Combat Coronavirus Fear With The ๐Ÿฆ  Bacteria Emoji And Other Related Emojis

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Jun 30, 2022

A highly contagious, life-threatening virus that spreads through large droplets released into the air when people cough and sneeze. This virus survives on hard surfaces for up to 9 days. And the worst part is… currently there is no specific treatment for it. It’s something you thought could only happen in movies, or something you’d write a story about, with a matching 🦠 Bacteria emoji and all. But it’s happening, and it IS real.

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We are talking about the coronavirus outbreak which has spread to over 200,000 people from different countries. TBH, it’s hard not to be spooked about the whole situation, but it will only exacerbate an already bad situation if we PANIC. That said, the one thing that is causing people to freak out is fake news. When people know what to do, when people know the truth,  it lessens the fear they feel.


Fight Fear With The Right Information

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That is why it’s important to communicate effectively with people online. And one way to do that is through emojis. Emojis bring a whole level of meaning to digital conversations. They express emotions, and catch people’s attention. As a matter of fact, emojis have already been helping us in the midst of the outbreak. There’s been a big boost of 🦠 Bacteria emoji mentions online. In fact, some people have officially been renaming the 🦠 Bacteria emoji the Coronavirus emoji.

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Bacteria Emoji

Bacteria emoji, Microbe emoji, Bacteria, Microbe, Germs, Green bacteria

The 🦠 Bacteria emoji is an image of a one-celled microscopic organism that thrives in diverse environments. Some bacteria can cause diseases in humans, plants and animals. In the emoji world, people use the Bacteria emoji as a symbol for viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Bacteria Emoji On Different Platforms

The 🦠 Bacteria emoji, also known as the 🦠 Microbe emoji, is available on many different platforms, but the artwork for each emoji varies by platform. Apple’s version most closely represents a virus, while Twitter and Samsung’s 🦠 Bacteria emoji looks more like bright green bacteria.

bacteria emoji, microbe emoji

Other versions also appear mainly as bacteria, particularly the version on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Microsoft. In terms of color, Facebook’s version is bright green, Windows is light blue and Joypixels is indigo. But Google’s design is the most colorful of them all. It is an image of a cluster of microbes in various colors.

Use Of The Bacteria Emoji

Antibiotics are used to treat and prevent 🦠 infection, but they don’t work against viruses of any kind, and that includes the Coronavirus.

In some cases, people use the combination of 👑 and 🦠 to talk specifically about the Coronavirus.

Example: Panic buying won’t help fight the 👑🦠. Stay at home, strengthen your immunity system, and wash your hands regularly.

Check out other ways to educate people about the Coronavirus!


Sneezing Face Emoji

Sneezing Face, Sneezing Smiley, Sneezing Face Apple version

The 🤧 Sneezing Face emoji shows a face with scrunched eyes blowing its nose into a white tissue. Like the 🦠 Bacteria emoji, the 🤧 Sneezing Face emoji is available on many platforms, Apple, Google, Facebook, Windows, Twitter, Samsung, JoyPixels, etc.

Sneezing Face Emoji On Different Platforms

sneezing face emoji

However, the shape of the emoji’s mouth looks different across platforms, the Facebook and Windows version has furrowed eyebrows, while the other platforms don’t contain any brows.

Use Of The Sneezing Face Emoji

Example: Cover your mouth while coughing and 🤧, you might unknowingly be infected by the Coronavirus.
Example: The World Health Organization recommends avoiding close contact with people who are showing signs of respiratory illness like coughing and 🤧


Face With Medical Mask Emoji

Face With Medical Mask, Smiley With Medical Mask, Apple version of Face With Medical Mask emoji, Face With Medical Mask emoji

The 😷 Face With Medical Mask emoji shows a face with small, closed eyes, wearing a white surgical mask over its mouth. People use the mask to avoid sickness or spreading airborne diseases.

Face With Medical Mask Emoji On Different Platforms

face with mask emoji

The 😷 Face With Medical Mask emoji varies slightly across platforms, the top of Google’s emoji is orange, Facebook’s version has darker brows, while the 😷 Face With Medical Mask emoji that appears on Windows is outlined in black with a sweat droplet on its forehead.

