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Surprise your friends with the rare but sweet Orange Heart emoji. This emoji illustrates a typical representation of a heart painted orange. To send an orange heart is to express great care and comfort to a person. It is a combination of the red heart, a symbol of infinite passion, and the yellow heart, which signifies happiness and friendship.

When you give someone an orange heart, you’re telling him or her that you’re more than friends, but not quite lovers. Out of all the heart color meanings, this is definitely the trickiest. Only the bravest of souls will be able to do it!

That’s not all there is to it, though. This unique and special heart emoji is also commonly used to convey love and support for things that are related to the orange color. Anything and everything under the sun, as long as it is orange, from food to sports teams, to the season of fall! The Orange Heart emoji is most often used in topics related to joy, warmth, enthusiasm, or creativity as well.

This symbol is so diverse, it can be used alongside other colored hearts, but it must be handled wisely, lest someone gets the wrong kind of message from you. For example, if you are not ready to reveal your romantic feelings for someone, don’t mix the Pink Heart emoji with the orange one. Pink symbolizes an opening of the heart, or an invitation to romance.

If you’re not that into fashion, don’t send the orange heart together with the Purple Heart emoji. This heart is often used by fashion lovers or people who sell their clothes online. Stay away from the White Heart emoji too, if you’re not offering your condolences.

🧡 Orange Heart is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 10.0 which was introduced in 2017.

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This Orange Heart Is Also Known As:

orange heart

orange emoji heart

orange at heart

orange emojis

heart orange

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Orange Heart Emoji History

Orange Heart Emoji is created in the year 2017.

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