smiling face with hearts 🥰

Show how much of a giddy mood you’re in with the Smiling Face With Hearts emoji! This emoji features a yellow face, with a pleasant and relaxed smile. There are several red hearts floating on its head.

This emoji exemplifies a sense of belonging and being in love, or being attracted to someone. It may also, every so often, be used to describe something, or someone, they find really adorable.

This emoji is sometimes known as the Face Heart emoji, or Smiling Face With 3 Hearts emoji. From time to time it is mistaken for the Heart Eyes emoji due to the presence of hearts on their faces. In other aspects, these two emoji faces are quite similar as well.

First of all, they are both smileys, they both have smiles on their faces, and they both convey feelings of love, adoration, and infatuation. And, like the Heart Eyes emoji, the Smiling Face With Hearts emoji is quite simple to use, and is quite popular among the emoji loving set.

That said, here are a few scenarios to help you get started – when someone sends a nice and sweet message and it makes you feel appreciated and loved, use the Face Heart emoji to respond.

Secondly, go and share this emoji to talk about the effect someone you have a crush on has on you. Lastly, the Smiling Face With 3 Hearts emoji is absolutely perfect for all those, if you’re “feeling cute and won’t delete later,” social media posts.

🥰 Smiling Face With Hearts is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0 which was introduced in 2018.

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This Smiling Face With Hearts Is Also Known As:

smiling face with 3 hearts

face heart emoji

heart eyes emoji

heart face emoji

love heart emoji

happy face with hearts

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Smiling Face With Hearts Emoji History

Smiling Face With Hearts Emoji is created in the year 2018.

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