Use Of The Face With Medical Mask Emoji

Face masks are considered by many as a useful way to stop the contraction and spread of the  Coronavirus. It’s one of the main reasons why the 😷 Face With Medical Mask emoji has become popular, so popular in fact, that people are giving the 😷 Face With Medical Mask emoji another, more, timely name — the COVID-19 emoji. COVID-19 is another name for the Coronavirus.

Example: If you show symptoms of COVID-19, wear a 😷 to prevent the spread of the disease to others.
Example: Health workers and people taking care of someone at home should wear 😷 to protect themselves.


Hand Washing Emoji

Soap, Green soap, Bar of soap, Soap with bubbles, Soap emoji, Soap emoji on Apple Clapping Hands, Applause, Clapping Hands emoji, Applause emojiPotable Water sign, Potable Water emoji, Potable Water Apple version

It takes more than just one symbol to turn the words “handwashing” into emoji. To turn “handwashing” into emoji speak, combine the 🧼 Soap emoji and a hand gesture emoji like the 👏 Clapping Hands emoji or the 🖐️ Hand With Fingers Splayed emoji. Finish off your combination with a 🚰 Potable Water Sign emoji or 💧 Droplet emoji, and you’re all set!

On top of that, if you’re in the mood to do so, you can replace the 🧼 Soap emoji with a 🧴 Lotion Bottle emoji, or any small container that will get the same message across.

Use Of The Hand Washing Emoji

Washing our hands regularly is important during an infectious outbreak because it helps stem the spread of infection. This should be done most especially after public transport, using the toilet or preparing food.

Example: 🚰 🧴 👏 for at least 20 seconds is a powerful way to fight germs.
Example: People have come up with 20-second choruses of popular songs to sing while 🚰 🖐️

Some of these songs are Beyonce’s Love On Top and Lou Bega’s Mambo Number 5. 🚰🖐️ can be fun!


Clapping Hands Emoji

Clapping Hands, Applause, Clapping Hands emoji, Applause emoji

The 👏 Clapping Hands emoji is an image of two hands facing each other. Small rays on top of the hands represent the clapping action.

Clapping Hands Emoji On Different Platforms

clapping hands emoji

The 👏 Clapping Hands emoji is supported on systems like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and apps like Facebook and Twitter. That said, there are slight variations per platform, Apple’s rays are gray, and Twitter’s rays are pink. iOS, Android, and Windows systems also support this emoji.


Hands With Fingers Splayed Emoji

Hands With Fingers Splayed emoji, Apple version of the Hands With Fingers Splayed emoji, Hands With Fingers Splayed

The 🖐️ Hand With Fingers Splayed emoji is an illustration of a human hand – palms up, fingers extended and open. You’ll find this emoji on many popular apps and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Lotion Bottle Emoji

Lotion bottle, Bottle of lotion, Apple version of Lotion Bottle

The 🧴 Lotion Bottle emoji is an illustration of a small lotion bottle.

Lotion Bottle Emoji On Different Platforms

lotion bottle emoji

The appearance of the 🧴 Lotion Bottle emoji varies across platforms, Apple’s version has a pink cap, and an oval outline in front. Samsung’s design is similar to Apple’s, but instead of a pink cap, Samsung’s 🧴 Lotion Bottle emoji has a purple one.

Meanwhile, Google and Facebook’s 🧴 Lotion Bottle emoji looks more like a bottle of acetone than a bottle of lotion. Both bottles have small black caps, white labels, and horizontal yellow lines at the top and bottom of each label.


Face With Thermometer Emoji

Face With Thermometer emoji, Face With Thermometer smiley, Face With Thermometer symbol, Ill emoji, Sick emoji

The 🤒 Face With Thermometer emoji is a smiley with furrowed eyebrows, a flushed complexion, as if feverish, with a thermometer in its mouth. People use this emoji to show they are sick or under the weather. Other names of the 🤒 Face With Thermometer emoji are 🤒 Ill emoji, and 🤒 Sick emoji.

