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Keep people guessing with that small smile. Add the Slightly Smiling Face emoji to your digital content! This emoji shows a face with a nice, simple smile. It gives off the feeling of kindness, happiness and gratefulness. One of the best ways to use this emoji is when sending a thank you note, or a kind message.

Believe it or not, the Slightly Smiling Face emoji may also be used in a totally different way. It’s got a smiling emoji meaning that changes from time to time! Its’ vibe may change from happy to sarcastic, patronizing and ironic, depending on the context, emotion or attitude conveyed with the tone.

When this happens, the small smile becomes more of a half smile, and the emoji tends to be more passive than happy. A smiling emoji meaning taking a 180 degree turn, you bet! However it will still again depend on your audience or the person you’re texting.

Out of all the types of smiley face emoji in the market, this is definitely one of the most complicated, but also the most popular. To ease the confusion, here are some sample scenarios to help. Put the slightly smiling face at the end of a sarcastic text. It can also be used to bridge the gaps in new conversations with strangers.

Whether you choose to use the emoji in a positive or negative manner, always try to remember that the slightly smiling face is neither too deep, nor too shallow. It is mostly used to keep the surface of the conversation. That is where it shines the most.

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 7.0 which was introduced in 2014.

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This Slightly Smiling Face Is Also Known As:

smile emoji

smiling emoji

smiling face emoji

slight smile

fine emoji

slight smile emoji

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Slightly Smiling Face Emoji History

Slightly Smiling Face Emoji is created in the year 2014.

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