woozy face 🥴

The Woozy Face emoji shows a yellow face with one eye half-open, creased eyebrows, and mouth in a W-shape. The emoji’s expression conveys a sense of drunkenness, so it is often used by people who want to convey that they are drunk or at least tipsy. In relation to this, the emoji can also mean feeling dizzy. Some also use this emoji to express wackiness or playfulness. In some cases, this emoji can also be used to express being lovestruck or dazed.

🥴 Woozy Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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This Woozy Face Is Also Known As:

woozy face emoji

feeling woozy

feeling drunk

feeling dizzy emoji

wooziness emoji

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Woozy Face Emoji History

Woozy Face Emoji is created in the year 2018.

Woozy Face Emoji Unicode Data