Face With Thermometer Emoji On Different Platforms

face with thermometer emoji

Thinking of using the 🤒 Face With Thermometer emoji on your Apple phone, Smartphone, and Samsung phone? If you were to do that, you’ll see the design of the 🤒 Face With Thermometer emoji varies between platforms – the Windows version is presented with a black outline. Actually, Google’s version of the emoji also has an outline, but instead of being black, the outline is in orange.

Use Of The Face With Thermometer Emoji

The Coronavirus’ most common symptom is fever… and what do people use to see if a person has a fever? A thermometer! A thermometer is the best instrument to quickly and accurately determine a person’s body temperature. A high temperature means a person is running a fever.

You may have noticed the increased use of thermometers and thermometer guns at airports and other checkpoints with the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Not so coincidentally, there’s also been an increase in the number of people talking about 🤒 Face With Thermometer emojis online. This is actually a good thing, it means more and more people are becoming aware of how to detect the Coronavirus.

Example: Feeling a bit 🤒 lately, my mum took my temperature and it’s 39°C. I got a high fever! I’m going to the hospital to get tested, I might have the Coronavirus.
Example: Having a 🤒 isn’t the end of the world, fever raises body temperature to help the body fight off infections. When we get sick, our body tries to fight off the infection by raising its body temperature. This is because bacteria and viruses die at higher temperatures.


Fruit Emojis To Boost Your Immunity System

You’re probably wondering why the fruits are grouped like that. There’s actually a valid reason behind it. Those fruits are full of nutrients to boost your immune system. They’re a powerful tool in the fight against Coronavirus. Think of your immune system as a shield,  when you strengthen it you are keeping the Coronavirus, and other types of virus, away from your body.

Example: 🍌🍎🍍 are great immunity boosters, they have high fiber content and vitamins. Taken in the right quantity and of the right quality, they’ll keep you happy, healthy, and strong.
Example: Don’t believe the fake news going around,  🍌🍎🍍 aren’t a magic cure for Coronavirus, but they will boost the immune system and help your body’s metabolism, so don’t forget to include these important fruits in your diet!


Banana Emoji

Banana emoji, Apple version of the Banana emoji, Banana symbol

The 🍌 Banana emoji shows an image of a banana leaning to the left, ripe and ready to eat.

Banana Emoji On Different Platforms

banana emoji

In terms of visibility, most major platforms, systems, and applications support the 🍌 Banana emoji. Be that as it may, on some platforms the banana is leaning to the right. This is applied in Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Samsung. But in the Windows version of the Banana emoji, a black outline surrounds the fruit.


Red Apple Emoji

Red Apple emoji, Apple emoji, Apple symbol, Red apple, Apple

The 🍎 Red Apple emoji is a picture of a juicy red apple with a stem and one green leaf.

Red Apple Emoji On Different Platforms

red apple emoji

The 🍎 Red Apple emoji is available on most operating systems, platforms, and apps such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The appearance of the 🍎 Red Apple emoji varies slightly by platform, but its meaning is still the same. For example, the color of Twitter’s emoji is more faded in hue, while the Windows version of the emoji is shown in an outlined style.


Pineapple Emoji

Pineapple, Pineapple emoji, Symbol of a pineapple, Picture of a Pineapple

The 🍍 Pineapple emoji shows a pineapple, a tropical plant with golden-brown skin, multiple spikes, and a pointed green crown.

Pineapple Emoji On Different Platforms

pineapple emojis

The 🍍 Pineapple emoji is available in many popular applications, platforms, and supporting systems. It is positioned upright or at an angle, leaning either to the left or to the right, depending on what platform you’re using. You can check it out on Apple and iOS devices, and on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.


Pill Emoji

Pill emoji, Pill, Medicine, Drug

The 💊 Pill emoji is an image of a red and yellow capsule. It represents various types of drugs and is used in topics about health and medicine.

Pill Emoji On Different Platforms

pill emoji

You’re sure to see this emoji on almost all major apps, platforms, and operating systems including Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Nearly all operating systems and social media apps support the 💊 Pill emoji. But the thickness of the emoji varies by platform, Samsung’s emoji is thinner and of a sharper color than the others, while Twitter’s emoji is flatter and has a duller color.

