tired face 😫

You had a stressful and tiring day at work, and maybe you feel like sleeping for a long time. If you want to let other people know that you do not have any more energy to spare, send them a Tired Face emoji.

This emoji displays a scrunched face with X-shaped eyes, crinkled eyebrows, and frowned open mouth. Its overall appearance shows frustration or fatigue as if it is yawning or groaning in exasperation.

If you were buried with tasks or schoolwork, let your friends or family know that you are tired using this emoji. Instead of simply saying, “I had a long day,” feel free to add in this exhausted emoji so they will know not to burden you further.

But this emoji is not only used for being physically tired. You can also send it to let others know that you are emotionally burnt out with someone, be it another friend, an officemate, or your significant other.

Overall, this emoji is best applicable to feelings of exhaustion, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Adding it to your sentence highlights one major thing: you need a break. You can also pair this tired emoji with the Sleepy Face emoji or Sleeping Face emoji.

Not to be confused with the Weary Face emoji, as both emojis look similar, with slight difference in the droopy eyes.

😫 Tired Face is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 which was introduced in 2010.

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This Tired Face Is Also Known As:

tired face

tired emoji

exhausted emoji

distraught emoji

worn out emoji

argh emoji

drained emoji

exhausted smiley

burnout emoji

Tired Face Emoji On Different Platforms

Tired Face Emoji Frequency

This emoji is currently the 68 ranked emoji on social media platforms.

Tired Face Emoji History

Tired Face Emoji is created in the year 2010.

Tired Face Emoji Unicode Data