackle mental health such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. You can also say the same about indie songs like “Asleep” by The Smiths. Additionally, you can also refer to East Asian films discussing emptiness with the Japanese free of charge button emoji as well.




We hope you enjoyed learning about the few indie emojis we provided for you. While they do have their own separate purpose, you can definitely use them as symbolisms for your favorite bands or opinions. You can say the same for emoji combinations we listed down as well.

Being considered an indie emoji can be controversial. After all, the independent movement strikes against capitalism. Independent movies, music, and activism are all against the more powerful opponent. That is why if you find meaning and beauty in the indie movement, you might also support the underdogs more. While the Unicode still hasn’t given a proper symbol for this (just like other movements) we can still associate ourselves through the combinations of indie emojis listed above.

Did you find one of the indie emojis to be eye-catching? Or maybe a specific emoji combination sparked your interest. Even if none of these indie emojis caught your attention, there are still plenty more within Emojiguide for you to look up. With over 3,000+ emojis listed, there are definitely more than just a few that we’ve missed!