Use Of The Pill Emoji

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has been spreading around the world since January. Anyone and everyone with a social media account is talking about it, through words, and even through emojis. One example of a popular symbol is the 💊 Pill emoji. When used wisely, it is an effective tool to disseminate information.

Example: Experts say there is no effective anti-virus medicine to fight the Coronavirus. However, we can prevent it from entering our bodies by taking immune system supplements in the form of 💊
Example: To make your immune system strong so you won’t get the Coronavirus, stock up on Vitamin C 💊, Vitamin D 💊 and Vitamin B6 💊


Folded Hands Emoji

Folded Hands, Praying Hands, Hands in prayer, Folded Hands emoji, Praying Hands emoji

The 🙏 Praying Hands emoji or 🙏 Folded Hands emoji is an illustration of two hands in a praying position. This emoji has five skin tone variants to fit the complexion of the sender. These variants are: 🙏🏻 Light Skin Tone Folded Hands, 🙏🏼 Medium-Light Skin Tone Folded Hands, 🙏🏽 Medium Skin Tone Folded Hands, 🙏🏾 Medium-Dark Skin Tone Folded Hands, and 🙏🏿 Dark Skin Tone Folded Hands.

Folded Hands Emoji On Different Platforms

folded hands emoji

The 🙏 Folded Hands emoji is available on various platforms and apps such as iOS, Android, Twitter, and Facebook. Some versions have a lighter skin tone, while some have a more darker skin tone. That said, the Windows version of the 🙏 Folded Hands emoji stands out among the rest because it is presented with a black outline.

Use Of The Folded Hands Emoji

In times of crisis, we need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally resilient. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but we got to be stubborn about it. When we are our own harshest critics, people use symbols like the 🙏 Folded Hands emoji to share love, encouragement, and support. It is one of the most powerful symbols out there.

Example: Every day, I 🙏 for the health workers that are working day and night to treat those with the Coronavirus.
Example: Let us 🙏 for the quick healing and overall well-being of the thousands of people infected with the Coronavirus.

Comfort, Care, And Thankfulness

What makes it so powerful? The emoji’s use and meaning. The most basic use of the 🙏 Folded Hands emoji is to show comfort and care. In the midst of a crisis like this, to show love and care, to tell someone you are praying for them, goes a long way.

In Japan, the praying hands position also means “thank you.” And, as we all know, gratefulness is a powerful tool to fight negativity. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the bad stuff, the Coronavirus, the outbreak, staying inside, but it’s also important to remember the good things we have going on. When we focus on the good, we attract good things in life. And vice-versa.


Warning Sign Emoji

warning sign emoji

The ⚠️ Warning Sign emoji is a yellow, triangular sign with an exclamation point. People use the symbol for warnings and alerts.

Warning Sign Emoji On Different Platforms

warning sign emoji

The ⚠️ Warning Sign emoji is actually easy to spot, it’s available on many operating systems, platforms and applications like Facebook, Windows, Apple, Google, and Samsung. Granting all this, the appearance of each emoji still varies by platform, just like all emojis. The artwork of each emoji is specific to the fonts included in the platform, application, or operating system.

Use Of The Warning Sign Emoji

News websites and social media platforms are great ways to educate people about Coronavirus. You’ll reach large numbers of people at any time of the night or day, and since almost everything’s done online, and nearly everyone is always online, your efforts will never be in vain.

Nevertheless, a crisis as big as this shouldn’t be left to the media. If you have time to spare, share accurate info about the virus on your social media accounts. Put the ⚠️ Warning Sign emoji at the end or middle of your post to get people’s attention. Every little bit helps! In doing good, no act is too big or too small.

Example: Listen up ⚠️ Don’t go out of the house unless it’s absolutely necessary. The Mayor put our town under quarantine. Only one person per household is allowed to go out.
Example: Pay attention to what I’m going to say ⚠️ When you leave the house, don’t touch anything metal, wear disposable gloves if you really need to. Coronaviruses live on metal surfaces for 9 days!


