airplane arrival 🛬

Get ready for the safe touchdown to your dream destination with the Airplane Arrival emoji! This emoji shows an airplane just right above the runway, about to land safely at its destination.

Everyone experiences exhaustion after long hour flights. If you are tired but want to message your friends or family to know that you had a safe landing, this is the right emoji for you. You can also use the Cloud emoji and the Sun emoji to indicate that the weather was great during your flight.

If you are excited to finally land on your dream travel destination, you can also make use of this emoji along with the flag emoji of the country. The Male Pilot emoji or Female Pilot emoji can also be used along with this emoji to show thanks to the pilot and cabin crew who landed you safely.

The Airplane Arrival emoji can also be a metaphor for what you are feeling. It can mean that you have arrived at the career, state of mind, and well-being that you desire. This can be expressed along with the Two Hearts emoji or the Relieved Face emoji.

Everyone wants a safe arrival to their destination, so make sure to use this emoji to express this desire or feeling.

🛬 Airplane Arrival is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 7.0 which was introduced in 2014.

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This Airplane Arrival Is Also Known As:

airplane arrival

aeroplane landing emoji

plane landing emoji

airplane landing emoji

airplane arriving emoji

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Airplane Arrival Emoji History

Airplane Arrival Emoji is created in the year 2014.

Airplane Arrival Emoji Unicode Data