check box with check ☑️

Get excited to tick off things from your to-do list with the Check Box with Check emoji! This emoji is designed to look like a checkbox which are usually found in checklists and important papers. The checkbox emoji varies in color depending on the online platform, but all of them look almost the same—a square with a check mark inside it.

People who are into making to-do lists find using this emoji satisfying, because it is closer to ending a productive day. Students also would love to see this emoji on their test papers, so they can celebrate a good test score.

You can use this emoji alongside a Memo emoji to tell someone to get their tasks done urgently. A hundred points emoji symbol can also be used to congratulate someone for doing a good job with the tasks.

You can also use the Party Face emoji or Party Popper emoji with the checkbox emoji to indicate celebration of a hard day’s work and you are finally ending the day with rest and relaxation.

This emoji can also mean that you are feeling right about your decisions and feeling positive about the end results.

☑️ Check Box With Check is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 1.1 which was introduced in 1993, and was added to Emoji 0.6.

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This Check Box With Check Is Also Known As:

check box with check

checkbox emoji

check mark box emoji

Check Box With Check Emoji On Different Platforms

Check Box With Check Emoji History

Check Box With Check Emoji is created in the year 1993.

Check Box With Check Emoji Unicode Data