saluting face ๐Ÿซก

Give a sign of respect with the saluting face emoji. This emoji shows an expression of just bowing down to someone with high respect.ย 

The saluting face emoji is designed as a straight face with a hand fixed on the left side of the forehand, forming a salute gesture. This emoji can be used to show honor and respect to someone through different online platforms.ย 

Ifย  you heard news about a specific countryโ€™s soldiers saving people, or defending the country. You can drop this emoji alongside whatever country flag emoji it is, to show that you respect them even if they are of different race.ย 

When a famous and honorable person passes away, you can show your condolences to the family by sending this emoji to them. The saluting face emoji can be for anyone other than soldiers. It can also be for presidents, popular icons, and anyone who has made a huge impact on the world. You can also drop the black heart emoji to symbolize mourning and sympathies.ย 

This emoji can also pass off as a gesture of looking far away. If you are on an adventure and you are currently figuring out your way, send this to a friend and ask for help. Surely, they would gladly help. You can also include the sun emoji alongside this emoji to convey that you are covering your face from the sun.

๐Ÿซก Saluting Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 14.0 which was introduced in 2021, and was added to Emoji 14.0.

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This Saluting Face Is Also Known As:

hand on top of head

army face

soldier greeting

respect face

patriot emoji

army troops

army salute

Saluting Face Emoji History

Saluting Face Emoji is created in the year 2021.

Saluting Face Emoji Unicode Data

  • Unicode codepoint
  • Unicode name
    Saluting Face
  • Version
    Version 14.0
  • Year