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Give a sign of respect with the Saluting Face emoji. This emoji shows an expression of just bowing down to someone with high respect. 

The Saluting Face emoji, also known as the yes sir emoji, is designed as a straight face with a hand fixed on the left side of the forehand, forming a salute gesture. This emoji can be used to show honor and respect to someone through different online platforms. When Apple released it as part of iOS 15.4 on March 14, 2022, it was met with mixed reactions. 

Users thought the salute symbol was half made because only the left part of the smiley salute was shown. Questions like, “Why is the salute emoji half seen?” bombard the online world. Some went so far as to attempt to call it the half-salute emoji, or half-face salute emoji.

Having an emoji receive so much disrespect when it was designed to be an emoji for respect, to show respect, was both sad and ironic. Apple never issued a statement about it, or even addressed users that asked, “What does the half-face emoji mean?” This could have been an opportunity to introduce netizens to a new group of symbols: half-face emojis, emojis that depict half-smiles and other half-gestures, but they chose to keep quiet instead. 

In spite of the controversy, netizens continued using the emoji, accessing it on many platforms. If you want to do the same, here are a couple of sample scenarios for how to use it: If you hear news about a specific country’s soldiers saving people or defending the country, you can use this emoji alongside whatever country’s flag emoji it is, to show that you respect them even if they are of a different race.

When a famous and honorable person passes away, you can show your condolences to the family by sending this emoji to them. The saluting face emoji can be for anyone other than soldiers. It can also be for presidents, popular icons, and anyone who has made a huge impact on the world. You can also drop the Black Heart emoji to symbolize mourning and sympathies.

This emoji can also pass off as a gesture of looking far away. If you are on an adventure and you are currently figuring out your way, send this to a friend and ask for help. Surely, they would gladly help. You can also include the Sun emoji alongside this emoji to convey that you are covering your face from the sun.

How To Use Saluting Face Emoji On Different Platforms 

The Saluting Face emoji officially became a part of Unicode 14.0, Version 14.0 of the Unicode Standard, back in September 2021. It wasn’t too long before users got a glimpse of it at roughly the tailend of 2021, all the way through to 2022. Within that time frame, almost all major platforms and operating systems picked up the emoji and released their own versions.

You might be surprised to learn just how many platforms you can use to access the Saluting Face. It’s available in keyboard layouts for Apple iOS, Samsung, Google Android, etc. The Saluting Face emoji can also be accessed on MacOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire OS (Kindle) via device-specific emojis. To get the Saluting Face emoji to appear on your device, simply do a long press or right click on it on any of the platforms mentioned. 

Just like all the other emojis that came before it, the Saluting Face emoji will look different on different devices. This is because device manufacturers and software makers use the same Unicode standard but their own devices to represent each emoji. What does not change is the emoji’s definition, usage. and meaning. From Android’s emoji meaning, to half-salute iPhone emoji meanings, you’ll see that they will remain the same. 

Lastly, if you want to gain more followers, placing text emoticons, such as the salute text emoticon, will definitely attract the eye and attention of your visitors. It will add a little fun to your posts and a little pep to your message as well. You’ll find a lot online.  In fact,  here’s some we’ve discovered: ・³・)ゞ, (`⌂´ゞ, (゜д゜)ゞ, (^д^). You will be able to insert these emojis simply by copying and pasting them into your social networking accounts.

🫡 Saluting Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 14.0 which was introduced in 2021, and was added to Emoji 14.0.

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This Saluting Face Is Also Known As:

hand on top of head

army face

soldier greeting

respect face

patriot emoji

army troops

army salute

Saluting Face Emoji On Different Platforms

Saluting Face Emoji History

Saluting Face Emoji is created in the year 2021.

Saluting Face Emoji Unicode Data