Syringe Emoji

Syringe, Syringe symbol, Syringe emoji, Injection

The 💉 Syringe emoji is a picture of a medical syringe, taken at a 45-degree angle, filled with red fluid. You’ll see the symbol in discussions about health, medicine, needles, drugs, and blood.

Syringe Emoji On Different Platforms

syringe emoji

The 💉 Syringe emoji is supported by almost all the latest social media apps and platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. A trademark in almost all Windows emojis is a black border. The 💉 Syringe emoji is no different, just like all the other Windows emojis, it is presented in a black outline. Two red droplets are coming out of the syringe’s hub.

Use Of The Syringe Emoji

You can use the 💉 Syringe emoji to share information about the Coronavirus by making posts about Coronavirus testing, or even a Coronavirus cure!

Example: If you develop symptoms such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or have recently traveled from an area that’s got a lot of Coronavirus cases, get yourself 💉 as soon as possible!
Example: Don’t lose hope! Medicago, a Canadian company, says they’ve found a cure for the Coronavirus and can produce 10 million doses 💉 Let’s wait for further updates. But that’s really good news!


Sponge Emoji

Sponge, Sponge emoji, Yellow sponge, Bath sponge

The 🧽 Sponge emoji is an image of an orange or yellow sponge, in the shape of a peanut. You’ll see it in conversations about bathing, and cleaning.

Sponge Emoji On Different Platforms

sponge emoji

Almost all major platforms, social media apps, and operating systems support the 🧽 Sponge emoji, like Apple, Facebook, Google, Windows, Twitter, Samsung, and JoyPixels. But there is a slight variation in the display of emojis based on the operating system used. For example, Google’s version got tiny bubbles underneath, the Windows version is encased in a black square, and the bottom of Samsung’s sponge is outlined in blue.

Use Of The Sponge Emoji

Sponges are handy when you require a quick but thorough cleaning job. Their rough texture is perfect for removing grime and dirt from kitchen dishes. Sponges are highly absorbent and durable, they can clean just about anything, floors, walls, bathroom surfaces, and even patio furniture.

Disinfecting your home should be part of your usual cleaning routine. It shouldn’t be something we randomly decide to do because we’re in the middle of a virus outbreak. Nevertheless, it’s still our duty, as citizens of the world, to remind people to disinfect their homes with sponges and other cleaning tools. Plus, to make it even more interesting, we can mix up our reminders with emojis, like the 🧽 Sponge emoji and the 🦠 Bacteria emoji.

Example: Keep the Coronavirus out of your homes. Clean your rooms with a 🧽 and some strong cleaning solution! Don’t forget to do it every day, the Coronavirus lives on plastic, glass, and wood for days! Keep that 🦠 out of your house!
Example: Jen is making sure her office is Coronavirus-free, she is cleaning the office sink with 🧽 🧼 💧, and an all-purpose, hard surface cleaner.



We all communicate differently. We come from different countries, and we use emojis to say what we mean in a quick way. Most people think emojis are just for having fun. Yes, they are adorable and have cute designs, but they can be used for serious situations, too.

Emojis In Crisis Situations

Woman staring at phone, Woman in front of her laptop, Worker in front of her laptop, Woman serious in frontof her laptop

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Emojis have grown to become one of the most important forms of communication on the web. In this era of interconnectivity, emojis as simple as a 🦠 Bacteria emoji or 💉 Syringe emoji can help disseminate important information. But, they must be used with a lot of caution. There should be no room for miscommunication or error when you include emojis in your emails, blogs, and social media posts.

We All Have A Part To Play

Patient and doctor at hospital, smiling patient, patient smiling, happy patient, patient shaking hands with doctor

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That said… chop chop!

Now is the best time to get to work! Let’s all work hard and work with your heart. Do whatever you can to help people get through the crisis. Share accurate news about the Coronavirus on your social media accounts, or sing or pray for people on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Every bit counts. If we keep on being careful, and if we keep on doing good, the crisis will be over before we know it. To sum it all up, to quote a popular Disney tune, “We’re all in this together!”