2nd place medal 🥈

If you have a friendly rivalry with someone, then amp up the competition with this 2nd Place Medal emoji! This emoji shows a silver medal embedded with a number 2 attached to a ribbon. And as with real life, the 2nd place medal emoji represents the first runner-ups, be it in a competition or sporting event.

If your friend won second place in a tournament, feel free to send them this emoji. After all, second place may not be the best, but it is excellent enough to deserve respect both from people who are cheering them on or their fellow competitors.

Or maybe you and your friends have some friendly competition going on. Perhaps it is a trivial rivalry, such as who has the best shoe game or who has the most appealing drip. In friendly competitions like these, the silver emoji may make your friendly feud even more exciting.

Tease your friends a bit when you are about to compare each other’s styles. If you think your apparel looks better than your friends, then send them this emoji to throw some shade! Not only will you make your feud even more fun, but it can also help you avoid saying harsh or offensive remarks.

Overall, this silver medal emoji is a good way to recognize someone’s effort and hard work even if they did not reach the top. You can also make use of this emoji to make a friendly rivalry even more fun and enjoyable. Feel free to use this emoji on how you feel like it as well!

🥈 2nd Place Medal is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016.

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This 2nd Place Medal Is Also Known As:

2nd place medal

silver emoji

silver medal emoji

silver trophy emoji

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2nd Place Medal Emoji History

2nd Place Medal Emoji is created in the year 2016.

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